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Arcane Divine Throne - Volume 1 - Chapter 2

Published at 16th of January 2016 11:31:57 AM

Chapter 2

The sunlight at dusk pierced through the red clouds, shining on the solemn and quiet plaza of the Aderan Church, in the bishop’s hand the small sun lost its radiance, and he hung it in front of his chest, turning and going to the inner church .

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In the middle of the plaza, the originally beautiful black robed witch had already been burnt to ashes, but the crazy laughter and curses seemed to still reverberate, causing shivers amongst everyone, then they looked around and soon followed the bishop and the chaplain to the inside of the church to confess their sins in front of the Lord, sincerely praying .

It seems as if the dazzling white light was still present, its sacred and boundless strength could still be vaguely felt . Lucien under this turn of events, had already accepted his situation, burying all of his past deep in the heart, not daring to reveal even a small degree of irregularity .

“The strength of the divine powers is so strong, I wonder if I will have the opportunity to learn?”

Lucien while shocked in body and mind was thinking without the awe that the average person should have . Suddenly, a tremendous strength patted Lucien’s left shoulder, patting him to the point that he could not help but fall towards the left, nearly losing his balance .

“Oh, my pitiful young Evans, it’s good you’re finally alright, this is the Lord’s blessing, I almost thought that you would just be like your father, falling ill and never was able to stand again . Thanked the Lord for letting such a good young fellow to be able to continue to live . ”

Thanks to this pat, Lucien had already sobered from the shocking and absent-mindedness and saw a brown-haired auntie who was nearly twice his width standing to his side, while wiping her tears, she was also using her comparably bear paw-like right hand to repeatedly attack his own shoulder .

Slightly evading so as to avoid spurting out blood, Lucien opened mouth but discovered he could not even say a word because, “What is this aunt called? Should my full name be Lucien? Evans?”

Seeing Lucien retreating made that auntie even more sorrowful, “Pitiful young Evans, you must’ve certainly gotten muddle-headed from being sick, look at this small face, so thin you can see the bones …”

Amidst her monologue, Lucien felt incomparably awkward . He time-traveling over and except for being able to comprehend and speak the language, no memory or such was inherited . If he replied wrongly, it was likely he’d be mistaken as the devil possessing this body . Certainly, in some sense, the present Lucien truly had his soul occupied by the devil .

Luckily at this time a middle-aged man who was standing to the side patted the fat auntie, comforting, “Elissa, young Evans had just recovered, his mind must be very weak right now . Let’s not disturb him . Irwin, come hold your mother, let us go home together . ”

This middle-aged man’s figure was very slim, his back is slightly hunched and he had a head of conspicuously grizzled blonde short hair . Though now his face was engraved through the vicissitudes of life, one could vaguely see the handsomeness during his youth .

But in Lucien’s eyes, this middle-aged uncle at this time was like a pure white halo wearing angel . An angel that separated him from awkwardness and anxiousness .

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“Aunt Elissa, I have entirely recovered but is only a little dizzy . ” Lucien carefully chose his words and expressions to avoid gives himself away .

That young boy Irwin who pulled Lucien to go see the burning of the witch was partly holding his mother and made a face, “Lucien-dage is not that type of loser who get sick once and die off, only you still think he’s a small child who needs to taken care of . ”

[TN: … forgive the offensive comment this child has made . ]

Aunt Elissa wiped her tears, “Young Evans, seeing you get well, I am relieved . It’s all to blame on that damn, evil, witch now fallen to hell . ”

Held by Irwin, Aunt Elissa was walking slowly forward while talking incessantly, “When she just moved next door to you, how gentle and beautiful, how cultured and refined she was, I was even thinking that if young Johan could marry such a girl, then it would be the Lord’s gracious gift . But, but she turned out to be a witch, moreover she ran to the graveyard to steal the remains of dead to practice that evil magic . Luckily the Lord’s brilliance reveals everything, at that time the night watchmen of the Judgment Court was at the graveyard and managed to catch her directly, otherwise if she was able to prepare her evil magic, who knows how many people of our Aderan area must die…”

The middle-aged uncle also walked behind . From the prattling of Aunt Elissa, Lucien learned of the events of the matter, that when the witch went to the graveyard to steal the corpses she was caught by the night watchman . As he was her neighbor, Lucien was also taken for interrogation . In the middle of this the church had probably used some kind of divine technique so that while removing suspicion from the true Lucien, they also made him receive a mental injury therefore got seriously sick and died . In this way Xia Feng was able to take possession of the body .

Seeing that Lucien did not speak, the middle-aged uncle patted Lucien’s shoulder, quietly comforting, “Elissa like this talks nonstop, just pretend you didn’t hear anything . ”

Lucien did not know what he should say and could only nod .

The middle-aged uncle looked at Aunt Elissa’s back and secretly sighed, “Ai, long ago Elissa was a pure and passionate, beautiful girl, but ever since giving birth to young Johan, was the same as if she was cursed by the devil, in only a short one year turned into the present appearance . ”

[ai = sigh onomatopoeia]

His appearance seemed to be full of the life’s sorrow, his gaze rather deep, then paused awhile before he said, “I could never win her in a fight anymore . ”

Having just time-traveled over and personally seeing and experiencing that the might of the divine powers, Lucien was still shocked enormously and was at restless at heart, he could only forcefully smile and did not reply directly, moreover he did not know how to address this uncle .

