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Published at 6th of April 2017 05:31:56 PM

Chapter 15


Night .

The originally dark cave was lit with several bonfires . The fire shone across the entire cave . Dozens of men who held steel knives gathered around a man in his early thirties . Under the light from the fire, the man’s eyes looked cold . Both of his hands were on his back . He was very calm . A faint smile was on his mouth, looking at the dark figure in the cloak .

Under the cloak, the man’s face was unseen . Although that was the case, Yu Xiang could still feel a pair of cold observant eyes scanning him . This was the third time he’d met this mysterious leader, yet he hadn’t been able to see his true identity, except his name was Mu Cang, his status was high in the tribe, hence no one would try to defy him but most of them knew nothing about him .

The two men were staring in silence . Yan Ge impatiently asked, “Yu Xiang, our relationship with Empress Dowager Xi was ended after King Hao died . What is your purpose of coming here?”

That year, the chief collaborated with them because King Hao’s promise to return Pei city’s peripheral area to them so that they would have a simple and independent life like their grandparents did . Who knew King Hao would fail and instead, he was sentenced for treason and beheaded . In these three years, Empress Dowager Xi didn’t dare to mention the gold . However, did she regret it now?!

Yan Ge was rude, but Yu Xiang didn’t hold a grudge . His face only showed a calm smile . He took out a confidential letter from his sleeve and looked at the figure who was wearing a black robe on the other side . Yu Xiang smiled, “This is a secret letter from Empress Dowager . It wouldn’t be late if leader look at it first before we discuss . ”

His relaxed face looked dazzling . Mu Cang secretly wondering, how could Yu Xiang look so self-confident . Gently raising his hand, the young dude beside him walked to Yu Xiang’s side, took the letter and respectfully handed it to Mu Cang .

Opening the letter, Mu Cang started to read it . As he read, his facial expression became darker and darker . His eyes momentarily looked violent . Without smiling, he snapped close the letter and threw it aside . He sarcastically smiled, “Yang Zhilan wants me to return the gold to her? What kind of ability does she have to set conditions with me now?!” She thought she was the master and the others were her slaves/minions, moving according to her will?!

Addressing the empress dowager by her name was a taboo . Mu Cang was really being disrespectful . However, facing a group of barbarians, Yu Xiang knew a slightest mistake would not only destroy the Empress Dowager’s reputation, even his life would not be protected . Secretly took a deep breath to calm his mind, Yu Xiang smiled, “Chief, you have misunderstood the intention . The Empress Dowager didn’t want to set conditions for you . She was actually helping you and your tribe to escape death . ”

Asking them to hand over the gold wasn’t shameless enough? Now, he had the audacity to say that he was helping them to escape death?! Yan Ge spat, “Pooh! King Hao has long died and it’s impossible for your Empress Dowager to honor the original promise . Now, she used such ‘dignified’ excuse to order us to do things for her? It was really well-played!”


Listening to hidden meaning in Mu Cang’s word, Yu Xiang quickly replied, “Chief, you are good at joking . Of course, Empress Dowager didn’t have this intention . Speaking the truth, everyone outside only knows you by your name and never seen you in person . As long as you find a suitable person to masquerade, it will be sufficient to defeat Luo Xi Yan . ” The Empress Dowager also was afraid that Mu Cang would change his side at the time, giving her trouble . After all, it was the empress dowager’s idea to steal the gold .

Mu Cang didn’t reply for a moment . Once again, he waved his hand at the young man . The young man walked to Yu Xiang’s side and lightly smiled, “Official Yu must be tired . How about taking a break to drink the water then we can discuss again?”

In his heart, Yu Xiang knew Mu Cang wanted to send him away to take some time to think . This proved that Mu Cang was considering his offer . Facing Mu Cang, Yu Xiang politely smiled, “Good, I will wait for Chief’s good news . ”

As Yu Xiang figure disappeared into the caves, a tired sound asked, “What do you guys think?”

Wu Ji bent down to pick the confidential letter, skimming through its content and whispered, “Truthfully speaking, the Empress Dowager’s proposed method is not bad . ”

Snatching the confidential letter, Yan Ge glanced over it . However, contrary to Wu Ji’s, he strongly opposed it, “Looking at any direction, I don’t see any benefit . We were the one who transported the gold . With this gold, our people will not have to plunder anymore for years . We already possess the swords and arrows . Although Su Ling is not an easy opponent, we don’t know whether we will lose . The gold is on our hand now, however, I think about it this method is not worth it!”

