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Published at 17th of August 2019 09:58:40 AM

Chapter 63

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"Master, is it really necessary?" Yiye Jiange said with an unnatural expression .

"Jiange, you can wear anything, but your back must be exposed or you are allowed to wear a thin layer of clothing," Shen stated as a matter of fact . He saw hesitance in her eyes and further explained, "Although the process of removing the restrictions can be done with just touch, what do you think will happen when I remove the seals? Your strength will soar as far as 10th grade Martial King or possibly the pinnacle of the Martial King Realm . "

"10th Grade of Martial King Realm? I can advance up to the pinnacle of the Martial King stage?" Said Yiye Jiange with a surprised look for the first time .

The pinnacle of Martial King grade represented the top cultivation state among the warriors in Green Cloud Continent . Yiye Jiange has never been greedy for anything . However, for someone like her who had been stuck in the Xiantian Realm for a long time to hear that she could break all the way through to the pinnacle of the Martial King grade, it wasn't unexpected that she would feel incomparably surprised .

"That's right, when that happens it will burden your meridians . While you might not experience any discomfort, it will weaken your meridians . In the future, it can possibly hinder your progress . And you are my treasured disciple, I can never let something like this happen to you . " Shen explained gently . Yiye Jiange felt ashamed for doubting her master even for a moment . He was thinking about her well-being from the start, and here, she doubted his instructions!

"I'm sorry for questioning Master's instructions . I'll prepare at once . "

Shen nodded, indicating he accepted her apology, "I'll be in your room in half an hour . "

. . . . .

The door creaked as Shen entered Yiye Jiange's room . The room was dimly lit, and Shen could hardly distinguish the decoration inside the room . On the bed, Yiye Jiange laid on her stomach first . As her top, she only wore a thin white shirt, he could see her soft-looking skin through it . "Are you prepared," he asked .

"Mm," Yiye Jiange lightly nodded in reply .

Shen took in a deep breath, restraining the throbbing of his heart . He slowly sat down at the side of the bed and reached out his hands . He placed them on top of Yiye Jiange's beautiful shoulders .

Even with a layer of thin clothing, Shen felt as if he touched her smooth skin directly . He circulated the Qi of the Absolute Strengthening Technique in sync with the Absolute Hands as his arms changed into chaos color . It looked as if a pair of arms made from pure jade . The Absolute Qi seeped into Yiye Jiange's acupoints and joints as Shen remembered .

"Mm . . . " Yiye Jiange gave out a soft cry before she immediately clenched her teeth and buried her beautiful, flushed face into the soft pillow .

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Shen heard the cry, but it was so inaudible that he passed it as his imagination . He could feel her body temperature increasing at a rapid speed . His fingers began to apply pressure to her acupoints, as he massaged every part of her back . When he reached the part of her waist to that perky butt, his hand shook intensely as he gulped from time to time .

Yiye Jiange had long gone limp and numb all over . It was as if all her bones had left her . She was feeling so comfortable that she occasionally let out cries that would let one's imagination run wild .

Shen's hands hesitantly landed on that perky round butt . That feeling of touching such smoothness and astonishing bounciness caused his hands to stop for a moment as he enjoyed the sensation . After a small moment, he continued the massage .

His fingers skillfully kneaded her perky butt, like a master of massage techniques . Even though her clothes prevented skin to skin contact, he could feel the firmness and softness of her butt . Its size was so perfect, so smooth, and so soft . . .

Shen's breath became ragged and his finger squeezed tighter, causing an unrestrained moan to leak out from Yiye Jiange's mouth .

Yiye Jiange's sweet moan caused Shen to break out from his stupor . He took a deep breath to control his burning blood . If she didn't have her family problems and he was not bent to help her, he would have gotten his way long ago .

Shen didn't grab her perky butt just for fun, it just happened to complete opposite side of Dantian . Once his hand fell on that supple part, he subconsciously squeezed it .

Suddenly he remembered about the Nameless Massage Technique . He normally used it for relaxing muscles and removing stress, but it also had the effects of mixing letting the body absorb Absolute Qi faster . He also expected the technique to have various other hidden effects, as it was the only massage technique from Absolute Duo Manual .

He combined the nameless massage technique with Absolute Hands, and his chaos arms were covered by a layer of fogs . Immediately he received a reaction from Yiye Jiange's body, causing her body to violently jerk .

'I'm not really sure what she is feeling, but . . . ' he continued massaging . After combining the nameless massage technique with Absolute Hands, her meridians absorbed Absolute Qi faster . At this speed, he can finish in just a few minutes!

The next few minutes Cloud Mist Peak was filled with loud and unrestrained moans that could cause even a saint's blood to rush through his head . It was feasible to say, Shen used his lifetime amount of willpower to stay clear-headed .

He didn't know what she felt at those few minutes, but he personally visited both Heaven and Hell at the same time . His body sweated profusely . He didn't sweat because it was tiring, he sweated because it was too hard to hold himself back . He swore inwardly that, he will never use the nameless massage technique with Absolute Hands if he was not prepared to bed the girl . And using this technique on a man? Shen never considered that possibility, it was a technique from Absolute Duo Manual . Although he underestimated it, he learned his lesson very well .

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"Jiange, I'll . . . remove . . . the seal, after 10 minutes of rest . . . " Shen heaved for breath as he squeezed out those words . He was surprised when saw her body moving . He said those words, but didn't expect her to still move! He wondered how strong her resilience was to stay conscious even now .

But if Shen saw Yiye Jiange's face right now—which was red as a tomato, from ears to neck, her pearly teeth biting the pillow adamantly, eyes filled with misty tears—his last bit of will would have broken and he would have gotten his way with this woman . No, even if it wasn't Shen but a Buddhist, even he might have lost his control!