Perhaps the uncle was too immersed in his recollection and had not note his volume, Elissa ‘ahem’-ed,  “Joel, you a wandering minstrel brimming of dreams and passion, a youth traveling painstakingly here at Ahlto to chase your dream of music, had you not also turn into a hopeless drunkard all day long . ”

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Joel smiled embarrassed, “Ahlto is the city of the Sacred Ode, every day there’s an innumerable amount of youths arriving to chase their dream of music, but among them how many had succeeded? Elissa, not to mention, ever since young Johan has started his training, haven’t I stopped drinking?”

Aunt Elissa turned to glare at him once, “Thank the Lord, you still  know that our hopes are on Johan and Irwin . If young Johan did not train every day, how could he be selected by Knight Wayne to go to his manor to join the regular knight training . If he can excite in his blood ‘God’s grace’ and become a genuine knight, then he can be granted the title of a Lord by the Grand Duke, becoming a revered aristocrat . ”

The severe look made Joel shrink his shoulder, but Elissa quickly noticed on one side Lucien’s absent-mindedness, ” Sorry, young Evans, auntie did not mention this matter intentionally, you also have a lot of talent, but, but only did not exercise since childhood…”

Realizing that the more she said the more it touched a sore spot of Lucien’s, Elissa quickly at shut up and hinted at Joel to speak with her eyes .

Joel laughed and patted Lucien’s shoulder once more, “Our young Evans is not so weak, he is the man who will inherit his Uncle Joel’s hope to become a musician . ”

His mind unstable, Lucien could only grin and smile a little, “Yes, my dream is to become a musician . ”

Seeing nothing unusual from Lucien’s behavior, Elissa continued to talk incessantly about all sorts of trivial matters, it actually gave Lucien a further understanding of the city .

This is a big city called Ahlto near the dark mountains, it also has the title of the Sacred Ode, full of prosperity and opportunity .

The place that Lucien presently live at was where Ahlto’s poor assembled, the Aderan area, and because of the several days of severe sickness, he lost his stable job to help to transport the goods in the marketplace .

Very quickly, the four arrived before Lucien’s little home .

Aunt Elissa originally wanted to invite Lucien to go to her home for dinner, but urgently in need of peace, Lucien tactfully rejected her .

When parting, Irwin quietly and curiously asked Lucien, “Brother Lucien, when did your dream turn into being a musician?”

“Just now . ” Lucien apathetically moved the mouth .

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Irwin let out a long ‘oh’ .

Entering the house and turning the lock, Lucien sat down confusedly, and his head deeply buried into his elbows on the table .

“I had truly time-travelled!”

“Moreover in this type of supernatural world . ”

“A little bit of carelessness and one will be tied up to the stakes and be burned alive . ”

Having witnessed the witch’s cold and cruel fate just a moment ago, now that noone was around it had finally erupted, Lucien was startled and threatened and fearful .

Certainly, as a fellow who never had to experience many big matters and the fact that Lucien was somewhat introverted, coming across this kind of thing was even easier to be frightened . In the face of tremendous pressure, he unexpectedly remained calm until just coming back now and was no longer able to suppress .

It had to be mentioned, that the environment and bitter experiences most improved a person .

As time passed gradually arrived the dark, Lucien also had adapted to the dread and became calm . Since he already came here, no matter how terrified, how worried and how afraid he was, it was no use . Lucien could only cautiously take one step then another . This time if he died again, he may not have the luck of time-traveling again .

His state-of-mind restored, suppressing the longing and worries of parents and friends, when he just started plan his life, Lucien immediately felt the attacks of hunger pangs, it was like a fire was burning in his stomach and his saliva kept on secreting .

Swallowing the saliva, filling the belly was an urgent matter, Lucien has paused his ponders, to walk toward the only thing that could deposit anything, the only crate in the room .

In the worn-out box, except for some clothing, Lucien saw two black bread-shaped food, as well as seven brass coin glittering of metallic light .

The stomach had replaced Lucien’s brain, he did not have the unnecessary strength to think of other matters so he took up a black bread and gnawed on it .

With a snap, Lucien quickly covered his mouth with his hand, his teeth almost broke off, was this actually bread or a wooden club?

Sniffing, Lucien affirmed reluctantly it truly is bread, only that it is hard enough that it can knock down a grown man .

Lucien suppressed his hunger and turned out a flint from the crate, after failing several times, finally ignited the lumber under stove and started to roast the bread properly .

“Red-roasted pork, sweet and spicy chicken wings, steamed rice noodles and beef, and Kung Pao chicken …” While baking the bread, Lucien reminiscence the good delicacies, and his saliva could not stop gather .

The black bread softened a little, Lucien could not bear any longer and gnawed slightly, the flavor was a terror, it was like simply chewing on sawdust .

But Lucien still wolfed down his food, while eating, could not bear but sigh woefully, “If I have to eat such food every day, then I might as well die, that sounds better . This can’t do, I must make money, must break away from this poor lifestyle . ”

“If can learn the divine techniques and become a bishop and priest…” In the boundless thoughts, Lucien remembered the neatly and immaculately dressed bishop and pastor before the church, and their noble statuses along with that inhuman strength, he could not help but palpitate with excitement . “However, with my condition, doesn’t going to the church equal courting death? I wonder if there is another way to gain supernatural powers? For example that ‘God’s grace’?”

“If cannot obtain that strength, can the thing that I study apply in this world?”

Having stopped the hunger, Lucien started carefully to analyze the road of his own survival, but just when he recalled his knowledge, Lucien suddenly discovered, his mind seemed to have something else extra .

After a careful examination, Lucien could not bear but widen both eyes: “Aren’t these the books from the library? Did they also time-travelled?”

In his own mind really was the entire collection of books from the library, they did not seem like memories but rather a projection, each book was put away according to categories, allowing Lucien to flip through them .

Curious, Lucien casually thumbed through the books but have suspiciously found that most of the books could not be opened .

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