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Published at 31st of July 2019 04:53:49 PM

Chapter 92

"By the way where are your parents?" The female healer asked Plutia .

"Eh… They're at home right now…" Plutia said as it was night time so the both of them should be done with their work by now .

"Why are you out here if they are at home right now? Did you tell them you were going out?" The female healer asked once more .

"Emm… I did tell them… I usually go out everyday…" Plutia said the truth .

"What kind of parents are they! How can they let a little girl like you be out here alone?! Especially at night and in the forest where monsters are!" The female healer started to complain about Plutia's parents aka Crystalia and Chase who had no idea they were being insulted right now .

"Em… I came out here with somebody… I guess I would call him my caretaker?" Plutia said as she did not like her insulting her mother Crystalia .

"Then where is your caretaker right now?! How can they be so irresponsible to leave you here!" The female healer started to complain about Kias who did not know he was being insulted this time as well .

"Em… My caretaker is a male so I told them to go away so I can take a bath here…" Plutia said as she also didn't really like Kias getting insulted as well .

"Then who should I get mad at for leaving you here?!" The female healer said as she had no one to vent her anger at .

"Me… Because I was the one who made it like this…" Plutia said as she pointed at herself .

"There is no way I will ever get mad at you! Find someone else to get mad at!" The female healer said .

"Then get mad at yourself?" Plutia said .

" . . . "

" . . . ?" Plutia tilted her head .

"What are you two, a comedic duo?" The female swordswoman asked as she found both of their reaction funny .

"Ahh, we should've invited all the other girls over here to take a bath . Who would've expected there to be a hot bath here . It's so relaxing . " The other female healer said as she started to put on her clothes again .

"Alright, let's head back before they think something has happened to us . We also need to eat then sleep early so we can get ready to clear that dungeon . " The female mage said as she really wanted to eat food and go to sleep .

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"Alright, let's go then little girl . Oh yeah, what should I call you?" The female healer asked Plutia .

"Call me Shiro . " Plutia said .

"Alright Shiro, come along with us . We'll keep you safe from anything until we can return you home . " The female healer said as she started to wear her clothing .

"Alright . " Plutia said as she put on her white skirt before following the girls .

"Wait, you went into this forest alone with only a skirt? What are your parents and caretaker thinking?!" The female healer got angry again when she saw how defenseless Plutia was .

"Emm . . I am alright?" Plutia said .

"You are alright now, but what if something attacks you!?" The female healer said angrily as she saw how carefree Plutia was .

"B-but…" Plutia started to say weakly .

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"No buts . I don't wanna hear it . You shall be silent and obedient? Got that? I don't want to see you be in harm's way . " The female healer said as she gave Plutia a strict glare .

"En…" Plutia said weakly as she didn't want to provoke an unnecessary fight that she had no idea what caused it .

"Alright, let's go now so we can introduce you to all of the other girls . " The female healer suddenly switched from a strict tone to a happy tone before continuing to walk back towards where the adventuring party was camping at .


"I sure wonder where Shiro is…" Kias muttered to himself as he watched the adventurers .

"Oh, looks like the girls are ba- Shiro!? Why are you with them!? What happened between you nine?!" Kias said in a low tone to the point where no one could hear him in a surprised tone .

"There you girls are! You girls left us without saying anything! Did you go take a bath or something at the river without us?!" The other female adventurers asked once the two parties and a Plutia had walked back into the camp .

"Mhm, and we also found this cute little girl there too . She got lost and was alone or so . Her name is Shiro by the way . We have no idea where her caretaker is so we decided to bring her along with us . " The female healer said as she pushed Plutia infront of her for the other girls to see .

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"Woah! Where'd this little angel come from!?" The girls all screamed at once as they got closer to Plutia who reflexively shuffled back behind the female healer .

"Err, I guess she is a bit shy? I mean we only met her when she was bathing after all…" The female healer said as she tried to stop the girls from trying to eat Plutia . Literally, they looked like they were going to eat her clean .

They looked like wolves compared to a shy little Plutia who looked like she would be gobbled up by these ladies at any time . Especially when the males started to look at the commotion the girls had started .

However, most of their eyes were lecherous as always as they stared at the chests and the rear of the females . However they were also stunned and mesmerized by Plutia the moment they saw her .

And soon enough, news about there being a cute little angel staying with them at their camp spread around the adventuring team . This gave both Plutia and Kias a huge headache as neither of them could expect this predicament, how could both genders be such perverts at the same time?

That is one mystery the two of them will never find out .


Author : mmm Gn

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