Absolute Choice - Chapter 325

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Chapter 325

Chapter 325: You raged for This King, This King will commit suicide for you

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On the dark cloud, the four monsters were staring intently at the situation in the forest . Shi Xiaobai’s stubborn resistance made them turn slightly nervous . If they went to such great efforts without being able to kill a human at the Psionic Mortal Realm, they might as well take a piece of tofu to smash their heads to death .

When the invisible dragon that had been lurking for a long time suddenly sneaked up on Shi Xiaobai, it had caused him to raise his sword to block . The rookies added insult to injury and immediately attacked with a myriad of deathblows . Only then did the four monsters finally heave a sigh of relief .

The white-masked aristocrat shouted, “Nice!”

The way he cheered looked as though the sports team he was supporting had made a touchdown at the final second .

However, before the other three monsters had the time to engage in ‘festivities’, the golden light on their bodies began to tremble violently .

“What’s the matter?”

The dual-blade demon’s expression immediately turned unsettled .


The golden array formation in the middle of the four monsters suddenly exploded, as the four golden pillars collapsed . The four monsters were immediately sent flying and they had their expressions changed drastically .

The dual-blade demon said in disbelief, “The God Slaughtering Formation has been destroyed!?”

The white-masked aristocrat said in horror, “How can it be possible? It’s only been a few minutes . How can the God Slaughtering Formation be destroyed in such a manner?”

But the next scene that followed revealed a cruel reality . A beam of light suddenly appeared in the forest, causing all the smoke to disperse . All the invisible drakes cried out before dying, while the dragon was burnt to a crisp .

As for the purple-dressed girl standing in the middle of the light, who else could it be but the pixie who had been imprisoned in the God Slaughtering Formation?

“Shit, she broke through the formation . ”

“How did she do it?”

“Sigh, we overlooked something . She’s a pixie, a holy pixie . ”

“Are you saying… How can it be possible? She is willing to go that far for this human?”

The four monsters immediately turned flustered, like a cat on hot bricks .

The gigantic Nightmare Terror said in horror, “For her to go so far for a human, it shows how deep her feelings for the human are . She definitely knows we are the masterminds behind this matter . We’re doomed . She will definitely kill us . ”

The lion-headed demonic beast said in panic, “Fuck, all of this is because of the darn Aristocrat’s idea . Now, what do we do? We were never her match to begin with . Now, we can’t do anything to her . Are we going to sit still and wait for death?”

The dual-blade demon said with a serious tone, “Calm down, all of you!”

The dual-blade demon looked at the aristocrat and said with a deep breath, “The wise Aristocrat must have left a way out for all of us . Aristocrat, I believe you have already contemplated what to do if the plan were to fail . Tell us about the follow-up plan . ”

The white-masked aristocrat fell silent for a second before saying, “That’s right, I do have a trick up my sleeve . ”

The eyes of the three monsters immediately lit up, as though they had seen a glimmer of light in the darkness .

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The white-masked aristocrat took a step back and said calmly, “The final trick up my sleeve is…when disaster befalls, everyone runs . Goodbye, fellow idiots!”

Just as the white-masked aristocrat’s voice faded away, a black hole suddenly appeared behind him . Instantly, the white-masked aristocrat entered the black hole and disappeared .

“Dimensional Teleportation!”

The dual-blade demon’s face turned pale as he said coldly, “That bastard . He actually used a precious Dimensional Teleportation to escape . ”

“What a treacherous Aristocrat . ”

The gigantic Nightmare Terror sneered, “Foolish demon . ”

Once it said that, a black hole appeared behind the gigantic Nightmare Terror . Instantly, it entered it . The lion-headed demonic beast did not say another word . It used its Dimensional Teleportation to return to the second level it presided over .

Dimensional Teleportation was a means the assessment program gave every Level Lord a way to be quickly sent back to the world they presided . Every Level Lord was given three chances . It was used to prevent any emergency situations from happening when a Level Lord left their worlds .

As for the white-masked aristocrat, the gigantic Nightmare Terror, the lion-headed demonic beast, they were not the Level Lords of the sixth level . They were using Dimensional Teleportation to make an emergency teleport back to the level they presided over .

“Fuck, then what do I do?”

The dual-blade demon realized the most cruel of facts . His Dimensional Teleportation could only send him to the sixth level . There was no difference at all . The three of them could escape using Dimensional Teleportation, but it could not do a thing .

“Fucking Aristocrat, I’ll fuck your entire family!”

The dual-blade demon began cursing with all sorts of invectives . He was aware of his destiny . When the pixie was assured that the injured human was fine, she would seek revenge, and its demise would descend upon it . At this moment, it could only pray that he could die a quick death .

The dual-blade demon said hysterically, “Bunch of wretches, do you think you can get away? You can run for a moment, but not forever . You will not be able to escape the pixie’s grasp . I’ll wait for you in hell!”

