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Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Mock battle, Part 1 of 5

The thirteenth day of training .

Evening .

Sunset, in two hours time it’s going to be completely dark, they didn’t train last night, Boss said tonight there will be a very important and demanding training, everyone’s heart is in his throat, because usually when Boss claimed it’s not too difficult or when she trained them as it pleased her, the way they had been trained they were more dead than alive, this time even she warned it is going to be a harsh training … they really dare not imagine!

Gu Yun brought all the soldiers quickly to the back of the mountain, about five or six miles away from the area in the forest where they usually trained . Here, to their back is the mountain, in front is a wide, open plain, there is no place to take shelter, the soldiers were all nervously waiting for Gu Yun’s command, but she was roving around the vicinity, they didn’t know what exactly she was looking for .

Finally, she found a finger-thick twig, took out a small triangular banner tucked inside her sleeve, facing them all, very casually she smiled and said: “Still two more days and the night raid battle will begin, tonight is the final night training, I want to test the results of your overall training, tonight’s training exercise is – a night raid mock battle . ”

Mock battle?!

Not expecting there’s a training exercise such as this, the soldiers all stared blankly, Gu Yun not minding their reactions, blithely continued: “Tonight the offensive side is Ge Jing Yun’s team, the defensive side is Leng Xiao’s team, until the conclusion of the exercise, I will not give you any advice and instructions, you engage in the battle each with two hundred and forty people . ”   

Handing over to Leng Xiao the twig and the small banner she was holding, Gu Yun continued: “This is the commander’s banner, Leng Xiao, your team protects and defends this commander’s banner, if Ge Jing Yun’s team snatches it away, then you lose the battle, conversely, if Ge Jing Yun’s team fails, the group loses . Here is Leng Xiao’s camp, the area where we usually trained is Ge Jing Yun’s camp . Now you have two hours to prepare, after these two hours, the mock battle officially starts . ”

These men are all new army recruits, having truly not experienced any so-called battle, at the moment everyone just looked at each other in blank dismay, still some even just gaped there stupidly .

“Do you understand?” Gu Yun’s sudden yell, finally jolted them back to their senses, hurriedly they stood in attention and replied: “Yes!”

“Everyone prepare respectively, okay?” Gu Yun nodded her satisfaction, indeed she has got nothing more to say . Leading the remaining twenty people, she climbed halfway up the mountain to a spot where she got a wide, open field of view of the entire area, sitting there leisurely .   

Tonight, she wants to determine who will be her upcoming night’s vanguard!   

Twenty soldiers stood perplexed behind Gu Yun, watching below them both teams have already begun to actively deploy, they did not understand, why did Boss let them come up here? Although confused, however this two-week training has allowed them to deeply understand a basic principle, and that is, never refute Boss, whatever she does, regardless if it seems on the face of it to be strange, certainly she has a reason for it .   

Sure enough, probably after a quarter of an hour, Gu Yun finally turned her head, facing them she said: “Two people in a group, covering the distance from the forest to the camp, you fan out in five areas, observe everything along the way, everytime anything happens come and report it . You only need to watch, under no circumstances will you intervene . Do you understand?”   

Without hesitation, twenty people replied in unison: “Yes . ”   

In response she waved them away, Gu Yun leaned back against a rock, a pair of bright eyes quietly gazed at the situation below, though she appeared calm and relaxed on the surface, her mind actually worried for these soldiers . They are new army recruits, inexperienced in battles, yet they will have to face Su Ren and his elite troops, in this night raid battle to beat the recruits trained by Su Yu would not be difficult, but to meet Su Ren head-on, she’s not quite sure of the outcome .   

This exercise is not so much in order to test their skills, but rather, it is to test their courage and insight, and their ability to meet and plan for all possible contingencies, she hopes they will not let her down too much .

Gu Yun who was the whole time gazing attentively below suddenly narrowed her eyes, what’s Leng Xiao doing?!

In the open area, he lined up over two hundred soldiers and divided them into five teams, except for thirty soldiers who stood still behind Leng Xiao, the rest of them ran and fanned out in four directions .   

