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Published at 6th of April 2017 05:33:15 PM

Chapter 18

Under the cold moonlight, a petite woman leaned against the cold stone wall .  A big tree shadow fell on her body, making people unable to see her, or her facial expression . However, a large wine jar near her feet suggested her mood was bad . A faint aroma of wine could make people drunk, but it could not untie the woman knitted brows .

She and Qing knew that for a serious mental illness patients like Su Mu Feng, he should be given treatment and helped, not killed . However, in this era, in the society that they were living, the families of deceased and ordinary people would not accept if ‘a killer did not get killed’ result .

As a police officer, seeing Su Mu Feng sentenced to death, she felt extremely uncomfortable . She knew that she couldn’t save him . She also knew that every place/country had its own laws . It won’t be changed because of her . Her conflicting values between right and wrong made her feel suffocated tonight .

She couldn’t continue staying here . She wanted to go home . This idea has never been as obvious as it was now . Gu Yun decided, tomorrow she would find Su Ling to ask about the golden bagua . She grabbed the jar and mercilessly gulped the wine . A familiar sensation of being watched appeared again .

“Who is it?” It was that feeling again . The last she felt it was when they trained in the forest! Last time, she almost caught him . This time, she was not interested in chasing, so she just said, “Come out now . ”

She thought that the person would not appear . She didn’t expect that he would come out after she finished speaking, a tall figure slowly walked towards her . His clothes were as dark as the night . His silver eyes looked so dazzling at night, letting people know who was coming .

“Was that you?” Gu Yun squinted her eyes . At this time, Ao Tian was already in front of her . Seeing the pale cold face, Gu Yun laughed, “I didn’t expect that we had met before . ” It turned out that the one who was watching her was Ao Tian .

Gu Yun turned around again and raised the jar on her hand, drinking a couple big gulps again . She asked, “You have two options: First, is to sit down with me and accompany me drinking . Second, get out of here . I’m not interested in being a circus monkey tonight (Staring object) . ”

It was not hard to detect in the husky voice, which usually was cold and sharp, that there was a sense of irritability . Under the night sky, she casually sat on the ground, leaning on a cold stone wall . The high bun was blown by the night breeze from time to time . On her hand, there was a big jar of wine . It was really disproportionate to her petite body, giving a different kind of impression . However, the knitted brows couldn’t be concealed . Ao Tian’s usually expressionless face looked puzzled . What made her, a very strong and calm person, irritated?


Drinking a mouthful of wine again, that burning sensation felt not bad . Ao Tian unconcernedly said, “Actually, if you want to raid a prison, it is actually not a bad idea . ” Su Mu Feng was an extraordinary person . If he died like that, it would be indeed pitiful .

This time, Gu Yun was ashamed . This man was the real arrogant . Prison raid was not a bad idea? Even if she didn’t have respect for the rules and judicial procedures and wanted to raid a prison, it was Xing Bu’s heavily-guarded prison, not a market which could be entered or exited whenever she wanted to . In addition, what would they do after the raid? Let Su Mu Feng and herself become the most wanted criminals wandering around the world?

Under the moonlight, he looked coldly arrogant . Seeing Ao Tian’s profile side, Gu Yun was a little bit curious, “How can a person like you become a bounty hunter?”

Ao Tian seemed to have a little interest in this topic . As the man of few words, it was really hard for him to reply “Why not?”

Leaning against the cold stone wall, Gu Yun glanced towards him and smiled, “I didn’t feel much of sense of justice in you . ” The woman beside him was not the same . Although she was also cold, she could feel Ye Mei’s integrity and kindness . Meanwhile, truthfully speaking she could not sense any of those from Ao Tian .

Gu Yun smilingly continued, “I also couldn’t smell any stench from you . ”

After speaking, the two suddenly thought of Gan Jing who widely opened his eyes in front of money . Looking at each other, they laughed . Gu Yun’s hand which was holding the wine was a little bit off . She had felt a bit drunk . Thinking again, she laughed, “I guess… You became a bounty hunter because it was challenging?” To choose to apprehend a criminal as a career, she could only think of three reasons: a sense of justice, money and sense of conquering . However, obviously, Gu Yun couldn’t see anything on Ao Tian’s face .

