Am I A God? - Chapter 804

Published at 30th of June 2019 08:38:57 PM

Chapter 804

After threatening Momo and the spirits, Xiao Yu threw them on the ground, “Nekomata, keep a close watch on them! If any of them dares to escape, chop off her cat head first!”

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Momo screamed, “You devil!!”

Xiao Yu stuck her head back in and said to Kun Wu, “Kun Wu, you’re so nice . Can I hug you?”

Kun Wu saw the innocent look on her face and nodded . Xiao Yu emerged fully from the floor and hugged Kun Wu .

Kun Wu thought to herself, “Children are so innocent and kind . Perhaps children are the only people we can trust in this world?”

Behind Kun Wu’s back, Xiao Yu smiled devilishly .

“What a unique-looking cat . You should be able to fetch a high price with your looks . ”

“No, selling her off at once would be a loss . Maybe I should hand her over to Zhao Yao and let this cat serve customers at the Cat Wonderland . That would surely earn a lot more money . ”

Zhao Yao crawled quietly in the darkness, concentrating on the main hall in front of him as he listened intently to all that was happening within a one kilometer range .

In the main hall, Dust Ball, Ares, and Noodle were still unconscious after being tranquilized . Zhao Yao had no intention of waking them up either .

Lucifer had already found his head and fixed it back on before lying in a pool of blood .

Zhao Xue’s body looked like it was still wrapped in countless steel bands but in actual fact they had already been cut open by Zhao Yao .

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At that moment, meowing sounds came from afar . Zhao Yao’s eyes focused as he stared at the hole where the meowing sounds came from .

“Are you here, Project X?”

What appeared before Zhao Yao was not Project X . It was Catherine and Elizabeth, who were tied up by Shadow .

He saw hundreds of shadow threads wrapped around the two ragdoll cats’ bodies as they were being dragged towards the cage prison .

Earlier on, Project X gave up chasing Elizabeth and the rest as he wanted to catch Matcha, who had the power of Time Freeze . He left the job of catching them to Shadow, who did not disappoint as he succeeded in his mission and caught them .

Afterall, the ability to control shadows had the upper hand over Catherine and Elizabeth’s powers .

Especially since Project X forewarned Shadow of Catherine’s ability to induce sleep, Shadow could just avoid looking at Catherine in the eye .

Furthermore, Elizabeth’s power of illusion had a slower precedence rate . For a supercat that could turn into a shadow, her powers were effectively useless against him .

Zhao Yao frowned, “It’s not Project X? Is this a trap?” He sniffed and listened for a bit but did not sense any other cats nearby .

When he saw Shadow scream in shock and quicken his pace upon seeing the unconscious supercats, Zhao Yao knew he could not hesitate any longer .

Zhao Yao activated Time Freeze as soon as he flew off . In the world of Time Freeze, where everything came to a standstill, Zhao Yao used his shocking physical abilities to rip apart the shadow threads on Catherine and Elizabeth’s bodies, rescuing both cats .

He placed Catherine in front of Shadow .

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When time resumed its flow, the first thing Shadow saw was Catherine, who had appeared in front of him all of a sudden . He fell into a nap at once, revealing his physical form . Zhao Yao caught him at once and twisted him unconscious before throwing him aside .

Zhao Yao did not let his guard down after doing all this . The muscles on his body tensed up as he switched to the power of Ultra Rapid Regeneration, expecting a surprise attack . However, nothing happened .

Only Elizabeth and Catherine pounced on Zhao Yao, meowing incessantly at him .

Zhao Yao frowned, “It’s really a coincidence? My luck is not bad, I actually managed to get rid of one of Project X’s henchmen . ”

At the moment when Zhao Yao had just activated Time Freeze…

Project X, who was running with the three cats in his arms, felt the effects of the Time Freeze as well .

“What’s going on? I didn’t activate Time Freeze . ” Project X was confused for a moment as he turned to Matcha, “There’s no need for him to activate Time Freeze as well…”

Matcha thought, “Is Zhao Yao activating Time Freeze?” Seeing Project X turn his gaze on him, Matcha immediately laughed out loud as he understood at once, “No, I must cover for Zhao Yao, I can’t let Project X know Zhao Yao has recombination abilities…”

Matcha immediately responded to Project X’s questioning look, “What’s wrong? I activated Time Freeze for fun just to test it out, in case anything’s wrong with it…”

Project X narrowed his eyes . Although he did not have the ability to read minds, he had Sphynx cat’s training abilities and Sang Biao’s physical evolution powers which was constantly enhancing his physique and perceptiveness by leaps and bounds . Hence, he could easily sense Matcha’s uneasiness .

“He’s… lying?”

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Next, Project X focused his vision on the whole of Fortress Nightmare, giving him a bird’s eye view of everything that was happening within the fortress .

The situation in the center of the fortress immediately caught Project X’s attention . Zhao Yao’s actions were too obvious in a world of standstill .

“Zhao Yao activated Time Freeze? But… why?” Project X recalled how Zhao Yao activated the Ultra Rapid Regeneration power back in the Cat Wonderland .

“He was also the one who blasted Slaughter right? At that time, besides the Ultra Rapid Regeneration, he had a very strong physique as well . Even if he was concealing his physical prowess, what explains the Time Freeze now?”

Project X frowned, “Apostles should only be able to borrow one kind of power, but this guy seems different from a normal apostle . Besides his strong physical capabilities, he also has the power of Ultra Rapid Regeneration and Time Freeze at the same time?”

Under Doll’s command, the anti-electromagnetic mecha arrived near Cat Wonderland .

Looking down, the whole area where the Cat Wonderland had been was surrounded by numerous police cars and even military troops . However, there was nothing they could do about the black castle that had suddenly appeared in front of them .

Doll chuckled to himself . The anti-electromagnetic mecha flew out amidst cries of astonishment as it went head-first into Fortress Nightmare .

Doll lost all contact with the anti-electromagnetic mecha the moment it entered the fortress .

Headless remained in the smart backup of the mecha . He felt the camera flash black before turning bright again . He realized that he was in a strange building .

“What a weird place,” Headless thought to himself . “What am I supposed to do next? I should just turn off the mecha and take a break since Master can’t see me . I’ll go out after the incident is over . ”

The next moment, Doll’s will suddenly rang shrilly inside the mecha, “Headless, what are you doing?”

“Eh??? Master, didn’t you decide not to come?”

“I installed a temporary backup of myself so I can see what’s going on in here . Who knows if you would actually do your work diligently,” Doll said . “Start exploring this space and locate Kun Wu and Project X . ”

The next moment, 16 openings opened up as nano detectors flew out from them, spreading out at super speed across all the channels around the mecha . Sonar and electromagnetic waves radiated from these detectors to detect the layout of the place, transmitting the information gathered to the mecha .

Every time it reached a fork, the nano detectors would split into two, venturing into different forks as they continued to detect the layout of the place .

In Doll’s vision, a giant construction diagram of Fortress Nightmare quickly materialized and expanded continuously as it became more and more detailed, more and more complex .

Headless: “Master, I received an electromagnetic signal . It seems to be a phone . ”

“Send a nano detector over . ”

Looking at the huge missing block that suddenly appeared in the diagram, Doll asked, “What’s going on there? Send the video signal over . ”

The next moment, a large area of holed walls and debris appeared before Doll’s eyes .