An adult in Pokemon - Chapter 74

Published at 11th of February 2020 09:15:08 AM

Chapter 74

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Gray and Sabrina were finally making it to board the St . Anne II . After making several psychic jumps to different cities . The oddest thing was Sabrina . She felt weird that her psychic power had jumped up so much . Especially when she held hands with Gray . It made her flustered as well as excited .

Ori continued to make light fun of her . Much to Fennekin's delight . The little fox Pokemon no longer wanted to stay in her pokeball much anymore . She also kept jumping onto Gray's head and talking with Empress . Albeit telepathically of course . The little Zorua stood out with Sabrina as well . Constantly watching the area excitied . A white ribbon was tied in her hair . Something Sabrina picked up from her house .

"Stop smiling Gray . " Sabrina said with a little pout . She was upset at how well Gray got along with her father . Even more so when they found Sabrina's old doll house . "You cant tell anyone about it . "

"Haa, Sabrina . . " Gray paused to look at her over his shoulder . They just stepped onto the Quarter Deck of the ship . " . . I already said it is not something to be embarrassed about . A lot of collectors have stuff like that . I even had a model collection back when I was younger . "

"But still . " Sabrina looked down at Zorua . The pokemon just smiled ad licked her face . Gray and her father marveled at her playhouse a little to much . "Just keep quiet about it . "

"Ok . " Gray said . He walked over to a crewman and asked for the location of a Dr . Clock . Showing his digital information on his pokegear, Gray was given the location as well as a key card access to enter the V . I . P . area . It was little more secretive than what he was led to believe . "Oi, Sabrina this way . "

"Right . " Sabrina smiled and followed along . Fennekin's ears twitched on top of Gray when they turned the corner . She picked up some weird sounds that were then relayed to the others via telepathy . 'Oh that does sound weird . Anyway time to rest both of you . ' Sabrina returned both of them to their pokeball's .

"Hmm think it will get serious quickly or slowly?" Gray asked Sabrina as they made down the halls . A lot of halls that made his head hurt . The two stopped at a steel door as Gray punched his code in . "If this turns out to be nothing, I am giving my contact a bad response . "

"Haha . " Sabrina chuckled a little . "I rather it was simple, that way we can get started on the other tasks you have . "

"Dong, dong, dong . " The elevator chimed as they moved . It was slowly making a few stops when the ship pulled out of port . Several safeguards to make sure nothing happen in transport . "Ding!" The door opened to a lavish room . Inside were several cases with Pokemon fossils inside .

"Oh wow . " Sabrina said . She was glued to a particular fossil that looked to be a giant bird Pokemon . Gray kept walking and let her look around . "Is this a human or a pokemon?!" She scanned her pokegear over to record the information as well as commiting it to memory . For safety, she let out her Espeon to guard over her .

"Dr . Clock!" Gray called out . He did not want to spend to much time waiting . He already told the man he was on his way an hour ago . This was getting a tad bit rude . "Tch!" Gray outstretched his hand sending a psychic wave of energy through the place . He noticed a slight aura suppression from several points in the walls .

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"Bing!" A resounding noise echoed back to him . Someone was in the back, in the bathroom it felt like . Gray walked over and knocked on the door .

"Knock, knock!" No sound came back .

"I know someone is in there . Come out already . " Gray said .

"Chck!" The door opened . Out walked a short little man . Gray had know idea who he was, since a towel was wrapped around most of the little man's face .

"Sorry about that . The showers here are just amazing . I couldnt pull myself away . You must be Gray?" The doc outstretched his arm, but Gray did not shake .

"You are still wet so no . I take it things are not as serious as I was told . " Gray took a few steps back and leaned against the wall . "Haaa, a lot of rushing for nothing I suppose . "

"Not at all . Things are serious . In fact, I wish Oak would have sent more Elite Trainers . Alas, things are problematic all over the Pokemon World I am afraid . Even a few Dungeons are causing trouble . " The doc went to put his clothes on, talking the entire time . "On the table is a bag, open it and see what you think . Tell me anything you know about them . Even guesses . "

"Hmm ok . " Gray looked at the table and used his psychic powers to open the bag and pull out the contents . He was already back in the habit of training and wanted his psychic powers to increase more . "These tablets . . . " A few bubbles appeared

(Unaboidable Mission: Acquire Plate's at all cost . )

There were three tablets floating before him . Each with an element symbol on it . They were effectively plate's . Plates made from Arceus . What the doc was doing with this, Gray had know idea .

