Absolute Choice - Chapter 358

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Chapter 358

Chapter 358: Erroneous Plot

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Before the semifinals

Pulp Farmer and company had successfully reached the semifinals . Out of the four Bravehearts remaining in the semifinals, three of them were human . This meant that regardless of the outcome, a human would reach the finals and this was clearly quite an impressive result . However, none of the three looked particularly jubilant . Instead, it appeared as if something was weighing their hearts down .

Shi Xiaobai asked curiously, “Why do all of you look so nervous?”

Liu Yu sighed and said, “It seems like our plot has turned erroneous . According to experience of previous trial-takers, Leonis would not appear today, much less forcefully revoking the status of the eight Bravehearts . It is not the first time we have three trial-takers entering the semifinals either . After all, other than Moya, the rest of the eight Bravehearts aren’t particularly strong . However, the plot that is presently happening is one that has never appeared before . ”

Pulp Farmer said with a heavy tone, “I knew I had the strength to enter the seventh level, so I had repeatedly studied the plot of the seventh level and browsed through many articles on the Internet . I’m very certain that the plot with Leonis’s sudden appearance as well as the loss of decorum with the eight Bravehearts has never happened before . We might have unknowingly done something that was never done by the other trial-takers in the past, resulting in the plot to develop into something we have never seen before . The plot that follows might result in quite a startling change . ”

Feng Yuanlin said with a frown, “Strange, the three of us did not leave our residence after we came to Transcendence . As for posturing and smacking faces on the tournament, we are definitely not the first to do so . We are definitely not the ones that did it the best either . What could we have unknowingly done that resulted in the plot making such an unexpected turn?”

When Shi Xiaobai heard the trio’s words, he was initially confused, but after a thump in his heart, he immediately understood the confusion Pulp Farmer and company had .

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The three of them had not done anything that would change the plot, but Shi Xiaobai had done so . He had secretly eaten the Transcendence Holy Tree’s fragrant fruit . It was definitely not an ordinary fruit, so the change in Leonis’s behavior and the plot was very likely a result of the fruit .

Shi Xiaobai coughed slightly and feeling guilty conscious, he asked, “The change in the plot would have little impact, right? The final goal should still be defeating Moya and then beating Leonis . ”

Liu Yu shook his head and said, “No, the impact is huge . Moya’s strength is actually very exaggerated, but he has contempt for other races, so not taking his opponent seriously is his greatest weakness . Historically, the five trial-takers who defeated Moya had only done so with absolute strength . The other three had managed to make use of Moya’s belittlement of his opponent, defeating him before he transformed into his second or third form . Therefore, most strategies that have to do with the seventh level would focus on Moya’s tendency to take his opponent lightly when they introduce him . In fact, This penniless priest had already designed a plan on how to maximize Moya’s tendency . But now, Moya has been enraged by Leonis . He might begin the battle in a serious state, and this means that the difficulty will increase by several orders of magnitude . ”

Shi Xiaobai was slightly alarmed as he said, “The green-skinned dwarf is that strong?”

Pulp Farmer said with a heavy voice, “Leonis’s strength has been tweaked upwards, and as Leonis’s opposing force, Moya’s strength has been tweaked upwards as well . He should be roughly on par with a Level Lord . This is why only four humans have ever cleared the seventh level . Even by the simplest means of clearing the level it is already extremely difficult to obtain the right to challenge Leonis . And what’s even more despairing is that the strength of Leonis far exceeds Moya . However, since we have come to this point, we have to try our best regardless of how it is . ”

Liu Yu said gravely and earnestly, “The rule of the finals is to fight till one side loses the ability to continue fighting . As for the Transcendents, their physiques are considered exceptional . Trying to completely defeat them is nearly impossible, so now, the semifinals is the last chance we have . We need to think of a way to make Moya fall to the ground and leave the arena . That is the only thing we can do . ”

Feng Yuanlin said in a reflective manner, “The drawing of lots for the semifinals is of utmost importance, but why do I feel like I don’t wish that it would be me . Against an enraged Moya, I’m afraid of being abused . ”

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The trio clearly understood the seventh level very well, so they had an objective understanding of Moya’s strength . There was more or less a tone of fear in their words, as though they were about to face an opponent they had little hope of defeating .

Shi Xiaobai frowned slightly . Although he did not understand how powerful Moya was, to be in such an apprehensive state was definitely taboo in any competition .

Shi Xiaobai said seriously, “Do not focus too much on the outcome . Regardless of the opponent or how strong he is, it is sufficient as long as you do your best, working hard to exceed your own limits . ”

This has always been Shi Xiaobai’s modus operandi . Regardless of the opponent, unless it was an opponent he had to defeat, he would always put aside the outcome, and make exceeding himself the goal .

This kind of thinking could be said to be a chicken soup for the soul, but people who were able to accomplish such a state of ignoring the outcomes were rare .

The trio nodded to express their understanding, but it was unknown if they put it to heart .

Soon, the break time was over, and the outcome of the random draw was out .

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The first round of the semifinals was Feng Yuanlin against Moya!

In the stadium, Leonis was still sitting on the seat of the defending champion . He looked cold, and it was impossible to know what he was thinking .

The audience was eagerly waiting for the result . For there to be three humans and one of the eight Bravehearts left in the semifinals, this was something that was nearly impossible in previous tournaments . Furthermore, Leonis’s declaration from before had pushed this matter to the peak of the conflict .

The Transcendents considered themselves the strongest race, but their Bravehearts had lost to a mysterious race they had never heard of . Didn’t this mean that there was a “heaven beyond a heaven”, and that the Transcendents were in fact not the most powerful race in the world?

Such an opinion was in direct conflict with the Transcendents’ racial discrimination . In recent times, Leonis had revealed his intentions of eliminating racial discrimination, and this matter happened to give him brand new ammunition .

But in the minds of the Transcendents, a majority of them refused to accept that all was equal because their inherent concept of racial superiority was deeply rooted . It was just like a scion who was born with a silver spoon who would find it unacceptable if he had to suddenly lead the life of a commoner .

If not for Leonis being so powerful that left them in awe, there would have been a denouncing din .

However they did not dare to make a sound, afraid of incurring the wrath of Leonis .

Therefore, at this moment, there was only one person who could cry out what was in their hearts—The Transcendents have to be the strongest race in the world!

This person was none other than Moya!

“Moya has never disappointed us . He definitely will not do so this time!”

This was the inner voice within the Transcendents .