A Valiant Life - Chapter 280

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Chapter 280: I'll make you feel excited again

"I didn't expect myself to be so lucky," Lin Fan said while smiling . He wasn't even bothered by this at all . Since Chen Li Hao loved the thrill so much, Lin Fan wanted to have some fun with him .

Initially, the money on the table had belonged to Chen Li Hao as he had won but now that there was a change, he was extremely upset . However, he didn't think too much about it since he was lucky but the other party was luckier .

"Let me shuffle then . " Chen Li Hao thought Lin Fan was playing tricks and hence initiated to shuffle the cards .

"Alright, sure," Lin Fan said while smiling . Then, he shifted the money from the table to the floor . He asked, "Was the set of cards earlier thrilling enough for you?"

Chen Li Hao looked at Lin Fan . "I was just unlucky . It's still early . There's still another round to go . "

"Let me cut the cards," Lin Fan added .

Wang Ming Yang just sat there and didn't say anything . Although only one round had finished, he already knew the final outcome of the game .

"I don't believe you can win me again," Chen Li Hao said .

Wang Ming Yang wasn't stupid . He knew his responsibility was to just play a few rounds to fill the table .

Then, the table was filled with money again .

Lin Fan didn't even look at his cards . He immediately went all in . "I'm all in, are you with me on this?"

Chen Li Hao was stunned . "That's fierce . "

Lin Fan smiled . "Isn't it more exciting? Are you with me?"

"Haha," Chen Li Hao laughed, "Alright, I'll follow you . "

The entire crowd was stunned . This was literally a test of luck . They hadn't expected Master Lin to be even crazier than Chen Li Hao . They were simply risking their lives with this bet .

Lin Fan immediately flipped his cards over .

Chen Li Hao laughed when he saw his cards . "Haha, just 7 . Your biggest card is a 10 . If I have a 'flower', I'll already have won . How's that? Do you regret it? If you see my cards, you'd definitely throw yours away . "

He Cheng Huan heaved a sigh after he looked at the cards . "It's a loss . "

They felt that this set of cards was literally incapable of winning anything .

Lin Fan still smiled confidently . "It's not certain . Do not belittle these 'small' cards . "

Chen Li Hao laughed as he forcefully threw his first card on the table . "I'll win you with my first one . "


It was a 3 .

Chen Li Hao was stunned . He had initially been extremely excited but now it seemed like someone had poured cold water on him .

Lin Fan looked at it . "Your first card isn't even good enough . Come, show me your second and third card . It's so thrilling . "

Indeed, it was thrilling .

Chen Li Hao forcefully swallowed his saliva and threw his second card on the table . "Win!"


It was an 8 .

The crowd was stunned .

"D*mn, he can't possibly lose to that . "

"I don't know, man, it depends on the last card . It's nerve-wracking . "

"Look at how nervous Li Hao is . There's even sweat on his forehead . "

Lin Fan just sat there calmly and said, "How unlucky . Your second card is still too small . Your last card will decide your fate . It must be extremely thrilling . "

Chen Li Hao raised his head and looked at Lin Fan as his hand covered the last card . He was a little doubtful . "Haha, it's really thrilling . This is the defining moment and the most thrilling one . But I believe in myself . This card is definitely big enough . Don't worry, I'll definitely win you . "

"Look at how I win!"


Suddenly, everyone was stunned . Every one of them just stared at the table . How could he even lose to this set of cards?

It was a 2 . It was even worse than the previous two cards .

Chen Li Hao stared blankly at the three cards . "How could it be…"

Lin Fan helplessly shook his head, "How miserable . Your cards are too small . "

Chen Li Hao looked at Lin Fan and immediately said, "Did you cheat?"

When he said that, Zhu Zhu replied, "Chen Li Hao, if you can't take the loss, don't gamble . You mean only you're capable of winning and the rest aren't?"

He Cheng Huan coughed, "Li Hao, watch your words . All of us watched the game with our own eyes . Don't accuse Master Lin of cheating . "

Chen Li Hao shook his head . "No, I just said it casually . "

Lin Fan laughed, "Alright then, you can shuffle and cut the deck . I won't touch it at all . You can even distribute them . How's that?"

"Alright . " Chen Li Hao nodded .

Wang Ming Yang looked at Lin Fan and was stunned . How could he possess these skills?

"Continue," Lin Fan said as he reclined back in his chair .

