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Chapter 60

But soon all her questions were soon answered and replaced with shock and worry .

A tall man in a all black suit stepped out of the chopper with an indifferent look on his face, he briefly glanced at Katie and James who followed Catherine out with his gaze stopping on James briefly because he recognized James as the great business man he is . He glanced over Catherine barely looking at her before walking up to talk to Danny .

'Ouch, he didn't even acknowledge me . Jerk!' Catherine inwardly scolded the man .

After speaking for a while Danny brought over the man to meet the trio who patiently stood by the side .

"Catherine, this is my brother Samuel Zhou" Danny said .

'Brothers? Oh God they are cousins, damn Catherine how could you not realize it?' Catherine inwardly scolded herself .

"It's nice to meet you, and you must be president Ning I've heard so many good things about it an honor . It's nice meet Ms Song . " Samuel briefly acknowledged them before shifting his gaze back to Danny .

"Let me show you to your room" Catherine said trying to get Samuel to actually look at her .

Samuel slightly nodded before following Catherine into the mansion .

Catherine took towards the west wing of the mansion which was strange because she only reserves it for herself, she even James doesn't go there .

She knew it would be best for her to stay away from him and limit their interaction during this vacation, but she just couldn't help herself .

She was angry, not just angry but depressed he couldn't even remember her . How can you not remember someone you've shared so many intimate nights with?

She wanted to just turn around, face him and tell all that was on her mind, but by doing she would just seem like a crazy girl who has a crush .

"Here we are, your room" Catherine said has she gestured towards a door on the second floor of the west wing . The west wing had three floors, the ground floor which was a resting area and lounge with a kitchen . The second floor had five rooms, one was a gym, the other was an indoor spa, then a work area which had a computer, a library and last was a bedroom .

Then top floor which was where Catherine lived, it was just one wide room, has you walked up the stairs towards the top floor you would see a door leading to Catherine's quarters . She had her one study and everything she could ever want .

"Thank you" Samuel politely said as he made his way into the room and Catherine left .

The room given to Samuel was quite similar to the rest of the rooms in the manor but this particular room held tiny details that any other person wouldn't notice but the person it was precisely made for would