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Published at 12th of October 2019 09:44:04 AM

Chapter 805

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Even Mo Zhengxin was emotionally moved . He found that the opponent's hand was as hard as metal; it wouldn't break or get injured even when scratched by Dragon Claws . This was too frightening .

However, you are just a human . Are you certain you want to have a close battle with the Sea Race, especially a ruler of the Sea Race?

It was necessary to know that the strength of the Human Race was their comprehension of the martial arts . Setting apart and bolstering the "technique" and "skill" were considered as the way of the king, but close combat was considered to be in the domain of Body Cultivators . As it happened, due to the rulers of the Sea Race having control of Dragon's Blood, each one of them were Body Cultivators, and their physical bodies were incomparably tough .

In a close-range battle, you don't have impressive physical strength; how long would it take to launch a palm strike? In that little time, I could have launched a few hundred attacks and smashed you to bits!

Mo Zhengxin snorted, while his other hand grabbed onto Ling Han .

This strike was fast, accurate, and merciless .

In such a short distance between them, how was Ling Han able to counter it?

If the distance was farther, then with just a lift of his hand, the Origin Power that burst out would shoot out; it would be fine even if the speed was slower . I could still move my arm faster than your attack would be able to cross that distance .

But now, just as your hand was lifted up, my Dragon Claw has struck and is about to snap off your neck!

A cruel smile formed on the corner of Mo Zhengxin's lips . In this one strike, a talented genius of the human race was about to die; this made him feel extremely satisfied in his heart . Where was the thrill in killing ordinary people? The satisfaction in killing one thousand or ten thousand of them couldn't be compared with killing one genius .

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However, he suddenly realized that Ling Han had extended his right hand and grabbed onto his Dragon Claw again .

How could this be?

Earlier, he went through a process of charging towards Ling Han . Notwithstanding that, Ling Han had moved back, and there was a small buffer of time, so it was understandable that he had grasped onto his hands . But now?

Could it be that this human also possessed amazing physical strength? Otherwise, how could he react so quickly?

Ling Han smiled lightly, and said, "Initially, I still had some appreciation for your capabilities . In the future, you'd be able to provide some contribution in the event of any major disaster . However, you insist on seeking death, so I have no choice but to fulfill your wishes . "

"Heng, I admit that I have underestimated you, but you want to kill me? Dream on!" Mo Zhengxin sneered, and suddenly aimed a flying kick towards Ling Han .

Ling Han lifted his leg to counter the attack . Peng, peng, peng, both their legs were unceasingly kicking at the other party because both their hands were mutually in each other's grasp . Every strike of their legs wasn't allowed to yield, and thus mutually landed solidly on the other .

The sea race had an advantage in physique . The body of Mo Zhengxin was comparable to Level Nine Precious metal, but Ling Han wasn't weak, either, and had also reached this level . Theoretically, the match between the two ought to be a tie .

But a tie didn't mean that neither of them would be injured . On the contrary, with the impact of every kick, severe injuries were sustained . Both their legs had already become deformed in between hits .

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This was akin to an incomparably powerful sword capable of crushing any obstacle—if two such swords were to collide with each other, both of them would be battered or even broken apart .

The case now was that both of their legs had been twisted, and the degree of distortion was a bit scary, but they still continued to launch kicks towards each other . In this fight, both pledged their all in a stretch of a single breadth . If either one of them couldn't hold on, then what would be kicked wasn't the leg, but the vital part of the lower abdomen .

If the Dantian was smashed, then wouldn't one be crippled?

Mo Zhengxin felt secretly regretful; at this point, there was no chance to use any Spirit Tool or decree . The arms of both parties were holding onto each other; it was impossible to retrieve either!

He was a descendant of the Mo Clan . He had brought with him several powerful treasures . Each one was enough to kill Ling Han, but now not one of them could be used . How could he not regret it?

But who asked him to bully Ling Han being human and want to have a close-range battle with him, intending to crush him in a single exchange? However, he had not expected to encounter such a formidable opponent .

