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Chapter 344

Translator: Sweet Bun from wangmamaread

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Proofreader: Val12 

The baby beast, which had just come out of the mother’s womb, was protected by the barrier of the mythological beast . However, the barrier was useless for a powerful spiritual beast . If the baby beast was born to be an orphan, wouldn’t it be too unlucky?

“Huang Beiyue, I am a ‘Pure Gold Spirit Tiger’! This is my child . Make a contract with him! ” The golden tiger looked up at Huang Beiyue and said .

If not for this human, she would not be able to give birth to the baby beast smoothly . Even if she barely did it, once she died, the newborn baby beast would not be able to survive from the attack of those fierce spiritual beasts in the Floating Forest .

Life in the Floating Forest was completely under the rules of The Law of the Jungle!

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Huang Beiyue was shocked . Make a contract with a baby mythological beast? which would mean she has a mythological beast as a summoning spirit beast?

The pennies from heaven made her a little dizzy, but she still stayed  calm . Surely, she was happy to have a mythological beast as a summoning spirit beast, but she would not get carried away .

“He is too small to decide . I will not make a contract with him . ” Huang Beiyue said .

The golden tiger looked at her in shock . Average human beings would have been overjoyed on hearing that they can make a contract with a mythological beast, and would take immediate actions . But this female human refused?

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After the shock, the golden tiger couldn’t help admiring her character and said, “Well, you can help me raise him . If he is willing to make a contract with you after growing up, it will be great . Otherwise, I have something else for you as compensation . ”

The golden tiger opened her mouth, spitting out a golden crystal . She waved her big claw and sent it to Huang Beiyue .

Huang Beiyue was slightly surprised and said, “This is your beast nucleus!?”

This was the first time that Huang Beiyue had seen a beast nucleus, because only mythological beasts can agglomerate beast nucleus . It looked wrinkled, as small as an apple, but was in a flame-like golden color because of the fire attribute of the golden tiger .

The beast nucleus was condensed with the strength of mythological beasts . Once spitting out the beast nucleus, the mythological beast would definitely not be able to pull through . The strength in the beast nucleus could be absorbed by human beings depending on his or her cultivation .

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For example, a low level three-star Summoner could only move up one star even if he got a beast nucleus of the mythological beast .

But if the Summoner was powerful enough, there would be unexpected gains!

“Anyway, I can’t use it any more . You swore that you wouldn’t hurt my child . That’s your reward . ” The golden tiger lowered her head and nuzzled the baby beast who had not yet opened his eyes .

It sounded like the golden tiger had made a decision . Huang Beiyue didn’t say more . She reached for the beast nucleus, and slowly said, “You said that it’s the Multi-Eyed Cold Toad in the west of Floating Forest that had greatly beaten you?”

“That’s right . It’s a sixth level spiritual beast with strong power . When I was about to give birth, he came . So I was defeated and seriously injured . ” replied the golden tiger .

Huang Beiyue held her hands and said, “If I become stronger in the future, I will kill him for you!”

The golden tiger glanced at her admiringly and said, “Huang Beiyue, you are the most righteous human I have ever seen . ”

Huang Beiyue said with a smile, “If you accept someone’s money, you have to eliminate disasters for him . I learned this from another human . ”

Golden tiger took a silent look at her baby beast, then pushed him to Huang Beiyu and said, “Please take my baby and leave . ”