Am I A God? - Chapter 403

Published at 9th of August 2018 11:20:08 PM

Chapter 403: Stalking from the Shadows

With his eyes squinted into a hard line, Matcha monitored each and every action between Roly Poly and Dust Ball . A thought occurred in his head, "What the hell is that kid up to? I'll have to expose your ploy even if I have to put my illustrious George name on the line!"

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Meanwhile, Roly Poly reached for his phone before gesturing Dust Ball to do the same . A stream of numbers scurried across Dust Ball's screen . Immediately, beams of excitement shout out of her eyes as she nodded her head contentedly, "Alright, you may enter . However, I'm only giving you 30 minutes . If Zhao Yao finds out, both of us are dead . "

"Don't worry, I'll be out in an instant . "

From his corner, Matcha watched as Roly Poly disappeared into the light door . A sudden seriousness plummeted through Matcha, "Hmph, entering the extradimensional belly in the middle of the night? What is he up to?"

Each second that passed felt like an entire eternity . Yet, Roly Poly was still not out . Matcha could only switch to plan B as he approached Dust Ball, "Dust Ball, may I enter the extradimensional belly?"

"No, Zhao Yao has made it clear that no one is supposed to enter the extradimensional belly . "

Flames of anger shot through Matcha when faced with this unfair treatment . Suddenly, two contrasting thoughts swept through his head .

"Should I just confront her straight on and threaten her about letting Roly Poly in? No . Given her personality, this will simply end up in a bloodbath . "

"How about bribing her? I believe she only allowed Roly Poly to enter after he sent her some money . "

"Hey, but I'm Matcha, George Matcha, first of his name, the one true heir to the café! Do I really need to stoop to such means?"

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With this thought at the back of his head, Matcha took a step towards Dust Ball with a mysterious expression . He tore a pawful of fur from his body and presented it to her, "Let me enter . I'll give you all of these if you let me pass . "

Dust Ball slid the strands of yellow fur a condescending glare before sneering, "Get lost . "

"Tsk, even my fur doesn't work?" Her heartless response filled Matcha with indignation as he left . Suddenly, a glimmer of brilliance flashed across his eyes as Matcha bolted towards the living room . His chubby body slid across the granite floor before coming to a halt right under the sofa, "It should be here!"

Moments later, Matcha reappeared with that same mysterious look on his face . He pressed his face towards Dust Ball and whispered, "How about this?"

Her eyes were naturally drawn to the object in his paws .

To Dust Ball's disappointment, it was just two grains of rotten cat food in Matcha's paws .

Matcha announced unabashedly, "Look! This is cat grain passed down from the Tang dynasty! It's worth millions and millions . I'll give it to you if you let me enter . "

Dust Ball had enough of Matcha's nonsense and reciprocated by opening her mouth .

Poom! Immediately, an avalanche of cat litter exploded from it as it swarmed over Matcha . There was even a hint of sourness in it .

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Matcha let out a shriek before disappearing into a corner . He only managed to get rid of that appalling smell after some intense licking . With the vicious look on his face, he approached Dust Ball with a phone dangling from his lips .

Left with no options, Matcha adopted the safer approach . After transferring Dust Ball the money, he walked towards her with unbridled confidence oozing from his body, "I've given you five RMB, is that enough? Can I finally enter now?"

Matcha couldn't help but sigh, "I never wanted to resort to this measure . Even though this measly amount is nothing in my eyes, I absolutely abhor this world which only knows the price of everything and value of nothing . It's preposterous and disgusting! Sometimes, I just want to go back to the past where I could live a life, free from these vile thoughts and ideas . "

Dust Ball looked at the amount and was terribly disappointed by it . It was nothing compared to what Roly Poly had given her . Hence, she opened the light door with a disdainful look, "Alright, I'll let you enter but you only have one minute . "

"One minute? What can I possibly do in one minute?" Matcha's body quivered with indignation as he continued, "You are so greedy! RMB five for one minute? Do you know what you can do with that amount? You can live like a king for the rest of your life with it!"

"You are getting on my nerves . It's either you go in or you get lost . " Dust Ball even threatened by motioning to shut the light door .

"Alright, alright, one minute it is!" Matcha pounced forward in order to stop her from sealing the door . He then squeezed past the tiny gap as he grumbled, "Extravagant, this is simply too extravagant . "

Again, someone was secretly observing this exchange between the two of them . Elizabeth's eyes were glued to this intriguing scene unfolding right before her .

"Hmph, is this a mutiny? Zhao Yao has clearly stated that no one should enter the extradimensional belly . What the hell is that Matcha up to now?"

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Dust Ball immediately shut the light door the moment Matcha disappeared into it . However, it was about to be a long night for her . A white furry figure began to prance towards her as a gigantic shadow loomed over .

Before Elizabeth could even open her mouth, Dust Ball had already beaten her to it, "It's five for a minute, 200 for 30 minutes and 1000 for an entire night . "

Elizabeth's brows snapped together when she heard that ridiculous price, "What is this? It's daylight robbery! The customers are only willing to spend RMB 100 for a stupid coffee after raping me with their filthy hands!" Naturally, Elizabeth was reluctant to fork out a single cent . She had other tricks up her sleeve . Suddenly, that same red glimmer flashed across her eyes .

Immediately, Dust Ball had lost control over her body as the shining light door appeared before them .

However, Dust Ball instantly regained controls over her body the moment Elizabeth entered the belly . With her adept control over it, Dust Ball began screaming at her at the top of her voice, "How dare you enter without paying? I can simply throw you out by force!"

"If you insist on doing that, I'll simply resort to telling Zhao Yao the truth! We shall see who will be the one getting the last laugh!" Elizabeth's words were like arrows raining down on Dust Ball . Finally, she kept her mouth shut . She knew that she would only be on the losing end since she had already allowed Roly Poly and Matcha to enter .

Elizabeth's intent eyes immediately swept across the place before noticing a fat cat hiding in a small gap between two containers . It seemed like he was spying on someone .

Elizabeth immediately sprung onto a nearby cat bed and began her own reconnaissance mission .

Currently, Matcha was hiding in an elusive spot with his eyes glued to Roly Poly .

Roly Poly stood opposite Ishida with a phone dangling from his lips .

Ishida squat next to him and noticed a few gleaming words printed on the screen, "Are you Ishida? I'm the cat in charge of this place . Now that you are here, what plans do you have in the future?"

This question caught Ishida off guard . To err on the side of caution, he decided to clarify some terms, "What exactly do you mean by future plans?"

Roly Poly instantly threw the phone against the ground before his stubby paws darted across the tiny screen . He then picked it up from the ground before shoving it in Ishida's face, "How much do you know about the lending platform? Do you know who Zhao Yao is?"

"Zhao Yao?" Ishida's eyes went wide when he heard those two words . He purposely left out his purpose for coming to Jiangmen City in order to steer clear of trouble . However, there seemed to be no way out with this question thrown at him .

Matcha, which was wedged in the tiny gap between the containers, stared intently at this scene and whispered, "Caught red-handed? How dare you try to collude with this criminal?" He immediately whipped out his phone to snap a photograph . However, a familiar voice rang in his head .

"Hey, your one minute is up! Do you want to extend your timing? If not, I'll have to force you out!"