Not because of the challenge? She thought again for a while, but she couldn’t think of anything . It seemed like the alcohol was to be blamed for her brain paralysis . Gu Yun jokingly replied, “Then it was just to spend some time?”

Ao Tian’s black pupil raised up . No one could guess his expression . Gu Yun said, “Did I guess it right?”

Ao Tian didn’t speak, but a faint smile on his face told her everything . Gu Yun patted her own forehead and laughed out loud . Becoming a bounty hunter to pass the time? This was the first time she heard such a reason . However, looking at Ao Tian’s ways to do things, it was not surprising .

Didn’t know whether it was because of the alcohol effect or laughing out loud, tonight’s mood seemed a lot better . The moon gradually moved towards the west, hidden among the giant rocks . She looked up to see the sky, Gu Yun sighed and said, “Tonight’s moon is not bad, just it is a pity we cannot see it from here . ”


Gu Yun just casually said the words . Who knew there would be a touch of excitement in Ao Tian’s eyes . His husky voice sounded enchanting, “I have a good place to view the moon . ” After speaking, Ao Tian stood up and went towards the jungle . Gu Yun slightly smiled . She didn’t think much and just followed him, leaving behind a big jar of wine in front of the rock walls .

The hundreds-year-old Chinese Parasol tree was flourished . Even its top branch was thick enough for a person to sit on . Gu Yun looked up and found a crescent moon on the black sky which was covered in countless stars . It was almost like you could touch them and picked them up . She’d never seen this kind of view before . How long had it been since she could enjoy viewing the moon? She almost forgot it . Gu Yun smiled, “This is a really good place to view the moon . ”

Looking for a long time, Gu Yun reluctantly looked down . She found under her feet, the moonlight shone through the mountain forest . The view had the same refreshing and intoxicating likeness to the view above . Her nose could smell the faint fragrances of the trees . Gu Yun suddenly felt dizzier . Wanting to find a different position to view the scenery under her, she moved her body . The branch swayed a bit, Gu Yun quickly grasped another branch . Sitting beside her on the different branch, Ao Tian quickly grabbed her arm . The branch finally stopped shaking . Gu Yun was a bit embarrassed . She smiled, “Thanks . ” It looked like she was really a little bit drunk . Her body refused to listen to her .

Ao Tian didn’t say anything, just silently retracting his hand . Gu Yun looked at his hand which was wrapped in black clothes . Suddenly recalling that he had helped her to stop the sword attack, she asked, “How is your hand injury? Thank you for saving me the other day . ”

Perhaps he rarely received others’ gratitude, or perhaps, he didn’t care about other people’s feelings, his face remained expressionless and just said, “No problem . ” Using his hand as a pillow, he watched the sky again .

This person’s personality was really strange! Gu Yun rolled her eyes, “Are you always this cold?”

Her question was replied by a solid cold face . “Okay . Just pretend, I never asked . ” Gu Yun shrugged, talking monologue was not interesting! Ao Tian’s position was really suitable to stargaze . She felt dizzy when she sat; it was better to lie down! (lol she’s so drunk)

Leaning on the branch, Gu Yun slowly lied down . With the stars above her head, a faint breeze of greens smell and a muffled insect sounds, everything seemed so quiet . Gu Yun slowly closed her eyes, secretly sighing . Why after she came to this era, she couldn’t find normal and friendly people? Su Ling’s noble arrogance, Mu Yi’s enchantment, the mysterious woman’s secret, Ao Tian’s cold arrogance . Even that Luo Xi Yan was, in fact, a fox . 21st Century lifestyle was indeed more suitable for her . She… really wanted to go home .

Perhaps the alcohol had reached her brain or she was more comfortable now or perhaps the environment was suitable for sleeping, Gu Yun drowsily slept on the branch .