Gu Yun’s face darkened, her hands slowly clenched into fists, after taking several deep breaths and slowly releasing them, she continued to stare coldly at the open area where the remaining soldiers appeared to be somewhat idling their time away, and although ever deadpan, Leng Xiao’s face could not help but display a few moments of triumph .   

It was getting dark, the time has come for the night raid to start, Leng Xiao lit two fires in the open area, now and then he kept on looking towards the direction of Gu Yun, but because where Gu Yun sat the spot was dim, and the sky was dark as well, Leng Xiao could hardly see her face, still he could feel her pair of sharp eyes coldly watching him .   

Before he would never believe that a woman could have such clear and bright penetrating eyes, such a tough and intrepid character, but since meeting her, he came to believe, in this world there’s really a woman whom he could not help but admire .   

He knew that tonight she will choose between him and Ge Jing Yun the night raid’s captain, he must prove to her that he is more outstanding than Ge Jing Yun, more resourceful, and more talented .


Chapter 6: Mock battle, Part 2 of 5

Behind her there was sound of rushing footsteps, soon a young soldier came behind Gu Yun, saying: “Reporting . Ge Jing Yun’s troops were divided into three, they set off towards the camp in three directions, south, east and west . ”

Gu Yun nodded gently, saying nothing, the young soldier hesitated for a moment, not hearing a command from her, he hurriedly ran back to continue monitoring .

Only a quarter of an hour later, another young soldier came to report: “Reporting . Leng Xiao sent off separately four teams in all directions, dug mud pits in the four corners of the area, lurking on a higher ground, a wave of troops are waiting to ambush the enemy . ”

Gu Yun chuckled shaking her head, offense is the best form of defense, Leng Xiao is doing well on this point, basing on Ge Jing Yun’s honest character, he would never expect he would be ambushed en route!

Calculating the elapsed time, at this time Ge Jing Yun’s team ought to have reached already the camp’s vicinity, but apart from the clear and cold moonlight, the burning, roaring bonfires, nothing whatsoever was taking place in the surroundings . In all likelihood, Ge Jing Yun’s team encountered the ambush .

“Reporting . About Ge Jing Yun’s team, the east group fell into the mud pit, all were captured . ”

“Reporting . Ge Jing Yun’s troops attacking on the west side, this group was quickly ambushed behind the mountain, the attack failed . ”

Behind her almost simultaneously hearing both reports confirming Gu Yun’s guess, but she waited for a while, the report on the third team did not come for a long time, watching the open area Leng Xiao appeared increasingly becoming complacent, the corners of Gu Yun’s mouth raised, she smiled oddly, pride goes before a fall, the ultimate showdown has not started yet!

“Reporting . ” Again a running, panting young soldier arrived, his clear voice resonated: “Ge Jing Yun led the south attacking team and fought fiercely with the ambushing soldiers in the higher grounds, he successfully prevailed, but -“, the young soldier hesitated for a moment, Gu Yun’s face slowly darkened, the young fellow quickly continued: “suffered heavy casualties . ”

While Gu Yun scowled she saw straight ahead, dust swirling in the air, ahead was a group whose faces were all covered with stain, a battered and exhausted Ge Jing Yun, running and following behind him were more than two dozen soldiers, in total disarray and without any battle formation at all .

Holding in his hand his weapon, a long single-edged sword, Ge Jing Yun his fury overwhelming headed straight for Leng Xiao .

Leng Xiao was shell-shocked, it seemed he did not anticipate Ge Jing Yun breaking through the tight encirclement of the area, quickly picked up his pair of halberd placed on his side, got up to meet him .

The long sword and the pair of halberd furiously clashed, both team captains battled impressively, but because of Leng Xiao’s over-confidence, his defense was not very good, and his remaining thirty people basically were the team’s relatively weak soldiers, thus under such stand-off, Ge Jing Yun’s soldiers gained the upper hand .

