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A World Worth Protecting - Chapter 136

Published at 18th of June 2019 01:45:04 AM

Chapter 136: 136

There were many people within the Alchemy faculty's Public Square, and all of them were gazing at the Chen Fei and Zhou Xiaoya, who were refining a pill . The two girls were very beautiful, and they gave off a different vibe to the people watching them refine pills . That was especially so when seeing the many types of herbs fly about in their hands . They seemed to accentuate their figures, making them look dazzling .

This test in refining the Cloud Breath Pill was nearing its end . Zhou Xiaoya and Chen Fei were both obviously very familiar with the refining process before this test . At that moment, they moved like flowing water, without any hesitation . Following the Cloud Breath Pill's formula, they quickly threw the herbs into the alchemical cauldron according to the formula . As flames arose in the alchemical cauldron, they began the final segment of the test .

"They have reached the pill formation stage! Chen Fei is definitely a senior student who has immersed herself in studying Alchemy for many years . Her technique is flawless! Watching her refine a pill is like watching the creation of a masterpiece!

"It's really unexpected . This Zhou Xiaoya was previously a seemingly ordinary student in the Alchemy faculty, but her technique is actually comparable to that of Chen Fei!"

"There are many steps involved in the refining process of pills . They cannot make a single mistake in any step . If they do, the mistakes will be magnified in the pill formation stage, resulting in failure!"

The sounds of discussion slowly spread from the surroundings . Zhou Xiaoya was sweating profusely from her forehead and was panting slightly at that moment . However, she clenched her teeth and persevered . When she stared at Chen Fei periodically, one could see the anger in her eyes .

Chen Fei also noticed Zhou Xiaoya's stare, but she was unaffected by it . To her, it seemed like she did not think that she had done anything wrong . Since it was not Zhou Xiaoya's original formula, then it could be considered her own doing and fate when she handed the Cloud Breath Pill formula to her .

You should blame yourself for not taking care of the formula properly; it's not my fault!

Chen Fei had a slight smile at the corner of her lips and a confident gaze . She ignored Zhou Xiaoya and concentrated on refining her Cloud Breath Pill .

Seemingly able to sense Chen Fei's thoughts, Zhou Xiaoya felt indignation in her heart . However, she knew that she could not afford to get distracted, so she took a deep breath and stared intently at the alchemical cauldron . As time passed, both of their pills were at the stage where they could open their cauldrons .

Even the Chancellor and the Alchemy Pavilion elder were staring intently . At that moment, Zhou Xiaoya hesitated for a moment, but she still raised her right hand . Before the time came to open her cauldron, she opened it . As the surrounding people were stunned and exclaimed in shock, Zhou Xiaoya quickly threw an object into her cauldron with a flick of her right hand .

This scene invoked the shock of the surrounding people, and that was especially so for Chen Fei, but she had no time to think about it . As the flames in both of their Alchemical Cauldrons died down, with a tremendous shake of the cauldrons, a herbal fragrance spread toward the surrounding from their alchemical cauldrons' ventilation pores .

Looking toward it, a large amount of white smoke spread toward the surroundings from the small pores surrounding the two alchemical cauldrons . The herbal fragrance was even more concentrated as it spread everywhere, and everyone who smelt it was moved .

"This pill actually caused my body to absorb Spirit Qi! I didn't circulate my cultivation technique, but my body automatically absorbed Spirit Qi!"

"Gosh, this Cloud Breath Pill is amazing! I feel like all the meridians within my body are tingling . There's actually Spirit Qi entering and infusing with my meridians!"

As the people exclaimed in shock, Zhou Xiaoya and Chen Fei almost simultaneously pressed on their alchemical cauldrons . Immediately, their cauldrons opened, and as the fragrance spread into a larger area, they revealed the respective pills refined within each alchemical cauldron .

"Both of you, stand back!" Vice-Chancellor Gao Quan spoke calmly and strode forward to retrieve both pills personally, holding both of them in his hands . However, compared to Chen Fei's crimson Cloud Breath Pill, Zhou Xiaoya's Cloud Breath Pill seemed to have black impurities . Judging by appearance, Zhou Xiaoya's pill seemed inferior .

Looking at her pill, then looking at the one refined by Chen Fei, Zhou Xiaoya had a complex look . Meanwhile, a contemptuous smile appeared at the corner of Chen Fei's lips .

Gao Quan's expression remained the same . Holding the two pills, he released his internal Spirit Qi and infused it into the pills as though he was feeling for something . Very quickly, he retrieved his Spirit Qi . Not caring about the nervous Zhou Xiaoya and Chen Fei, he turned toward the Chancellor and the Alchemy Pavilion elder and bowed with cupped fists .

"Chancellor, Elder, I have done a preliminary assessment of both pills . Chen Fei's pill is at fifty percent purity while Zhou Xiaoya's pill is only at thirty percent purity . Chancellor, Elder, please do a second round of assessment!"

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As Gao Quan spoke, the commotion in the surroundings that had already died down erupted once again .

"One at fifty percent and the other at thirty percent!"

"This gap is just too huge . Could the formula really have been Chen Fei's creation?"