Ling Han laughed, and said, "You regret it?"

"Ha! Why should I regret it, do you think that your situation is better than mine?" Mo Zhengxin wasn't willing to show any weakness .

"It's really better than yours!" Ling Han circulated the Indestructible Heaven Scroll, and his fractured thighs immediately returned to normal .

What!? Mo Zhengxin was shocked . What the f*ck is this resilience? Are you really human? Are you sure that you aren't a monster?

"What about now?" Ling Han again sent over a flying kick .

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"Ah!" Mo Zhengxin suddenly screamed . Although there wasn't any increase in this kick's power, he felt he had received a hard hit upon impact .

This was due to a psychological effect . He was badly hit, but Ling Han was completely healed . Such contrast naturally caused him to fall apart mentally and to feel a strong sense of frustration; as a descendant of the True Dragon, he had unexpectedly lost to a human in terms of physique .

Ling Han did not show any mercy, and launched his kicks even more rapidly .

Peng, peng, peng, peng, once Mo Zhengxin's fighting spirit began to waver, he naturally couldn't continue with the same manner of speech . Suddenly, he was being furiously kicked by Ling Han . Peng, he couldn't get ahold of Ling Han again and was sent flying by his kicks .

Blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth, and a huge part of his lower abdomen had become concave; it appeared a ghastly sight .

Mo Zhengxin scrambled up with great difficulty . Gasping, he exhaled a breath of air before calming down a little . He then drew out a rolled scroll .

Shattering Void Tier decree!

"You are very strong, but so what?!" He sneered . "In front of the battle prowess of the Shattering Void Tier, you are insignificant just like an ant! Die!" He suddenly opened up the decree, unleashing a powerful pressure that made the four people including Mo Yuanming involuntarily kneel down as their skin split and flesh ruptured .

It was as if a Shattering Void Tier elite had arrived in person, but it wasn't just the imposing manner . Even if they were rulers of martial arts, their bodies nevertheless still crumbled .

Ling Han gave a light smile . WIth a wave of his right hand, 108 daggers suddenly appeared and formed the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation . Immediately, an ice dragon materialized, facing towards the sky, and gave a thundering roar .

"Go!" As Ling Han held out his hand and pointed with a finger, the ice dragon rushed with killing intent towards Mo Zhengxin .

The decree had just been opened when a burly man came out, exuding the powerful aura of the Shattering Void Tier . He saw the oncoming attack of the ice dragon, and immediately went up to meet it . Peng, peng, peng, the two sides fought, and the battle prowess of the Shattering Void Tier instantly crushed all the surrounding mountain rocks to pieces .

If it was not for this place being the Ghostly Dragon Cave, the stars in the world would be out of luck again; who knew how many will be crushed .

That man was being suppressed!

"What?!" The group of five including Mo Zhengxin all had expressions of disbelief on their faces . This was their biggest trump card . In this Ghostly Dragon Cave which Shattering Void Tier elites couldn't enter, wouldn't a Shattering Void Tier decree be amazing enough?

But now? He was being completely suppressed by one side .

Ling Han understood it clearly in his heart—how strong could the strength sealed in a decree be? Due to the double restriction of the maker and the materials of the decree itself, it was already very remarkable to be able to achieve battle prowess surpassing five Stars .

In the Shattering Void Tier, one Star was the difference between heaven and earth, not to mention two Stars or more . With a roar from the ice dragon, the decree was torn to pieces .

"No…!" Mo Zhengxin screamed, but was strangled to death by the ice dragon without any doubt .

Ling Han was going for the kill; he just wanted to kill the group of four including Mo Yuanming, but he was shocked when he saw that the 'Flea King' was flying back in a distance away with the astonishing speed of a bullet .

When the big guy saw that the True Dragon Bloodstone had disappeared, he would definitely flip out; he'd better retreat!

Ling Han also couldn't be bothered with taking action against the four people including Mo Yuanming; they were of no importance in his eyes, anyway . He leaped up, and in a flash, disappeared into the distance .

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