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A World Worth Protecting - Chapter 487

Published at 24th of November 2019 02:05:07 AM

Chapter 487: 487

The Governor seemed to realize that what she had been sharing would be shocking to any cultivator . That was why she paused and waited for Wang Baole to absorb and digest everything before she continued .

“We were already in the midst of constructing the teleportation array formation when the Anti-Spirit Bomb research showed success . However, the Mercury tragedy destroyed all that we had accomplished on the planet… Now, alongside the reconstruction of the planet, we will also be rebuilding the teleportation array formation . ”

“However… even though the Federation has sufficient resources to rebuild the teleportation array formation, we still need some time to craft the majority of the essential components required . That’s why I gave you the blueprints . ” Having explained everything, the Governor ended the voice transmission .

If this had happened when Wang Baole had just entered the Federation administration, he might have been shocked and overwhelmed to find out about the working relationship between the Vast Expanse Dao Palace and the Federation . However, he had since learned how to analyze and assess the words of other people .

That was why Wang Baole remained seated in thought after the Governor ended the voice transmission . After a while, his eyes suddenly flashed .

That’s rather interesting… the impression that the Governor gave me during the conversation was that of urgency, that the components have to be made urgently… but she didn’t give the exact time frame for when the parts are required…

Wang Baole was deep in thought as he recalled what the Governor had said . After a long period of contemplation, he seemed to have guessed the Federation’s intentions . The Federation wanted to build the teleportation array formation so that they could advance the Federation civilization . But at the same time, they were worried about opening the gates to hell .

It was clear though, after decades of coexistence, they had developed a deep and great trust towards Senior Mo Gaozi . After all, if Mo Gaozi really harbored ill will towards them, he could have forcibly coerced and compelled them to do what he wanted based on his level of cultivation .

This must be why, despite intermittent progress, the construction of the teleportation array formation continued and was showing results . As for why the Federation hadn’t given a fixed deadline for the delivery of parts, Wang Baole guessed that was because it was still making final preparations for contingency plans…

The Anti-Spirit Bomb is one of those contingency plans . The breakthrough in the Grand Supreme Elder’s cultivation is yet another contingency plan . What other backup plans do they have? Wang Baole lost himself in thought . He had never met Mo Gaozi, which was why he still remained uneasy about the construction of this teleportation array formation .

However, even though he hadn’t met Mo Gaozi before, he believed that there wasn’t a single fool in the upper echelons of the Federation administration . They were all sly, cunning, conniving foxes . It was as the Governor had said, what he was worried about and what he thought were worries and thoughts that many in the administration had earlier .

At that thought, Wang Baole took a deep breath and set this matter aside, beginning his seclusion . During this period, he practiced the Dark Art Soul Guidance, as well as spent some time refining the teleportation components that the Federation required .

Seven days passed . Wang Baole’s cultivation and refining progressed smoothly . Then, an inspection team from the Federation arrived unexpectedly and settled in the special regional city . They sought Wang Baole’s approval and entered the catacombs, beginning to study and inspect the thickness of the barrier inside the catacombs .

There was no way for Wang Baole to refuse the request, but his guard was heightened . After three days passed and a second inspection team arrived on Mars, Wang Baole sucked in a breath of cold air and felt an impending sense of danger .

Is the Federation’s third backup plan my Dark Artifact? Wang Baole felt torn at the thought . He wanted to help the Federation, but as the Dark Artifact’s master, he knew that it would benefit both himself and the Federation if he could announce this matter when his cultivation had reached a sufficient level .

If this matter was to be exposed while he was still at his current level of cultivation, even though it might not be of any impact to the Federation, the impact on him, however… would be uncertain .

Wang Baole dared not make a gamble on this; he couldn’t . He couldn’t help but sigh . He felt sheepish thinking about how his own treasure was being coveted by such important personalities, on a daily basis .

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The Federation seemed confident about their chances of getting the Dark Artifact . Even if they were to return with empty hands this round, they would likely send another inspection team shortly .

Wang Baole thought about this for a while . The inspection teams searched for a few days and finally left after collecting detailed data . It was then that he slipped into the Dark Artifact, unnoticed by others, and summoned the three Artifact Spirits . He began inquiring about the recovery status .

Wang Baole found out that they needed another month or so before the artifact could recover to ten-percent functionality . He left and began racking his brains, trying to think of a solution .

The remnants of the barrier should be able to hold back the Federation for a while before they decide it’s time to blow it apart… but even if the Dark Artifact has recovered a greater degree of functionality by then, the Federation wouldn’t be able to activate it . They would still covet the artifact though and keep thinking about it . This… is simply too unsettling… Rather than remaining under the Federation’s constant, watchful eyes, I would rather… make the first move! Light flickered in Wang Baole’s eyes as ideas flashed across his mind, and he began to settle on a plan of attack .

