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A World Worth Protecting - Chapter 355

Published at 1st of October 2019 09:47:20 AM

Chapter 355

Chapter 355: Scaring the Beast Tide

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


That scene shocked all the viewers from the Federation . In their eyes, right now, Wang Baole was like a sharp sword that had been removed from its sheath . He was so imposing and so frightening that it contrasted significantly from how he had been behaving previously . It was a complete transformation!

Some were even confused as to who the true Wang Baole was!

Was it the laid back, shameless fellow who kept showing off previously, or was it the one wielding a saber, his body like a dragon and his force so imposing—the one going head-on with the endless Beast Tide while remaining ferocious and determined?

The contrast was so huge that the live stream viewers from the Federation, as well as people from the Mars Colonial City, were gripped with shock . Sounds of their hasty breathing and gasps of shock emerged endlessly . Right now, in the New Mars Region, Wang Baole’s speed was so fast that he was like a sharp dagger, charging directly into the crowd of beasts!

With the cleaving down of the saber, the approaching ferocious beasts didn’t even have the chance to see Wang Baole before they were decapitated with the eruption of Wang Baole’s cultivation and his astounding combat powers . Their limbs were torn off their bodies, and their bodies turned into a mush of flesh and blood as a result of Wang Baole charging towards and killing them viciously .

Snarls and painful screams reverberated, and Wang Baole’s top was dyed red through this brief encounter with the ferocious beasts . The stench of blood hit one in the face and was a smell that not everybody could get used to . However, Wang Baole took a deep whiff without any signs of him being unaccustomed to it . There was even an indescribable feeling that he experienced .

It was as if he had suppressed himself too much these days, resulting in his intention to kill building up . Right now, that intention seemed to have been uncontrollably released, making the chill in his eyes even more apparent . His body didn’t stop, and he continued charging forward .

In all the areas that he passed, the black glow of the saber shone, and a sonic boom reverberated . Another seven ferocious beasts charged head-on towards him, and even before they had landed, they were turned into a pool of flesh and blood in mid-air . As their crimson red blood spurted in all directions, Wang Baole appeared to have been transformed into a bloody figure as he weaved through the crowd . His goal remained the same throughout, and the destination he wanted to reach was…

One of the ten Ancient Corpses, which was less than a thousand feet away!

The skull of the Ancient Corpse was extremely large, and its hands were filled with gigantic mouths, which were collectively making a noise that was similar to countless people screaming together at the same time . It seemed extremely bad-tempered, and now, as it sprinted, it grabbed the ferocious beasts in its way, the mouths on its hand tearing the ferocious beasts apart . It was completely savage .

It seemed to have noticed Wang Baole . It suddenly turned its body, and its vicious and imposing manner became extremely significant . However, it didn’t retreat and instead charged towards Wang Baole while screeching loudly . A thousand feet wasn’t a short distance for cultivators, but now that both Wang Baole and the Ancient Corpse picked up speed, the live stream viewers from the Federation saw the duo near each other in an instant, in the blink of an eye!

The instant they neared, a hurricane erupted . Black winds swept in all directions, and the figure of a black crocodile—illusory but clearer than any of the other times it was seen previously—appeared, roaring towards the sky . The black crocodile seemed to have been integrated into one with Wang Baole, who was charging forward, making Wang Baole invisible in the eyes of outsiders . All they could see were the black crocodile riding on the black hurricane, charging towards the Ancient Corpse at high speed in a swallowing motion!

The Ancient Corpse wasn’t to be belittled either . As it screamed, it unleashed a combat force on the level of someone who had a perfect Foundation Establishment realm cultivation . Right now, with both its hands raised, its arms began to swell . In just a blink of an eye, they turned gigantic, similar to two huge millstones carrying an astounding and indescribable physical force as it went after Wang Baole at high speed .

Looking at it from afar, it was a battleground that was extremely frightening . It became the focus of everyone’s attention, and the spectators watched on without blinking . Even before they could react emotionally, the Ancient Corpse’s two millstone hands neared in that instant, and Wang Baole was left with only two options!

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One was to dodge it before slashing it with his saber!

The other option… was to disregard the Ancient Corpse’s physical strength, and to slay it immediately!

However, he couldn’t disrupt his force . From the beginning to now, he had been storing that force . Therefore… without a doubt, he chose the latter option . As the intention to kill grew stronger in his eyes, he didn’t even bother to look at the Ancient Corpse’s big hands, and he hollered .


His words were being drowned out by a shockingly loud boom . He wielded his saber, and the surroundings vibrated vigorously . That act was a culmination of combat power from Wang Baole’s current cultivation as a mid-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator, which was extremely near that of the late-stage . It also encompassed the Foundation Establishment force of his green lotus, his astounding physical strength, and even the two Heavenly Thunders in his body, which greatly increased his speed .

