Above the Skies - Chapter 20.2

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Chapter 20.2

Sure enough, at present, the Godly Tomb Flower had just been surrounded by the Gravity Domain .

And Hei Ban currently simply was incapable of breaking apart this enclosure .

“So it turns out that your aim is the Godly Tomb Flower?” Hei Ban’s complexion changed .

“That’s right, it’s the Godly Tomb Flower . Originally, we dispatched an envoy to negotiate a purchase of the Godly Tomb Flower . However, you beheaded our Great Qin’s emissary? It’s no wonder that we used force today!” Ying Sheng replied coldly .

“You guys think that I’m stupid? Once I give the Godly Tomb Flower to you guys, what am I going to use to purify the demonic Yin energy? This Godly Tomb Palace Hall of mine is originally a happy paradise . Without the Godly Tomb Flower, it’ll become a hell on earth . Do you think that I would hand it over to you?” Hei Ban responded in a cold voice .

“Even if you don’t hand it over, this Marquis will take it of his own initiative!” Ying Sheng arrogantly replied .

“Humph, Gravity Domain? Holy device? So what if it’s a holy device? You still seriously think that this place is your Great Qin human empire or something? Little baby!” Hei Ban responded coldly .

As he spoke, his foot stomped and a chilly wind abruptly blew over their heads . Every quickly a black cloud rolled out . Once the black cloud parted, a pitch-black, big heavenly eye instantly radiated a vast heavenly power .

“Ninth ranked heavenly eye?” Ying Sheng’s brows jumped, then displayed a cold smile . “I’ve thought of it now . This black heavenly eye reportedly belonged to the Plum Immortal, right? How did it end up in your hands?”

“Death people need not know so many things!” Hei Ban harrumphed coldly .

Then it was seen that the heavenly eye suddenly shot out black rays of light .

“Not good, this formidable power is even greater than the one used by Eldest Miss Zhou’s godly light . The aura of this black light is that of a holy grade power?” A Great Qin’s general said in amazement .

“Holy grade?” Ying Sheng’s complexion also changed as he waved his hand .

“Buzz!” Above the Gravity Domain, red lights shined brightly to meet that black destructive light .


The heavenly eye’s black light abruptly knocked against the enclosure a might ten times the strength of Hei Ban’s fist instantly exploded and shook the enclosure, and seemed as if the enclosure could break at any time .

“Not good!” A group of Great Qin’s soldiers exposed their frightened expressions .

Because, as soon as the enclosure broke, everyone’s going to be done for . Hei Ban would not be compassionate nor lenient .

Moreover, at this moment, He Ban already exposed his malevolent appearance .

“Boom rumble!” The enclosure shook violently, seemingly as if it was going to break .

However, at this moment, t

he black light’s power was also thoroughly exhausted .

Without the black light, te Gravity Domain’s enclosure shook and shook, but restored itself once more to its previously undisturbed state .

“It held?” Great Qin’s soldiers immediately became ecstatic .

Ying Sheng also discreetly let out a breath in relief .

The enclosure held . Hei Ban’s confidence just now also disappeared . “What……, how?” Forget it if he himself was unable to break open the enclosure, but the heavenly eye also failed? How’s that possible, why was it like this?

“Ha ha ha ha, that scared me . Hei Ban, so it turns out that you’re merely this much!” Inside the Pillfire grand formation, Ju Men actually laughed heartily .

Just at this moment, inside the Gravity Domain, not far from Ying Sheng, a large number of Godly Tomb Sect workers suddenly appeared . These were workers who had accidently been trapped by the Gravity Domain .

They quickly congregated and there were unexpectedly more than a hundred of them .

“Sect head!” The group of confused workers looked towards Hei Ban outside of the enclosure .

“Good, good, you guys have been trapped inside? Arrest them for me . No, this is the Gravity Domain . You guys go destroy the four foundations, those four metal tortoises . Hurry, go and destroy them!” Hei Ban immediately laughed heartily .

Once the formation was broken, the Gravity Domain would be broken . Ying Sheng’s group of people would then be done for .

“Stop!” Great Qin’s soldiers immediately shouted anxiously .

Only Ying Sheng exposed a hint of a cold smile . “Just based on these workers? Heh heh, workers also want to spoil my big plans? Multiply five times!” With the loud words ‘multiply five times’! The Gravity Domain could be seen to release a huge amount of golden light, after which, a lot of buildings suddenly strangely collapsed .