Yan Ge was just finished his sentence, when the usually calm Wu Ji shouted, “They want to use fire and roast the forest! This forest was not only the habitat of countless lives, more importantly, it is our family clan’s root . Our patriarchs were buried here . Their souls remain here . How can gold be compared to our home!” He couldn’t forget the fire ten years ago . It remained for 5 days and nights . The sky looked bloody red . The air filled with burning suffocating smells .

Wu Ji knelt on one knee . One of his hand cupped the other hand’s fist (sign of respect) and seriously said, “Please re-think about it, Chief!”

Wu Ji had said things to this point . Yan Ge couldn’t continue to persist, kneeling while saying, “Please re-think about it, Chief!”

The high-status person slowly got up, stepping down the steps one by one . His eyes looked profound and sly, “We can give the gold to them, but… we cannot let them pay so lightly! For Yang ZhiLan, we can help her once . However, she isn’t someone who really keeps her words . Wanting to frame Lou XiYang is her problem . Whether she succeeds or not will depend on her intelligence . ”

Following his slow steps, a black robe slightly revealed a bright green light across the wrist which disappear quickly under the robes .


Noon .

The blazing sun shone outside the tent . The heat was pressing, but the atmosphere inside the tent was a little bit weird .

The hands of the doctor who was applying the medicine were uncontrollably shaking . He could only wish he could do it faster… as quickly as possible and escape this weird atmosphere . He was a little bit perplexed . The general’s wound was not big, but it was still deep and pierced through the shoulder . When he’d examined the wound, it had no longer been bleeding and had started to heal . However, within one night, it had split open again? Was it really like the rumor in the camp said? That the general and his wife had a ‘vigorous’ night, yesterday?!

Should he tell the general that his wound was quite bad so he should not do any strenuous exercises?

Under the general’s blading eyes, the commander-in-chief and others were lowering their heads, not daring to lift their heads . It was better for him not to mention it . Finally, the bandage was tightly in place . The doctor secretly sighed in relief and said, “General, the wound has been bandaged well . This subject asks to retreat . ”

Su Ling waved his hand . The doctor quickly escaped from the tent .

Every head bowed until it almost reached the desk . Su Ling’s teeth were gritted, and he icily asked, “You really like to bow, don’t you?”

Just as he finished speaking, all those head quickly lifted up . However, the smile on their faces didn’t have enough time to disappear, they tried to suppress it with all their might .

*Cough* Han Shu coughed once to clear his throat, “General, You… are you still able to fight the enemy today?” Originally Han Shu had nothing to talk about so he tried to find something because he couldn’t stand the big man’s glare . Who knew that once he spoke up, the men in front of him immediately coughed violently and Su Ling’s face also immediately turned dark, as dark as the sky before the storm .

No, this atmosphere was not good . Big Brother could explode at any time . Su Ren quickly said, “It is almost noon now, how come sister-in-law hasn’t come yet? Let’s send a person to find out . ”

Yu Shi Jun dumbly said, “It’s not urgent, Old General Lou hasn’t come too . She must be really tired, we just wait a little bit before summoning them . ” Yesterday, the madam had been busy for the entire day, she must be really tired . After all, she was still a woman . When he spoke, he didn’t feel weird . However, once he saw Su Ren’s and Han Shu’s admiring eyes which could be deciphered as ‘You really are not afraid of death’, he quickly thought of the madam’s roar last night . Yu Shi Jun suddenly perspired cold sweat . Tensely turning around to Su Ling, Yu Shi Jun quickly said, “I, I don’t mean anything! General, what I really wanted to say, I don’t really want to say…” The fists of the general were so tight . Don’t say he (general) wants to beat him (Yu Shi Jun)! Those iron fists of general, he wouldn’t be able to stop it!


Just as Yu Shi Jun was trying hard to explain, the curtains were abruptly opened . The event’s protagonist, Gu Yun, came in . Several pairs of eyes were staring at her attire . Gu Yun icily looked at Su Ling and looked away quickly, pretending she didn’t see anything . This made Su Ling unconsciously wrinkle his brow .

