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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Witch Hunter of Twilight

Part 1

The Hero summoned to the real world. King Arthur confirmed silence of the second threat. He advanced towards the first threat, Ouka, immediately.

His purpose was breaking into the detention facilities. He did not have a consciousness, but to follow his orders he preferentially chose to kill Ouka, because she was threat to the execution of his primary goal.

After he kills the girl, no threats will be left. He will hurry towards his destination, after he self-destructs and destroys all the witch-hunting troops with his magic power, his objective will be completed.

The Hero intended to pierce the sleeping Ouka with the sharp edge of his gun.

He was about to pierce her throat.

——That's when,

The Hero detected a new threat and shot a magic bullet from Excalibur after turning around.

It flew towards the new threat in a linear trajectory as soon as it appeared.

A direct hit. Clearly a direct hit.

It was supposed to be.

But the magical bullet shot by the Hero didn't reach the target despite being a direct hit.

A flash. A horizontal swing, a phenomenon as if severing space and time. The magical bullet which was made out of concentrated magic was bisected.

And it disappeared.

The Hero looked towards it.

Appearing in front of him, an unidentified threat.

The existence could not be discerned. Different from a human. Different from a witch.

The one 'unidentified' referred to was clearly a threat, that was the answer the Hero acquired.

An azure-coloured armoured knight.

Referred to the with same epithet as the Hero himself was.

That was, just a threat.

A threat to all of them who are engaged with magic.

His ego disappeared, and there was only fear in the Hero.

The armoured knight clad in azure particles, set up an azure longsword.

The moment the armoured knight's pupils sparkled eerily, at a speed that even powerful Hero couldn't catch, Hero was blown away by threat's kick.

Part 2

Immediately after awakening, Takeru ran towards the Hero who tried to kill Ouka.

Whatever happened, not knowing what happened to him, he just ran to help her.

The enemy turned his attention to him, his body moved and he fired in order to dispose of him.

It was Excalibur which boasted tremendous power! But the magic bullet was bisected by Takeru's slash with ease.

Before he noticed, he had blown the Hero away with a kick.

When his sense of self returned to him, the mystery surged into his brain.

"...what, what did I become...?"

He was suddenly struck by anxiety, he saw himself poising with a sword.

He should have his uniform, his skin, but there was no body anywhere.

What was there, was himself covered in azure-coloured substance.

And grasped in both hands, an azure-coloured sword.

Takeru unconsciously got scared by his own appearance.

《"Good morning, Host. It might be abrupt, but please fight."》

Suddenly hearing a flat voice in his head, Takeru was further agitated.

"...what is this? What happened...?"

Not remembering anything, Takeru put his hand on his head.

He seemed to have become weird, he was uneasy.

《"I am sorry for disturbing you, my official name is 『The Malleus Maleficarum Type-Twilight "Mistilteinn"』"》


"In short, please call me 『Mistletoe』. Also my nicknames are Lapis Lazuli and Lapis."


《"I am one of the Inquisition's Relic Eater Series that only Witch Hunters『Dullahans』 are allowed to use. You have been chosen as my owner."》


Thinking he heard a mistakenly, he asked again.

He of course heard of the Relic Eaters that only Witch Hunters『Dullahans』 were qualified to use.

A Magical Heritage only those with exceptional achievements are allowed to use. An overwhelming force against those that are involved with magic, a special Magical Heritage that has been made for the sake of eradicating witches.

Why did such a thing end up in the hands of Takeru who is only a student.

《"Panpakapaaaan. Congratulations."》

With a flat voice he heard somewhere before, Lapis sent him a congratulatory message and a fanfare.

A voice that sounded like it contained power, Takeru unconsciously worried.

"...what congratulations... I don't understand the situation. Students are not permitted to use Relic Eaters, are they? Is this a dream? It's definitely a dream."

《"I have gotten permission from Ootori Sougetsu. There's a communication incoming from him, connecting."》

Before he can reply, the voice in his brain went silent, *bssht* sound reached his ear.

