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A Paragon of Wuhun - Chapter 20

Published at 3rd of October 2019 12:15:58 PM

Chapter 20

Proofread by He Li

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Somehow, Chen Feng always had a feeling that he would have been able to reach a higher level in terms of the performance of martial art . However, he didn’t fulfill his aim due to many reasons . A brand-new realm seemed to appears before him, which was near at hand if only he walked into the realm, but now he had little strength to open that door .

Everything was ready except the last step!

Chen Feng didn’t get into a flap . He knew that he had enough time to contemplate .

After calming down, he found it easier to get the epiphany .

“I can’t reach it . I can’t…… Why? There is a weird feeling……”

As Chen Feng thought about it, he also exercised the martial art automatically . Aftering performing one round of Immobile Ming-King Imprint, he suddenly stopped moving, because he was feeling that Zhen Qi in his body was too faint to provide strength or energy for him when the Big Fingerprint came into being . At that moment, his meridians were like the cutout river where a stretch of bold land appeared!

“I understand! I do!”

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Chen Feng soared: “Here is the point . The amount of Zhen Qi is not enough . To tell the truth, Immobile Ming-King Imprint has a great requirement for Spirit Qi that it should be more vigorous and steady . Obviously, it is hard for me to hold on this martial art with my strength of four thousand jins . I need more vigorous power and more ruthless strength . ”

“So!”, Chen Feng clenched his fists, showing unswerving determination, saying: “What I should do now is improve my level of realm, strengthen my power, and make my Zhen Qi solid!”

Fortunately, the Zhen Qi he longed for was ready-made . .

Given that he had harvested ten spirit stones of middle level and an esoterica of Wuji from the middle-aged man, now it was time for him to absorb energy from the spirit stones .

He sat cross-legs with hands holding the stones and began to absorb the energy from them .

Half of the ten middle stones had been absorbed by the ancient tripod, and the remaining ones had been turned into Spirit Qi . And the Spirit Qi had formed a cyclone in Chen Feng’s Dantian and finally all crowed into his meridians .

In a short time, Chen Feng had absorbed the Ling Qi from five Spirit Stones which were equal to two hundred and fifty Spirit Stones of low level! However, a common peripheral apprentice of Qian Yuan Zong could get only three of such stones monthly!

There was Spirit Qi surging in Chen Feng’s meridians, and his strength was booming!

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Four thousand jins!

Four thousand and five hundred jins!

Five thousand jins!

  Six thousand jins!

After one hour, the strength of Chen Feng had increased to six thousand jins! It had far exceeded the limit of endurance for warriors of the fifth level of Houtian Realm!

Therefore, the meridians of Chen Feng had begun to break up and recombine .

Finally, he set foot on the sixth level of Houtian!

In the end, Chen Feng gave a long thistle and then he stood up . Black and sticky gunk appeared on his skin which was the impurities expelled from his body after he reached the higher level . .

He spared no efforts to exercise Immobile Ming-King Print . At the time, his Zhen Qi was abundant and light-footed . Between a moving and a motionlessness, Zhen Qi was wandering in his meridians as he moved, which caused the air to vibrate violently . It was almost about overflowing! And Chen Feng finally got rid of the former sluggish feeling and never felt hard to go on!

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Chen Feng shouted and waved his right hand . A golden small-desk-sized fingerprint of 3 feet square, condensed in the air and then it hit heavily on the mountain .

The entire mountain was shocked . On the stone wall, stone ashes were falling . Later, a golden fingerprint was left on the cliff

Chen Feng laughed wildly .

Obviously he had made a pretty great progress on performing Immobile Ming-King Print!

As for his present strength, he could be compared to the strong of seventh level of Houtian . And if he confronted that man in blue clothes again, Chen Feng could beat him directly .

Chen Feng watched his body where black filth expelled was still sticking on his skin . He felt disgusted and jumped into the water to wash himself . Quickly, he was astonished to discover that his skin was very smooth and it was showing a glittering and translucent light .

Chen Feng was amazed . He had seen other warriors of the sixth level of Houtian . But they were what they should be and got no change on their skins . That was to say, it was related to what he had been exercising .

He was so excited, for it showed that Beiduoluoye Sutras remoulded his body continuously .

After that he had made little progress on performing marital art, the lines on palm of golden fingerprint became clearer and visible .

The biggest change of golden fingerprint was not superficial, but essential . It was not in the patterns, but in the quality! There was a steady temperament in the golden fingerprint . When golden fingerprint was performed, a huge mountain seemed to appear in front of him!

Steady and solid!

Chen Feng calmed down and exercised Immobile Ming-King Print again and again . He just made little progress in Immobile Ming-King Print and needed more understanding and practice to know well about it .

Quickly, two days had passed . Chen Feng should spend totally two days beside the pool to practice Immobile Ming-King Print!

On the early morning, it was misty and slightly cold .

Chen Feng stood up instantly . Astuteness was flickering in his eyes .

“Immobile Ming-King Print has already been solid . Now I have reached the sixth level of Houtian Realm and I have obtained the strength of thousand jins and could be compared to the strong of the seventh level of Houtian Realm!”

He took a deep breath, said, “Now it is the time to seek that black blood snake for revenge!”

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