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Chapter 95

At night when Shen returned with Shi Qingzhuang and the little girl, Ju Ju, almost no one, including Lingshuang and Mingyue Gelou—who adored him the most—didn't even spare him a glance and hugged the girls and took care of her extensively .

This, where was his position as the husband of these girls? Shen looked in amazement, unable to understand how this happened . They didn't even know the girl and already loved her so much . . . Could it be the little girl, Ju Ju had some secret charm that attracted beautiful girls to her? He even went as far as considering how to lure some beauties using her . His face almost revealed his lewd thoughts as he was about to let out a droll .

Returning to his sense Shen got rid of his ridiculous thought . Shi Qingzhuang was also a beauty but she remained unperturbed when she first met her . She only felt this girl was cute but not overexaggerated like this .

Only after hearing them for half an hour did he realize what was going on . Someone seemed to see when they were following the little girl, Ju Ju, to their hut . They saw everything that happened there and told Yu Ruyan and the others . And that person seemed to be Yu Yu .

Shen shivered . That woman was indeed as dangerous as he thought . Although he did let down his guard a little bit, it was not to the point he won't notice someone spying on him . Yet, he felt nothing this time . He realized even if this woman were to sneak in his bed and **** him, he might not realize it . Of course, it was just a thought he was having to amuse himself as a lewd expression appeared on his face .

Seeing his lewd look, both Wushuang and Qingzhuang felt irritated . It was as if he was asking for a beating . Both pushed him out of the room and locked the door . This time, Shen was totally dumbfounded . Wasn't he supposed to enjoy blissful sexual life after returning to the Hundred Miles City? Why was he getting chased out then?

In the first place, where was his dear lover, Feng Wuxi? She was supposed to be Shen's second partner, not Mingyue Gelou or Su Rou and Zhu Qing either; most importantly encountering Su Rou in Skysword Sect, suddenly eating Zhu Qing was completely out of his calculation . He even wondered if he would be able to give Zhu Qing favorable impression .

In fact, if Shen didn't make a promise that he will make Yu Ruyan his first woman —which he was unwilling to break— then Feng Wuxi would've been his first and Yu He probably the second . And if he really pushed his luck, he might've been able to get his way with Shi Qingzhuang . He didn't consider Lingshuang in this list . Not because he didn't want to lay his fingers on his 'dear sister', rather because he thought she was still young .

Shi Qingzhuang didn't have monstrous growth like Shen and was only at her teens . As good and loving she was towards him as a sister; she was equally fierce whenever his wolfy paws tried to take advantage of her .

Shen was not minding towards her action at all . In fact, he even started to think if she didn't act fierce towards him it would be unusual . Anyway, she was already his, even if it was hundreds or thousands of years, she will still be his . So, he didn't mind when he 'eats' her . Wine tastes the best after aging, and won't it be wonderful if the wine serves itself in front of you?

Shen smirked as he left the inn and didn't enter the other room . It was still snowing outside and thick layers of snow gathered around the ground . Even in the night the beauty of snowfall didn't diminish by a bit . He let the cold pierce his body, after all with his current natural physique it would be weird if normal coldness could pierce his body .

Since no one wanted him, he won't stay in the inn! He thought of a strange idea to entertain himself . He never did this in his previous or current life . Looking around the beautiful figures his eyes lit up .

He approached a woman with slim, above average figure . Coughing, he planned to invite the women to dinner, "Excuse me, do you . . . "

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But his words trailed off and a dumbfounded expression surfaced on his face . Because the sight in front him already blinded him . The woman had an extremely tall but a squeezed face, coupled with the few black teethes that could be seen from her lips gap, anyone would be blinded . . .

"Ah, sorry . Wrong person . . . "

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It was only at this time did he realize, his randomly picking beauties skill was on minus . He could almost swear he saw a screen flashing before his eyes, "Random Beauty Picking Skill (Lv . -9)" .

But looking around carefully he didn't see anything and quickly ran away from the 'heavenly beauty' . At this time, a familiar voice reached his ears but he was having a hard time to remember the person due to his mind still buzzing from the beautiful scene flashing before his eyes .

"Oh, look it's the 20 years old, winner of the competition, Shen!" the voice emphasized the word '20 years old', "I can't believe my luck is so good, to meet the talented, 20 years old, young master . "

Shen felt the voice getting closer, so the turned to his right . Recognizing at the owner of the voice, Shen had the desire to run off . He didn't expect to see her here out of all places!

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The woman didn't hesitate a bit and pulled his ear tightly, "Brat, when did you become 20 years old?" She fiercely reprimanded Shen .

"*cough* Aunt Qing, long time no see, hahaha," Shen nervously laughed, not minding her hands grabbing his ears at all . She was someone whom he knew from his 'childhood', she was Qing Shui's mother, Qing Yi . He knew these people will look at him like a kid no matter how much he tried, so, he didn't mind her action . It was more of her showing affection towards him but he would like it if her actions were a bit flirtatious . Because her action now looked like an elder reprimanding younger generation .

Qing Yi unwillingly let go of his ear, "Long time? Smelly brat, you are avoiding me intentionally . Don't think I don't know . "

Shen sweated . He didn't think he would be caught by her . That 'beauty' from a moment ago was indeed devastating, rendering his senses useless . Shen, in fact, was avoiding Qing Yi . She was one of the very few people who knew his real age and he didn't want people to take him as a kid after all . Though it didn't matter know since he was already an adult .

"Blasphemy! How can that be possible?! I can never do such a horrible act such as avoiding my beautiful aunt! How about this to clear your misunderstanding, I will treat you to a luxurious dinner?"

Shen exaggerated, drawing attention from the crowd . Noticing it he closed the distance between them and invited her to dinner . He even wanted to say if she didn't feel satisfied with the dinner, he was willing to warm her bed . Although he will 'lose' a bit, anything was possible for her!

Qing Yi laughed happily, "Brat are you hitting on me? You're a hundred years earlier but since you said you will treat me, you can't back now . "

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Shen obviously won't back down, "As a man of his word, I can only keep my words . " As for her 'hundred years earlier' remark, Shen scoffed at it inwardly, "You are the one who's hundred years earlier . "

Qing Yi then guided him to a restaurant . Not it was Shen's turn to be astonished . He thought Qing Yi would take him to the luxurious Hamsong City Inn or other famous ones but she guided him to the downtown area of the Hamsong City .

The exterior of the restaurant was extremely shabby . But Shen didn't let it deceive him . Normally local or knowledgeable experts would hang around such areas . And as soon as he entered the restaurant, his eyes lit up .


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