Absolute Choice - Chapter 396

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Chapter 396

Chapter 396: Why don’t you die now?

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Leonis’s pupils contracted slightly as he said coldly, “So the reason why you left Transcendence in such a hurry is because you want to defeat or even kill that human . You want to prove that you are the strongest person in Transcendence?”

The gargantuan shook his head slowly and said, “There’s no need to prove it, because you and I both know very well that ten years ago, you were already not my match . I have always been the strongest person among the Transcendents . But don’t you worry . I will never defeat the human that defeated you . Because if that happens, everyone will know that I’m stronger than you . And that is the reason why you have always wished for me to remain a silent watchdog of the city gates . You do not wish to lose your position, and I will never vie for it . However, I need to prove that the race of the Transcendents is the strongest race in the world because it has been a faith that I have always devoted myself into believing in order to tolerate the acts against me . So, I want to kill the Infernal King and destroy the Infernal domain, so that everyone will understand that the Transcendents are still extremely strong!”

When Leonis heard this, he turned pale as he said with a trembling voice, “You are out of your mind! Yes, you are stronger than me . You were in the fourth form of the Transcendents at your birth . And you can even use the fifth or even sixth form . You can very likely be really stronger than the Infernal King, but! In the Infernal domain, your enemy is not only the Infernal King, but also the unfathomably strong Infernal Queen, the three Infernal Generals that can fight This King, as well as the entire Infernal army . By heading there alone, there is no chance of survival!”

The gargantuan said in a deep voice, “So what if I were to die? I’m different from you . I’m not afraid of death!”

Leonis’s expression was livid as his hideous face looked like rage was consuming him . However, Leonis eventually sighed as his expression turned soft . He asked softly, “Why are you in such a hurry? When This King hands the throne over to you, you will be able to be the king of the Transcendents, and even the king of the world . When the time comes, you can call on the strongest army in the world to attack the Infernal domain . If you can become the king of the world and the Infernal domain, then everyone will have to admit that the race of the Transcendents is the strongest race . ”

The gargantuan was left stunned as his gigantic eyes lit up slightly, as though he was attracted by the proposal . He could not help but ask, “Then, when will you hand over the throne to me?”

Leonis sighed and muttered, “When This King dies…”

“Shut up!”

The gargantuan said angrily, “Are you kidding me?”

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Leonis lowered his head slightly, “Child, This King’s days are numbered, why must you be in such a hurry?”

“Since your days are numbered . ”

The gargantuan’s voice suddenly turned cold, “Why don’t you die now? My dear…father . ”

Infernal domain . Infernal King’s bedroom .

“Darling, do you want to take it off yourself?”

Such ambiguous words that made one fantasize were said by the Infernal Queen in a shy voice but with bold undertones . Furthermore, with her ample breasts and her hands behind her back, the charming pose that seemingly gave her husband free reign over her body truly boiled the blood of any men who saw her . It was a test of self-control .

The abdomen that did not have a hint of cellulite, the slim waist that could be gripped with one hand, the fair thighs that had a pinkish glow to them, and the curvaceous bodyline as well as every inch of her skin were all breathtakingly beautiful .

The Infernal Queen, who was wearing only a red dudou and white underpants, was truly an epitome of beauty that could make one go crazy for .

Shi Xiaobai finally realised what was happening in front of him, as well as the strange changes the Infernal Queen had undergone after entering the bedroom .

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He was now the Infernal King, and the Infernal Queen was his wife . Getting the Infernal Queen to bring him back to the bedroom was needlessly ambiguous .

However, Shi Xiaobai wasn’t aware of this at all, nor did he have any such intentions .

But as he looked at the top beauty who was within reach of him and about to fully expose herself, Shi Xiaobai felt a little thirsty as his body slowly heated up .

Shi Xiaobai was a youth that had never partaken in the acts of humanly pleasure, but he was also a male creature that was biologically normal . While facing such a fatal attraction, Shi Xiaobai instinctively turned fidgety .

This was a biological instinct of a male, and it would get out of hand if not curbed .

However, Shi Xiaobai was never a person who gave in to instinct . He could easily overcome his instinctual fear, so he naturally would not be defeated by his instinctual unease .

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes shimmered for a moment before they returned to their original clarity .

He used a calm pair of eyes to look at the beauty in front of him who had her eyes closed and cheeks red . Even her ears were completely red . Immediately, Shi Xiaobai felt a headache .

The Infernal Queen had even taken off her clothes, so what reason could he come up with to refuse her?

“Darling . ”

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Just as Shi Xiaobai was suffering from his headache, the Infernal Queen had opened both of her eyes and she had lowered her head slightly . Her hands wrapped around her chest once again, as she said hesitantly, “It’s still a little early . I’m a bit…why don’t, why don’t we defer it to the evening before we…”

The Infernal Queen, who looked charming and enchanting, was actually a very conservative woman . Doing such acts in the day made her feel like she was engaging in a shameful act, so it was somewhat difficult for the Infernal Queen to accept it . Of course, she was willing to let go of her shame for the person she loved . She was even willing to do a striptease .

When Shi Xiaobai heard this, his eyes lit up . The Infernal Queen’s words perfectly helped him resolve the awkward situation .

However, Shi Xiaobai very cleverly revealed a look of reluctance . After a moment of silence, he said, “This should have been an act between two consenting adults, so how can This King force you . There is no need to rush it, so let’s leave it to the evening . This King is somewhat hungry and will get some food first . ”

After Shi Xiaobai said this, he headed out of the room with a deadpan expression .


Shi Xiaobai pretended not to hear the Infernal Queen’s gentle voice that had a struggle in it . Instead, he quickened his pace and quickly left the room alone .

Shi Xiaobai had nearly ran out of the Infernal King’s bedroom . Although he had extremely strong self-control, he felt that it would be an extremely strange test of his willpower if the Infernal Queen did not wear a single article of clothing .

Shi Xiaobai could only pretend to be angry and leave alone . He temporarily put aside his search for clues regarding the “King’s Mandate” .

Along the way, Shi Xiaobai casually called a succubus palace maid to lead the way, and soon, he arrived at the dining room where feasts were held .

In the spacious room, there was only one large table placed in the middle with all sorts of food placed on it .

The overwhelming amount of food exceeded a hundred varieties as they emitted a rich fragrance .

And sitting by the side of the table was a person who was about to dine on the food .

As the only person to enjoy the table of food, the silver-haired girl grinned slightly . Her gaze, which seemed to struggle, was on the food that covered the table . Despite holding chopsticks, she had yet to begin eating .

Only when Shi Xiaobai slowly walked over did the silver-haired girl put down her chopsticks and wave her hands . She blinked and planned on greeting him .

When Shi Xiaobai saw that the table of food had yet to be touched, he puzzledly asked, “Why aren’t you eating? Does it not match your appetite?”

The silver-haired girl shook her head and wrote on the writing board: “There’s too much food . I have no idea which one to eat first . All of them look so delicious, so it’s so difficult to choose . T∩T!”

The silver-haired girl pouted slightly and her struggling look made her resemble a kitten that did not know which fish to eat .