Half an hour later .

The person beside him didn’t move for a long time and her breathing was more relaxed . Ao Tian suddenly had a bad feeling . He suddenly sat up and looked at Gu Yun only to find she lay peacefully on the branch, her hands were hanging and her eyes were closed, just like sleeping . Ao Tian frowned, “Hey?”

No response . Ao Tian once again called her . However, his answer was she was sleeping peacefully .

Ao Tian was stupefied . Did this woman think well? They were on a ten-feet-over tree! Even him, who possessed extraordinary martial arts only dared to lie down here (not sleeping) . She was sleeping soundly like this! If she didn’t turn around she was okay, but once she turned around, she would definitely fall and die!

Ao Tian’s heart was full of fury . He wanted to shake her up and asked her whether she wanted to die . However, when his hands wanted to touch her shoulder, he suddenly stopped . Under the moonlight, her face looked so peacefully, looked so… cute . Long eyelashes cast on a pale face, forming a crescent-like silhouette . Full bright-red plump moist lips . Her dimples on her face which somewhat present and absent at the same time were not-so-obvious when she was awake . Two deep scars on her face which at this time, became so obvious to the eyes, what did she think about at that time? How could she who always be sensible and yet do this self-harming act to solve a problem? Ao Tian’s hand unconsciously touched that scar . He seriously stared at the adorable face in front of him, his heart felt strange ripples; what kind of a woman she really was? How can the gap be so big when she was asleep compared to when she was awake?

Ao Tian didn’t know how long he stared at this face . Gu Yun suddenly moved a little, the stunned Ao Tian quickly refocused and held her shoulder . Fortunately, she only moved her waist a little and didn’t turn around . Soon after she fell again into deep sleep .

She slept so soundly, making Ao Tian have a cold sweat . He slowly retracted his hand from her shoulder . His brows were slightly wrinkled . He used his legs to move several branches beneath his feet to Gu Yun’s side . The thick branches were woven into a small net, so even if she turned around, she wouldn’t fall to the ground immediately .

Leaning against the trunk and his feet was treading some branches, Ao Tian didn’t look at the woman beside him . In between the dark night sky, treads of golden ray faintly came out . The birds were starting to sing, becoming more and livelier .

The songs of birds entered her ears, Gu Yun rubbed her eyes . When she opened her eyes, it was not a white canopy scene but a blue sky view entering her eyes . She was absent-minded for a second . Soon, she recalled the things that happened last night . She just remembered that she drank a lot of wine then went to view the moon on the treetop . Then she rested for a while and finally… She fell asleep!


Gu Yun suddenly sat up and saw the small ‘net’ underneath her body . She couldn’t help not to have a cold sweat . She had been sleeping on the treetop for the entire night! It was very fortunate that she didn’t fall to her death!

Just when there was still lingering fear in her heart, Gu Yun just realized that around the place she slept, branches were thicker . Her eyes followed the branches’ origin . She found a pair of long legs standing on a different main branch . She looked further again, to see a ‘thousand years silent and cold’ face that was looking at a different direction .

Ao Tian? Did he accompany her for the entire night?

“You…” Gu Yun just opened her mouth when a profound voice interrupted her words . It was still as cold as usual but sounded a little bit rush, “I’m waiting for the sunrise . ”

Sunrise? Following his gaze direction, the fiery red sun was indeed rising . The red glow rays dispelled the darkness of the night . It was really beautiful . It turned out that he also had this ‘elegant’ interest . She still wanted to thank him, but Ao Tian didn’t even bother to look at her, as though he was deliberately avoiding her . Gu Yun was puzzled, but she didn’t pursue it . Stretching her waist, she smiled, “Then, I will not bother you watching the sunrise . ”

She was sober now, her skill was obviously higher than last night . She gently jumped to the main trunk . Not caring that he didn’t pay attention to her, she faced Ao Tian’s back figure and said, “Thanks . ” After that, Gu Yun climbed down the tree by herself .