Gu Yun walked to Su Ren . Su Ren smiled to greet her, “Sister-in-law…”

“Shut up!” A roar was echoing inside the tent, perplexing some people, “Don’t ever call me sister-in-law or madam in the future . Whoever call me those, I will split them apart!”

Gu Yun was still securely sitting beside Su Ren . That violent sound was really in contrast with her calm demeanor . In addition, Su Ling’s complex expression made several men wonder in doubt, ‘What exactly did the general do to her last night . ’

Gu Yun’s appearance in the tent didn’t lighten up the weird atmosphere . Instead, it made it tenser . They didn’t know whether they should speak, shut up or even better… vanish .

“Reporting, Old General Lou has arrived . ” The brief reporting sound made those people extremely happy, they almost couldn’t help themselves to cheer out loud . Su Ren quickly replied, “Quickly let him in . ”

Lou Mu Hai opened the curtain . Seeing everyone had arrived, he smiled, “Everyone is really punctual, this old one hasn’t come late, right?”

“No, No, Just in time! Just in time!” Su Ren and Han Shu got up at the same time, looking really happy . “Old General Lou, please take a seat!”

Lou Mu Hai was confused . Why were Commander Su and Vanguard Han so affectionate to him? Finally, he felt the atmosphere was not right .

Su Ling asked, “Old General Lou, has everything been prepared?”

Su Ling’s question made Lou Mu Hai didn’t think about the strange atmosphere . He brightly smiled, “All the fuel and Sulphur from Pei City and its surroundings has been transported here . Burning a small piece of the forest will be quite easy . ”

Pointing at the water map, Su Ling once again explained about the battle plans, “Since things are ready, according to our discussion last night, Vice-General Yu will lead 5,000 elites entering the forest via this entry, opening the route for us . Just keep going in the formation . At the same time setting up the fire, I will be leading 15,000 elites to surround the hideout with fire . Su Ren, Han Shu, both of you lead 5,000 soldiers to block these four routes . Regardless of what happens, don’t let any rebel take the gold away . Once the gold is found, immediately split and ship it out to the East and South . ” After they came down to business, the three people simultaneously become serious, listening attentively to Su Ling’s arrangement .

“Old General Lou, I have to trouble you to be ready outside the forest to receive the gold!”

Lou Mu Hai nodded, “No problem! Leave it to me . ”

Gu Yun had been sitting there silently . Su Ling also didn’t arrange anything for her, so Su Ren asked, “Qing Mo, which troop do you want to join?”

Without even thinking, Gu Yun quickly replied, “I will join yours . ”


Su Ren carefully glanced over Su Ling . It looked like he didn’t care about where Qing Mo is going . He faced Yu Shi Jun and said, “Line up the army, at Wei hour (1pm-3pm), we are going to dispatch . ”

“Aye . ”

Ugh, originally their relationship was not very good . However, now it was useless to even discuss it . What exactly happened last night? Probably Mu Yi knew . Speaking of him, where exactly is Mu Yi?

Gu Yun’s lips twitch slightly, forming a very unobvious smile .


Bright sunlight shone through the air . Big tall trees provided shades like giant green umbrellas . Faint fragrant greens surrounded the trees . From time to time, the sounds of insects and birds could be heard . A summer day under those shades would be quite pleasant . Of course… if a caterpillar didn’t fall from time to time from the tree on his head, the air wasn’t so hot and his feet weren’t submerged in a dirty pool of mud, Mu Yi would feel comfortable okay!

Qing Mo, that small intestine soup (N’s note: I think it is a curse slang, but I have no idea what is the meaning, so I just translated it literally)! Her action was ruthless! She couldn’t separate good intentions from evil intention!

A red shadow faintly shook in the mud pool from time to time, stiffly standing there . The thick mud had reached his knee . He was very very slowly sinking . It had been an hour, but he only sank an inch . It was not a big mud pool, it definitely couldn’t drown him, but it would stubbornly keep him here . Although his martial art skill was quite good, but there was no tree branch beside him that could be used as his support . If he really wanted to get out, there would only be one solution, which was… crawling . That kind of method made it possible for him to reach the big stone beside him . However, his body would be immersed into this dirt, making his entire body covered with the foul smelling mud over and over again!