After the rest Shen operated Absolute Qi through her meridians, he immediately felt some reactions when it clashed with the restriction . He attempted to clash against the restriction, but as he did so, he felt like he was pushing a mountain . Despite that, he wasn't worried .

Yiye Jiange's meridian was already strong . Still, Shen couldn't help but worry about some unexpected accident during the unsealing process . That's why he insisted on strengthening her meridians . Now though, her meridians were strong enough to endure Martial Saint realm's power!

The restriction was an unusual "ball of air" concentrated on one spot . Since it was like a ball of air, Shen didn't wish to face with force, rather piercing power . Shen's base was still low, if he had the base of peak Martial King, then he could have cleared her meridians just with a simple qi circulation through her body .

The Absolute Qi condensed until it formed a needle made of pure Qi! At once the needle rushed at the restriction .



It opened up!

As soon as he took down one restriction, Shen felt that Yiye Jiange strength soaring . In a matter of moments, she was already at the pinnacle of the Xiantian Realm! An excited look flashed across Yiye Jiange's eyes, her foggy mind cleared in an instant . He was successful!

She felt her Master was becoming more and more mysterious . She only knew he was a grade one Martial King, but now he removed a restriction placed by a Martial Saint! How unbelievable was this? It was like recognizing Shen was her master was the greatest thing she had done .

Shen didn't stop . Instead, he controlled his strength as he clashed against the next restriction . Shen has already felt it previously . There were a total of three restrictions .

Peng, peng!

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The concentrated bag of air started shaking, but he was still unable to open it up . Shen swapped Absolute Qi with Chaos Qi, increasing the amount would only enlarge the possibility of harm . Shen gulped as he perspired madly .

While it wasn't physically demanding, he had to exert huge mental energy . Absolute Qi was beneficial to one's body, but Chaos Qi was extremely dangerous and volatile . If his concentration moved, it won't take time for Yiye Jiange to be a cripple for the lifetime .

Shen attacked again with the same way as before, but he used a needle made of Chaos Qi in the place of Absolute Qi .



A violent Qi force fluctuation could be felt in Yiye Jiange's body . He suddenly got worried but noticed her body was completely fine . Her cultivated broke through a huge layer!

By the time he unlocked the second restriction, Yiye Jiange's body gave out a white halo . In that instant, it looked particularly bright and brilliant . It's the light which would appear every time one made a breakthrough into the Martial King realm .

With two of the restrictions removed, Yiye Jiange advanced into the Martial King Stage . Furthermore, she possessed a strength of around the Third Martial King Stage . Shen concentrated on her meridians . He could feel her body and strength continuously rising .

Shen didn't wait and fiercely attacked the next, and also the last restriction on Yiye Jiange's meridians . The attack only pierced the one-tenth of the sturdiest ball of air before coming to a stop . He was already prepared .

He raised his left hand as a green needle formed on his hand . It's a needle made of complete Nature Qi . His nature qi was still weak compared to others but it was the safest one to use .

As his wrist shook, the green needle accurately pierced the ball of air . At the same time, he pushed the needle made of Chaos Qi forward .

Crack, crack!

Many cracks started to form on the ball of air, Shen immediately gave another push with Absolute Qi .


The ball of air burst open right away . After that, it quickly disappeared into her meridians . Shen looked at the otherworldly woman getting surrounded by the white halo .

He could clearly see the aura within her body increasing constantly . It was as if she was being reborn . The faint, pure, and holy aura was really dazzling .

It wasn't long before the halo disappeared . It only lasted for about fifteen minutes . After that, Shen looked at Yiye Jiange again . This time, he only felt the otherworldly aura in her body became even more powerful; it was shining brightly .

The Yiye Jiange now, made him remember about Yu Ruyan . Both of them were similar in a way, their otherworldly aura made them untouchable and both were one of a kind . No matter how much he looks, he never gets sick of watching .

"You have actually made it . . . Master, I can't thank you enough . . . " Yiye Jiange said gently as she sat up . She felt both happy and surprised, but what she felt the most was a sense of hope bestowing upon her .

"Why are you thanking me? Who am I to you?" Shen asked . Before she could say any word, he went on, "I don't need your thanks . Just prove it to me that you are suitable to be my disciple . Currently, your strength is higher than me, but if you slack you will be left to dust in no time . Nah, even if you cultivate hard, you cannot compare with my heaven-defying talent . "

When Shen finished his last words, he wanted to find a hole to hide . In the end, he thickened his skin and showed his proud look .


To one's surprise, Yiye Jiange broke in unrestrained laughter, "Master, you look really funny when you act like that . " Yiye Jiange understood that he said those words so she wouldn't feel indebted to him, but she was already deeply indebted to him . Bringing her niece and now even removing the restrictions in her meridians, she could never even dream about these .

"Alright, let's stop talking about these . You should rest for the night and . . . "—Shen looked away—"Erm, you should sleep, good night . "

Although Shen said that, it was actually him who needed a rest . He exerted huge mental energy and only wanted to sleep like a log . And there was something that threatened his sanity .

Shen quickly left the room in a hurried manner, almost as if running away .

Yiye Jiange couldn't understand his action as she decided to ignore it . At this moment she felt a wet sensation between her legs, it caused her to remember the events of meridian strengthening, but she froze when she looked below .

She forgot she was wearing a thin set of clothing as her top, and when she sat up . Her plentiful breasts were completely exposed to plain view . Her face turned red like a tomato, she hugged her breasts in a panic to hide it from view, but unfortunately or not, whoever there was to look at them already looked until his inner beast threatened to come out .

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