Ao Tian looked down to see that flexible figure went down and rushed to the general manor . The lean figure disappeared fast into the woods . Ao Tian also didn’t understand why he was sitting here all night . He didn’t want to see the sunrise, but now he was forced to watch it because he couldn’t go down now . He struggled to move his stiff legs . Sitting like that here for the entire night made his legs numb .

Gu Yun was so anxious to come back . First, because she was feeling awkward to face Ao Tian after she stupidly fell asleep on the tree . Secondly, it was because of the golden bagua, she was afraid that Su Ling had gone out so she wanted to quickly wash up and look for him .

However, when Gu Yun went back to her room, Su Ling’s big tall figure had been standing in her small courtyard . What a coincidence, saving her time to go to find him . Gu Yun stepped forward . She had just wanted to say hello, SU Ling’s face was black . His deep voice contained unmistakably great fury, “Where were you last night?”

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The “Good morning” that was already in Gu Yun’s mouth was swallowed again . Her good mood had also vanished . Did he have nothing to do this morning that he came here to fight?! Her originally-not-so-good temperament flared up . She furiously asked, “Why? Did I lose my freedom to this degree? My exiting the general manor, should it be approved by you and should I report my whereabouts?”

“Where did you go last night?!” Su Ling’s teeth gritted . A night patrolling soldier reported that there was no one in her pavilion and the gatekeepers also said that she didn’t go out . The men he sent to search in the manor didn’t see a sight of her . Although that Su Mu Feng had been captured, but who knew whether he was really the murderer or not?!

What qualifications had he to ask her whereabouts? Gu Yun snorted and walked straight to the inner room . When passing Su Ling, her wrist was hurt, Gu Yun couldn’t not stop her steps . A furious growl beside her ears said, “You’ve drunk!” Although it was only a hint of alcohol, however after a night, it was still so obvious . She must have been drinking a lot last night .

Gu Yun simply couldn’t go . Standing opposite of him, she coldly smiled, “Yes, I did . I also slept on the treetop in the mountain behind . What did you think?”

“I should be the one who asked you this question!” Because of worrying her a night, she must be very happy! Last night, Su Ling was worried about her safety, so he sent people to look at the imperial city for a night . Now, it seemed it was simply ridiculous!

Su Ling’s good intention was treated badly . He was angry . Gu Yun didn’t know what had he done for her and just thought that he was looking to disturb her . Therefore, she bluntly said, “Ridiculous! Did you come here this morning to punish me? I didn’t know that your general manor had a rule not to drink or stay a night in the mountain . Please let me see the rules! I may put them on this big door! I didn’t know which one I am guilty of!”

“Qing… Mo…” In the war of words, Su Ling would never defeat Gu Yun . In addition, he didn’t want to admit that he had been worried about her for a night . Therefore, now he could only glare at her, wanting to wring her delicate neck!

“(Hissing sound)…” It hurt! Gu Yun broke away from the general’s hand . Her wrist immediately showed 5 red fingerprints . It could be imagined how much strength he put just now . Gu Yun secretly cursed . What a damn rude man!

Seeing the visible fingerprints on her wrist, Su Ling’s anger finally subdued a bit . He asked, “Starting from today, you will move to YiTian court . ” This place was too close to the mountain behind and she was very wild . It was better for her to move to Yi Tian court . It was nearer to LingYun pavilion (where he lives), so he could notice her movements .

Gu Yun was still very angry . How could she listen to him? “I’m not moving . This place is fine and I’m used to live here . ”

Su Ling had anticipated her answer, so he deeply replied, “I want to build an army storage for weapons here . You must move out . ” He really intended to build a storage, but he originally wanted to build it next to the training field . Now, it appeared, this place was better!

“Weapon storage?” It looked like he went to see her this early morning to talk about this matter . Didn’t this manor already have a storage room? Gu Yun wanted to ask him, but Su Ling’s big tall figure strode away .

“Hey!” Gu Yun called again but Su Ling didn’t turn around .