Just imagining the sticky mud covering his body gave him nausea . It was disgusting!

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The bright red clothes contrasted with the black and yellow mud . At this time, Mu Yi regretted his weak stomach . He shouldn’t have provoked that sinister and stingy woman last night! Was Su Ling ‘eating her tofu’ (means: taking advantage of her) his business? If she wanted to vent her anger it should be with Su Ling not to him! Really out of target!

Speaking of this, last night…


After Su Ling angrily left, Mu Yi stared at Gu Yun’s tent direction for a long time . After a while, Gu Yun also came out of the tent . Her face blushed uncontrollably . However, there was burning anger in her clear eyes . He didn’t know whether the blush on her face was due to anger or shyness . At that moment, Mu Yi did something that later on he considered an idiotic and tragic decision: he followed her .

With a hand on the waist, Gu Yun slightly looked up, staring at the innocent moonlight in the sky, trying to use sailing night breeze to calm her anger . Her heart was uncomfortable since there was no one to vent her anger to . At this time, a low laugh was heard behind her, “The moonlight is not bad tonight . Did Miss Qing also come to admire the moon?”

Gu Yun didn’t look back . Her fists were tightened . She coldly replied, “I’m not in the mood to speak crap with you . It’s better for you to stay away . ”

He clearly saw her rage-filled aura, emitting out of her body . Yet, he openly laughed, “Really? What a coincidence! Su Ling just said that too . Both of you are so understanding of each other . ”

He just finished replying, when two stones – a small and a big one- were thrown at him . Mu Yi raised his brow and quickly dodged them . The stones hit a big tree behind him, leaving a big indentation on the tree!

Mu Yi thought it was funny . What did Su Ling exactly do for this Miss Qing to be this violent? His eyes unconsciously drifted to Gu Yun’s right chest . Recalling Su Ling’s strange red face, he could guess that both of them haven’t had intimate relations!

Mu Yi secretly speculated when Gu Yun suddenly growled, “It was you!”

“What?” Mu Yi baffled .

Approaching Mu Yi step by step, she glared at Mu Yi’s enchantress face . Gu Yun slowly said, “It was you who told Su Ling that there was a word on my chest . ”

Mu Yi was slightly stunned . He neither denied nor admitted it, instead, he laughed, “How come you think such a thing?”

“You disappeared for few days to investigate my background . In addition, once you came back, you taught Su Ling to make me angry . Your aim is to see ‘drama’ . ” Those twos were standing close to each other . Gu Yun’s words became ‘gentler’ as she got angrier . If it was not because of that pair of shooting eyes, Mu Yi would’ve thought that she wanted to seduce him .

Estimating that Gu Yun was ready to fight anytime, Mu Yi laughed out loud, “You almost guessed everything right . How exactly did you know?” He was curious . Su Ling that harder-than-a-rock man would definitely not tell her . He didn’t tell anyone that news to anyone except Su Ling . How could she know it was him and not anyone else?


He didn’t suspect that it was clearly written on his face .

His eyes didn’t look anywhere else but her right chest . He was not like that before . In addition, he vanished for couple days and on the day of his return, Su Ling went to bother her . If it was not him, who it would be! He thought everybody was an idiot?!

Mu Yi suspected Gu Yun would not answer him and would only vent her anger to him . The strange thing was she just looked at him and coldly turned away, going into the tent . It looked like he couldn’t exercise his muscles tonight . He was a bit lost .

The next day at the dawn time, Mu Yi was lying in the tent, resting . Light footsteps ran towards his tent . The ordinary Su soldier wouldn’t be walking this careful . Who would that be? Mu Yi opened his eyes and gently put aside the drapery . He saw Gu Yun’s shadow run into the rainforest behind the camp at breakneck speed .

Where did she want to go? What did she want to do? There were too many mysteries surrounding her . Even he couldn’t find out where her ability came from . Mu Yi was really curious about her . Hesitating for a moment, he did the second idiotic and tragic decision: he followed her .

Gu Yun was quick . Inside the forest, she chose a path which had weeds and bushes around . The path on her right was better . Clearly for a person who liked to stay clean like him, he would unhesitatingly choose the right path .

