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Published at 17th of August 2019 09:59:11 AM

Chapter 31

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Just in front of him sat a young girl of 14 years, she didn't even care for her surroundings as she kept on nomming on the fishes . Shen felt pain every time she bit on the fishes . He cooked those fishes with special care . He seasoned them with a variety of salt, herb, and spices . If he takes them out, they would be at least priced a few hundreds of gold taels, but most importantly no one can make them within this five continents .

It might sound arrogant and pitiful at the same time but he can proudly declare that not many can match up to his cooking skills! Now, some random girl he doesn't even know of started eating his masterpiece as if they were nothing more than common fishes .

"H-hey girl, what are you doing?" Shen hesitantly voiced out . The girl had already cleared 8 out of 20 fishes, each of them being at least 3 feet . He knew this girl came out from sealing orb, and she can possibly be dangerous .

"I'm hungry . . . " the girl didn't even glance at Shen as she kept nomming on the fishes . Her calm voice had a hint of laziness . But to Shen, they sounded like divine melody . He nodded his head as he thought, 'Indeed, she won't eat if she isn't hungry, but HELL THAT'S NOT WHAT I WAS ASKING!!!' Shaking his head, he started figuring out how to deal with her .

Shen didn't get the chance to see her face yet, but she has a perfect, supple body . It could be said that one would be hard pressed to point out a flaw in her figure . Her snow white hairs matched with snow white skin looks akin to some Snow Princesses . From just this, it was more than apparent that she was a supreme beauty .

Her ears and tails would flutter from time to time, they looked soft and squishy . . . 'WAIT! TAILS??' Shen finally noticed the weirdness of this girl as she had ears similar to cats and three soft tails . Like her hair, her three tails and ears are also snow white .

Her tails moved in a disciplined manner left to right, right to left as if trying its hard to tempt something . Shen gulped, 'This is a dream, right? No, it shouldn't be . . . ' after much hesitation, he grabbed the three tails . His eyes shined! They are so soft and fluffy .


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The girl jumped 7 meters away from Shen . She stared at Shen with a hint of cautiousness . Shen also jumped back a few meters, thinking she might attack anytime, but the whole time he kept muttering in his head, 'they are real, real . . . '

"Pervert . . . " the girl suddenly uttered a word .

Shen fell headfirst . 'Is that what you say after finishing my fishes!'

"So, mind telling me, who are you?" Shen sighed as he finally got the chance to see her face .

Similar to her figure, she had a perfect face without a speck of impurity . Her white arched eyebrows reached the perfection . She had golden colored pupils contrary to her white hair and skin tone . She looked as if an angel . Angel of Nekos . . . that's because no matter how you look at her cat ears and three smooth cat-like tails, she is indeed a cat .

"Pervert . . . you shouldn't touch a lady's tail without her permission . " now on her jade-white skin had a hint of redness . Truthfully, she looked already mesmerizing but after the faint blush, she even toppled some goddesses .

She didn't even give Shen any respect and completely ignored her . Shen indeed felt he wronged the little girl, so he pointed at her tails and asked, "Are those real?"

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"Hmph . . . you are rude to the core . Of course, they are . Don't tell me, you never heard of the Treasure Tribe . Truly ignorant, aren't you?" she made a smug face as she looked at Shen as if looking at a country bumpkin . Even so, she looked as if graceful as a fairy .

Shen went through the Absolute Taming Manual and indeed found the Treasure Tribe . The Treasure Tribe, also known as a race loved by Heaven and Earth . They are also categorized as a Beast Tribe . Unlike the other races, they are of a small tribe . But they went extinct due to their ability to search for treasures .

They didn't have noteworthy fighting prowess but they had exceptional speed . No matter how many times faster they were, they couldn't run away from the greed of the human race . In the end, they were completely wiped out as no one couldn't tame them .

She should from an ancient race of Treasure Tribe . Maybe after her race, there was other similar Treasure Tribe but possibly forgotten in the face of eternal time . Rather than Treasure Tribe, now they should be called Ancient Treasure Tribe which doesn't even exist in the annal of the ruins .

"I don't . " Shen couldn't bring herself to tell her about the extinction of her race as he affirmed her question . Maybe somewhere in the world, others from her race still exist .

"Truly an ignorant guy, aren't you . Let me tell you, I am the princess of the Treasure Tribe and the next successor . You should be proud of being able to form a soul contract with me . You should already know how the soul contract works . From now on keep me safe, as long as I am alive, you will too!" She felt superior to the guy and kept on explaining things to him .

"Erm . . . if you didn't notice, I'm the Master . According to the contract, that is . " Shen smiled at her brightly as she said those words to her .


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She froze for a moment a few golden runes came out from her body before they returned again . "How, it shouldn't be . . . I should be the Master here . . . " the girl from there disappeared and only a golden cat with three tails stared at Shen, with a hint of cautiousness .

One of the reason for the Treasure Tribe to be also known as the race loved by Heaven and Earth was also because of their ability to transform into a human form even without any cultivation .

Shen gazed the cat in amusement . Her characteristics indeed match with the ancient Treasure Race .

Shen asked the girl, now a cat, "What are planning to do by transforming?"

The cat didn't open its mouth but communicated with telepathy, "How, how did you change the contract? It shouldn't have been possible . . . "

Shen smiled at the cat, "Whoever added the contract with the seal was really intelligent . Whether they broke the seal or opened it, the contract will still take place . But I guess, no would have thought the possibility of changing the contract at the last moment . As for how, I will leave it to your imagination, little kitty . I'll see you later, kitty . "

With this Shen exited the realm but an annoyed voice still rang in his head, "Don't call me kitty!"

Shen didn't pay attention to it .

Everything fell into place in his head, 'Essence, Essence, Soul, Treasure . ' To create a soul contract one has to use their precious blood essence . Probably the unsealing the cat from also required a few drops of blood essence . While the Soul indicates about the soul contract and Treasure means Treasure Tribe .

Whoever sealed the cat, wanted her to stay safe . That's why they went as far as putting a soul contract on the seal . No matter who unlocked the seal, they will be forced to form the contract . That also means they have to keep her safe at any cost, for their own life .

If he couldn't change something from a contract like that, having the Absolute Vision would be completely useless on him . Not to mention, when he already knows how the contract worked .

The Ancient Treasure Tribe, now he doesn't have to search for a treasure hunting beast . There shouldn't be any beast that can rival his treasure hunting beasts . Its as if a cue falling from the sky . If he knew it before he would have already broken the seal from the stone as soon as he got it .

'Did you think something weird?'

Now it's rude to compare her with some treasure hunting beast when she's almost similar to a human, almost . Because a human wouldn't be able to enter the Absolute Realm .

" . . . "

But it seems he has to spoil this cat before it does whatever he tells her to .

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