Crap! She knocked her head . Gu Yun lamented, didn’t she want to ask him about that golden bagua? Why did it become a fight!


Study Room .

“Had she moved out?” placing the brush back to its place, Su Ling asked an elder servant who was pouring him a cup of tea . He just randomly asked the question without prefix or suffix .

He has been serving the General Manor for his entire lifetime, it could be said he’s watched Su Ling grow up . Uncle Ming knew who the person Su Ling asked for was . He whispered back, “Miss Qing had moved in . This elder servant had done according to General’s arrangement to purchase some female clothes for Miss Qing, but Miss Qing put it back and said… she couldn’t wear it . ”

Su Ling frowned and waved his hand, replying, “Put it back . ” He could not possibly imagine her dressed like a lady!

“Yes . ” Uncle Ming quietly retreated and went towards the door . Su Ling suddenly called, “Wait . ”

Uncle Ming stopped and respectfully stood aside, waiting for Su Ling’s order . Long after, Su Ling coughed once and said, “Why don’t you call her ‘Madam’ anymore?” These days he always heard the servants calling her Miss Qing . As far as he knew, they’d been calling her ‘Madam . ’ Su Ling felt something was wrong . Uncle Ming was an elder servant . He would be relatively reliable and wouldn’t speak non-sense .

Uncle Ming looked down as if he was thinking how to answer . Su Ling felt more suspicious and lightly said, “Speak . ”

Uncle Ming embarrassedly replied, “Miss said… This is general’s command . ”

Su Ling eyes squinted; he continued to ask, “What else had she said?”

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“She also said that general had someone on your mind and soon will marry her . Therefore, the servant should not call her Madam, or else… Military discharge . ”

Thump! Uncle Ming heard Su Ling’s big hand hit the table . His heart jumped up to his throat . Everything about this master of his was good, except his temper… was a little bit bad . After he became general, he was easily angry .

“She said it like that?!” Su Ling’s voice was not high, but it was really cold, Uncle Ming didn’t dare to speak and just nodded .

“Go, call that woman here immediately!” A low roar was accompanied with a dark face . Even people who were not clever could tell the general was angry again .

After an hour, Gu Yun had still to come . Su Ling who had an originally furious temperament became crankier because of the long wait . Gu Yun’s foot had just stepped into the study room, she had already been greeted with a scolding, “Your courage is becoming bigger by days . Faking military order could result in punishment . Do you know it?”

Before Gu Yun came, Uncle Ming had secretly briefed her a bit . He said the general was angry because the ‘Madam to Miss’ issue and asked her to be careful . Therefore, she had been psychologically prepared . She slowly entered the room and sat on a large wooden chair . She faintly smiled, “General Su, please don’t be angry! You put a crime behind my name, would you let me know what I am guilty of before I die?”

She was pretending to be a fool . Su Ling asked, “When did I say I want to marry? When did I order that if anyone called you Madam, they will be discharged?”


Gu Yun was well prepared . She coughed a bit and smiled, “General Su is talking about this matter . Then, I can only defend myself . You’ve mentioned about ‘Military order’, I’ve never said it was a military order . I only said that it was your intention . They treated your intention as a military order, this can only tell how respectful they are towards you . You should be happy . Saying that I am faking the information, you haven’t married anyone . In the future, it is a sure thing that you will marry someone . From the beginning, I am not your Madam and you are against them calling me ‘Madam’ . I only conveyed your intentions, how could it be said that I am faking the information? Or does General wants them to call me ‘Madam’?”

The last sentence made Su Ling lose his words . Saying yes it was not the case, saying no it wasn’t also the case . Finally, Su Ling could only bitterly reply, “You are being irrational!”

Gu Yun’s pair of hand waved . She helpless laughed, “If you want to charge me, I can’t do anything . You are the Great General . In this General Manor, is your words that matter . I cannot help . ” The black paperweight caught Gu Yun’s attention . Gu Yun suddenly changed the subject and smiled, “However, I shouldn’t use your name before discussing with you . In the future, I will pay attention . ” She couldn’t forget her aim coming here . She must find out the relationship between golden bagua and Su Family . She really didn’t want to stay at this awful place anymore!