(Sealed Plate x3 Contains Aura of the Pretender Arceus & ????)

"I found them on a dig a few years ago . As a hobby, I started to collect them after I found they can increase a pokemon's power . If it matches the type anyway . " Dr . Clock said . "But it only works on powerful pokemon that can confer blessings . "

"Yeah . . . that's about right . So what do you want me to do with them?" Gray flipped them over with a wave of his finger . On the backside written in the Unknown Pokemon language, where names . Names of those who fought in the war against Arceus . 'Tch, cannot have that Pretender gain these back or his minions . '

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"Professor Oak wanted me to give them to you for safekeeping," Dr . Clock said coming dressed in his clothing and lab coat . "I want to know what they are myself and have them translated . Then they are yours . It has been difficult to find anyone to translate them . Oak said you could . "

"Hmm, he is right . But it would put you in danger . You do realize this?" Gray said seriously . Doc gave him a nod, so he placed the plates down back on the table . Releasing his psychic energy and aura to create a barrier, Gray started to tell him about the Pokemon battle 10 years ago . However, he told him about was not covered in history and why it was going on . Dr . Clock expression turned to rage from the hidden information and the details revealed . "Any questions?"

"Haaaaa, this is dangerous information . " Doc sighed as he leaned in the chair . "So Arecus . . is a threat and whishes to place himself as the true God of things . That is not what was told 10 years ago . In fact, Giratina was the one that caused trouble everywhere with its followers . Why does the Pokemon League not disband its followers? They have gathered groups all over . "

"Influence from the right families . Arcecus did wait a long time to do anything . " Gray spoke somberely . "There is a reason the Elite League was formed . Besides just training those to fight against the crazed Pokemon and Organizations that litter the planet . If you have not noticed, trainers are not all cracked up to fight the danger . Thhe military has its hands full with the Pokemon Dungeons . "

"Haa Influence . . . " Dr . Clock sighed in his seat . "I remember when I turned 12 and went on my journey . Things were a lot simpler then . A lot less dangerous . But Pokemon have grown stronger and smarter . Even more since Giratina and Arceus fought . "

"Giratina's job, was to stop Arceus' influence . It has been corrupting people and changing the way they act . Removing "free will" of those who do not obey . " Gray thought the best course would be to remove the League . But the League had to many champions and respect everywhere . His hands gripped tight in agitation . 'Stupid humans are going to ruin everything!' The thought was filled with hatred . A pulse from the Blessing of Latios & Latias calmed him down . 'Need to stay focused . '

"Is that so wrong?" Dr . Clock asked . "A lot of violence has spread since the Cataclysm . Even before it, people and Pokemon were doing horrific things . All across the world people prayed for help . Arceus answered that call and help organized things . "

"No . it forced them to comply with its doctrine . It is also slowly replacing the people and Pokemon with itself . If left unchecked, all that is left will be Arceus and its will . " Gray looked at the man for any issues . His body language just showed he was tired and stressed out . Gray continued to speak after a while . "If you could no longer study and do things you like, what would be the point? No longer able to eat what you want . Or do what you want . Nothing but what Arceus says . There will be no point in you living . "

"Hmm, but no pain either . No violence . " Dr . Clock said .

"No joy or peace either . " Gray said . "Only its will . "

"How do you figure?"

"If you have no goals and no choice, you are just existing . Arceus does not need to breed or allow humans and Pokemon to breed anymore either . Once everything is done and the "aura" has been taken from everyone, it will consume everything and leave to new World's . " Gray said somberly . Images of the devastation the creature would leave behind plague his thoughts . "It is powerful, but weakened for now . "

"Than why would Origin allow this?"

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"The creature was a mistake . A by-product of a war somewhere else . The result of a "test" to put in common terms . " Gray shook his head trying to decide what should and should not be said . He needed the plates to get rid of them . As well as do it legally to prevent trouble from arising . Also the man was innocent, he could not kill him . Unless he was an agent of Arceus, then all bets were off . "It is not your God . Just an instrument of it . "

"Then who is!?" The man looked to be agitated . "Who do we blame for this suffering then!?"