Ah! Simultaneously, all of the Godly Tomb Sect workers inside seemed to be fixed in place by nails, while some people even fell on the ground .

“I’m, I’m so heavy!” Some alarmed Godly Tomb Sect workers shouted .

“This is five times the usual amount of gravity . People at the first stage of Spiritual Sea realm would instantly die from their own weight . It would seem that the cultivation of Godly Tomb Sect workers are not too bad!” Ying Sheng sneered coldly .

“Hurry, hurry and go destroy those foundations!” Hei Ban’s complexion immediately changed as he thought of how terrifying the Gravity Domain was .

However, that group of disciples already could no longer hold up .

Only twenty or so people could still rush towards the four metal tortoises with difficulty .

“Five times is not enough? Then let’s increase it to ten fold!” Ying Sheng roared loudly .

“Boom rumble!” All of the buildings inside the Gravity Domain instantly collapsed, as smoke and dust sprung up everywhere .

“Putt!” “Putt!” ………… . .

Many Godly Tomb Sect workers instantly threw up blood . More than half died . Only a small number were still alive . However, moving around was difficult .

“Kill!” One of Ying Sheng’s generals shouted loudly .

Immediately, Great Qin’s soldiers walked with difficulty towards those few living workers, raised their swords and let them drop . Immediately, all were killed cleanly . Only a single Godly Tomb Sect disciple jumped at the enclosure in panic and was able to jump out .

There was no way of entering the enclosure from the outside, but people inside were actually able to leave easily .

The person who jumped out was ecstatic . “I’m still alive, I’m still alive!”

“Bang!” Hei Ban’s palm struck at his head . “This senior commanded you to destroy the metal tortoise, did you not hear? You even dared to jump outside!”

That disciple who had just jumped outside displayed despair as all of his seven apertures bled and died at his sect head’s hands .

Inside the Gravity Domain, all of the Godly Tomb Sect disciples were no more . Only Ying Sheng’s group of people were left . Ying Sheng waved his hand and the gravity inside their enclosure was restored to its original level . This also allowed his own subordinates to be much more comfortable .

Seeing how his own disciples had all died, Hei Ban was enraged .

However, so what if he was enraged?

He himself could not enter .

He simply had no way of blocking Ying Sheng, sigh .

“Little baby, you dare to move the Godly Tomb Flower even one tiny bit and I’ll have you wish you were dead!” Hei Ban’s face was filled with threatening chilliness .

Ying Sheng merely revealed his arrogance . “Threatening me? You still don’t have the qualifications!”

“Humph . Even if you were to pick that flower, what can you do? Not one of you will be able to escape! Even if you guys picked the Godly Tomb Flower, you guys will still be surrounded in this place . I want to see how long your domain will be able to hold!” Hei Ban’s face displayed bitter resentment .

“Then this Marquis will pick the flower for you to see, haha haha!” Ying Sheng laughed with confidence .

As he laughed, he slowly walked towards the mouth of the well, reached out his hand, and plucked the Godly Tomb Flower .

“Impudent . Stop!” Hei Ban yelled angrily .

“Bang!” The Heaven’s Eye shot a black light once more and sent the enclosure shaking . However, the enclosure did not break, and Hei Ban also could do nothing else . He could only stare helplessly as Ying Sheng moved to pick that huge Godly Tomb Flower .

Within his eyes, only an unlimited amount of bitter resentment remained .

“Stop? Haha, on this earth, no one can stop me!” Ying Sheng stretched out his hand insolently .

At this moment, it seemed that everyone had no way of blocking Ying Sheng’s hand . Ying Sheng seemed then to be the biggest winner in the Godly Tomb Sect, on the verge of victoriously picking the fruits of success .

Also in the instant his hand met the flower, suddenly, Ying Sheng’s heart indescribably shook, but he didn’t know where the problem came from .

At the next moment, Ying Sheng saw that actually, inside the ancient well, a spirit snake suddenly jumped out .

No, it’s not a spirit snake . It’s a pink, long whip . A long whip struck out from inside the ancient well beneath the Godly Tomb Flower . In a flash, the whip reached the palm of Ying Sheng’s hand .

“Pow!” The sound of a whip echoed and made the hand that Ying Sheng was using to pick the flower explode .

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