“Poof…” After a period of chasing, upon hearing a muffled sound, Gu Yun quickly stopped .

Her mouth was decorated with a very gentle smile . Gu Yun slowly turned around . Her ‘prey’ obediently fell into mud pool that she prepared last night .

Her footsteps lightly went back, facing glaring eyes who wanted to skin her . Gu Yun’s mood was surprisingly good, she laughed with glee . “What a coincidence, you were also doing your early exercise this early morning, ah?! Only… What kind of martial arts are you practicing?”

Squinting at Mu Yi’s feet that were deeply buried in the thick mud . Gu Yun’s performance at this time could make people anger to death .

With his pair of feet buried in the stinking black and yellow mud from time to time, every hair follicle on Mu Yi’s body stood up! Clenching his fist until the veins were showing, his head was covered in cold sweat .

Gu Yun was satisfied with his ‘living like hell’ performance . Adding an insult again, Gu Yun laughed, “The air was really hot . I think I will return to take a comfortable clean cold bath to refresh . I won’t bother you anymore . Please slowly practice!”

Comfortable and clean . She emphasized on these two words . Mu Yi’s face turned (as she wished) from white to red, and then from red to black .

Gu Yun turned around to return . The stilled man finally shouted, “Stop!”

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At this time, Gu Yun obediently turned around, friendly smiling, “Is there anything else?”

“Pull… me… out… of… here!” The hissing voice revealed his murderous intention .

Gu Yun slight raised her brows . With both hands folded in front of her chest, Gu Yun’s voice which was a bit arrogant, prideful, cold, with no trace of pity was heard, “Did my face reveal ‘replying bad deeds with good deeds’ word? I am the person who will complain when there is a reason to complain and take revenge if there is a grudge! Seeing ‘drama’ should have a ‘price’ . You just slowly bathe here . The mud is good for your skin . ”

“Qing Mo!”

Gu Yun strolled away, leaving dangling bushes behind and the raging man .


The army was divided into two . Gu Yun followed Su Ren and Han Shu along the stream towards south to retrieve the gold . Thinking of Mu Yi’s cold-sweat covered disgusted and frightened face, her mood was good . She won’t use force with him, as his martial art should be comparable to Su Ling . She was not an idiot and reckless like him, ‘disturbing a lying snake’ . After today, she would become his nightmare!

Looking up at the sky, the army almost dispatched and he hadn’t returned . It looked like he was still standing there . After all, she made a clean-loving person fall into a mud pool . This made him suffer more than killing him . What a happy day!

Walking with a good mood, Gu Yun suddenly found something not right . She stopped at the stream side and stared at the water flow direction . It confirmed what was on her mind .

Han Shu looked back . Seeing her stunned and without moving, he asked, “What are you looking at?”

Gu Yun frowned and replied, “Today’s water-flow is a lot smaller . ”

Looking more closely, there was indeed less water flowing from upstream . Han Shu guessed, “It might be due to the weather as it has been few days since it rained . In two days, there will be a big rain and the water will rise up . We are walking on the side . The water-flow won’t be a matter . ”

Shaking her head, Gu Yun sighed, “This is not about that . ” This happened to be a rainy season, even if it didn’t rain now, the water in the rainforest shouldn’t be this low . What was happening? Was it…

Su Ren also noted both of them, who stopped at the riverside . He walked to Gu Yun’s side just to hear their conversation . Su Ren’s heart missed a beat and urged, “Are you worried that the rebels intercept the streams to gather the water . Ready to cut the fire?”

Gu Yun slowly nodded . The hideout was located on the upstream side of the stream . They were likely to have found out about Su Ling’s fire plan so they made a dam . Once the gate was open, the fuel and Sulphur would be washed away . Moreover, those 5,000 soldiers who would be there to ignite the fire would drown .

Han Shu’s eyes opened wide, urgently said, “Then, Wouldn’t the General and those soldiers be in danger? I will immediately inform the general”


Gu Yun held Han Shu’s shoulder to stop him and calmly said, “You guys continue to the gold hiding place . I will go to find Su Ling . ” Even though she wished to never see Su Ling again, she was aware of the priority . This time was definitely not the time to be impulsive . The gold was the main purpose of today’s operation . Han Shu is unfamiliar with the rainforest’s topography . If he suddenly changed his path, finding Su Ling wouldn’t be an easy task .