《"It's not a dream, Kusanagi-kun."》

"...Chairman? This, what does this mean... why me."

《"Calm down, you probably know it but Relic Eater cannot be granted to anyone but Witch HuntersDullahans. In fact every Relic Eater besides that girl is in possession of a Witch HunterDullahan."》

Sougetsu was excited and spoke faster than usual.

Takeru responded with "haa".

《"However, it is the Relic Eater that chooses its owner. And only that child did not choose an owner yet. I was troubled by this. I am also the Chairman of the Inquisition Board, I want to use all the force we have to eradicate the witches."》


《"In the first place, the reason I invited you to this Academy is because you were the best candidate for the contract with Mistilteinn."》

It can't be, he thought.

However, thinking about it, the fact that he was allowed to enroll in AntiMagic Academy was strange from the beginning.

No battle ability besides close quarters combat, Takeru's written practicals were a disaster as well, he shouldn't be allowed to enter no matter how you slice it.

If there was a recommendation from the Chairman though, that solved the mystery.

"...why me? There have to be other people that are more qualified for it, right?"

《"Because Mistilteinn is a Relic Eater that only takes the form of a sword."》

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With that said, Takeru looked at the thing he held in his hand.

Certainly, it was a sword.. He read in textbooks that all Relic Eaters are Magical Heritages in form of a gun before.

《"The necessary ability is not shooting ability… it's close combat capacity, that means people like you are most suitable."》

"...that's why it's me?"

Takeru squeezed the sword in his hands, Mistilteinn. Faintly feeling excitement in his heart.

Takeru sensed Sougetsu laughing and grinning as they communicated.

《"Indeed. That child can only be handled by people like you. It's your own special Relic Eater."》


《"Kusanagi-san... I want you to use that child, and defeat the Hero. It can't be done by anyone else than you. That is, if you can do it."》

Takeru squeezed Mistilteinn harder.

The lines said by Sougetsu felt cowardly. Being told such a thing, no man would stay silent.

When it comes to talent for stirring people, he was a genius.

But, there was no time for that.

Takeru had a reason to defeat that Hero as well.

《"If you realize this wish of mine, on behalf of the Inquisition Board, I will send you our thanks. If you somehow defeat the Hero, I'll grant one wish of yours."》


《"Let's see, maybe the qualification to become a Witch HunterDullahan? You were aspiring to join the KnightsSpriggans, but if you want to make money, becoming a Dullahan would be much more efficient."》

Takeru frowned hearing Sougetsu's proposal.

"——No need for that."

With a low, obviously Hostile voice.

Takeru looked at Ouka who fainted and fell down on the ground.

Her body was battered. Her face was pale. There were traces of the last shot from the gun.

And, traces of tears.

Anger rushing from within Takeru, *gichiri* he grasped the sword.

"Sorry, but I can't trust you."

Takeru said that clearly.

In the first place, there were a lot of things he wanted to question Sougetsu for. About Ouka, why didn't the Witch HunterDullahan mobilize, why the students were called out to defend, and above all Takeru with a Relic Eater! It was too much for him to be a candidate, it was puzzling to the point it turned into anger. In the first place, when he entered this Academy and met the man called Ootori Sougetsu, he felt that he was a ruthless and cool headed man.

That matter became a decisive blow.

This man who was contacting him was an existence like a trump's joker.

"I have no intention of becoming your puppet, I am not going to let myself be used by you. My power is my own, and it serves my own purposes. You didn't even try to save Ootori... I won't forgive such a thing."

As he said that, he felt that Sougetsu was grinning happily on the other side.

《"Oh...? Is it really okay? I'm certain that you came to this Academy to——"》

"Shut up."

His tone got rough. Just like when he first met Ootori Sougetsu. When he enrolled in the Academy.

"And now——tell me."

He roared quietly like a demon.

Then, Sougetsu responded with a muffled laughter.