Leng Xiao and Ge Jing Yun’s confrontation was naturally awfully intense, but ultimately he too could not sustain resisting the fury of Ge Jing Yun .

Ge Jing Yun snatched the commander’s banner, and waved it towards the direction of Gu Yun’s location . No happy expression on his face, especially looking on to a distant spot, where Leng Xiao’s men were marching back with his captured soldiers, he looked ablazed with anger .

When Leng Xiao’s soldiers came back only to see the commander’s banner already in the hands of Ge Jing Yun, they could not help but get a bit angry and disheartened, while those soldiers who had been taken captive or “killed” in battle promptly cheered up, all of a sudden on the small clearing either one is venting his frustration or celebrating, the cacophony meshed into one .

It was bustling with noise and excitement below, but halfway up on the mountain the mood was tense such that the twenty people standing behind Gu Yun dared not breathe heavily . Boss had been watching them for a while in deathly silence, even if only at the back, they could also sense her anger dramatically soaring .

After a quarter of an hour, many of the soldiers eventually felt the atmosphere was not quite right, the drill was long over, even if only to rant at them, that gloomy black, petite figure should have already shown up by now, but up until now still there was no sound, something is amiss .

All the soldiers hurriedly lined up and stood in formation, not daring to look up on that shadowed patch on the mountainside, their hearts finally started to throb rapidly in fear and anxiety .

A quarter of an hour later, Gu Yun at last got up and came down from the rear side of the mountain, strolling and heading towards them, the moonlight at her back, they could not clearly see her face and tell whether she looked happy or angry, however from head to foot she exuded that unusual sort of repressed emotion, even before she opened her mouth, the group of soldiers already knew, tonight they’re all done for!

Stopping in front of the group, Gu Yun spoke her voice neither light nor heavy: “Ge Jing Yun, Leng Xiao, step out of the ranks . ”



Chapter 6: Mock battle, Part 3 of 5

“Yes . ” They took a step forward, Leng Xiao’s face was deadpan, but Ge Jing Yun looked really vexed .

Walking over to the middle of them, Gu Yun coldly asked: “What were you two doing?”

As Gu Yun’s voice dropped, Ge Jing Yun began to rant: “He didn’t follow the rules, obviously he was the defensive side, but he didn’t defend the camp well, ambushing us on the way to the camp, he wanted to cheat us first!” Clearly they were assigned either offense or defense, he committed a foul!

“Baloney!” Ge Jing Yun’s justification infuriated Gu Yun so much that she couldn’t help but roar loud, “all’s fair in war! Did I forbid taking the initiative to attack? On the battlefield, there’s never absolute offensive and defensive side . Role swap can happen at any time . You simply didn’t regard this drill as a real battle . Don’t tell me when you face the enemy, when your enemy can’t wait to kill you, you’d honestly wait for him to attack you first?!”   

Ge Jing Yun felt wronged being roared at, raising the already wrinkled commander’s banner he was holding, he said: “I got the commander’s banner . ” Although Leng Xiao cheated, regardless, he won!

Grabbing the banner from his hand, Gu Yun sardonically asked: “Do you think you’ve won?”

His eyebrows slanted upwards quizzically, Ge Jing Yun anxiously replied: “Didn’t you say that the team who has the commander’s banner is the victor?” Is she going back on her words?!

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Delicate hands ruthlessly grabbed his shoulders, pushing him hard, making him turn around, Gu Yun ordered: “Count your men, how many soldiers do you have?”

Ge Jing Yun glanced around, some of his men were covered with mud, some were holding feather arrows in their hands, they were not captured, but were considered “dead” already, he looked behind him standing scattered here and there a dozen or so of his men, Ge Jing Yun’s confidence a moment ago, has now wilted .

He stayed silent for a very long time, Gu Yun not giving him face at all, berated him: “eighteen! You only have eighteen men left! In tonight’s raid, your casualties are high! Now count Leng Xiao’s men . How many soldiers are alive?! One hundred thirty-eight! In an actual battle, do you think the moment you seized the commander’s banner you already won?! When these soldiers all have returned to the camp, facing them, only nineteen men, why did you take the commander’s banner? And why were your lives preserved?! Because of your rash moves, you let slaughtered many men, and now you dare claim victory?!”