Above the woods was a beautiful girl wearing a purple dress . She had walked out of the light, and with a wave of her hand, neutralized all attacks and killed all the drakes and the invisible dragon . Who else could that beautiful face and body belong to but Ka Xiaozi?

Ka Xiaozi descended from the sky and very quickly flew beside Shi Xiaobai . Her eyes were as though her heartstrings had been tugged . With a gentle wave of her hand, light scattered downwards and enveloped Shi Xiaobai . The profusely bleeding wounds immediately began recovering at an astounding rate .


Shi Xiaobai softly asked .

Ka Xiaozi’s petite body trembled before giving a warm smile . With a terse acknowledgment, she whispered, “Will you blame me for deceiving you?”

Ka Xiaozi was naturally Kali . Although be it her aura, strength or personality being different, or even from the very beginning when she used a golden beam of light to descend into this world portraying herself as a rookie, the sincere and deep feelings she had could not be hidden . Shi Xiaobai had been suspicious for a long time now .

Seeing Kali walking out of the light and how invincible she was with a wave of her hand, it was impossible to not guess her identity .

Shi Xiaobai found it slightly funny . He never expected that the third fan that claimed to idolize him was just like Chen Lingcun and Ye Jiaquan . It was fake as well . However, he definitely would not be infuriated by this . Instead, he was moved .

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Shi Xiaobai gently shook his head, indicating that he did not blame Kali . However, his expression looked particularly ugly . His eyes were filled with worry . Shi Xiaobai whispered, “Your hair?”

At this moment, Kali was still having the appearance of Ka Xiaozi . However, the pink hair was now silverish-white in color .

Be it Ka Xiaozi’s originally purple long hair or the purple dress she was currently wearing, and even the name she had given herself, “Ka Xiaozi” (Little Purple), Kali was clearly fond of the color purple . But at this moment, her hair had somehow changed into silverish-white .


Shi Xiaobai felt an ominous foreboding .

Kali said softly, “I like the color white . Why? Is silver ugly? Or do you prefer purple or pink hair?”

Shi Xiaobai shook his head and said, “They are all nice, but…”

At this moment, the astounded rookies finally managed to speak . In their eyes, Ka Xiaozi had suddenly descended, saving the dragon . She had even began chatting with the dragon . However, they could not understand the roars the dragon was making .

The rookies began asking:

“Ka Xiaozi, why did you save the dragon?”

“Didn’t the dragon just…”


When Kali heard this, her gentle and warm expression immediately turned extremely cold . With eyes filled with rage, she waved her hand as a light swept across everyone .

“Open up your eyes well and see who is the person you were trying to kill!”

Kali’s voice exuded a coldness colder than the ice and snow during winter . Although she knew that the rookies had been placed under an illusion, she was still feeling anger from the lingering fear that Shi Xiaobai had nearly been killed .

With the illusion removed, everyone could finally see the true nature of the dragon they were attacking . Immediately, they felt like struck by lightning . The faces of Mu Yuesheng and company turned pale . Their eyes were filled with disbelief and lingering fear .

Shi Xiaobai looked at everyone and gently said, “Don’t blame yourselves . It wasn’t your fault . Someone created an illusion, making all of you mistake This King for a dragon . All of you did the right thing . The ones at fault are the masterminds behind this plot . ”

“Sorry . ”

The people in the forefront turned pale . They kept apologizing as their eyes were filled with remorse .

At this moment, Kali looked up at the sky and coldly said, “Trying to escape?”

Kali turned to give Shi Xiaobai a glance . Seeing how his injuries were stabilizing, she whispered, “Rest for a moment . Those few fools are trying to escape . I’ll capture them and leave them at your disposal . ”

Shi Xiaobai hurriedly asked, “Who are those fools? Where did you go just now?”

Kali shook her head gently and did not respond . Clearly, she did not want to reveal too many details regarding the God Slaughtering Formation . She did not wish for Shi Xiaobai to worry, so she whispered, “Just a few silly clowns . ”

Kali did not explain, nor did she give Shi Xiaobai a chance to inquire . Turning around, she walked into the light, clearly to pursue the masterminds behind this plot .

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Shi Xiaobai gave a slight wry smile before heaving a deep sigh .

He knew that things could not be so simple .

Shi Xiaobai thought for a moment before he turned around and left the rookies that were filled with guilt .

Shi Xiaobai naturally didn’t ‘storm away’, but to find a place where there wasn’t anyone .

After finding a secluded spot, Shi Xiaobai stretched out his left hand’s finger and began prodding the back of his right hand .

The golden pattern on the back of his right hand flickered vigorously a few times before a grumbling voice of a loli resounded from the back of his hand, “Big Brother, stop poking!”

A golden light bloomed as a snow-white loli wearing a white dress appeared . Her arms were held akimbo, while she pouted . She looked very cute and adorable .