《"Whaaat, and here I thought you rehabilitated completely when I saw you before... a wolf in sheep's clothing, huh. Both you, and Ouka. Really difficult."》


《"Fine, it doesn't matter. If you really are okay with that."》

Right now, Takeru didn't care for the Witch HunterDullahan qualification.

There were more important things for Takeru.

《"Thanks... I'll leave it at that. Kusanagi-kun, I wish you luck in battle."》

The communication was cut, silence came.

Takeru tensed his body, and re-gripped the sword.

《”——Confirmed enemy restart. Host, prepare for battle."》

As Lapis said, the Hero that has been blown far away, King Arthur came back dragging his tattered body.

Apparently, the damage accumulated was considerable.

From head to feet he was beat up all over, he looked really horrible.

《"Allow me to briefly explain my performances."》

"What's with this body? Are you not a sword-type Magical Heritage?"

He looked at his body which looked like a powered suit that tightly fit the body, and asked the question.

《"Host, currently intrinsic magic of the Relic Eater, enhanced the 『Witch Hunter』's body. Bodily strength... everything besides the brain's reaction rate. It's possible to derive greater force than that of an ordinary person."》

He didn't hope for an increased reaction rate in the first place. The thing he needed, was the strengthening of the body.

Because the human body cannot keep up with his brain's performance and reaction speed, in order to use a complete Kusanagi Double-Edged Style, inhuman bodily strength was needed.

What Mistilteinn just said, was optimal for Takeru.

《"Suspending——enemy firing from the front."》

Even without Lapis saying it, Takeru took a stance already.

Activating Magic-Sweeping SwordSoumatou, he prepared for interception. The enemy aimed Excalibur at him trying to hit him with a magical bullet.

《"Avoiding is not necessary, please cut."》

In the slow-motion world, the voice resounded directly to his brain.

Believing Lapis' words he prepared to cut the magical bullet with the sword.

When the powerful attack hit. He felt vibrations coming from the sword, and swung the sword just like that.

Simultaneously, the magical bullet disappeared and landed by the King's feet.

King Arthur got hit by his own magical bullet and took damage again.

"I see...."

His body moves smoothly even if he triggered Magic-Sweeping SwordSoumatou, and his sword repelled magic.

Takeru confirmed his prey. There was one more thing to check, the physical sharpness.

"Lapis... you, as a sword how sharp are you?"

Asking frankly, Takeru spoke to Lapis.

"How much can you withstand my moves?"

He asked again.

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A certain squid guru said that the bigger the prey is, the sharper the blade has to be. He needed a correspondingly sharp sword.

《"Please, do not worry. No matter what happens I definitely won't break."》

Immediately, Lapis answered.

She said it in a oddly strong manner, Takeru was confused by it a little.

《"I also assure you of the sword's sharpness. Something like orichalcum might as well be tofu. As for anti-magic effect, I am first class goods and take pride in it. I am completely different from that Excalibur-like fake. Although I'm slightly inferior in terms of amount of magic power produced, in close combat there is absolutely no problem."》

"? I-I see."

《"One more thing. I am able to change into any shape as long as it is a sword. It can be said that my versatility as a Magical Heritage is unrivalled. Please say so if you wish for it."》

Despite the lack of intonation, he felt it was strangely clear pronunciation.

...was she angry?

And Takeru said in a low voice,

"Then... a nodachi." [11]

He cleared his throat.

《"Approved. Please pull the trigger. At the top of the handle, just below the collar."》

Just as he has been told, Takeru pulled the gun's trigger that was attached to the handle.

In just a moment, the long sword changed its shape into a nodachi as requested by Takeru. The sword was mystically shining azure. He narrowed his eyes, and his mouth drew an arc happily.

"I see, it's definitely convenient."

Convenient, the meaning of the spoken word was just as it was said.

Mistilteinn can become any type of sword, Kusanagi style can use any type of sword.

If you can change instantly depending on situation, this kind of thing is definitely very convenient.

《"For me, you are convenient as well."》

"What do you mean?"

《"I cannot be handled by average swordsmen. Even with the given strong body, the normal reaction speed of the brain is too slow. As a certain someone said, there's a limit to ordinary humans."》

"...I see, in other words you..."