Inflexible, a rigid mentality, a foolhardy! Ge Jing Yun pissed her off so much ah!   

Each time Gu Yun said something, Ge Jing Yun dropped his head a bit, a tough guy like him never before has he bowed his head this low, but when he saw the muddy faces before him, his shame was difficult to bear .

A mad Gu Yun didn’t bother to glance at him, turned her head towards Leng Xiao who kept quiet throughout, Gu Yun’s facial expression still looked sour, “Leng Xiao, do you know why you’ve lost?”

This time, Leng Xiao did not answer he didn’t know, he just stood silent, he dared not look at that pair of sharp eyes . Although she spoke harshly, compared to the dull-witted Ge Jing Yun, Leng Xiao’s strategy satisfied Gu Yun quite well, “your initiative was not wrong, on the battlefield, the skill to strategize is your strength, but for your blind confidence, underestimating the opponent, you suffered a crushing defeat!”

“I did not . ” Leng Xiao denied .   

“No?” Leng Xiao’s quick denial incited Gu Yun’s fury, “I can’t believe you left behind only thirty men, which is one-eighth of your total forces . The camp is stocked with the army’s food supplies, water, weapons, military maps and all other reserve resources, I ask you, with an eighth of your troops, how can you defend your camp?”

Leng Xiao kept silent, Gu Yun sneered: “I’ll help you answer, because you thought highly of yourself, you already assumed sending men to block, you need not worry over the camp’s security, because you underestimated the opponent, arguing that even if some can successfully breach through, they cannot overpower here, an eighth of your army is more than enough to meet them head-on, isn’t it?”

Leng Xiao adamantly remained silent, Gu Yun unable to put up with his reticence any longer snapped and growled: “Answer me!”

“Yes . ” For the first time, the indifferent Leng Xiao replied forcefully, at the same time fully acknowledging his over-confidence .

The two commanding captains were castigated, behind them all the soldiers inwardly trembled in fear . When Gu Yun slowly walked into their midst, every person’s heart was in his throat .

Gu Yun approached one whose body was wholly plastered with mud, just a while ago he and the men around him greatly rejoiced and laughed, she asked: “what do you think, it was fun, wasn’t it?!”   

The young lad was too frightened to answer, he also didn’t dare look down, he just stood stiff in place . Gu Yun’s cold gaze swept on the young soldiers’ faces, and asked: “What do you think you were doing? Taking a stroll, perhaps playing a game? Look at yourselves, who looked like a soldier even a bit, who looked like he had just gone through a battle?”

Gu Yun’s fury tonight is not easy to appease, are these the elite she took a lot of trouble, expend a great deal of effort to train for half a month?!

Gu Yun felt exasperated and resentful towards them for failing to meet her expectations, her voice trembled in rage, “On the actual night raid battle, you will face off against someone who has fought many battles, without exception every strategy and tactics of Su Ren are outstanding, your opponent is the brave and fierce, invincible Su Yu, to go into battle with such mentality, the outcome is certain defeat! On the battlefield, when you confront a vicious enemy, to fight with such attitudes, without any doubt you’ll die!”

Under the moonlight, the slender figure of Gu Yun stood in the midst of brawny young men, her chest heaved up and down manifesting her wrath and abject disappointment .

For a long time, Gu Yun ignored them, then she strode to leave . When finally she walked out of their midst, all the soldiers turned around together, loudly they cried out: “Give us the chance to do it one more time!”

The simultaneous and powerful shout of men, in the middle of the night in the vast, open field, it can quite touch and move a person, but Gu Yun did not turn back this time, “life is only one! Not in everything you get another chance . The day after tomorrow, that’s your last chance, do your best!”

After coldly uttering such words she left without looking back . Helplessly they looked on her figure gradually fading into the night, they felt unworthy to stop her, under the moonlight, the sturdy figures stood still for a long time, no one moved and said a word .