"Woosh!" Sabrina teleported into the room . Ori floated out of her and turned into Mew . Her aura encircled the man giving him a small comfort of peace .

'You can blame me if you like . ' Ori thought to the man . Her voice sounding pained as she thought to him . 'I am the one who created you all in the Kanto region . And my other half creating the Johto region . I failed in educating your ancestors and removing Arceus from existence when it arrived . '

Gray froze at the revelation but let it pass . Ori was not a fighter . Even with Sabrina fusing with it and helping in the past, the Pokemon was to peaceful . The same for Chroma the Celebi . She liked to play tricks however and run around . Shaking his head, Gray left it alone to deal with later . Mew was always the peaceful type of Pokemon in the show and comic . Never really see it murder anyone .

Ori saw from the corner of her eyes what Gray did . She knew it was something more for later . If she knew what Arceus was all those centuries ago, she would have at least confined it or weakened it . But she was not privy to that information when she arrived . It was supposed to be a peaceful place, not part of another test . A place that was given to her by God and Fiel .

"Then the other regions? Why create them instead of one big landmass . "

'I created just enough to go through things . Enjoying the first Pokemon along side a few friends . As time went on, the aura in the air along with the every increasing Pokemon population and human advancement, gave birth to new things . As well as War itself . ' Ori floated around the man for a bit . 'It is not in my "design" to stop life . It goes against everything I believe in . '

"So we suffer because of it?" The professor turned angry .

"Come off it . People can choose not to kill or do the horrible acts you claim . They just choose not to . They choose to do so and obey Arceus . " Gray added . "But they do not resist . Whether it is for their own dreams and desires is still to be seen . Arceus wishes to tell everything and appoint itself as God . What do you think will happen to the people who do not agree to conform? Those who do not wish to listen?"

"War . " Dr . Clock answered with one word . "Haah one like a years ago . Man v . s . Pokemon . But wait . . What about the Pokemon that fought against it?"

"it will be there . Hopefully it gains enough strength before Arceus does . " Gray said plainly . He would not tell the man he was that Giratina . That would lead to all sorts of problems . "A few others are doing what they can . The Elite League was designed for this afterall . "
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"Very well then . " The professor reached into another bag by the table . He pulled out a device that reminded Gray of bunny ears for a tv . "This will help in finding "auracite" deposits . Still in the prototype phase . " He looked at Ori and didnt know what to say . Shaking his head in disappointment, he let it go . "To much to say really . "

"Toot, toot!" The horn went off on the ship . They had reached the first stopping point while Gray and company talked . A few hours that felt like days .

"Come on Gray, first checkpoint . " Sabrina said while grabbing him . She was determined to get him away from the Professor . She felt Gray was changing the more they talked . Ori disappeared next to her . "Later professor . "

"Uh huh . Just make sure you make it back in two days . That is when the ship leaves again . " Seeing them out, the professor walked to the bedroom and pulled out a briefcase . "I still have this just in case . "

"Chk!" He opened up to reveal some scales and a golden handle . The scales belonged to Giratina and the golden handle was a part of Arceus horn . The aura dampeners concealed everything in the room to the outside . "Tuk!" Closing it shut, Dr . Clock relaxed on the bed .

"Arceus . . or . . Giratina . . who to really help? Is what that boy said true . Only time will tell . " Dr . Clock power up his computer . Images of several Elite Trainers battling across the world played . "Haaa Oak needs to hurry with deciding his champions . "

-In a lab in the Johto region-

"Are you sure about this Professor?" A young man asked holding onto a glove . He had his cap turned backward and had shorts on . His shirt was to the side revealing his body to the light . Several Blessings aligned his backside . "This seems dangerous . "

"It will be ok Gold . " Professor Oak said . "I think you have it in you to handle it the power . " He thought of all the testing of weaker trainers and the few failures . 'Are you sure about this MewTwo?' The pokemon responded with its thoughts from within .

'Yes . The one called Ash had to soft a heart . He will make a fine defender . But we need an attacker . Better he joins us before the Pokemon League takes him . '

"Here goes nothing . You can do this Gold!" The young man psyched himself up . reaching towards the light he disappeared wrapped in aura energy . "Ahhhh!" A scream was the last thing heard .

"Please succeed Gold . Pass the dungeon that Gary could not . " Professor Oak would lament later at his decision . For his grandson was no longer there .