Su Ren looked at Gu Yun again and nodded, “This is much better!”

Gu Yun dispersed from the Su Ren’s team and ran towards the east . She was anxiously looking at the sky (to predict the time) . Underneath layers of green leaves, the sky was still blue and there was no trace of smoke . It looked like they haven’t ignited the fire . Two hours later, she smelled the faint odor of Sulphur and fuel . She was glad that she didn’t go to the wrong direction and fortunately still managed to arrive on time .

Moving forward, the smell of fuel and Sulphur was more concentrated . Pretty soon, Gu Yun could see a wall of people . Everyone was pushing carts of Sulphur and fuel, spreading the on the ground . The trees were everywhere and the smell was so strong that it could make people breathless . Gu Yun’s eyes were almost tearing because of the smell . At this time, Leng Xiao who was not far from there noted her and quickly welcome her, “Boss?”

Covering her nose, Gu Yun asked, “Where is Su Ling?”

“At the east of highland . ” Squinting her eyes, the so-called highland was a five-mile-away slope . The ground was much higher than its surrounding, indeed a good place to avoid the flood . Gu Yun continued to ask, “Yu Shi Jun?”

“At the front, I will go to call him . ” He didn’t ask why she was here . He quickly volunteered to help her find the person . Gu Yun smiled . Months ago, they were still fighting wits with her . Now they could form a good team .

In less than half an hour, Yu Shi Jun and Leng Xiao came side by side . Seeing Gu Yun, he hardly suppressed his surprise . Yu Shi Jun asked, “Ma… Miss Qing, why you are here?”

Gu Yun explained, “I suspect the rebels intercepted the upstream water and made a dam . Once you light the fire, they will immediately open the gate . At that time, the fire attack will be useless and also water will wash away soldiers, messing with the formation and soldier’s morale . ”

Yu Shi Jun was surprised . Seeing the busy soldiers, it would be chaotic if the rebels really use water attack . All of their efforts would be useless! This raid was bound to fail! “What can I do? Without a military order, I cannot withdraw troops . ” Despite his trust in Qing Mo, at the end of the day, there were military rules!


Gu Yun shook her head and calmly arranged, “Don’t need to withdraw . I will go to find Su Ling and discuss the situation here . Deploy 1000 out of 5000 elites to ship out the fuel and Sulphur from here to the east side of the highland where Su Ling is . While the others continue to spread the Sulphur and fuel . However, don’t spread it on the ground but climb on a tree, and spread in on the crown of the tree . When you ignite the fire please be careful . Once you ignite the fire, retreat at least 3 miles from here and let the soldiers climb onto big trees . Once the water is down, prepare the second attack!”

“Yes!” Yu Shi Jun immediately deployed the soldiers . Gu Yun asked Leng Xiao to lead the transfer of fuel . She herself went towards Su Ling .

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At the highest point, a small soldier stood there with an extraordinary eye power, observing the surroundings . Looking at a group of people coming towards here, he immediately raised the alert . After a careful observation, he went to Su Ling and reported, “Reporting to General, thousands of frontline elites moving towards here . ”

Putting down the water map, Su Ling looked up . His brows were tightly knitted together . With a frightening low voice, he asked, “Who is the leader?” Yu Shi Jun didn’t follow the original strategy! He wasn’t someone who casually dared to disobey military orders . What was actually happening?

“It is…” After a moment of hesitation, the small soldier replied under Su Ling glare, “It is Madam . ”

Qing Mo? Su Ling secretly startled . She was with Su Ren’s team . She suddenly came to find him . In addition, she brought elites back . Su Ling secretly had guessed: the matters had changed .

Soon, Gu Yun reached the highland . Su Ling welcomed and asked her, “What is happening?”

Gu Yun who had been secretly worried found herself relieved . She originally thought that after last night’s matter, if she brought his elite back would make him think that she deliberately gave him trouble or wanted to get revenge . That seeing her would make him angry . She didn’t think she would find him calm . She had originally mentally prepared herself to argue with him . Secretly, she admired his attitude .