Ge Jing Yun suddenly turned to the nearby Leng Xiao, his face already devoid of anger and opposition, instead he looked extremely calm . “Let’s drill one more time!”

Leng Xiao and he looked at each other, he readily replied: “Okay!”

They turned round together, facing the morale dejected soldiers together they loudly asked: “We will drill one more time, do you agree?!”   

The group was taken aback for a second, but soon after they yelled in unison: “Yes!”   

Behind her the simultaneous cry echoed like the roar of an angry tiger, the morale surged up high, Gu Yun’s steps slowed down, but she did not turn back, rather she continued walking towards the General Manor, the corners of her lips gently lifted, and her pace got brisker .

Youngsters enduring a setback is a good thing, right?!



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Chapter 6: Mock battle, Part 4 of 5

General Manor study .

Gu Yun and Su Yu have not gone yet to the training grounds, first thing in the morning Su Ren sent men to ask them to come to the study .

Outside the house the morning sun looked flaming hot, inside the house it looked drab and gray . Gu Yun and Su Yu sat opposite each other, but unlike in the past there was relatively a less combative vibe between them today, both people seemed to have something weighing on their minds, they were not in the mood to bicker . Gu Yun leaned back against her seat, she was thinking… planning and preparing for the night raid battle can be done later, she now knew for certain that Qing lives in the Estate of the Prime Minister, she must see her, assess clearly the current circumstances of Qing, only then can she proceed to plot the next step, their escape!

Su Yu, on the other hand, was mulling over the issue of the bet . These days she was reportedly training very hard and diligently, if she loses, she’s bound to suffer shame, right?! Man oh man, he’s really not aggressive, he just wants her to stop being so arrogant, he’s not out to embarrass her .

Yet, Gu Yun simply does not believe she would lose .

Behind the large yellow rosewood table, Su Ren was somewhat amused as he watched two people inside in the study each preoccupied with one’s thoughts, who are having a competition after all? Why does it seem as if he’s the one more concerned about it?

Clearing his throat to pull them out of their long reverie, Su Ren smiled and said: “The reason I invited you today to come is to consult with you . What form of night raid battle do you want to adopt, how’s it going to be?”

Su Yu having regained his wits, regarded Gu Yun with a contemplative eye, and replied: “It doesn’t matter to me . ”

Gu Yun also slowly looked up, and casually replied: “I do not mind as well, I leave it to you to decide . ”

Su Ren gently arched his eyebrows and laughed: “You’re not worried I’ll be biased towards third brother?”

Gu Yun today appeared somewhat lazy, half reclining on the back of the chair, she idly replied: “If you really want to help him, what help will that be to the competition?” Su Ren is definitely the type who’s best in throwing everything into chaos, he’s a man who plays well the image of being outwardly cold and unassuming but inside he’s deep and passionate, she reckons not only will he not help Su Yu, he will even come up with an unconventional method of battle .

Two people, one puts up one sings, just to speak not at all satisfied, enduring it for a while Su Yu’s face already darkened, “Hello! You two you think I’m dead, I need someone’s help? You must be kidding!”

Gu Yun faintly smiled, too lazy to answer, to help or not to help that’s Su Ren’s problem, it has nothing to do with her .

Su Ren simply ignored Su Yu’s anger and continued laughing: “Well, since you do not have any suggestions, and leave it to me to set the rules, considering that all are new army recruits, I will not make the matter too difficult . The chosen venue is the Su family army garrison camp in the western suburbs, and the matter of competition is quite simple . I will randomly place a wooden case inside a room in the camp, there’s something inside, whoever steals this wooden case wins . ”

“What? This counts as a raid?” Su Yu was the first to protest . Nowhere can you call this a night raid battle?! No two armies battle with each other solely to steal something, how can one measure the level of army training?

Su Ren guessed beforehand Su Yu would oppose, blithely he asked: “Of course it counts, stealing something inside the enemy camp is not easy, or do you want to pit your recently trained for two weeks army recruits against my elite army in a head-on battle?

