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Chapter 1507

Chapter 1507 Two Consecutive Losses

The Great Ling Forbidden Land?

Never heard of it; was there such a Forbidden Land?

Hu Can and his group were all looking at each other and shaking their heads, expressing that they had never heard of such a place .

“Humph, how could a country bumpkin like you possibly come from a Forbidden Land?” Hu Bing humphed . What person that came from a Forbidden Land would be so ignorant of the ways of the world, and let go of the big prize while grabbing at trifles like the steps? Weren’t you embarrassed?

Ling Han’s mindset was different, though . This whole treasure trove was his, so wherever he started from, who in this world could interfere?

“You guys haven’t even heard of the Great Ling Forbidden Land, you all are really too crude!” Ling Han retorted sarcastically . How could the tongue that he had trained in his encounters with the large black dog not be sharp?

Hiss, this guy!

Hu Can and his group were exploding with fury . There was obviously no such Forbidden Land, and he f***** had to be an impostor, yet he actually called them crude!

“Don’t bicker with him endlessly!” Hu Can said sinisterly .

“All right!” Hu Bing nodded . His eyes turned on Ling Han, while a cold smirk was upon his lips . He might not be good at blurting out nonsense, but he was truly skilled . No matter how much you were bragging, could that actually become reality?

He moved and shot out a fist at Ling Han . Origin Power condensed, forming a fist of rock, but the might behind this attack was pitifully small . At most, it was only at the level of the low extreme of the Eternal River Tier .

Why was it so weak?

Very simple . The mountain winds here were filled with frightening destructive power, and one had to use Origin Power to protect oneself, or his body would be torn into pieces . This was a kind of power of Regulation . Thus, the stronger the person, the stronger its effects would be . It was clear that the gap between the cultivation levels of the seven of them were huge, but they all had to use their full efforts to deal with it .

But if I was weak, so would be my enemy . Thus, he was sure that even if his attack was only at the level of the low extreme, he would be able to cause a serious wound to Ling Han, or even kill him .

He was only in the low extreme as well . Furthermore, an ordinary Eternal River Tier would possess only two to three stars of tier surpassing battle prowess, at most, and now, with that being hindered as well, how would Ling Han be capable of blocking his attack?

Hu Can and the others crossed their arms over their chests as they watched, appearing very arrogant .

They were all king tiers that had come from a Forbidden Land . Asde from young prodigies that had similarly come from a Forbidden Land, who would be able to match them in this world?

None, definitely none!

Ling Han very casually gave him a look . He tapped out a finger, and then began to dig at the steps again . He was a very busy person .

Hu Bing’s hair was almost standing on ends in his fury . That was really too arrogant . ‘We are fighting here, and you are f****** actually still digging! F***, will you die if you dig a little less!

‘Since that is the case, then just go ahead and die!’

He controlled the stone fist to head in Ling Han’s direction .

The tap of Ling Han’s finger turned into a flash of Sword Qi that slashed the stone fist . Suddenly, sword light sank in, and this stone fist was actually sliced apart by force . Immediately, it changed the direction of attack, and the two halves passed by either side of Ling Han, not causing the slightest bit of damage .

But this flash of Sword Qi was still slicing towards Hu Bing as if its might had not been weakened in the slightest .

Hu Bing was shocked .

Under ordinary circumstances, he naturally would not be afraid of any attack coming from the low extreme of the Eternal River Tier, but the problem was he was currently expending the majority of his Origin Power on defending against the mountain winds . And previously, he had used what Origin Power he had left in his attack, so there was no other Origin Power he had left to strengthen his defense .

Though this attack was not too strong, it just happened to be the last straw to break the camel’s back .

“Hu Bing!” A woman moved, and stretched out a palm that turned into a hand that seemed to be made out of a jade, forming a block in front of Hu Bing .

Hu Bing was incredibly grateful . “Thank you, Sister Jing—”

However, he had not even finished his thanks when the Sword Qi had reached him . That jade palm shattered instantly, and the Qi continued to slash towards Hu Bing .


