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Chapter 24

Due to Yan Ge’s injury, Emperor Yuan was in no hurry to leave Jiangnan .

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When Yan Ge regained consciousness that night, Emperor Yuan was hugging her and she found it difficult to turn over .

Although trees were accustomed to remaining motionless, being embraced by this long pillow made Yan Ge feel uncomfortable .

She tried to break away from his arms, but he woke up the moment she moved .

There was a single night lantern in the room, and under its dim light, Emperor Yuan looked into her eyes and said: "A Yan, henceforth you’re Zhen’s[my] woman . "

Yan Ge was stunned . These words, even she wanted to say he was her man from now on .

But of course, she had no such bad habits .

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They merely fired the cannon[1], there was no need to exalt people as so-and-so’s person .

Emperor Yuan thought that Yan Ge was shy . He bowed his head and kissed the space between her eyebrows: "Rest assured that Zhen[I] will treat you well . Wait until we return to the palace, Zhen[I] will seal you as an imperial concubine . "

He did not care if their beginning was the result of a drug .

He only knew that he cared for her and that she was the woman he wanted . He will bring her back to the palace .

Yan Ge raised her head and kissed his lips, effectively blocking all his disordered words .

It was just a cannon . If anyone needed to be responsible, it would be her . Where did he get so many opinions from?

Of course, she wasn’t going to be responsible . She has never been in the habit of taking responsibility! After all, a love between a human and a tree sounded really awkward .

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Yan Ge’s sweet tongue was like a key that unlocked Emperor Yuan’s desires, causing his entire reason to collapse in a split second . He pressed her under him and touched her cheeks with his fingers . His throat rolled and there was a sense of self-restraint in his low voice: "A Yan, your injury is not yet well . ”

She did not give him many opportunities to wrangle over this . She pulled his neck and grazed her teeth along the back of his neck .

He could not suppress a soft groan . He held the back of her head and pressed her lips firmly against his own .

There had already been a first time, and he was not impatient .

He wanted to be a general that had control over the entire situation . This time, he was going to make her beg for mercy .

Bit by bit, His fingers stroked across her body and his fingertips slowly traced every scar on her body .

He had never encountered a female body like this .

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She was clearly not up to standard, and would not have even passed the first round of entering the palace as a maid .

Yet his fingers lingered on her and caressed her scars . Unexpectedly, there was a kind of beastly desire to conquer clamoring in his body, and it made him want to fight campaign after campaign in her body .

‘Loving too much to part’ most likely felt like this .

As night grew deeper, so did the passion . He embraced her and gave her free reign to attack him wantonly .

No woman ever infatuated him to the point of intoxication like this, and no woman ever had the gall to press him below her body .

Yet there he was, burying himself in her chest and kissing the wound from the time she blocked a sword for him . He was a glutton for punishment as he let her ride him .

Only he could accompany a woman like her!

In that moment, he even gave birth to an indescribable pride .

In that small Jiangnan courtyard, undisturbed by others, they exhausted themselves in bed, and three days and nights passed like this .

Emperor Yuan did not expect to gain a beauty on this trip to Jiangnan . He arranged manpower and organized a plan to help Yan Ge enter the palace with a suitable identity .

He promised to seal her as an imperial concubine . Although her status would be humble, he would never wrong her .

However, Yan Ge refused .

[1] Fire the cannon (大炮—dǎ pào): euphemism for ‘have sex’