He knew very well the difference between taking on the offensive and remaining on the defensive . Instead of fretting about this matter constantly, he would rather instigate an activation and clear all threats, once and for all!

The plan was divided into two steps . In the first, he intended to wait for the Dark Artifact to recover one-tenth of its functionality before he withdrew the barrier voluntarily . That would draw the powerful cultivators from the various political forces in the Federation to the Dark Artifact . After which, he would carry out the second step when they were inside the Dark Artifact!

Wang Baole ran through his plan multiple times in his head carefully and in detail . He even practiced various ancient-sounding voices in his secret chamber . Time passed, and a month soon went by . He received the Boat Spirit’s notification that the sampan had been recovered to ten-percent functionality and that he would be able to activate its defensive barrier anytime . Wang Baole’s eyes flashed with a strange light .

He took in a deep breath and ran through the steps of his plans in his head once again . He immediately made arrangements for the city’s cultivators and increased the degree of monitoring on the barrier inside the catacombs . At the same time, he secretly controlled the Dark Artifact and sped up the erosion of the barrier .

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He soon received a report from the city’s cultivators as he had expected . With the report in hand, Wang Baole immediately sent a voice transmission to the Martian Colony Governor and informed her excitedly about this matter .

His report immediately caught the Governor’s attention and focus, and she made a personal visit to the special regional city . Secretly nervous but not showing a single emotion on his face, Wang Baole accompanied the Governor as she made her inspection . Then, she left and sent the results of the inspection to the Federation .

Everything happened almost too quickly, far more quickly than Wang Baole had expected . The entire process—from his initial report on the erosion of the catacombs barrier, the stirring in the Federation and the excitement across the various political forces, to the arrival of various groups of people in the city—took but two weeks .

Like Duan Muque, the various heads of the respective political forces were in seclusion . However, the news of the eroding barrier was simply too important . Despite not being able to make a personal visit, they all sent the strongest cultivators in their factions over . Cruisers from all over the Federation dashed straight for Mars, with Li Xingwen himself personally leading a team .

The Federation sent numerous priests over as well . Within two weeks, the special regional city saw a congregation of a majority of the Federation’s Core Formation realm cultivators .

Besides Li Wan’er, who was still in seclusion, Wang Baole and the others—Lin Tianhao, Jin Duoming, and Kong Dao and the rest—busied themselves with receiving the influx of visitors . They also had to continuously monitor the rate at which the barrier was eroding .

After gathering comprehensive information, Li Xingwen finally settled the plans for blowing the barrier up . Prior to the actual execution of the plan, a hesitant Wang Baole approached Li Xingwen .

“Grand Supreme Elder, I’ve been feeling really nervous and uneasy these few days . Do you think… that someone might be controlling the barrier and speeding up its erosion?”

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Li Xingwen was making the final preparations for the plan, but upon hearing what Wang Baole said, he lifted his head and glared .

“What’s there to be afraid of? Who cares if there’s someone pulling strings from behind the barrier? We’ll know once we blow it up, won’t we?”

Exasperation flooded Wang Baole, and he couldn’t help but persist .

“Grandfather Grand Supreme Elder, I’m just worried . What if the owner of the Divine Armament isn’t dead? What if he’s still inside the Divine Armament? If we blow up the barrier…” Wang Baole blinked and stared at Li Xingwen .

Li Xingwen remained unfazed . However, there was a deep, meaningful look in his eyes when he returned Wang Baole’s gaze . He said casually .

“Baole, do you know why I’m the one leading the team this round…”

Wang Baole froze . He was silent . Li Xingwen didn’t continue with the same topic, but he lowered his head and stared at the floor . There was an unfathomable light in his eyes as he spoke slowly .

“There’s something buried right at our doorsteps . We have to check whether it has an owner, whether there’s any ill intention hidden behind its burial, and if it might pose a threat . We’re in a critical period now . We cannot afford to have any unstable elements present… That’s why the hundred Anti-Spirit Bombs in the Martian research facility have all been prepared and are ready to blast off any time… The Solar System Array Formation is also ready for activation .

“In addition, we have some other preparations in place as well… Unless the owner of the Dark Artifact is so powerful that we are unable to fight back against him, the Federation has already reached a consensus . I’m willing to talk reason, but the Federation’s mind is fixed . It wants the Dark Artifact!”

“Do you understand what I’m saying, Baole?” Li Xingwen raised his head and gave Wang Baole a deep, meaningful look .

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