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Chapter 57

Hannah appeared cheerful as she smiled to Amelia .

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“It has been a long time since Milady last attended an opera . Moreover, the play is ‘Camellia’—the story of love . How wonderful~”

Hannah’s cheeks were dyed red, even though she wasn’t the one attending . Amelia unintentionally smiled at that .

In fact, Amelia had seen countless operas . Be it in a previous life or now . However, it was either with her parents or by herself . This time was different . She was going to see it with her friends . She was sure she was going to enjoy it . Amelia thought so and smiled .

“The seats have been reserved by the Marquis through the courtesy of William . Edward and Bryan, too, will join us . I’m sure it’s going to be a wonderful time . ”

Such was written in the letter . Not only Amelia, William was also invited .

William and opera… it surely couldn’t sound more amazing than this? Amelia was happy . Certainly, for two months after coming there, William treated Amelia like a gentleman . But William had always been preoccupied with work and hadn’t been able to spend time with Amelia properly .

That was why they never went on a date .

Moreover, Lewis and Hannah wouldn’t be accompanying her . As such, she would be alone with him until they reached the theater .

Just by imagining it, Amelia’s cheeks joyfully flushed crimson . It was as if she was were an ordinary eighteen-year-old maiden in love .


In a private dining room, three small chandeliers lined up over a space of roughly 30 tatami mats . Many portraits and landscape paintings were hung on the wall . The room had a large fireplace in the hallway and three large glass windows on the other side, overlooking the enchanting garden . The glass furniture in the corner of the room sparkled due to the morning sun shining through the window .

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As of the previous day, William’s parents, the Marquis and his wife, went on a recreational trip . As such, only William and Amelia were present in the dining room . Next to them, Lewis and Hannah were sharing meals .

“Yes, Milady received an invitation from Ms . Carla . ”

Hannah was tasked with representing Amelia . William brought a cup of morning tea to his lips . He pondered a little .

“—and the play is?”

William asked . His expression didn’t seem flattering .

That expression told her everything . He didn’t like opera . Amelia’s face slightly clouded . Hannah also seemed troubled . But that was when his skill as her maid appeared .

“It’s ‘Camellia’, Lord William . It seems that Edward and Bryan will also be attending . You’ve been busy for some time now . Why don’t take a breather from time to time?”

Hannah spoke in a polite tone, her smile refreshing . Lewis, too, opened his mouth to support her .

“Yes, William-sama . Taking a break now and then wouldn’t cause any harm, right? Even the Marquis and his wife do the same . ”

Lewis smiled vibrantly . It seemed that William had finally took notice of Amelia’s expression .

William apologized and shyly lowered his face .

“I’m sorry, Amelia . It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with you . However, whenever I watch an opera, I always fall asleep from fatigue . I still remember how everyone would always look at me with scorn…”

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Hearing William’s words, Amelia, who pictured said scene in her mind, broke in laughter . Although no voice could be heard, William felt he could imagine the kind of cute laugh she would spill . William patted his chest .

“So, when is the opera?”

“Three days from now, it’s a little sudden, I know . But it’s held at the night, around the time you should be finished with your business . ”

“I understand . Amelia, will you convey to Carla that I’ll attend?”

Amelia happily nodded to William . William smiled and continued .

“By the way, Amelia, do you have any plans today? Let’s visit the city, only the two of us . We haven’t had the chance to do so, right?”


Amelia was beaming . She seemed very happy . William’s calm mask slightly loosened upon seeing an expression befitting of her age on her face .

“Alright, we shall depart one hour from now . Come to the entrance hall when you are ready . ”

After saying so, William turned to Lewis and—

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“—we shall have lunch outside . How about you sightsee with Hannah?”



—William said something outrageous .

Hannah sounded surprised . Lewis also seemed baffled at William’s sudden order . However, William maintained his full smile .

Lewis finally grasped his Master’s intentions—certainly, this guy hadn’t had the time to joke around lately . Oh, how he hated his Master’s jokes . He was annoyed . He would complain to him later, in private .

Besides, Lewis thought, there was no way Amelia’s maid would easily abide to such a ridiculous order—


However .

When their lines of sight met, Hannah’s cheeks considerably reddened .


—no way .

It greatly confused Lewis . Certainly, he had acted like a gentleman to both Amelia and her maid . But… no way .

This time, he turned to Amelia .

But, unbelievable .

Even Amelia’s gaze was softer—and at the same time, expecting something . It contained an emotion Lewis thought he would never see two months ago .

Perhaps, that was Amelia’s true self the one Lewis kept wanting to see .


He couldn’t ruin it .

Lewis relented and smiled .

“Ms . Hannah, would you spend your time with me today?”

Such words earned him Hannah’s gentle smile .

“I, I was about to say the same! Thank you, and please!”

As usual, she responded with an energetic voice .