This way, that action of his resulted in lightning sparks spreading in all directions, which were visible from afar . It integrated into the black hurricane, and to an extent, it caused the hurricane to be transformed into Electromagnetism Burst .

Just like that, the Ancient Corpse’s giant hands landed directly on Wang Baole’s body, causing him to tremble and his Blood Qi to churn . It was almost as if his body was about to be ground into a pool of flesh . His astonishing physical strength began to spread after that, and as he resisted with all his might, he swayed the saber without hesitation, directing it to the Ancient Corpse’s neck and sweeping it swiftly . A loud boom caused the entire combat grounds to vibrate, and amongst the Ancient Corpse’s disbelief, its skull instantly flew upwards!

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As it was decapitated, the Ancient Corpse’s body seemed unable to withstand the unbelievably strong force of the Dharmic Armament as well, and it broke apart . Wang Baole’s breathing quickened as he stepped on the falling body of the Ancient Corpse and leaped into the air, kicking the detached Ancient Corpse skull forcefully!

That kick instantly threw the skull outside the main gate of his zone!

With a loud bang, the skull landed, tumbling several times before stopping in front of the gate of the base . Its eyes were still open, and an imposing force still emanated from it . Then, one could see that its eyes were slowly transformed into eternal emptiness .

However, in that emptiness, a blurry figure of Wang Baole was reflected from it as he continued leaping into the air without stopping, charging ferociously towards the other Ancient Corpse!

Everything happened so fast that the live stream viewers from the Federation hadn’t even managed to react when Wang Baole had completed his kill . At the same time, the surrounding Beast Tide grew visibly unruly and uneasy, as if Wang Baole’s imposing manner made them instinctively unwilling to go near him as they dispersed in all directions .

As they dispersed, Wang Baole picked up speed since there were no longer obstacles in front of him . A bright flash appeared beneath his feet, and if one were to look at him from afar, it seemed as though he was flying . He was off the ground, stepping on a flash of lightning and becoming even more powerful than before . After covering a thousand feet, he immediately jumped and roared, grabbing hold of the saber with both hands, directing it towards the screaming and fearful second Ancient Corpse below him, which had refused to back down!

“Die!” Wang Baole roared . Not only did his Green Lotus Foundation Establishment give him a physical strength that far exceeded that of others, but it also gave him the capability to recover at an extremely high rate . That allowed Wang Baole to withstand the large force from the Ancient Corpse, and even heal the majority of his injuries in just a few moments . That made Wang Baole even more confident .

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He was powerful, while the Ancient Corpse was gripped with fear, clearly shocked by what it was experiencing . Right now, with these two aspects balancing out, there was no need to guess what resulted from Wang Baole’s act of flailing the saber . With a loud boom being produced, and as Wang Baole’s saber landed, the second Ancient Corpse was cut into two, its dying scream reverberating in all directions as the two halves of its body fell .

As it fell, Wang Baole also landed, stepping on one half of the Ancient Corpse . He swept the saber in his right hand, and as the edge of the saber pointed to the ground, the fear experienced by the beasts after witnessing the demise of their two Ancient Corpse leaders exploded—their fear spreading in all directions . They didn’t dare to go near, and this scene was witnessed clearly by all the live stream viewers of the Federation . In a radius of several thousand feet surrounding Wang Baole, there were no ferocious beasts in sight!

That instantly made everyone hold their breaths, frightened .

“He… He didn’t get possessed, did he?”

“This is Wang Baole?”

Amidst the people’s shock, loud cheers erupted from Ethereal Dao College after a brief moment of silence . Liu Daobin was extremely agitated, and a countless number of students grew excited .

At the same time, Ethereal Dao College’s Sect Lord, as well as the Grand Elder of each pavilion, were moved . They looked at Wang Baole and nodded their heads approvingly . Through this battle, they knew that Wang Baole had really matured . Even though Wang Baole was even more vicious on the moon, not many people were able to witness it then . It was more hearsay and was nothing compared to witnessing it with their own eyes!

Slaying the two Ancient Corpses who had perfect Foundation Establishment realm cultivations as a mid-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator… This power isn’t held by any other Foundation Establishment realm cultivator in the entire Federation! The Ethereal Dao College Sect Lord laughed heartily, extremely happy and relieved . After all, White Deer Dao College’s choice to support Li Yi instead of Wang Baole was something that he couldn’t protest against, and that had already made him unhappy . However, he didn’t mention it as he didn’t want to create trouble .

However, right now, looking at Wang Baole from his own Dao College showing such capabilities, his smile was even more hearty, and his confidence in Wang Baole grew several folds .

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