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Chapter 1505

1505 Gone Crazy from Poverty?

These seven people were all exuberant young people, consisting of four men and three women . The men were handsome and the women were beautiful, all exuding the aura unique to king tiers .

“Ancestor’s deductions were indeed correct . There would be a great good fortune appearing here!” a young man said .

“Naturally, Ancestor’s fortune telling skills are equal to none . ”

“What rare treasure is this?”

“I don’t know, but since Ancestor had us make a trip here, it must be nothing ordinary . ”

“These are three True Phoenixes, heavens!”

“Using three True Phoenixes as horsepower, what exorbitant wealth!”

“This kind of secret trove must be extraordinary!”

“Why has the chest been opened?”

“It’s all right . Ancestor has said that the good fortune lies within the chest, and even if someone made it here first, with the combined forces of the seven of us, could there be anyone beneath Saint-level we can’t deal with?”

“I fear that it is the action of a Saint . ”

“Impossible, Ancestor has already concealed the twists of fate . Even if the treasure appeared, it would not draw the attention of Saints . It should have been someone who just coincidentally happened to arrive here . ”

“En, just set it aside . Let us immediately go in . ”

“But the bodies of these three True Phoenixes outside…”

“Don’t think about it . The body of a Saint King is not something that we can covet . Though Ancestor has predicted that a rare treasure will appear this time, he has still miscalculated . If he had known that there would be three True Phoenixes, Ancestor would have probably moved out personally . ”

“That’s right . Though the secret trove of a Saint King is paltry to us, with our background, it is still considerably valuable . ”

“No, no . I suddenly remembered . With three Phoenix Kings as his mount, this is the secret trove of the legendary Heavenly River King!”


“That person who our Forbidden Lands joined forces to attack… is said to be connected with the Celestial Realm!”

“Hiss, this time Ancestor has really miscalculated . If this is the secret trove of the Heavenly River King, then not just Ancestor, but even those big shots on the same level as Ancestor would be tempted . ”

“What are we going to do?”

“The treasure is right in front of us, so how could we just let it pass us by! Though Ancestor has hidden the twists of fate, the time is still limited . ”

“That’s right; let us first obtain the rare treasure!”

All seven of them were incredibly excited . This was actually the legendary treasure that the Heavenly River King had left behind . It could be claimed to be one of the most valuable treasures of the entire Immortal Realm . Every true big shot would definitely be tempted .

They entered into the chest one after another . They did not have to be as careful as Ling Han and his group and send out cautious probes, because they had received personal instruction from a mighty figure of their clan, and knew that there was no danger .


Ling Han and Empress Luan Xing did not know that a few “visitors” had arrived . In their opinion, with how big the universe was, even three Phoenix Kings were comparably insignificant in size, so the chances of a starship passing by encountering them should be zero .

They looked at the mountain top . That massive paw should belong to some kind of Demonic Beast, and it had been snapped off at the wrist . It was still seeping blood, which was extremely thick, and was reflecting light like bright red rubies . There was actually an exceptional beauty to it .

Even if it was just a broken paw, it still gave others a suffocating feeling . One could completely imagine how powerful the owner of this paw was .

It was said that the Heavenly River King had died from a combined attack from a great many powerful enemies, and that had to have been the very strongest group of the entire Immortal Realm . Just looking at the three dead True Phoenixes outside, they knew how astonishingly powerful the attackers had to be to kill them .

“Come, let’s go up and take a look at the peak,” Ling Han said .

There was not just a single peak here, but it was obvious that this peak right in front of Ling Han and his group was the most attention-grabbing . That massive paw was really too obvious .

The three of them climbed the mountain, and had just taken a single step when they immediately felt a frightening murderous aura surge towards them . Ling Han was still fine, but the Empress did not have as strong a physique as he did . She felt as if the mountain winds were as sharp as blades . Her Origin Power automatically activated, and formed a shield around her .

This had to be because of that gigantic paw on the mountain top . When the gusts of wind brushed past, they brought some flecks of blood with them, causing the wind to carry a frightening murderous aura and possess astonishing destructive power .