Gu Yun suddenly lowered her stance, surprising Su Ling and making him forget his answer . She also could show her weaknesses??Did she play a trick again? 

Gu Yun did not apologize and not wholehearted . She naturally spoke fluently . She pretended to inadvertently get up and looked at Su Ling’s written word . She took the paperweight while sighed, “It’s been a long time since I practiced calligraphy . Soon, I will not know how to write anymore . Your calligraphy is great . ” The first sentences were just vain words, but the last one was truth . Su Ling’s words were casually written but it was smooth, any people who saw them couldn’t help but praise them .

Su Ling leaned his back against the wooden chair . His hawk eyes staring at the woman’s movement . When did she ever praise him? This must be a trick .

Su Ling didn’t reply her words, Gu Yun was also lazy to put an act again . She put down the paper and took the paperweight again, playing with it on her hand . She asked, “What a good paperweight, this pattern is very familiar . ”

Familiar? Su Ling quietly asked, “Have you seen it before?”

Of course, she saw it, but this was not a confession time . Gu Yun deliberately pretended to think . After a while, she smiled, “I remembered . When I was sick, I don’t know which room Su Yu put me into . In there, there was a big painting . The pattern was similar to this . Why does your family like this pattern? Are there any significant reason?”

Oh, it was like that . Su Ling carelessly replied, “It is Su Family emblem . Legends said that it can shelter Su family descendants . Su Family ancestral house and Su Army’s war flag would be printed with this pattern . It was not a surprise that you’ve seen it in Su house . ”


Afraid to make it too obvious, Gu Yun could only pretend to be interested and asked, “It is just a pattern, how can it be said that it can protect Su descendants? Or is it just a legend? Where did this pattern derive from?”

Although Gu Yun had been careful, Su Ling still felt unease . He smiled, “You seemed to be particularly interested in Su Family’s emblem . ”

Gu Yun knew that she was being too hasty! Su Ling was a careful and smart man, she must have a little bit more patience .

Putting down the paperweight and half-leaning to the table, Gu Yun crossed her arms . She helplessly said, “I think it is really beautiful and delicate . Every time, I meet you, we always fight or argue . It is rare that I could find a topic to discuss with you . If you don’t like it, I will retreat now . ”

Gu Yun said it like that and it made Su Ling a little bit upset . Why couldn’t they discuss well every time? It was definitely because no one wanted to give in! Seeing Gu Yun showed her weaknesses, Su Ling as a man shouldn’t be too petty . Seeing Gu Yun wanted to go, he said, “If you really like it, I will give this paperweight to you . ”

Gu Yun secretly gave herself a high five . Her trick was a success . However, her face didn’t dare to reveal her inner thought . She deliberately asked, “A gentleman doesn’t always opt to win . I appreciate your thought . You looked solemn and cautious when you spoke about it . Maybe, your clan’s emblem has some secret! Let me guess, there is probably a secret treasure map or the secret to become an immortal? Or could repel demons… or… travel through the time?”

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When Gu Yun was speaking half non-sense, her eyes were staring at Su Ling’s face, trying to not to miss any of his facial expression .

Unfortunately, after Su Ling finished listening, his face didn’t say anything . He even laughed out loud, “How could there be such a magical thing!” A woman was still a woman . She could even think about this kind of absurd things .

He didn’t know? Her heart was a little bit disappointed . However, Su Ling was the only one who knew the golden bagua’s whereabouts . Gu Yun still refused to give up and continued to ask, “Chi Xue and Bing Lian are very magical . That’s why I am curious towards your clan’s emblem . Perhaps it is even more magical that Chi Xue and Bing Lian?

