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Chapter 85

“I can answer the questions you’ve asked just now . ” There was still a smile on Lin Li’s face, but the fierce light in his eyes was as good as the one on the steps of the Emerald Tower . Cromwell had no doubt that the other party would kill himself with a lift of his hand . “Firstly, I am indeed a pharmacist . As for my potion…”

Lin Li looked back at the place where he had fallen . An empty glass bottle was lying there quietly . Not too long ago, it was filled with Elixir of the Sages .

So far, he was still pleased with his decision . It was fortunate that he had prepared a bottle of Elixir of the Sages before the duel…

When the Aether Staff released the massive magical energy, Lin Li did not hesitate at all . He took out the Elixir of the Sages from his pocket and drank it directly . The petal of the black lotus was very precious; but no matter how precious it was, it would never be more important than his own life .

The moment he drank the Elixir of the Sages, Lin Li had a complete grasp of what would happen in the next ten seconds . It was a thorough perception . Not only did he know that Cromwell was about to release a level-nineteen spell, he also knew that the power of the magic spell came from the level-eighteen magical crystal . He even knew that the recitation would take ten seconds…

Then everything became very simple .

As a matter of fact, Lin Li had only done two things in those ten seconds .

The first was to walk over .

The second was to tap the gold rod on the level-eighteen magical crystal .

The gold rod coated with deep silver completely restored the level-eighteen magical crystal to the purest essence of magic almost in an instant . How could it be possible to sustain a nearly legendary magic spell with the strength of Cromwell’s level-fourteen Magic Shooter without the massive source of mana?

Under the terrifying bite of the spell, Cromwell’s mana disintegrated almost concurrently and he had completely turned into a useless man .

This nearly divine scene from the audience’s view was actually this simple .

A bottle of potion and a gold rod had utterly turned Cromwell into an invalid .

“Alright, Mage Cromwell, I’ve answered your questions . Now it is your turn to answer mine . ” Lin Li stared fixated into Cromwell’s eyes . “Mr McGrenn and Ina, where are they now?”

Cromwell shrank back subconsciously as soon as he made contact with Lin Li’s eyes . Having lost the protection of his magic, he was worse than a poor insect . His expression was dull and his eyes were wincing at the moment; where had his heroic spirit gone to? How was he looking like a level-fourteen Magic Shooter?

“Your time is running out, Mage Cromwell . ” Cromwell’s silence made Lin Li frown . He disliked having to extort a confession .

“They… should be in the Merlin Family’s dungeon…” Cromwell had difficulty swallowing his saliva; when he spoke, he found his voice incredibly dry .

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“Oh, thank you . ”

Lin Li still had the warm and polite smile on his face as if he was talking about the weather with an old friend . But in the next moment, an icicle was released from his hand and shot through Cromwell’s chest on the spot…

Lin Li was not Cromwell; he did not need to humiliate the other party, let alone have any feelings to vent . As to whether the defeated Cromwell would beg for mercy, Lin Li was even less interested in that .

To him, this was just a duel, and the goal of this duel was to kill the opponent .

He would not even have been interested in talking to Cromwell if he hadn’t been trying to find out the whereabouts of McGrenn and his daughter .

There were no shrill cries, no cursing before death; just a “plop” and Cromwell fell down stiffly . Only then did he understand what the phrase “your time is running out” meant…

Old Merlin closed his eyes in anguish the moment Cromwell fell .

The hundreds of spectators on the stand felt chills rising from their spines at the same time…

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This young Magic Shooter named Felic was fearsome . He could endure in adversity and stay calm in advantage . Once he had absolute control of the situation, he’d never give his enemy a slight chance . The icicle that killed Cromwell was neat and clean, prompt and effective .

If possible, they would never want to be enemies with someone like this .

After a short silence came a thunderous applause .

All but Old Merlin rose from their seats and gave the warmest applause to the winner of this duel .

“Well done!” Gerian was even more excited, just like a child . He stood high in his seat, jumping and shouting; his fat face full of ecstatic smiles as if he had won the duel himself .

“Congratulations, President Gerian . ” There was a touch of joy on Ysera’s fair face . He turned around and shook Gerian’s hand and then applauded Lin Li excitedly .

“Congratulations . ” Reuben had always been a man of few words, but there was still a glimmer of excitement in his voice .

“Hahahaha, congratulations to us!”

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Compared with the two men’s low-key voice, Gerian’s laughter was so arrogant that almost half of the square could hear his gong-like voice .

Hearing Gerian’s “congratulations to us”, the smile on the two patriarchs’ face deepened . This meant that Gerian had acknowledged them as the guild’s allies . After this duel, the Guild of Magic’s domination of Jarrosus would be unstoppable . In the future, it would not be a match of which forces were stronger, but of who had a closer relationship with the Guild of Magic .

And the two major mage families who first swung to the Guild of Magic would undoubtedly have the absolute advantage in this comparison .

Amidst the thunderous applause, Castellan Isaac’s voice was clearly heard by all ears .

“Now, as the overseer of this duel, I declare the winner of this duel is… Felic, from the Guild of Magic!”

Isaac’s voice completely ignited the atmosphere in the Daylight Square . The wealthy businessmen, the celebrities, and the leaders of the forces all chanted the winner’s name at the same time to salute the winner of the duel .


Jarrosus was a city that advocated the strong . At this moment, all except Old Merlin had put aside all other factors outside the court and also their feuds with each other . There should only be one main star and one voice in the Daylight Square—and that was Felic of the Guild of Magic!