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Published at 24th of February 2020 09:14:22 PM

Chapter 50

A Visitor in Heaven?

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It has been two weeks since I have arrived in this heavenly world- – – – However not a second passed by outside of here .


Meanwhile I have continually have had magical power poured into me .


The goddess’ magical power is inexhaustible as well . . .  Moreover there is no concept of eating or sleeping in heaven . So it has been literally non-stop .


So many times I thought I was going to die . ( . . . I am already dead . )


I guess, In a way . This is the trial .


Nadia-san watched us patiently at the start, But her patience or restraint eventually ran out and tried to actually join us . (I was surprised that an angel could get so aroused . ) Lirus-sama though retorted with “I am not interested in an incest fetish . ” and with just that, the ship immediately sunk . It was an unfamiliar sight, to see Nadia-san so defeated .


After the shock of the denial she recovered quickly and stared hard at us . Do angels have no shame? Her right hand—Let’s stop for her privacy’s sake(そのショックから立ち直った後も私たちのやり取りをじーっと見てるんだけど天使って羞恥心はないのだろうか。その右手はーーーこれ以上は彼女のプライバシーのためにもやめておこう。)(TN: Mr . meh helped)


“Ha, Ha, You seemed more indifferent to that orgasm . Are perhaps really accustomed to this?”

“ You get used to it . Especially because we’ve been doing this non-stop for 2 weeks . ”


Before I know it her tone changed to her tone I became familiar with . Even though I am always with her i never can predict her sudden change .


“If it is boring, then we can do next- – -“

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“Lirus-sama . Sorry to interrupt but a visitor has come . ”

“Despite being in such a wonderful position . I understand . I will go now . ”

“I will go as well .  I have nothing better to do . ”


We began putting on our clothes, when suddenly somebody entered through the barrier – – – there was Lacis . . .


I was a deer in headlights . Completely frozen .


I only just came here, so why is she here already, and completely naked?(私がここに来たばかりのときと同じくなぜか全裸の状態で。)(TN:Mr . meh helped . )


Does she still old a grudge against me even though I am already dead? Does she know that I plan on coming back to life and has come to stop it?


“Lacis, Why are you here? Perhaps you have died? But who could possess that amount of power to kill you?”


She glared at me then – – –


“I . . . . I . . . . Waa . . .  Waaaaaaaa . “


She suddenly broke down .


I rushed over and embraced her .

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She had a face of anguish . A complete expression of despair .


“Na, Nagi . I, I . . . . . ”

“You don’t have to say anything . I already understand . ”


A gently rubbed her back, Trying to soothe her .


It is obvious why she is like this .


For her to be so distraught and dead, it had to be done by somebody strong and close . - – – It has to be because of her master Lucifer .


But why Lucifer to Lacis . . . . ?


No, Thinking about this should come later . For now, Let’s focus on calming Lacis .


“Lacis , Calm down . . . Yes, Use my panties to blow your nose . ”



“ . . . . . Nagi-sama, is this truly the best time for this?”


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That’s strange . It worked when Lirus did it .




“I am very sorry . To be so distraught . And Nagi, Why are you naked? Oh, is it cause you are a pervert? . . . That was rude of me . ”


All of my clothes were used by Lacis as tissues while she was crying .


“Why did you keep giving her your clothing?”(なぜ途中でやめなかったのですか?)(TN:kinda a broken sentence . )

“I had no idea when Lacis would cry that long . ”

“I was not crying . ”


In spite of that, her eyes are swollen and her voice is still shaky .


“Perhaps did Lacis not realize until now?”

“Well, that . . . ”

“Well . I want to hear from you though, what happened to you?”

“ . . . . Well it would be bothersome if I didn’t . As you guessed, I was killed by Lucifer-sama . ”

“As I thought . ”

“Why don’t you laugh? I did kill you . You are suppose to laugh at your killer if this happened . ”

“However I don’t think that way . . . ”


It is better to be sympathetic .


Because I understand how long Lacis has loved Lucifer just from the battle . Lucifer was at her forefront of people she cared for .


“You did it because you thought I robbed Lucifer from you as well as your sister?”


I thought that Lacis would be mad at me still though . . . .


“You are correct . I hated you . You stole Lucifer-sama’s heart . And you also won over my beloved sister in just 1 month . And took the place of her master as opposed to Lucifer . I think I was actually scared of you . Too take away my two important people so abruptly, scared me . It turned to hate . And so i decided to kill you that day . ”


That was awfully frank .


“But I realized I may have done something wrong . Too cause Lucis’ mourning and also to feel Lucifer-sama’s wrath . The consequences of my action led to me being here . This is punishment for my mistake . ”


I could not say anything after hearing Lacis self contempt .


“Although I don’t mind, Do you both plan on staying naked forever?”


Lirus broke the tense atmosphere with that, and we hurriedly put on clothes .


I don’t know what’s happening anymore .

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