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Chapter 62: 62


While everyone was taking in the gorgeous view and Danny was busy sexting a random girl . Somewhere lost in his own world Samuel casually and indifferently walked around the courtyard . Although he looked calm on the outside but on the inside…

The whole scenario seemed like de ja vu to him, he had already seen this before but where? Why did this seem like an image straight out of his memory? Ever since he got here he has been feeling weird, he had always been in full control of his thoughts and emotions . But, he had thought about his baby which he had not done in a while .

'Her baby, our baby, my baby' that's where he remembers this image from . His mind took him back to a few years ago to a fully painted lilac room and on the wall to the left was a painting of this exact courtyard .

'But how, how is this possible . I must be going crazy, Danny was right I need to rest more . ' Samuel thought as he walked towards a bench at the side to sit .

In the corner far from Samuel, Catherine quietly watched a particular persons every reaction . Although to any other person he seemed very calm but she could see that it was all pretenses . She knew she shouldn't mess with him like this and try to stay as far from him as possible but that rebellious part of her just wouldn't allow it .

They decided to have dinner in the courtyard and continue the tour after their meal, so Catherine asked her servants to arrange a rectangular table and place seats round them .

"There you guys are, we've been roaming around for hours . This place is huge, did no one miss us, even if you didn't miss them what about me" Cindy vented in one breath as she rushed in accompanied by Kyle and Bibi .

A while ago they left their rooms wanting to join everyone else in the living room but couldn't find their way . They kept turning and they seemed to be going round in circles until a while ago when a bunch of people in maid outfits walked past them, they had no idea where they came from but decided to follow them .

"We all just assumed you were resting, you've spent the last few days working so we didn't want to disturb" Anna softly replied .

"Humph" Cindy was still upset

"It's ok, now you've found us and have probably seen more of this place than we have . So, let's just eat" Katie said trying to calm Cindy down .


They all moved to the table with Catherine seating at one end and James sitting at the other . Sitting next to James was Katie, Cindy, Anna and Jeremy and opposite them sat Samuel, Kyle, Bibi and Danny right next to Catherine .

Soon after seating down, various servants approached the table with different sizes of dishes filled with different styles of food . The feast prepared was both exotic and extremely delicious that all dug in with zeal . The chef standing at the side was definitely pleased by this .

As they ate they occasionally spoke and engaged in polite conversation . With James and Samuel talking about various political and economical topics and ideas they had . The way their conversation was going it looked like they might collaborate in the future . Katie spoke to Cindy and Anna about some of her ideas about branching abroad while still holding unto James' hand .

Kyle would glance at Katie from time to time wondering how to acquire her not noticing his own date and Danny actively flirting with each other . Bibi sat next Danny leaning towards him showing her full chest confidently while Danny certainly wasn't shy and had no issues starring straight at her bosom while talking to her . This made Bibi glad, glad that her plan was a success .

Catherine and Jeremy sat at the end of the table peacefully watching everyone interact while whispering to each other .

"How can you say I'm anything like this doofus" Jeremy said as gestured with his chin towards Danny feeling misjudged .

"You guys dress and move alike, you could try to change your style from frat boy or spoilt heir to mature man . " Catherine replied barely lifting her head .

They all continued to eat and occasionally observe an awkward silence but all in all it was a successful dinner .

Briefly after they all finished eating the tour continued and it was certainly a lot livelier now .

Everyone had eaten, loosened up a lot more and most of them were slightly drunk . Laughter erupted round the usually lonely and quite mansion .

The servants stood at the side admiring the group of people who looked very pleasing to look at when Housekeeper Yen sent them away . The housekeeper as on many occasions watched Catherine come here alone so seeing her with friends made her very glad .