Ace of the Dragon Division - Chapter 447.1

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Chapter 447.1: 447.1

Chapter 447: His Wife Is Actually Not Simple As Well (Part One)

Old Man Ye said, “As long as he’s not stirring stuff up inside the country, we will just let him be . You guys guess, if he really wants to play, what would he start with?”

Grandpa Nie directly said, “Right now the one that threatens him the most is probably those remnants the four behemoth clans had left in the Land of Mercenaries . As long as they are alive, they will definitely try to find an opportunity to seek revenge on Xu Cheng . So, I think if Xu Cheng really wants to have some fun, he will probably start with removing this eyesore . ”

Grandpa Guo: “Rather than removing, what about recovering it?”

Grandpa Ye shook his head . “That will be impossible . Back then, the four families invested so many financial resources to support these recruited mercenaries . Now, not to mention all four, Xu Cheng doesn’t have the money to even upkeep just one of those families’ mercenary groups . Don’t forget, every country in the world has its eyes on the Land of Mercenaries . Besides nukes, this is where each country uses brute force to compete . All of the big mercenary groups have either a country or a behemoth force supporting it . Otherwise, the King of Mercenaries would have united the place a long time ago . As for Xu Cheng, even if he was willing to use his mom’s resources, it would still be very difficult for him to get involved . So, I don’t think he can do it . ”

Grandpa Zhou nodded . “Besides, I also investigated those two comrades of his who were willing to follow him, . They were both among the lowest ranks in the Dragon Division, and I don’t think they would be of much help going to the Land of Mercenaries . ”

Grandpa Xing: “So what even if they can help? The people there are all there for the money, and if they don’t have money, no one would follow them! This is a very practical concern . I don’t know man . Looking at Xu Cheng, his strength is definitely up there, but I don’t know much about his ability to make money, man…”

Grandpa Ye said at this moment, “But did you guys forget about his wife? This time, she’s going to the M Nation to study business and finance . She’s a smart woman, she’s already going first to help build a foundation for Xu Cheng . Wanting to support a financial empire, it definitely can’t be trusted to other people . So, this woman decided to just learn it herself to prepare to be the female boss of the house and take care of the family business!”

Grandpa Guo nodded . “I used to think that she was just all looks, but now, it looks like she’s really smart . Haha, I was just wondering earlier, how could someone that had been through those things with Xu Cheng be someone simple?”

Grandpa Xing laughed . “You guys just needed to think about it . What kind of place is the entertainment circle? That’s a place that could turn a white swan black, but this Lin Chuxue woman, not only could she easily claim the throne of the entertainment industry, she was also able to avoid getting taken advantage of at all . This in and of itself is an impressive ability! This woman indeed has her ways to integrate into any unfamiliar circle, just like how she was determined to come with Xu Cheng to Huaxia and is now living a great life all on her own . ”

The other elders all nodded .

At this moment, Grandpa Guo shook his head and said, “If this kid really wants to become a player on the world stage, he first has to establish a force that can rival countries! In this era, this won’t be simple . ”

But Grandpa Ye said, “He’s my grandson, I know him well . Did you guys consider the possibility that he can unite the entire Land of Mercenaries?”

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The other elders all said in unison, “Impossible!”

Grandpa Guo said, “That place had been in war and chaos for more than a decade, and there was only one king of mercenaries born . Yet, the most he could do was to establish the biggest mercenary group in that land, not unite it . Over there, there’s the M Nation’s mercenary group founded by the Black Water Corporation, there’s the R Nation’s mercenary group, all sorts of European-backed mercenary groups and so on, and all of those are backed by nations . The King of Mercenary could become the king because he was able to create the strongest mercenary group among those big nations . He created the balance in that region, yet he couldn’t unite it . The moment he even has that thought, the M Nation would probably be the first one to try and take him out at all cost, and our country will too! Because that land cannot fall into the hands of any country, it must be the place of eternal sin and corruption, a black world that not even the M Nation dares to offend the rest of the world to unite . So, in my eyes, if Xu Cheng really plans to make his first step uniting that land to become his home base, he will lose for sure!”

Grandpa Ye nodded . “It’s fine if he gets defeated, then he can just come back to Huaxia and become more calm-headed . Then, maybe he can get back to being the Dragon King . But, I just thought that all of this is possible . ”

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