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Chapter 16

The dark clouds rumbled . There was no lightning, yet thunderclaps boomed loudly . For this abnormal phenomenon, the people were in a state of panic and anxiety .

Within the Rui Palace, the small room was overflowing with killing intent . Although Chi Rong’s face still held a smile, his hands have already waved open a folding fan . Qing Yan had also already unsheathed his sword . The atmosphere within the chamber was enough to start a battle with a mere dropping of a hair . Both sides knew that if it were to be started, the other party would not be met with mercy due to relationships . The battle will be fought as if it were a war .

“King,” Chi Rong waved his fan, laughing, “You’ve already caused a lot of trouble to the Demon Emperor, making him furious . Now, soldiers are prowling every inch of this world . ” He looked at the sickly Xing Yun behind her, “You as the Azure Sky King may be able to preserve your own life, but you definitely cannot save him as well . I hope that King will re-evaluate her own situation and  not act rashly . ”

Chen Li paid no attention to him, only slightly leaning her body to turn her head at pale Xing Yun to shoot him a look, speaking, “Are you still alive?’


“Alive,” Xing Yun shook his head, laughing, “But may die soon . ”

“You cannot die . ” Chen Li’s right hand gripped the Hongying Spear, then roughly, with the sharp edge of the spearpoint, slashed the hollow of her palm . The Hongying Spear absorbed the blood, dazzling light immediately shining .

Qing Yan frowned, about to go forward in an attempt to seize Chen Li . Chen Li waved her left hand, splatters of blood landing 3 foot away in front of Qing Yan . When he stepped foot onto the bloodstain, he felt a red hot glowing flame was cooking him from head to toe! He used his magical power, forcing the flame to scatter . But unexpectedly, the broiling fire only seemed to get hotter! It was as if it had it’s own consciousness as it leaped, going so far as to even attack his 2 eyes . Qing Yan, to protect his eyes, had no choice but to retreat back to the door .

Chen Li spun the Hongying Spear, thrusting it straight into the ground in front of her . One could see the blood on the speartip moved along with the shaft, sliding down as it seeped into the earth . One could only see a golden flash as the blood condensed into a circle around 2 inco Chen Li’s hes wide, surrounding Chen Li . Another one appeared, circling Xing Yun . She then tore off off piece of her robe and bandaged her left hand as she turned to Xing Yun, speaking:

“If I’m here, you cannot die . ”

Xing Yun stared at her distractedly, the light behind her twinkling . Yet that dazzling ray couldn’t even be compared to Chen Li’s own vivid aura . It filled all of his sight, never ending, almost even making himself forget……… . .

Chen Li’s arm looped through his armpit, hauling his body onto her back . Their bodies were pasted together, her body heating his, blood coursing through his internal organs . * Xing Yun’s lips held a seldom seen curve, making it impossible for one to decipher his mood, only pitch black .

“King,” Qing Yan spoke solemnly, “A blood sacrifice technique will harm the soul . The wedding day is near, hopes King will treasure one’s health . ”

Chen Li sneered, “If hasn’t, then my feet and hands would’ve been cut off and I would’ve been bound and sent to marriage . This is just a soul wound, what’s to fear?” Her gaze examined the room, although she couldn’t see what was going on outside, she could still sense the general position of the soldiers outside . She wanted to find the direction with the least amount of people to force her way out .

But Qing Yan and Chu Rong both instantly understood what she planned to do . They shared a look with each other- This matter cannot be dragged on any further .

They both waved their weapons, and suddenly, 2 thunderbolts strook the golden circle, making a gap in the magic . Spotting it, the two charged in .

When such powerful supernatural powers collided, the remnants surged into the air, and after a loud boom, the little wing of the house disintegrated into ashes . Before the dust settled down, the dark clouds in the sky revealed themselves . The space was filled with innumerable rays of arrows . It was the pursuing soliders, who were hiding in the clouds and took advantage of the array to attack, magic boosting the arrows .

Among the rain of arrows, a black figure and a red figure lept from the derbis .