Su Yu was at loss for words for a while, he knew of course the recruits trained only for several days cannot match to the Su family elite army, but the technique of army training through this battle, how can stealing a thing reveals which is superior?

Gu Yun cheerily replied: “I have no objection . ” In any case, compared to Su Yu’s trained soldiers she definitely trained her soldiers on adaptability well, every soldier’s combat capability is strong, in this manner of competition her odds of winning ought to be relatively high!

Gu Yun had no objection, if he again opposes, it would suggest weakness on his part, waving his hand in acquiescence, Su Yu replied: “Fine, this battle then . ”

Both parties having no objections, Su Ren went on to elaborate: “This is a night raid battle, on the designated days you cannot raid, during these three days I relax, in other words, for three nights you can launch your night raids . But if, say on the first night, Qing Mo has already rushed to take away the wooden case, in that event, Yu, you’ve lost the battle automatically, and vice versa . We’ll see between the two of you who will be first to succeed . ” At the mention of the wooden case, Su Yu darted a meaningful look towards Gu Yun .

Gu Yun inexplicably broke out in goosebumps, why did he eye her with such an expression? Turning and looking away, Gu Yun directly ignored him .



Chapter 6: Mock battle, Part 5 of 5

Their exchange of glances, the undercurrent was turbulent, Su Yu unable to bear it any longer snarled: “Why bother this much!” All it takes is one evening to settle the matter and it’s done for, but also to make it to three nights! Second elder brother is up to no good!   

Su Ren snappily retorted: “When some girl did not have objection you didn’t have objection at all . What you said a moment ago didn’t it matter? Do you battle or not?”   

Subdued, Su Yu can only bitterly reply: “Battle!”   

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“Then it is settled, time starts from tomorrow night, lasting for three days, venue is the western suburbs camp, the camp will be guarded by a thousand of elite army under my command, the first one who takes the wooden case out of the camp wins . ” Suddenly finding Gu Yun not listening at all, but staring at the paperweights on his desk lost in thought, a look of concentration on her face . Su Ren whispered: “Qing Mo, do you have anything to say?”   

“No . ” She replied at the same time Gu Yun headed for the table, picked up a pair of rectangular paperweights on the table and studied them . The paperweights were cut from a piece of obsidian, the vein lines are identical, black and blue, they quite weigh down on the hand . They didn’t have a very fancy shape, a very strange design was engraved on each paperweight, this design looks so familiar, it seems she had seen it somewhere!

Gu Yun held the paperweights and didn’t let go of them for a long time, Su Yu looked up, laughed and said: “I reckon you had a burst of insight, you recognised these paperweights are nice stuff . ”

Fiddling with them for a while, she placed the two paperweights horizontally, just when they formed a square, on the paperweights emerged a trigram design, her heart suddenly thumped, this design and the design on that golden trigram disk are exactly the same, and that exquisite twill pattern, simple but crisp lines, she couldn’t be mistaken!   

These days she had been reflecting on the reason for landing here, at that time they were holding the golden trigram disk, then a red light flashed past, only later to wake up here . After witnessing the mystical Bing Lian, and now seeing again this trigram design, she suspects, the Su family has some sort of a mystical power, and this power is the reason why she appeared here!

Gu Yun stared at the paperweights for a very long time, without uttering a word, Su Yu oddly said: “What are you doing? You looked silly!”

Controlling herself to make everything seem fine, Gu Yun faced Su Yu, lifted the paperweights, feigned curiosity and asked: “Well, the design is pretty unusual, why engrave this design on the paperweights?” Su Yu is the easiest person in the Su family to break through, he might be able to give her an answer .

Su Yu glanced down at the paperweight design, and replied: “This is our Su family clan emblem . ”

“Clan emblem?” Gu Yun stared blankly for a moment, what is that? “Is that some sort of a badge?”

Su Yu thought for a moment, and replied: “Well, you can say that . Correctly speaking, it is the Su family’s symbol and sign . ”   

Then, that was the clan emblem which she had seen on that golden trigram disk? Gu Yun continued to ask: “Is there any special object, housed in the General Manor right now which I can see?”

