Back from the Dead - Chapter 14

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:34:40 PM

Chapter 14

She woke up early in the morning and did her morning exercise after that she picked some tulips from the garden and put it in the dining table vase and ready to make breakfast for her hubby . She just saw him reading his newspapers and as usual while drinking coffee .

"You woke up so early, where did you go?" He ask while looking at her and he can see how sweaty she is .

"Good morning hubby! I just did my morning exercise and oh! I need to prepare your breakfast!" she said and kissed him on his cheek before she fly to the kitchen .

"Butler Yedel" Ashton called out and in a moment he was already at his side .

"Yes young master? Do you have any orders?"

"Cally will be going to the company later . I want you to arrange some personal bodyguards for her . Her safety should be a top priority" He said in a cold blank expression . Even if his enemies know or not wether he will be getting married he needs to be careful .

"Yes young master, your orders will be carried out" Butler Yedel said and bow to his master . This will be the first time the Young Lady will go out .

"Also find a good pet shop and prepare the best of cat breeds . Cally would like to rear some cats" He said and in a few moments Callista serve him his breakfast .

. . . . . .

After her morning routine is done and her hubby had already gone to the company she made her preparations and she can't wait to brought home some cats .

After preparing his lunch and deliver to it him later, she immediately go to her room and fix herself . standing in the full body size mirror in the walk in closet she wore a maroon back lace dress and a pair of one inch heels .

She also noticed that her platinum blonde hair is wavy unlike her hair previously it was technically straight . Her similarities to this body is really the same even their body proportion is the same . They are really identical!

She was finally done and it's already 10 am and it will took an hour drive to his company and she immediately her room .

"Butler Yedel! I'm ready to go now!" she shouted while going down the stairs and the maids took the food bag she had prepared and give it to her and said her thanks and go outside the house but she was shock on what she saw .

"Uhh, Butler Yedel, why is there so many bodyguards here?" she asked and look at those almost twenty persons in a black outfit and also there was a two black cars in front and back of a Black Mercedes-Maybach so there were a total of three cars in front of her .

"It is the Young Master's instruction Lady Callista . Your safety is important to us" The Butler said thinking this is the best thing he could do for their Young Lady .

"But, isn't this too much, I'm only going to the company and only a few is needed if he wants to send me to the company" She said . Even though her alone can protect herself but she didn't know which way is to the company .

"No but's Lady Callista, this is what the master has order . The families enemies are always on watch so we should better be careful" The Butler strictly said and Callista couldn't do anything about it and just got in the car but she suddenly remember what's with the Lady thing? She just shrugged it off and said her goodbye to the butler .

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After being hospitalized and now living with her hubby this is the first time that she was finally out of the Villa . Looking at the scenery around her it feels like everything feel so new to her like it was just only a dream and afraid that in just a blink of an eye it will be gone .

I wonder if they already found out that I'm dead? She suddenly realizes that she miss those three bunch of idiots especially Saimon the childish one . Jason, I hope the happiness you wish for me will be this and maybe someday we could finally meet but it will be different this time .

She can see those tall buildings that they passed by . It is indeed one of the most richest countries this place is and it's also natural to see some cars passed by with a lot of chauffeurs and bodyguards . Well mostly a lot of rich people live here and mostly some are influential .

Finally she reached her destination and look at the 100-Storey Building the Cordiviera's Empire . Her necks hurt just looking at it to the very top . They made their way to the underground basement and she had no plans on entering the main entrance of the building .

They said she will personally go through the private elevator that her hubby is using to go to his own office . It was almost time for lunch making her in time for it and finally reach the place .

. . . . . .

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Meanwhile outside the office of the CEO, Ashton Cordiviera

"Miss Megan! You can't enter the boss office and his not meeting with anyone . It's better that you make an appointment and go home first" It was assistant Albert and he was trying to let this woman shove off the company and his already getting a headache dealing with this crazy girl that is so eager to see the boss .

"No! I am the future Household Lady of your boss so you will let me in or I will cause a ruckus in here!" She shouted and Albert is on the verge of banging his head to the wall .

How dare she say that she is the household lady of the boss? There is only one that they will recognized and it was no other than Young Lady Callista! But he can't say that to this crazy girl and his also panicking that the boss told him that she will arrive her in a few moments . He needs to throw this girl away before she meet this crazy fanatic girl roaming outside his boss office!

"Assistant Albert!" suddenly someone shouted his name and he look who it was . It was none other than the Boss wife!

I'm doomed!