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Chapter 2

 Treasury from the other world (2)

「Uooooo! Amazing! Just one hit! One Punch1!!」

Yuuto was thrilled when he saw the place where the dragon was erased by the light .
The dragon that seems to be so strong disappeared without a trace with only a single punch2

「T-This is a different world! This is my power! A-Amazing . I-I’m glad I died」

*Jiiiin* A hot fire burns in Yuuto’s eye .
For the first time, Yuuto never felt any regrets from his former world .

Boring boring boring . It was really boring so it can’t be helped .

Then, what about this world? A power dwells in his hand .
He’s uneasy . His head hadn’t caught up yet .

However, Yuuto’s body is uplifted and dominated with joy .

「Kuku, Hahaha . My first enemy wasn’t even able to respond . Giving me a small fry for a tutorial, God is unexpectedly overprotective!」

It’s too interesting that he can’t stop laughing, Yuuto smiled from the bottom of his heart . When was it since he laughed this much .

「…Y-you . W-who are you…?」

A voice sounded from the back of the carried away Yuuto . Therefore, Yuuto looked at his back for the first time .


Their eyes met .

A crimson pupil that seems to be burning . Then at the same time, fiery red ponytail .
Yuuto’s line of sight was sucked by the color of the white skin .

Time around Yuuto stops and only throbbing can be heard by his brain . Yuuto kept staring at the girl in front of him unknowing of the reason .

「Oooi! Swordsman-sama liiiiiiiveeed!!」

「The dragon, the dragon disappeared!! You did it!」

Yuuto tried to mutter something, but before that . Voices wrapped the surroundings .
◆  ◆  ◆
「Swordsman-sama . As expected from you . I believed in you」
「The village will be at peace with this . How can we thank you」
「By the way swordsman-sama, who’s this guy here?」

At the foot of the mountain where the inferno dragon vanished, Asuka was surrounded by the villagers .
Given thanks, the villagers cry while praising her, Asuka shook her head in panic .

「W-wait a moment . Y-you’re wrong」

Glance, Asuka looked at her back .
One young man . The man with a strange clothes keep staring at her since earlier .

It’s him . It was him who destroyed the dragon .

「Weー, waiー . Listen to me!」

However, Asuka’s voice didn’t reach the ears of the villagers who were rejoicing . Words after another, Asuka’s voice was kept away from the villagers .

She can’t speak . It wasn’t me, but him .
Thinking that, Asuka breathed deeply .

Listen to me!! The moment when Asuka was about to raise her voiceー .

「Iyaa, as expected from the swordsman-sama! It was a stunning blow」

That young man raised his voice .


The young man smiled and laughed, Asuka turned around startled .

「Ooo . Are you a disciple of swordsman-sama!?」
「I wasn’t in the village at the beginning」
「Well, your master is the best . Please, by all means please participate on the feast tonight as thanks」

Being called with such a voice, the young man continued to stare at Askua while grinning .
◆  ◆  ◆
「…What is your intention?」

The night feast was over . In the room prepared by the villagers, Yuuto was alone with Asuka .

*Glance*, Asuka cautious gaze pierced Yuuto .

「On the feast, all of the credit was given to me . That’s right, rather than that, an inferno dragon, in a single blow . …You, just what are you?」

Yuuto gazed fleetingly on the Asuka who’s making a distance .

Her height, is around the later half of 150 . A red ponytail that extends to her waist, I shook as if she’s a display of my imagination .

Beautiful looks . Yuuto thought to call this child a bishoujo3 A fantasy look that can’t be seen in Japan .

Her body looks delicate, though it’s hidden in an armor, she’s swelling with femininity enough . To the white skin of Askua’s legs appearing for an instant, Yuuto spoke from his chest in surprise .

「…I see, that dragon . It’s strong to some degree」

To Yuuto’s murmur to himself, Asuka jumped in surprise . Asuka’s eyes is filled with shock that she wants to say ‘It’s a joke right?’

「No, You see . I don’t like to stand out . You have to exert effort if you stand out right?」

Yuuto gazes at Asuka slowly . While hiding the beating that gets faster, Yuuto smoothened out the cold expression .

「Y-You . Just what are you? …J-just because you don’t want to stand out, you pretended that I’m the one who defeated it?」

Asuka questioned Yuuto with doubt in her eyes . Yuuto laughed and confirmed it .

「That’s right . You’re the one who knocked down the dragon」

Asuka was drawn in Yuuto’s expression .
Asuka is perplexed inside, along with fear, then she feels a little excitement .

「A-are you really sure? S-saying that I’m the one who beat it?」

Asuka glanced on the top of the table in the room .
On top of it are the reward given by the villagers for the subjugation . An amount of money where you won’t have no problem to live for a year .

She wasn’t going to accept it . Asuka intended to pass it to Yuuto .
She just looked at it unintentionally .
The moment Yuuto laughed, suddenly, Asuka was attracted by the sight of gold coins momentarily .
「Fuun . Though I defeated it, I don’t intend to gain rewards」
Are you really sure? Asuka’s body jumped .

「Y-You’re wrong!? That’s not what!!」

Asuka looked at Yuuto in panic .
While holding down her heart that’s about to explode, Yuuto kept talking to Asuka in an indifferent voice .

「Do you want to monopolize the rewards and exploits? You’re cute, yet you’re quite a selfish person」
「You’re wrong! That’s not my intention! I-I intend to give it to you since the beginning!!」

In Asuka’s cry, Yuuto stood up . He was steadily walking on the table on the side of Asuka .

「That’s not what you mean right? Handing it over or not handing it over . …I did seat on the feast but did you hear me wanting a reward」

Yuuto’s eyes blocked Asuka’s voice .
*Doku Doku* Asuka felt her heart beating faster .

「You deceived the villagers, and that doesn’t change the fact that you got gold for that」
「Tha!?…T-that’s not…」

Asuka’s face is distorted in despair .
While seeing that expression, Yuuto laughed in his mind .

He noticed it from the beginning . Asuka had refused the reward in the feast . She kept declining while glancing at Yuuto .
All the gold coins were from the villager’s goodwill . And a certain push is her reason .

「I-I . Realy don’t have such intention…」

With tears filling Asuka’s eye, Yuuto felt a strange feeling running through his back .

I’m really glad I died!!

On this day, Kashiwagi Yuuto decided .

「Fufu, I’m just joking . Let’s divide the reward in half . Let’s not waste the goodwill of the villagers . 」

To Yuuto’s voice, Asuka was wrapped in relief .

「In exchange, you don’t mind doing me a favor right?」

Her eyes was stained with unease again, Yuuto walked briskly .
Asuka’s body trembled to Yuuto that’s in front of her .


However, Yuuto took the next action and made Asuka get startled most on this day .

Kneeled . A simple, clear sign of loyalty .
Yuuto took the hand of the perplexed Asuka gently .

「My name is Kashiwagi Yuuto . I’m your treasury from now on . I’ll be your sword, your shield, your spear, I take vow right here . 」
That’s what Kashiwagi Yuuto determined for the first time in his life, he made an oath .

This day, It is the one encounter where a miracle was obtained to change the world that no one knows at this time