Absolute Choice - Chapter 102

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Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Eyes have changed

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United States, Washington DC . Washington S-class Hospital Central, Intensive Care Unit, Ward 1014 .

A beautiful blond girl lay on the bed and as she leaned on her pillow, she held a thick ‘Teachings of the Saints’ in her hands . She was reading it with great enjoyment .

A young girl dressed in a nurse uniform walked in with a thick book in hand .

“Miss Wendy, this is the book you want . ”

The young nurse placed the book on the desk beside the bed and said with a good-fashioned smile, “You really can’t keep your hands off books twenty-fours a day . ”

Wendy looked up from the book she had her head buried in . She smiled gently at the nurse before lowering her head down in silence . Quickly, she immersed herself back in the world of books .

The nurse was accustomed to this . However, when she glanced at the ‘Teaching of the Saints’ held in the girl’s hand and the ‘The Origins and Evolutions of Life’ on the desk, she found it quite odd .

One was a dull and uninteresting religious bible while the other was abstruse biological theory . She could even be addicted to reading such a book?

What an odd child .

The female nurse examined the beautiful girl’s pretty contours and lamented how the heavens were fair but cruel . The heavens had given her perfect beauty but had taken away her ability to walk .

From the age of six, she had stayed in this ward for ten years . Almost no one came to visit her during the past decade, so other than having conversations with the intensive care nurses that were regularly, she spent most of her life in the company of books .

She must be very lonely, right? She was so lonely that she relished reading those boring books .

The nurse felt her heart ache, but she was also somewhat helpless . She wanted to be get closer to the girl, but if she took that additional step, she would lose her job the next day .

She just needed to regularly bring the girl books and her three meals to receive a wage ten times more than a typical nurse . Naturally, she did not want to lose this relaxed and high-paying job .

The nurse sighed before she turned and walked out the ward .

The girl was the only person remaining in the ward . Immediately, it turned extremely silent with only the sounds of pages being gently flipped .

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Suddenly, an extremely clear voice that could not be pinpointed resounded in the room .

“Found you . ”

The girl’s hand which was flipping the pages turned slightly stiff .



“The answer is Old Wang from next door!”

The Arch-Cardinal’s tone was extremely resolute . Other than her hubby knocking on the door of a wife, the only other possibility was her lover . Since this question was bound to be odd, the answer definitely could not be hubby!

Hence, the person knocking on the door was definitely the secret lover of the wife, Old Wang from next door!

The Arch-Cardinal silently bemoaned the complexity of the question after he figured out the twist . He was also impressed by his own intellect .

Shi Xiaobai was stunned and could not understand the Arch-Cardinal’s logic and line of thought .

The answer was clearly hubby, why didn’t he understand such a simple question?

“The couple has no neighbors!”

Shi Xiaobai gave it a thought and added some addition information to perfect his question .

The Arch-Cardinal immediately stared with widened eyes . No neighbors?

If there was no neighbor, and it was not the hubby, then who else could it be?

“I know, it’s a calamity fiend!”

Calamity fiends could break through spatial dimension walls and enter the human world .

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Shi Xiaobai stared angrily at the Arch-Cardinal .

The Arch-Cardinal was stunned .

That’s right . Why would calamity fiends knock on the door . They could break through the door directly and then…

This question was really fucking difficult!

After a minute, the Arch-Cardinal’s eyes lit up and shouted, “I know, the answer is the Hero, One-Pun!”

Rumors had it that the Hero, One-Pun, had the ability to do instantaneous teleportation with ‘God’s Guardian’ . As long as the wife was the target of protection, everything made sense .

Shi Xiaobai was stunned .

Why did uncle baldy appear?

He could only gnash his teeth and say, “Wrong!”

The Arch-Cardinal’s breathing faltered as he figured out the reason for his mistake .

The God’s Guardian would appear within a radius of one meter from the target of protection . If One-Pun used God’s Guardian while the wife was bathing, then there was no need to knock on the door . He could directly…that scene was too perfect as he began fantasizing…

This wasn’t right, and that wasn’t right . What is the answer!?

After about ten minutes, the Arch-Cardinal, who had consciously eliminated the correct answer of “hubby”, naturally could not answer it correctly . His answers were denied again and again . Soon, the Arch-Cardinal’s patience reached his limits .

“Are you mocking me? This question does not have an answer at all!”

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The Arch-Cardinal yearned to tear the bastard in front of him apart .

“Are you dumb? You got the answer right from the beginning . Think carefully about your first answer . You must trust your first instinct!’

Shi Xiaobai found himself exhausted . He never expected for the Arch-Cardinal to be able to think of so many different answers to such a simple question .


The Arch-Cardinal muttered softly .

Hubby was really the correct answer?

“What? Say it louder!”

Shi Xiaobai pretended not to hear it once again . There was no other choice . The Absolute Choice required him to “loudly shout” .


The Arch-Cardinal subconsciously shouted out half the word before suddenly coming to a stop . He finally realized that something was amiss .

“Your true goal is to actually get me to loudly shout the word ‘hubby’?”

The Arch-Cardinal’s expression gradually turned cold after he gave it a moment’s thought . All the suspicious points linked up to reveal the critical truth . The reason why the bastard suddenly did not choose to commit suicide, the reason why he pretended to show interest in joining the Church of Virtuality and the reason of asking this strange question…

Shi Xiaobai dryly smiled . He did not expect the Arch-Cardinal to be somewhat clever after all .

Alas, he had been seen through .

“That’s right . Resign yourself and obediently shout out ‘hubby’ and This King will join the Church of Virtuality . ”

Shi Xiaobai decided to change his plan . Since his scheme had been uncovered, he could only coerce him to do it .

However, the Arch-Cardinal was completely dumbfounded hearing this . This bastard wanted him to shout “hubby”?

Holy shit! I’m straight!

That wouldn’t do . How could he be at the mercy of such a pervert’s domination?

As a man, regardless of how shameless he was, the Arch-Cardinal could not force himself to shout “hubby” to another man . The more he thought, the more annoyed he became . His eyes turned colder .

With his change in mood, the undead legion that surrounded Skeleton soldiers appeared like they could not control their urge to kill . The skeleton soldiers took a few steps forward while the skeleton archers nearly released their bony fingers that held their arrows .

“Don’t move . If you move, This King will commit suicide!”

Shi Xiaobai’s shout jolted the Arch-Cardinal . He hurriedly calm the undead legion down . He was feeling extremely unpleasant . With this undead legion that could swarm the world, he could have torn this pervert bastard to shreds in a second, yet he was threatened by this pervert’s suicide threat .

The Arch-Cardinal was adamant as he said, “Other than that request, I’ll agree to anything . But it is impossible for me to shout that word!”

Shi Xiaobai was perplexed over how the Arch-Cardinal was willing to die than surrender .

Was shouting “hubby” that difficult?

Shi Xiaobai began to rack his tiny brain . In the present situation, violence was certainly unfeasible . He could use small tricks but now with the Arch-Cardinal seeing through his motives, he could only use other means…

During the moment Shi Xiaobai was in deep thought, a strange voice resounded in his mind .


Shi Xiaobai jumped in fright, but as he heard what the strange voice had to say, a weird smile appeared on his lips .

If what this voice said was true, then…

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai’s eyes changed .

The Arch-Cardinal also noticed the change in Shi Xiaobai’s eyes . It was as if a cunning fox had transformed into a ferocious tiger . His heart thumped as a strong foreboding spontaneously arose in his heart .