Knowing his power, she chose him.

Takeru's mood has gotten better.

Selected by a sword. As a swordsman, he felt this happy for the first time.



"——I'm counting on you."

《"——Yes, Host."》

They recognized each other briefly, and Takeru bolted towards the enemy.

《"Another bullet, incoming."》

As Lapis supported, the Hero rose up and fired a magical bullet in a split second.

——No tricks.


Triggering Magic-Sweeping SwordSoumatou, he clashed with the magical bullet.

As if saying that the same attack will not work, Takeru warded off the bullet. But the same attack didn't work for him either.

In the slow-motion world, Takeru saw it.

Despite avoiding the deflected bullet by a hair's breadth, the large form that was about 3 meters away from the bullet, fell apart.

For a moment, he didn't know what happened.

《”The enemy just purged his armour in there."》

At the same time as Lapis reported, from the armour that fell apart. A human form of the size of an adult male jumped out.


Takeru swung his sword instantly, he warded off the enemy attack. *giiiinnn*!!

Excalibur and Mistilteinn clashed. Tremendous amount of sparks flew. The humanoid figure that appeared had a doll-like figure.

《"The enemy's insides are that of a golem made by alchemy. It's a doll with a soul of a Hero inside."》

"...despite being a doll, this guy is quite good..."

《"That's because inside is King Arthur. It's obvious that his strength transcends humans. Apparently the creator is pretty good as well, it's well adapted to the movements of King Arthur."》

"A doll or whatever, a Hero is a Hero you mean...!"

The competition reached its apex, he repelled the blade using the power of his entire body. Immediately after, a transcendental clash happened.

Intense sparks and metallic sound scattered. Normal people wouldn't be able to pursue them with their eyes.

Magic-Sweeping SwordSoumatou was already activated. The speed of the two people exchanging blows was as fast as a bullet or faster.

There was no significant difference between King Arthur and Takeru, both of their bodies' physical abilities benefited from a Magical Heritage.

It was really hard to deal with his extraordinary arms.



Between Kusanagi's Double-Edged style and the sword-style of King Arthur, there was a crucial difference in concept.

The sword-style of the King was made to fight against people.

Kusanagi Double Edged style was made to cut against those who were not human.

As he dodged an attack,

That difference was reflected in reality.

When it came to the weight of the blows——Takeru was clearly winning.

Without regard for his own consumption. Without regard for his own injuries. A sword without regard to its own life.

The sword putting an end to those who are not human. Takeru swung it against those who are not human. Its destructive power is like that of demon with an iron club.

A downward cut exploded on King Arthur's right shoulder.

The blade that reached his right shoulder, cut off the right arm.

Takeru withdrew his sword and unleashed a powerful thrust.

But, despite losing his right arm,

King Arthur aimed Excalibur towards the ground and fired a magical bullet.


Magical power collided with the ground and scattered, the impact assaulted Takeru's body.

Takeru made distance and fixed his posture.

The moment he distanced himself, a golden magical circle appeared under King Arthur's feet.

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Magical power started rising and concentrating on Excalibur.

Takeru felt the chills he had already experienced before and became wary.

《"Intrinsic magic incoming."》

"In that case I'll take him down before it activates!"

《"It's futile. The opponent is aware of his vulnerability during the chant. Magical power is used to maintain activity, in other words, King Arthur is turning his own magic into a barrier."》

"You and I, can't we break through it?"

《"It is possible, but it won't take long now until the chant completes. King Arthur is using all of the magic power generated by Excalibur and his own magic power, this gives him a defensive capability similar to the sheath's. It's not as powerful as the barrier of the sheath, however that barrier is also made from significant concentration of magic power. The time we take to destroy the barrier in default state is thirty seconds. Time left until activation of intrinsic magic is ten seconds.."》

"...what do we do?"

He might aspire to be an Inquisitor, but magic was not Takeru's specialty. The only thing he can do is to use Mistilteinn with his sword skills, besides that, he was completely incompetent.