As the crowd discussed, a smile appeared on Chen Fei's face, and she looked toward Zhou Xiaoya, reveling in delight . Meanwhile, Zhou Xiaoya's expression darkened, and tears formed in her eyes . She ignored Chen Fei, instead gazing at the Alchemy Pavilion elder as though she was seeking final confirmation .

At the same time, the Chancellor raised an eyebrow and looked a little surprised . He looked toward the Alchemy Pavilion elder beside him . This Elder had a head full of white hair and looked affable . His gaze had a slight curiosity, but just as he was about to speak, he seemed to notice something and looked toward the sky .

Almost simultaneously, the Chancellor raised his head and immediately saw a cruiser in the sky whistling over at an extremely fast speed . It approached the Alchemy faculty mountain peak in the blink of an eye!

The appearance of the cruiser immediately caught the attention of the surrounding crowd, but before they could see the person inside the cruiser clearly, a familiar voice exploded forth within the central Public Square with anger .

"Gao Quan, you're really itching for a beating . You still dare to cause trouble?" As the angry growl sounded, Wang Baole leaped off his cruiser and shot directly toward Gao Quan .

Gao Quan's expression changed, and Wang Baole had already appeared in front of him before he could speak . He threw a punch directly at Gao Quan, releasing his spirit energy and spreading out his suppressive force . In coordination with Wang Baole's physical strength and his control of Spirit Qi within and outside his body, this punch immediately conjured up a storm . Gao Quan was completely unable to defend against this and fell backward like a kite whose string had been severed . He crashed into the ground far away, blood bursting from his mouth .

"Wang Baole!" Gao Quan's expression warped, and he let out an aggrieved growl . He was in an extremely bad mood, but just as he spoke, Wang Baole approached with an angry growl yet again and kicked him .

Gao Quan wanted to resist, but Wang Baole could already put up a fight against him when he was in the Ancient Martial Arts realm . Now that Wang Baole was at the True Breath realm, he stood no chance and had no time to even try casting spells . With a boom, his body was sent flying with a kick from Wang Baole, and with a successive punch, he crashed toward the crowd at the side .

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At that moment, the spectators finally understood what was going on, and they gasped in response .

"Head Prefect Wang!"

"Head Prefect Wang is back!"

"So strong, he's completely thrashing the Vice-Chancellor!"

"As expected of Head Prefect!"

Not only was the surrounding crowd shocked, Chen Fei's breathing also hastened, and she shuddered in her heart . Wang Baole had a huge reputation in the Lower Academy Island, and his return today was too vicious . Even the Chancellor had a headache trying to deal with him . But just as he was about to stop Wang Baole, he was blocked by the Alchemy Pavilion elder beside him .

Puzzled, the Chancellor looked toward the Alchemy Pavilion elder beside him . He found that the elder did not look disgusted and was it fact gazing at Wang Baole with interest . Hence, he did not stop Wang Baole .

In the crowd, Liu Daobin and many of Wang Baole's juniors also felt excited, much less Zhou Xiaoya . The moment Wang Baole appeared, she no longer felt uneasy, as though she suddenly had an emotional support .

This had all happened too fast . Wang Baole's arrival and his thrashing of Gao Quan all happened in a flash . Without even waiting for Gao Quan to get up, Wang Baole appeared in front of him once again with a shake of his body . He grabbed Gao Quan's hair, and as Gao Quan let out tragic cries, he was dragged by Wang Baole directly toward where the Chancellor was .

When they walked past Chen Fei, she retreated subconsciously while shuddering . Wang Baole took one look at her and did not bother with her any more . He grabbed the crying Gao Quan and looked toward the Chancellor . First, he took a deep bow, then he spoke loudly .

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"Chancellor, this Gao Quan caused trouble and affected the fairness of this test . He obviously meddled with the pill refinement test this time!"

Gao Quan's scalp was hurting . After hearing Wang Baole's words in his wretched state, he felt extremely wronged and immediately exclaimed, "I didn't . I…"

"Shut up! It must have been you . I know you too well!" Wang Baole stared and kicked Gao Quan viciously . Gao Quan cried out once more, and he felt like he was about to explode from anger . This feeling of being wronged made him go into a frenzy . He had indeed plotted against Wang Baole many times, whether it was trying to expel him at the very beginning, cooperating with Lin Tianhao's assassination attempt in the Pond Cloud Rainforest, or canceling Wang Baole's candidacy later on .

But this time, he really did not do anything . For one, the Chancellor and Elder were watching . Plus, he really was scared of Wang Baole and did not want to mess with him anymore .

Never would he have expected that the first time he was fair in his entire working career, he would be so misunderstood and beaten up so viciously . At that moment, he felt extremely angry, as though the whole world had gone dark, and could not help but scream angrily at Wang Baole .

"Wang Baole, this time, it really wasn't me . I really didn't do anything!"

His voice was filled with the emotions that he was being wronged, and Wang Baole was stunned for a moment after hearing it . Actually, Wang Baole did not have any evidence, but when he saw Gao Quan, he instinctively felt that he was not a good guy and that it must have been him who caused trouble .

Could I have wronged him? Never mind, if I was wrong then so be it . He's done too many bad things anyway!

Wang Baole coughed, ignoring Gao Quan and spoke loudly to the Chancellor .

"Chancellor, this evil man affected the test just now . It's not fair . I suggest holding the test again . "

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