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Published at 16th of December 2018 06:28:40 AM

Chapter 76
Chapter 76 The Poor Boss

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There were very few people in the night market stall, two of whom were the boss and his little boy . I sat at the table, thinking about the day’s events as I waited for my friends to arrive, when the boss approached and said, “We're closing the stall now . "

He spoke quietly, as though afraid of being heard, and I detected a tremble in his voice . I shook myself to clear my head and said, “No, I’m waiting for my…”

I wanted to say that I was waiting for my friends, but then I realized the reality of the situation . I was waiting for ghosts, and the boss was probably shocked by my conversation with Xiao Lingdang just now . However, I’d also invited Sister Hua to eat with us .

To be honest, I'd rather risk offending the boss than Sister Hua . I considered what to say to the boss so that he wouldn’t close the stall . Besides, maybe Xiao Lingdang would return and say the others decided not to come .

The boss saw that I wasn’t moving, and although he didn’t say anything in response, I saw fear in his eyes .

At that moment, a customer appeared to pick up a delivery . The little boy ran over to get the boss’ attention . As he grabbed the boy, the boss turned and gave me a pleading look . He then took the boy to the back of the shop, despite the customer waiting up front . The customer threw up his hands and left the stall .

I decided to call after the boss and explain . "Boss, please don’t worry . We are good people . Well, good ghosts . No . Some of us are good people and some of us are good ghosts . We will not harm you . We just want barbecue . "

I had thought of lying, but I really didn’t know how to explain all the food that Xiao Lingdang ordered .

The boss`s face changed, and his eyes filled with tears: "Big brother, I don’t do this kind of business, okay? Not anymore . "

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In the distance, I saw a huge group of people floating behind Xiao Lingdang . I turned to the boss again and said, "Boss, if you don't do business with the ghosts, they might seek you out in the future . If you do feed them well, they’ll take care of your business in the future . If something were to happen to you one day, they would be on your side to handle it . "

As I spoke, I felt like a gangster . The boss had tears streaming down his face now . I watched the ghosts get closer and said, “Has an elder in your family passed away? Maybe they can explain . ”

The boss lit up a bit and he said, “Really?”

"Really, really, don't worry . But it's too late tonight to track them down . What about next time? I can be sure they come along to explain . "

The boss tentatively nodded his head and said, “Okay, I’ll cook for you all tonight . But can I let the child leave first?”

"If that’s what you’re comfortable with . The ghosts won’t hurt you or the child . If any ghosts try to in the future, these ones will protect you . " The more I spoke, the more I felt like a gangster, but then the ghosts arrived, and I was just a man pushing tables around so my friends could eat dinner together .

The boss looked in our direction for a long time, holding the little boy's hand tightly . He went to the grill, then crouched to talk with the child . The little boy was obviously uncomfortable, but I had no time to pay attention to them as I rushed to greet Sister Hua and seat her at the table .

Many people from the Ghost House came—Xiao Lingdang, Sister Hua, Yan’er, beautiful women, and people wearing long shirts . It seemed everyone in the Ghost House was excited to eat barbecue .

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I realized one was missing and asked Xiao Lingdang strangely, "Where's Lulu?"

"I'm right here . "

I turned my head to find Lulu directly behind me . Strange, I hadn’t seen her come up .

Everyone sat down, and I went to the boss . He had not yet started preparing our food .

"Come on, boss!" I said loudly .

The boss looked up, glanced at the enormous table that to him was mostly empty, and said, "The child won’t leave . "

"I'm not leaving . I'm staying with my dad," the kid said with a pout . He was a good son .

I put a hand on the little boy’s head: "Don’t worry . Just prepare the food . After taking care of them, they will take care of you . "

The boss nodded, told the boy to stay by his side, and began to prepare the food . I headed back to the table .

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Sister Hua looked at me with a fake smile and said, “So this is that good barbecue, huh? The service is great!”

I awkwardly said, "Uh, Sister Hua, the boss is scared at the moment . But now that he knows the situation, we’ll have this place as a dinner option in the future . "

Sister Hua nodded in understanding, and I saw Xiao Lingdang cheer up as well . The other beautiful women around the table looked pleased .

"Buuut…" Sister Hua dragged out the word . “This stall does not accept our money here . " She squinted her eyes and looked at me devilishly .

I said with a bitter smile, "I’ll pay the bill . But Sister Hua, I’m not rich . Do you know of anything good buried in the ground that I could sell?"

Hearing the first half of my sentence, Sister Hua was satisfied, and she had already turned to talk with another girl before she heard my question .

I can’t afford to buy this group too many meals, I thought . My poor savings…

While I moped over my finances, the boss quietly got my attention, then waved his hand to call me over .

I walked over and the boss handed me a bunch of kebabs . "Please . "

Well, looks like I’m the waiter for the evening .

I brought the kebabs to the table and my hands were instantly emptied . Each person at the table held a full kebab for a moment, and a second later had swallowed the meat right off . They were so fast that I didn’t realize until I got to my seat that there was no food for me .

Well, the boss has his work cut out for him tonight .

Everyone laughed as they ate barbecue and drank beer . I took this opportunity to tell Sister Hua about recent events and ask her about the Jiang family and the parallel universe situation I’d experienced . Sister Hua continued to happily drink beer and eat barbecue, including what had been on my plate, but her lips stayed sealed otherwise . She simply said, “That’s the secret of the ghosts . ”

I tried for an answer that would’ve been second best . "Sister Hua, what did Jiang Mingming mean by “former lover”?"

"A former lover is a person who was loved in the past . Simple . " Sister Hua looked pleased with herself, both hands filled with kebabs and wine . She was certainly charming, but her answer was less than satisfying .

Yan’er, who had been listening to our conversation, leaned over and said, "You can go and check . You still have your two friends . Maybe they can tell you whose former lover died . "

I picked up a glass of wine and offered a toast to Yan’er . She was right . Whoever Jiang Mingming mentioned likely wasn’t human . If I found out that a former lover of Wu Jian or Huang Xiaolong had had an accident, I might have my answer . However, secret love is not easy to learn about from the source . I’d ask the people around them first . Of course, my knowledge of love was all second-hand . I'd never been in love .

I didn't know why I suddenly had the impulse to burst into tears .

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