Meanwhile, the Asura Demon Emperor directly spat out a mouthful of blood, and was sent flying .

It had to be known that both Ling Han and Empress Luan Xing had advanced into the Eternal River Tier, and that was merely a broken paw, yet was already enough to make the Empress feel as if she had come up against a powerful enemy . From this, it could be discerned how powerful the owner of this paw had to be when alive .

Ling Han drew the Asura Demon Emperor into the Black Tower, and walked with the Empress on the mountain path .

The mountain path was not cragged, as it was paved by an unknown metal all the way to the mountain top . There was a palace there, but it was precisely the target of attacks of that giant paw, and so had been largely destroyed .

“Yi!” Ling Han was stunned, and couldn’t help but crouch down . “This is Level 16 Godly metal!”

Level 16 was just one step away from reaching the level of Saintly Material, and it was actually used as steps . Just how extravagant was that?

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After Ling Han got over his shock, he laughed loudly . His Divine Demon Sword precisely needed to swallow high-grade Godly metal to advance further . Though there was still no need for such luxurious material as Level 16 Godly metal, if it refined a whole row of steps made of Level 16 Godly metal like this, it was enough to advance from Level 16 to Level 17 in a single go!


He began to pry open the steps . It was impossible to take in the whole mountain, but prying open the steps and then taking them into the Black Tower would be nothing too difficult .

And only someone with such strong physique as he could pry open the steps as he stood against the terrifying mountain winds . Though the Empress wanted to help, she soon felt so strained that she had to stand on the sidelines . Her Origin Power was not enough .

“Just rest, I’ll do it,” Ling Han said smilingly . He could not bear having his wife doing such harsh labor; just look at her soft skin and tender flesh .

He was now very excited, happily working . The Divine Demon Sword was now like a bottomless pit, so managing to fill it a bit was enough to fill him with elation .

“Too bad . Why is there no Level 11 Godly metal? Now, I can only store this level of Godly metal and look at it; I can’t use it yet . ” As he dug, he kept muttering . This was taking his gains for granted .

The Empress couldn’t help but cover her smile as her slender figure trembled in humor, her bearing graceful .

But right at this moment, both of them froze at the same time as they discovered that there were a few additional auras that had appeared out of nowhere . They looked down towards the foot of the mountain and saw that seven people had appeared out of thin air there . They were all young men and women, thriving with heroic spirit as if they were True Phoenixes and True Dragons .

“Feng’er!” Ling Han stopped, revealing a hint of killing intent .

“Don’t be anxious . Little Sister is under the protection of three Saint King-level True Phoenixes, and even if a Great Saint came, he may not be able to harm her,” the Empress immediately consoled him .

Ling Han nodded . He had panicked due to his concern for her .

“These people have arrived too coincidentally,” he said . Eternal River Tiers did not have the ability to force the chariot pulled by three True Phoenixes to a stop . Thus, it must have been that they just happened to arrive here . This was so much of a coincidence that it was practically impossible to happen .

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Ling Han continued to dig . They were merely in the Eternal River Tier . He did not take them to heart at all .

Below, the seven people began to ascend the mountain .

“Yi, this path is really quite worn out,” someone complained .

“It seems like the steps have been dug out . ”

“How could that be!” The women of the group shook their heads . If they were to steal anything, they would be stealing that palace on the summit; who would be interested in the steps? That was really too tasteless . Furthermore, their ancestor was among the group that had attacked this place all those years ago, so how could they have such poor scope?

Stealing even the steps; they would have gone crazy from poverty, right?

“That’s right . They should have been damaged during a battle . ” The other men nodded respectively .

However, the appearance seemed to be a little too different from the signs of being damaged during a battle . If it had to be claimed that it was their ancestor that had made the move those years ago, that was fine, but he had clearly not succeeded, so what time would he have to even remove the steps?

Strange, indeed very strange!

They continued walking up the mountain, and very soon, they saw Ling Han who was presently working hard at digging . At this moment, their eyes almost popped out in shock, and their mouths went wide open .

F***, there really was someone that had been driven mad by poverty, not sparing even the steps!