“No …” Su Yu was about to open his mouth to decline, when Su Ren’s slender hand pressed heavily on his shoulder, catching on Su Yu did not finish what he was about to say, smiled and said: “matters pertaining to the clan emblem, big brother knows more, he is after all the eldest son of the Su family, many things about the clan, he’s more in the position to know, if you’re really interested, you can ask big brother . ”   

Her interest on the trigram design, this is a great opportunity for her and brother to chat more, he was indeed very considerate!   

Gu Yun inwardly gritted her teeth, damn Su Ren, spoiling her fun!   

Very well, since she knows the trigram disk has a connection to the Su family, she will always find a chance to talk to Su Yu alone, she can not believe he’d be able to decline every time .   

Aggravated being stymied by Su Ren, Gu Yun’s expression looked not too well, Su Yu looked at her with some concern and anxiously asked: “What’s with you today? You seemed out of sorts?”   

Gu Yun was startled that Su Yu candidly and honestly cared, although this man is hot-headed, unexpectedly he’s a softie, compared to Su Ren with his heap of cunning tricks, unknowingly he’s a whole lot more adorable!   

Gu Yun’s eyes brightened, in her mind quickly plotting something, she perhaps has a way to meet Qing, not only can she openly enter the Estate of the Prime Minister, but also she can absolutely see Qing! Su Yu, I’m sorry .   

Gu Yun propped her hand on the table, her eyebrows tightly knitted together, for a long time she did not reply and then she said: “It’s nothing, I just have some headaches . ”   

Watching her seemingly enduring the pain, Su Yu worriedly asked: “how can you have headaches without cause at all? I will send for a doctor . ”   

Grabbing Su Yu’s sleeves, Gu Yun shook her head and whispered back: “that would be useless, from childhood I grew up with my body not too healthy . ”   

“Your body is still not considered too healthy?!” Gu Yun had only said the half of it, Su Yu had already literally shouted to the rafters, he saw with his very own eyes how she ate a meal more than what an average person eats in a day, how she blocked the blow of his sword, but still her body is not healthy? Then, in this world what counts as a healthy body?

Gu Yu was inwardly enduring from the inside to the outside from top to bottom Su Yu’s severe scolding, an impertinent lout remains an impertinent lout! Can’t you allow people to first finish talking?! Although, in truth she did grow up incredibly strong and healthy .   

Then recalling that she has to use him, Gu Yun quelled the anger in her heart, continued sighing: “Precisely because of my poor health, my parents only allowed me to learn and practice martial arts to build up my health and strengthen my body, likewise due to my illness, my elder sister studied medical books to gain medical knowledge, over the years under her ministrations, my health has improved a lot, but every year always I have an outbreak once or twice, only my elder sister can treat my illness . ”   

Is there really such a thing? Although in his heart Su Yu was somewhat reluctant to believe, but still he ardently replied: “That’s ridiculous, there are many world famous doctors, the capital is swarming with famous doctors, I’ll get several doctors to examine you, perhaps they will even find a permanent cure . ”   

After speaking these words he again rose to leave, Gu Yun again pulled his sleeve, this time she looked better, and replied: “It does not have to be right now, when there’s no outbreak how can they diagnose what ails me, I am much better at the moment, wait till I really have an outbreak, you then can send for these doctors to see me . If I’m not cured, you have to take me to the Estate of the Prime Minister and ask for my elder sister, otherwise I would not survive . ”

Would not survive? That critical! Gazing keenly for a while at Gu Yun’s earnest face, Su Yu appeared somewhat impatient, snarled: “What an alarmist!”  

Gu Yun did not speak anything more, the result she wants has already been attained, whether an alarmist or not, he’ll soon find out .   

Su Ren watched Gu Yun’s performance silently, he knows, Gu Yun is well aware her acting has not escaped his eyes, all along she just wants to deceive Yu and nothing more, but why should she do it this way? Is it purely out of her desire to see her sister?

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