《"We shall use intrinsic magic as well, Host please pull the trigger and don't move."》

As he had been told to, Takeru pulled the trigger and held out his sword.

At that moment, a magical square appeared under Takeru's feet along with particles of azure.


【"—— Who killed       Cock Robin?       With my lance,       and sword        I killed Cock Robin —— "】


Responding to the chant, the blade of the sword Takeru poised began to shine in azure.

《"The blade absorbs any magic it comes in contact with, and it converts the absorbed magic power into damage the moment you attack. Its usage is impossible at long distance, and whether it hits or not depends on the ability of Host."》

" it, so I need to destroy the magic that guy is going to unleash."

《"Can you do it?"》

"Whether it's magic, light, or whatever, as long as the enemy is not human."

Takeru lifts up his sword, clad in his pride.

"Smiting those who are not human, the pinnacle of swordsmanship... when in possession of a sword and a body that will not break——Kusanagi will definitely not lose!"

Takeru took a stance, and put power in his whole body.

《"I am turning the armour into magic. This action will reduce the defence capabilities, try to avoid the enemy's attacks."》

"——Got it!"

The glow of King Arthur and Takeru's magic circles reached its peak, the air screamed around them.

Sparks are crackling and are dispersed around, the ground is shimmering.



【"—— Grant of TwilightTwilight Enchantment."】

【"—— Knights of the Round."】


——Intrinsic magic of the two Magical Heritages activated.

At the same time as eleven knights appeared in the vicinity of the enemy, Takeru activated the complete Magic-Sweeping SwordSoumatou.

It was no longer dangerous. Because his body was not that of a human. He was going to exceed the limit.

The world slowed down to the very limit, the reaction rate is at maximum.

More, and more.

Slow down more. Speed up more.

A moment felt like an eternity. His eyes chased after the light

The world——has been left behind.


In the world that slowed down to the limit, Takeru dashed towards the enemy.

The eleven knights also became light and charged towards Takeru in unison.

Their speed was equal. In this world of the fastest, the eleven knights and Takeru were equal.

Believing Lapis' words, he faced off with the eleven knights.

He fended off the thrust of the first one.

Dodged the horizontal blow of the second one and leaped up to destroy his head,

Crushed the third one's body with his sword.

Bisected the fourth knight who was shield-bashing him.

Defended himself from the simultaneous bow and sword attacks from the fifth and sixth ones with a sword-drawing technique in a flash.

Battered the seventh knight, who performed a leaping thrust, using his own thrust from below as he jumped.

Parried the eighth and ninth's heavy brilliant skill from behind, and then reversed his body and bisected them from the waist.

Showered the horseback-riding tenth knight's legs with slashing attacks.

Smashed the eleventh - huge knight's attack to the ground head on.

He rushed through the light like a storm, the knights were disappearing, being sucked in by Mistilteinn's blade when hit.

And——Takeru reached the final knight who was waiting, the original King Arthur.

"Lapis! A huge zweihander!"[12]

《"Approved. Mode-Zweihander——enchantment reversal, flexible material release."》

After pulling the trigger, Mistillteinn changed from a nodachi to an over 10 meters long ridiculously big two-handed sword.

Takeru jumped up incredibly high in the sky with that sword in his hands.

Responding, King Arthur put his remaining magic power into Excalibur and shot it towards the leaping Takeru.

This was their final clash.

Both of them betting with everything they have, the Hero and the Witch Hunter.

"Kusanagi Double-Edged Style."

While in the air, Takeru resolved to use a mysterious special technique he didn't succeed using a single time before.

Possible only when using Magic-Sweeping SwordSoumatou, a forbidden technique.

Said to be impossible with a human physical ability, a sword of the variant.

A long time ago, it was said that the founder of the Kusanagi style used it, what was left is only a concept of an impossible technique.

Unleashing the Magic-Sweeping SwordSoumatou to the very limit, a state where the world is left behind unmoving, only by spinning eight times before slashing, this technique can be completed.