“Chi Xue and Bing Lian are a pair of ancient swords, passing the human natural ability . For thousands of years, they have been guarding Su family . When the Su eldest son was born, Chi Xue will be his . For Bing Lian…” Looking at Gu Yun’s serious face, Su Ling paused for a moment, concealing the fact that Bing Lian would choose Su eldest daughter-in-law . He evasively said, “Bing Lian can find its own master . ”

Why Bing Lian could but Chi Xue couldn’t? Also, if Bing Lian always found its own master, how could it still belong to Su Family for years? Gu Yun felt a little bit weird, but she didn’t think about it again . Su Ling diverted her attention by saying, “As clan’s emblem, it only had spiritual force . For so many years, we didn’t find anything strange . You don’t get your hopes high . ”


Only spiritual force? Gu Yun somewhat disappointed and replied, “So the family’s emblem was just a pattern . I thought it had some origin . ”

“Yes, it came from a common golden bagua . ” Su Ling casual sentence made Gu Yun’s disappointed heart once again excited! There really was! There really was the golden bagua! If Gu Yun had not always calm and forced herself to restrain, she would be cheering . She forced her excitement down and calmly asked, “There really is? Could I see it?”

Su Ling shook his head . Gu Yun didn’t want to give up . With a hint of displeasure, she deliberately said, “I am more interested on this than those magical things . I will only look and not ruin your family emblem . I didn’t think that you could be that petty!”

Su Ling was not angry and just smiled, “It is not like I don’t want you to see, but the family emblem is not in the general manor . ”

“Where it is?”

“Ancestral house . Every three years, Su descendants will go there once . Only at this time, we could see the family emblem . ” The emblem was the entire Su family’s treasure . Naturally, it wouldn’t be in the General Manor . Furthermore, the family emblem did have a fantastic legend, but in Su Ling’s heart, it was only a legend .

Once every three years? Su family treated this golden bagua so importantly . Wanting to see it was so difficult . Wanting to see it… She was afraid, it would be hard . Since it wasn’t in General Manor, Gu Yun didn’t want to raise his suspicions . She could ask Su Yu about the location of the ancestral house . Compared to Su Ling, he was much easier to deal with .

Gu Yun looked down and thought . Su Ling thought that she was really disappointed . He thought again and said, “If you really want to see it, next spring is the day of worshipping ancestral, I… will bring you there . ”

“Ah?” Gu Yun was surprised . He wanted to bring her there? She never lived in the big clan family, but she knew that this kind of ceremony was not a trifling matter . How could he just say he will bring her? With Su Ling bringing her, it would be easier to get nearer to the golden bagua . However, she needed to wait for the next spring in this manor! Now, it was still autumn, ah! This was the first time Gu Yun felt she wanted to cry .

Su Ling didn’t know her inner battle . This was a rare occasion where they didn’t fight nor argue, he was in a good mood and said, “It’s getting late, let’s have a dinner . ”

“Oh . ” Gu Yun absent-mindedly replied . She casually followed Su Ling and thinking how to live for the next six months…

Hastily eating the meal, Gu Yun quickly went back to YiTian Court . She sat on the window frame and watched the gradually setting sun . She was thinking what to give Qing as her wedding gift in 10 days .

Uncle Ming’s voice was heard from the outside, “Miss . ”

Gu Yun was lazy to move and didn’t care about her unladylike posture . She just said, “Come in . ”

Uncle Ming carried a tray towards Gu Yun . Not seeing the thing, Gu Yun impatiently said, “What is that again? In here, I’m not lacking anything . Please take it back . ”

Uncle Ming hesitated for a while before replying, “General just ordered this elder servant to send this here . ”

He sent people to here? Gu Yun glanced over the tray . It was brush, ink, paper and… the black paperweight that she played this afternoon .

Gu Yun was surprised . She only randomly said things this afternoon . She didn’t expect that he would find someone to send them here . Gu Yun no longer rejected it and smiled, “Put it there . ”

“Yes . ” Uncle Ming put the things in the inner chamber and quickly retreated .

Leaning against the window frame, she looked at four treasures on the table . Gu Yun was stupefied, how could she do calligraphy?”

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