A Valiant Life - Chapter 637

Published at 11th of February 2019 09:20:38 AM
Chapter 637


The bigshots of Qing Zhou were on tenterhooks outside .

"I feel like my heart is racing," one of the construction bosses said . He constantly looked around, his heart feeling uncomfortable .

"Me too . What do you think Godfather Ma is doing?"

"I'm afraid something big is about to happen . Godfather Ma has been spending quite some time inside with the journalists already . What about the people we sent into the station? Are they back yet?"

"Eh, they are . "

A young man rushed out of the police station, his face looking around in panic .

"Not good . Godfather Ma really gave himself out and he has spilled the beans . President Li, remember the time when you bribed him? Godfather Ma mentioned that also . All of us are screwed . "


Everyone was in a huge shock, as if a bomb had just been released on them . What on earth was this young man talking about? Godfather Ma really gave himself up?

This… this…

At this moment, the people snapped out of it .

"Not good . Let us hurry . If Godfather Ma really spills everything out, we are really screwed and we cant ever hope to get out of this mess . "

"Wait, we won't have any problem . We are just entrepreneurs and have never hurt anyone before . We won't meet with any trouble . Most of us here maybe just gave him bribes, so if we were called in for questioning, the most that would happen would be the economy of Qing Zhou crashing . "

"Correct, that makes sense . We shouldn't be the ones worrying now . The ones that should be scrambling are the men who are directly associated with Godfather Ma . Godfather Ma holds many secrets and they are all part of it . "

At one of the places where Godfather Ma's closest men stayed .

Ding ding!

I'm taking a rest, so who on earth is calling?

The person's hair was already white and he was already nearing sixty years old . He had a gentlemanly vibe about him and he was someone with a good temperament .

He put on his slippers and dragged his feet across the room, picking up his phone .

"Hello, this is Cheng Nian Liang speaking . "

His face was originally calm and peaceful, but in that instant, all life drained from his face . As he hung up, he dropped the phone with a loud thud .

"Ma Mu Feng…" Cheng Nian Liang muttered, cursing under his breath . He picked up the phone again, making another phone calls .

"Hello, this is an order . Go to the police station and get Ma Mu Feng back to our department so that no policeman can get near him . "

No one was going to sleep that night .

The police station!

The journalists were all looking at Ma Mu Feng in shock . They had lost count of how many crimes Ma Mu Feng had spoken of so far .

Too many, just too many .

Ding ding!

Chen Chang Ping's phone was ringing . After picking up, his brows furrowed .

"No, Ma Mu Feng came to our station of his own will to give himself up . You guys are from Sheng Ting and have no right to interfere . "

"Commander Chen, what's up?" Lin Fan asked .

Chen Chang Ping looked at him, "The news of Ma Mu Feng giving himself up has spread and the people at Sheng Ting also want to interfere . "

"No, we can't give him to them . I have a feeling that these guys from Sheng Ting are here to cause trouble . "

"Mm," Chen Chang Ping nodded his head .  "I know that, and that's why I've rejected them . This won't be an easy case to handle . "

Ding ding!

At this moment, Commander Chen's phone started ringing again .

Chen Chang Ping's face changed drastically as he saw the caller ID .

Cheng Nian Liang .

He picked up the phone .

"Commander Chen, I'm calling you at night, I hope I'm not interrupting you . "

"No," Chen Chang Ping didn't want anyone from Sheng Ting coming, and wanted to deal with this as tactfully as possible .

"So that's settled . I know what's going on and I asked the people from Sheng Ting to go and get him already . In a moment's time, you will receive them and don't you worry . I'll give you credit for this, I won't let your efforts go to waste . "

"No, Director, I'll almost be done with him soon . You don't have to send him to Sheng Ting . "

"Eh? Are you defying my orders?"

"I…" Chen Chang Ping was caught in a difficult situation .

At this moment, Ma Mu Feng looked at Chen Chang Ping, "Commander Chen, is that Cheng Nian Liang?"

Chen Chang Ping nodded his head .

The journalists were stunned as they heard the name 'Cheng Nian Liang' . As journalists, they definitely knew who he was, and he was a huge figure in the media .

Ma Mu Feng motioned for the phone, and thereafter, started speaking . "Cheng Nian Liang, this is Ma Mu Feng . I have given myself up to the authorities . You have been my close supporter for the longest time and you have gotten many benefits out of it, but now, it's time . I urge you to give yourself up too . You're different from me . I didn't ask for any mercy, but you're a big leader and if you tell the truth, you can still be forgiven . "

The journalists were shocked as they heard what Ma Mu Feng said to Cheng Nian Liang over the phone . Even Chen Chang Ping was stunned .

In the end, Ma Mu Feng's closest supporter was him .

"What are you talking about? Do I know you? Don't you slander me!" Cheng Nian Liang was flabbergasted . He never thought that Ma Mu Feng would be that direct and truthful about their relationship .

Of all people, he expected Ma Mu Feng to have the intelligence to know what and what not to say .

Ma Mu Feng heaved a huge sigh . "Eh, it's time . Why haven't you come clean? I don't wish to accuse anyone wrongly and I certainly don't wish to hurt anyone anymore . I'm advising you for your own good . You have been my closest supporter for years and I don't wish to see you stray further and further away until you really regret it . "

"Chen Chang Ping what are you doing? Why did you pass the phone to him? This person is framing me, do you understand?" Cheng Nian Liang croaked, his voice trembling . If his heart was any weaker, he might have suffered from a heart attack .

Ma Mu Fend shook his head . "The journalists are all around, and you shouldn't run anymore . All the evidence is on my hands now . I have recorded down every single bribe that you have given me over the years, and this society is just . I cannot just change the society to fit my needs . As a person of high stature, you shouldn't be doing harm to anyone . So, I must tell the truth about every single evil and bad thing that I have done . "

The people at the scene were all stunned, and they all froze in silence .

The faces of the journalists were all terrified- this issue was becoming bigger and bigger .

They had just woken up the tiger .

"Ma Mu Feng, are you out of your mind…" Cheng Nian Liang croaked, his face looking sinister .

He never thought that Ma Mu Feng would say all these in front of the journalists .


This was the end .

"I'm not out of my mind . In fact, I have woken up and have seen the error of my ways . I hope that you can meet Master Lin . I guarantee that after you hear his teaching, you will want to turn over a new leaf . "


The phone hung up before Ma Mu Feng could finish talking .

Lin Fan chuckled . This issue was getting more fun . However, this issue wasn't his concern anymore . Thereafter, Lin Fan rested his hands on Chen Chang Ping's shoulders .

"Commander Chen, this case is not under my jurisdiction anymore . I'm handing everything to you," Lin Fan said, before turning to the journalists . "My fellow journalists, I hope that you have understood the truth of this situation . I leave it up to you if you want to report this case . But I must remind you that as journalists, you fight for justice . If you make this news public, you will be the heroes of Qing Zhou . "

The journalists looked upwards with an air of confidence after hearing what Lin Fan had said .

"Yes, we are journalists and must uphold justice in society . "

"I believe in the government and the law, and we must bring all things to the light . "

Lin Fan packed up and left after seeing that things have pretty much settled themselves .

This issue was huge, and it was rather fun to meddle in it .

Chen Chang Ping wanted to keep Lin Fan awhile longer, hoping to use his rational judgment, since the case was getting more complicated and the thought of bearing this on his shoulders terrified him .

The instigator of this case was about to entrust everything to him . Could he do it?