Shi Xiaobai choked back the desire to squeeze the cute face and gently asked, “This King knows you are well-read . Can you tell This King…why Kali’s hair turned silverish-white? Also, why does her body have…”

“An aura of darkness . ”

The loli continued Shi Xiaobai’s sentence which he had stopped midway . She said in a childish voice, “What you felt wasn’t wrong . That is indeed an aura of darkness . You happen to ask the right person . This Sword Spirit knows exactly what happened to her . ”

The corners of Shi Xiaobai’s mouth suffused a wry smile . For some reason, he was very sensitive to auras of darkness and light . The first time he met Kali, he had a strong desire to stay close to her because of the purity and richness of the aura of light her body exuded .

But just now, he was surprised to sense a faint aura of darkness from Kali’s body . The pureness of light had been tainted by darkness .

In addition to the silverish-white hair, Shi Xiaobai had an ominous foreboding . In order to not make him worry, Kali had chosen not to speak the truth . Therefore, the person he could inquire was the sword spirit .

But thankfully, the sword spirit knew what had happened .

“Can you tell This King?”

Shi Xiaobai’s words had a pleading tone to them . He was very worried for Kali .

“Hmph, even if you had forbidden me to say, I would definitely have said it . That Big Sister made a huge sacrifice for you, but you didn’t know a thing . It’s so unfair . ”

The loli said loudly, “Big Brother, firstly, you have to know something . Big Sister is not a human, but a pixie . And since time immemorial, pixies have two camps—holy pixies and fallen pixies . These two pixies are arch-enemies, hating each other’s existence . As for Big Sister, she was a pure holy pixie . ”

Upon hearing this, Shi Xiaobai’s heart skipped a beat as he said in disbelief, “Do you mean…”

The loli nodded with a deadpan expression and said, “That’s right . Big Sister is no longer a pure holy pixie . She will soon turn into a fallen pixie . That aura of darkness exists for real . That is the power of ‘corruption’ which is currently eroding the power of light that fills her body . ”

Shi Xiaobai’s face turned pale as he hurriedly asked, “Why did she become like this?”

The loli snorted and said, “It was all in order to save you! The reason why holy pixies would undergo ‘corruption’ to become fallen pixies is because of obtaining a forbidden power . This power might come from wrath, greed, lust, envy, etc . That Big Sister needed power to save you, so she accepted the power of ‘corruption’ from wrath . That silverish-white hair of hers is proof of her ‘corruption’ . There have been several cases in history of pixies being corrupted due to wrath . People call it—Pixie Raging . ”

Shi Xiaobai’s face turned paler upon hearing this, especially when he heard the last two words the loli had said . It felt like he was struck by lightning .

Pixie Raging!

Shi Xiaobai suddenly thought of the second choice in the Absolute Choice, [ Prevent Ka Xiaozi from raging ] .

So…raging meant this!

At this moment, the loli loudly said, “Holy pixies value their power of light higher than their lives . Typically, they would rather choose death than choose to rage . This is because corrupted pixies would become mutated monsters like humans . Even they can’t stand themselves . However, in order to save you, Big Sister was willing to give herself up . She was really too good to you . And with the matter done, there is no way to reverse the situation . You must treat her well in the future and live up to her devotion towards you . If you ever let her down, I’ll definitely not forgive you!”

When Shi Xiaobai heard this, a relieved smile suffused across his pale face . He softly said, “Is there really no way to reverse the situation?”

Shi Xiaobai’s voice turned gentler than the spring’s wind .

At this moment, he finally understood why the Absolute Choice had given him such choices . It was because it was one of the choices .

If he did not guess wrongly, when Ka Xiaozi successfully hunted the masterminds, the choice of saving all the rookies would be declared successful . When the time came, he would have succeeded at Choice 1, but that was under the premise that Choice 2, [ Prevent Ka Xiaozi from raging ] would fail .

Saving all the rookies and preventing Ka Xiaozi from raging . It was the one or the other choice . At this moment, he had finally come to the fork in the road .

When the Absolute Choice declared his success, it would be too late to redeem the situation . When that happened, all the rookies would be saved, while Kali would rage because of saving him, turning into a fallen pixie .

But at this moment in time, the Absolute Choice had not been completed . This meant that there was redemption in all of this!

As long as there was a failure during Choice 1 .

As long as the choice of saving all the rookies failed at this moment, everything could still be redeemed!

A resolute look flashed in Shi Xiaobai’s eyes!


The loli screamed as she saw a psionic knife suddenly appear in Shi Xiaobai’s hand . Suddenly, at a speed that left no time for one to cover one’s ears, he had stabbed it into his own heart .

This strike was determined, decisive and without any hesitation . It did not slow down, it was direct, resolute and clean .

Instantly, it stabbed into Shi Xiaobai’s heart .

A smile suffused across Shi Xiaobai’s lips as he met death with a smile .

Since the Absolute Choice said to save all the rookies in Dragon Mountain Valley, and he was a rookie, he was one of the targets to be saved .

If he died, the Absolute Choice would fail . Everything would repeat, wouldn’t it?


Ka Xiaozi!

You raged for This King, This King will commit suicide for you!