They continue playing until the seventh game . . .

The whole place was silent . Everyone was shocked as they watched the game .

If they hadn't seen it for themselves, they wouldn't have believed what had happened .

It was already the eighth game .

The previous seven games were too shocking . Master Lin's cards had destroyed Chen Li Hao . Sometimes, they were only a little bit better than Chen Li Hao's cards .

But it was this that caused Chen Li Hao to lose everything .

Lin Fan folded his arms and looked at Chen Li Hao's hands that were trembling . Then, he said, "Brother Li Hao, I was so thrilled by the previous rounds . Were you?"

Chen Li Hao raised his head . He looked as if he had seen a ghost . His forehead was filled with sweat . His confident and fearless looks were long gone . He had become a quiet figure . He carefully looked at his cards . He lost every single ounce of confidence he had .

Wang Ming Yang looked at Lin Fan curiously . He hadn't expected him to make Chen Li Hao end up like this .

Chen Li Hao had always believed that Lin Fan was cheating . But now, Lin Fan didn't even touch the cards . It was the others that distributed them .

Chen Li Hao didn't believe that he'd be so unlucky all the time .

Now, he didn't even feel thrilled anymore . He only felt fear .

Even when he got good cards, he couldn't be excited anymore .

"All in," Lin Fan said without looking at his cards .

Chen Li Hao looked at Lin Fan fearfully . His hands were trembling as he held the cards . He didn't dare to follow suit . He wanted to look at his cards .

Lin Fan smiled . "Brother Li Hao, do you want to follow suit? I didn't even look at my cards . Why do you want to look at yours? Let's have some fun . "

Fun my a*s!

Chen Li Hao only had that in mind .

Everyone in the crowd was silent . The word 'thrill' had first been said by Li Hao .

But now, Li Hao couldn't even say anything . He was simply fearful of the word 'thrill' .

Then, Chen Li Hao lowered his pale face and carefully raised his cards . He looked at the cards one by one . When he saw the third card, he rubbed his eyes and looked at it again .

Then, he got excited again but he looked steady and calm . He didn't want to show that he had a good hand .

"I'm all in . "

"With my everything . "

"I'm betting everything, I want to see your cards," Chen Li Hao said and he stood up anxiously .

"Thrill . It's the thrill that I've been waiting for . "

Lin Fan laughed, "How confident . "

The crowd was stunned . "Li Hao, are you sure you want to do that?"

Wang Ming Yang involuntarily shook his head as he looked at Li Hao . It looked like his efforts had gone to waste .

"Do you dare to open your cards?" Chen Li Hao shouted .

He Cheng Han said, "Master Lin, ignore him . He must be crazy . "

Lin Fan waved his hand . "Alright, you want to see my cards, then you can open yours first . "

Chen Li Hao forcefully smacked his cards on the table . "I have three aces . How can you win me? It's thrilling . This is the thrill that I was talking about . "

"What are the chances of winning me? Let me tell you that you have zero chance of winning . "

The crowd shook their heads when they saw his cards . They hadn't expected Li Hao to have gotten this chance .

But they were curious . Was there a problem with the cards? Why did they keep getting flushes?

Was it cursed?

Lin Fan smiled . "You're so confident . "

Chen Li Hao looked at Lin Fan . His fear momentarily vanished . It was like he had been resurrected .

"How is it? You think you can win me?'

Lin Fan looked at the three cards on the table and quickly flipped over two cards .

"Wow, that's pretty small . I think three aces aren't the biggest set of cards here," Lin Fan said . Then, he asked Chen Li Hao, "These are two fives . Do you think the last card would be a three? I'll give you the opportunity to feel the thrill . You can flip the last card over . "

Suddenly, everyone became silent .

Chen Li Hao's face changed . It was as if time had frozen . His eyes stared intently at the last card .

Everyone in the crowd started to discuss among themselves .

"Yeah, that's the rule here . Do you think it would really be a 3?"

"I don't think so . How could he be so lucky? That's even luckier than winning the lottery . "

"But I feel something's wrong . "

"Even Li Hao looks fearful . "

Lin Fan pointed at the last card on the table . "Come, you can flip it over . "

Chen Li Hao looked at Lin Fan and gradually stretched out his arm . Although the card was really near to him, he was extremely fearful and he wanted to flip it over slowly .

It was as if time was passing really slowly as he tried to flip the last card .

. . .

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