He had not expected this attack at all . At first, he had thought that since Hu Jing had made her move, it would definitely be enough to help him out, but now he could only watch helplessly as the attack reached him and slashed into his chest . A streak of blood immediately spurted out, and he was sent flying with the force .

“Brother Bing!” the other six called out at the same time . They all raced out, and managed to catch Hu Bing .

“I’m fine,” Hu Bing said with difficulty . Though this attack from Ling Han was very powerful, after being blocked two consecutive times, its might had also considerably lessened, so it was natural that it could not possibly deal too much damage to him .

More importantly, it was because the mountain winds here were too powerful; otherwise, he would not fear this attack .

Hu Can and the others all bore livid expressions . They had initially thought they would be able to easily suppress this country bumpkin, but in the end, it was Hu Bing who was wounded by his attack instead . This made them feel very shocked and also embarrassed .

Strange, it was obvious that all of them were affected by the mountain winds, and none of them could release their strongest battle prowess . He was only in the low extreme, so how could he be this powerful?

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Could it be that he had really come from that whatever Great Ling Forbidden Land? If not, what other place could possibly produce such a powerful prodigy?

“We have underestimated you!” The one who had moved to help Hu Bing out of his dilemma, Hu Jing, stepped out . There was a hint of anger on her beautiful face . She had already moved, and yet was still unable to fully protect Hu Bing, which angered her .

Ling Han ignored her, and continued digging out the steps .

Just how much was he looking down on her?

At this instant, Hu Jing really felt an impulse to commit murder .

Yet Empress Luan Xing stepped out, and said, “My husband does not have the time to deal with you . Let me exchange a few blows with you . ”

Hu Jing’s eyes were sinister . She had resented Empress Luan Xing for snatching her spotlight in the first place, and now added with the ire she felt from Ling Han, this was a good opportunity to vent her anger on this woman .

She would not kill her . Instead, she wanted to leave behind a few large scars that could not be removed on her face so that she would eternally become a hideous hag!

‘And then we’ll see if you still dare to show off your beauty!’

She moved directly . With a soft exclamation, the mountain boomed repeatedly . Innumerably stone spikes shot up from underground, and stabbed towards Empress Luan Xing like they were multiple spears .

The Empress was not Ling Han . She did not have an astonishing physique . In this place, she, too, would be greatly hindered, but she still had a slab of the Absolute Beginning Stone . This was a God Tool that could disperse all attacks .

She shot out . Peng, peng, peng, peng . The brick slammed down on them, and everything was shattered .

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A great beauty was actually waving around a brick . This was definitely inappropriate, but the Empress’s beauty surpassed all else . Even if she was waving a brick, she was still exceedingly beautiful, presenting a pleasing sight to all .

She reached her directly, and slammed down the brick on Hu Jing’s face .

Under the effects of the mountain winds, how could Hu Jing block this blow? Pa, she was sent flying, collapsing on the ground .

This time, her injuries were far more serious than Hu Bing’s . She was helped to her feet by the others .

The words “Ancestor Wenxin” were shockingly printed on her face, making for a humorous sight, but Hu Can and the others did not feel like laughing at all . They stared at the brick in the Empress’s hand and frowned .

“Absolute Beginning Stone?” Hu Can said in a low voice .

The Empress ignored his question . She was not duty-bound to answer to anyone; that was how proud she was .

“It has to be, it must be the Absolute Beginning Stone . It cannot be damaged by external power, and has ancestral words etched on it as well . It must be the Absolute Beginning Stone,” a woman said with absolute confidence . Her name was Hu Shuyu, and she was in the early stage of the consummate level .

“Snatch it!” The eyes of the others all lit up .

Don’t think that the Absolute Beginning Stone did not have much power . Because of its unique trait of not breaking down, it would sometimes be used to record some secrets, and it could be passed on through the generations . Thus, it was possible that there was an astonishing secret technique hidden in an Absolute Beginning Stone .

Worse came to worst, even if there was none, Absolute Beginning Stone was too extraordinary in the Immortal Realm, and could be used as a precious treasure for defense .