Comparing to her attitude this morning, Gu Yun’s tone was much softer, “The water in the south branch of the stream has been reduced . I suspect they cut the flow to make a dam, gathering water to counter the fire attack . Once wet, the Sulphur will be completely useless and the water will wash away the fuel on the ground . In addition, it will make the soil damp, at that time you will be at a disadvantage . ”

She said ‘you’? Su Ling wasn’t happy when he heard it . Before, she said ‘we’ and he was also unhappy . He didn’t really know what he did want! Grabbing his thought, he decided not to think about her anymore . He had thought about it last night and still didn’t have a clue .

Not far from highland, there was also a river . The rushing sound of water was not the same as usual . Both of them looked at flowing stream, lost in a thought . That rebel’s leader’s action could be looked forward . He could actually think about a dam, showing that he had been paid close attention to Su Ling and Lou Mu Hai’s movement . In addition, they cut the flow from other branches of the stream . The aim was to make Su Ling and the others unsuspicious .


You could never know what people with such a way of thinking would do next . He was indeed a difficult and straightforward opponent .

Leng Xiao brought thousands of soldiers to push the fuel and Sulphur to the highland . Looking over, Su Ling already knew Gu Yun’s intention . “You want to lure them to discharge their water reservoir and then strike again?”

“En . ” Gu Yun didn’t need to explain more and just casually nodded .

“General, we have lit the fire . ”

As a small soldier reported, everyone’s head looked over . Not far away, there was smoke everywhere . Gu Yun asked them to burn the crown of the tree, so the fire quickly spread . From far, it looked like a black and red dragon flew in the air .

Not seeing Yu Shi Jun and the other soldiers returned, Su Ling urgently asked, “Where are Yu Shi Jun and the others?”

Gu Yun silently watched the fire raging in the forest and didn’t seem to bother to answer . Leng Xiao stood behind Gu Yun was also indifferent . Understanding Gu Yun’s arrangement, Luo Yan stood forward to explain to his Great General, “General, rest assured . According to Miss Qing’s arrangement, they should have climbed up to the trees now and won’t be washed away by the water . ”

Su Ling’s eagle eyes slightly narrowed, coldly observing Gu Yun’s indifferent face . His heart knotted, but he couldn’t do anything to her . After all, she had done him a great favor!

Waiting for a while, the fire was blew by the wind towards the north area, slowly burning . Although it was slow, the fire was getting bigger . Gu Yun was doubting herself, was she wrong again?

Suddenly, a huge collapsing sound was heard coming from the north . The sound was really loud, Gu Yun felt the ground beneath her was shaking .

From the direction where they heard the sound, more-than-10-feet-tall waves roaring from upstream . The big tall trees were shaking violently . In addition, many thick tresses were uprooted, washed down by the waves . Seeing the potential impact of the water flow made people on the highland break into cold sweat . Comparing to the water’s volume, the fire was very weak helpless and small . It had been extinguished in seconds .

After half an hour, the rushing water gradually slowed down . Although it was slowed, the water depth was still over 1 feet . They needed to wait for the water to flow out, then launched the second attack . From the water, numerous black specks were appearing quickly .

“What is that?” Gu Yun squinted her eyes . After it was close to the vicinity, she could only clearly see the black specks were men!

“Reporting!” The small soldier’s voice sounded a little bit hasty, “General, there are many of rebels in the water and they will soon be in our defense territory!”

There were 3000 people flowing with the water . Su Ling slowly raised his hand, coldly ordered, “Shoot the arrows . ”

“Yes . ” Following his orders, long arrows were shot into the water, aiming at the defenseless rebels . However, the stream was very wide and unfortunately, there were rebels at a further area that were not in the shooting range . They could only watch them drift away .

“Luo Yan, lead 3,000 elite and go to the lower section to intercept the flow and apprehend the escaping rebels . ”

“Yes . ”

“Leng Xiao, you go and arrange the soldiers . After the water receded, burn the mountain once again . ”

“Yes . ”

Su Ling orderly arranged everything . Gu Yun was happy to be idle and her eyes were wandering around . Inside the clear water, a touch of green figure caught her attention . The green color was extremely eye-catching, it was hard to miss .
Gu Yun hurried looked towards that green shadow, focusing her eyes . It was her indeed!

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