Such a ridiculous skill, Takeru had the confidence to pull it off now. With this sword, and with this body, it wasn't impossible for him.

"——Yamata no Orochi!" [13]

Eight slashes unleashed at once.

Neutralizing the magical bullet King Arthur shot, and slashing his body directly with this unbelievable attack.

Takeru's strongest eight-slash shattered King Arthur's body, a huge crater appeared in the asphalt.

The impact enveloped their surroundings, and everything was dyed in azure.

Magic power collided with magic power, as if the morning sun appeared in the twilight sky, a dazzling light was released.

Part 3

Barely conscious, Ouka watched him.

Wearing azure armour, confronting the enemy head-on, his appearance.

Her tears spilled. That appearance of his, became Ouka's hope.

She didn't want to borrow the strength of others. Her vengeance was unstoppable. She didn't want the people involved to get hurt no matter what. That's why she simply avoided everyone.

Loneliness, suffering, pain, she pledged not to express them no matter what. Saying things that hurt other people on purpose, she distanced herself from others.

But, the truth was,

The truth was, she was about to burst into tears at any moment. She wanted to find someone who could help her, someone she could depend on.

Weak, scared, numb... it seemed like… she was simply lonely.

That's why.

『"I told you, because we're comrades." 』

When she was heard that, she was shaken.

『"You don't have to put up with it any longer, Ootori." 』

When she was told that, her heart groaned.

『As a human being, Kusanagi Takeru, I will walk together with you." 』

When she was told that, she was happy.

But she couldn't accept it, rejected it, pushed it away, and walked alone once again.

However, even so, Takeru didn't pull back.

『"——Let me carry half of the burden." 』

She couldn't find no more reasons to refuse.

Just... leave it to him.


In the middle of the azure flames,

Proudly like a knight,

Approaching the weak, lonely girl. Takeru reached out to her.

The girl extended her small hands, and overlapped them with his big hands.

Feeling pain throughout his whole body, Takeru woke up.

The first thing he saw, was the twilight sky dyed in azure, and the incredibly gentle face of Ouka.


"Don't get up, it's fine. Using a Relic Eater consumes a significant amount of life force. You overused it without training. Stay still quietly."

"...I am..."

"You don't remember? After reaching out to me, you fell over immediately."

Takeru recalled everything. As Ouka said, he had no strength left in his body.

At the same time, he felt a pleasant sensation with the back of his head, and a chilly sensation on his forehead.

Takeru didn't seem to notice, but it was a situation where he was being patted on his head while being given a lap pillow by Ouka.

He smiled faintly towards Ouka.



"I promised, let me help you out."

In a feeble, gentle voice. Ouka smiled wryly.

"Terribly stubborn, aren't you."

Saying that, Ouka nodded slightly.

Takeru, relieved, sighed and closed his eyes.

"From now on... don't push yourself alone."


"I'm with you. Rely on me... you can rely on me whenever you need."

With these words, her eyes narrowed as if about to doze off, in Ouka's eyes tears pooled faintly.

" it really fine...for me...can that be forgiven?..."

"Even if none forgive it, I will forgive it."

Seeing a smile on Takeru's face, Ouka's face suddenly reddened slightly. At the same time, she anxiously faced down.

"Really...can it be done...until now...I was always alone..."


"I... don't know how how to relate to people."

Up until now Ouka had spent everything on her vengeance, so relations with other people were uncharted territory.

Considering how she unreasonably avoided others until now, Takeru understood. Ouka was even more clumsy than him.

Takeru made a reassuring smile.

"It's all right... it's not only me, even those fellows in the platoon… it will work out"


"And if it doesn't… I'll take care of it."

"You will...?"

"Yeah… I won't hold… back..."

After saying that to Ouka, Takeru fell asleep.

Ouka slowly pat his head as he slept.

"If you want to help me out... that's fine."

That's when her expression changed, her first real smile in nine years.

Translator's Notes and References

 Nodachi –

 Zweihänder –änder

 Yamata no Orochi