Back from the Dead - Chapter 17

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:34:26 PM

Chapter 17

She finally saw the person she was waiting for, the first time she met the man was during the event that the Cordiviera's Empire hosted three months ago, the second time was during the Mauvillio's Country President banquet and now this will be the third time .

The first time she saw him, she knew she was the one for him . She asked around her who was that person and it turns out to be the King of Empire Ashton Cordiviera . Many of the women from the Empire wanted him, some have never seen him and this was the chance that it fated to meet him .

She wanted him and she won't let anyone have him . If she couldn't have him then no one will .

She was ready to enter the door to his office, this is her only chance of meeting him again . She really find it annoying that the little assistant is keep on letting her get away it was a good thing that he wasn't here now .

Suddenly the door open and she finally saw him again but this time it was different . She saw a girl clinging in his arm and the girl was none other than she saw a few hours ago!

"You bitch! Why are you here? Why are you clinging to him you slut!" she shouted angrily and an envy and jealousy sprouted more in her heart .

Albert suddenly felt he was going to have a heart attack! He suddenly left to inform his boss to leave for his appointment with the Young lady and now that they are about to leave this crazy lunatic girl is likely to court with death!

"Is that even a question for me and not for you? Do you really want me to snap that leg and neck of yours?" Callista said in a cold blank expression . She got tired of waiting for him to go out and now added to this nasty stripping girl her mood is very dark . She was in a bad mood .

"You! Honey! Look she said she's going to kill me!" She immediately said and look pitifully at Ashton . No one can resist her charm even if that girl was beautiful no one can resist a woman in this state .

Sadly, the man just looked at her in a blank expression and look at Callista . He feel the sudden change of her behavior thinking if he did something wrong that got her into a very bad mood .

"Who's your honey? I'm sure it's not Albert because his still single and it's not even my hubby because he has no taste to such woman like you!" Callista said in a mocking cold voice .

"H-hubby? Look Honey! She's even insulting me!" She said again in a pitiful and almost tearing look .

"Who are you? Do I even know you?" The man said in his usual cold blank expression and suddenly that question made Megan's world shattered . She was widely known in this Empire yet he doesn't know her .

Suddenly, Callista burst out into laughing and hold her abdomen and it was like music to his ears when Ashton heard her laugh .

"He doesn't even know you and yet here you are trying to snatch away someone's man that wasn't even yours in the first place!" She said while still laughing hard . There are many shameless woman she have met but not as shameless as her!

"Let's go now, they already prepare some purebred cats" he said and lead her away .

Megan was so angry and jealous! He just neglected her and pass by her and in her rage she walk to the girl and wanted to slap her but Callista felt that someone touch her from her shoulder and because of her danger instinct she suddenly perform an arm flip to that person .

"Are you okay? Does anything hurt from your body?" Ashton was busy looking at her wife and neglect the girl that was moaning in pain and Ashton looked at her in a murderous aura

"How dare you attack my wife? Albert! Make sure she is banned from coming here! You sure know what to do after you found what her families business!" Ashton said and immediately took her wife and go to the private elevator .

Megan's world finally shattered she still hadn't done something to her yet he was already angry and she felt that murderous aura from him that it made her tremble . The thing that make her feel more hurt was he called her 'wife'

Albert felt sorry for this girl . She was Megan Surfelin, a famous model and an actress . Her families business is also one of the top 20 in the business empire but now the cause of their downfall was due to her negligence and confidence in taking away their boss . He just could only sigh and help the girl a little and let the security guards send her to the hospital . That arm flip he felt it took a toll on her body yet Albert was amazed to their Young Lady showing that skill .

. . . . .

In a car in the underground basement parking of the company

Callista felt a headache coming because her hubby is keep on insisting her going to the hospital if that girl suddenly did something bad to her .

She touch both of his hands and look at him in the eye .

"Hubby! Look here! I said I'm already fine! Nothing happened okay! Let's just go now! I'm already in bad mood!" She said and he could only sigh .

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"Okay fine . Wendell, just head to the pet shop" He said . and made their way to the pet shop .

"Where did you learn that arm flipping skill?" He asked to her . He was quietly shocked knowing that his wife has some other skills .

"I learned it from a friend, he knew some martial arts so he teach me some" she said . She can't say that she was a former assassin agent . Well in fact from this memories she really had a friend who knew some martial arts .

In a few moments they finally reach the pet shop and got out of the car and enter the shop . The bad mood she was having finally change into being excited she can't wait to meet her new kittens!

When they enter the shop, it was pretty luxurious it wasn't your ordinary pet shop . This was shop was really grand! The pets here have their own pet homes and there were not on a cage! This animals is living their life to the fullest .

"Welcome to Grand Blues Mr . and Mrs . Cordiviera!" They all said and welcome them .

They heard the news from their boss that the King of Empire will go to their shop along with his wife to buy some purebred cats . The shop quickly felt a wave of shock hearing the news and they immediately find some new ones and made sure the shop is very neat and clean and they even let the shop be close for this day due to this two VVIP .

They were even shock that the King was married . Well, they knew that some get married secretly but it was quietly a shock knowing that the King is really married! Sadly, they can't even talk about it or else they will surely made to loss their jobs .

Ashton feel please the way they greeted them . Even though he hasn't register their marriage yet, she was still be going to be her Mrs . Cordiviera .

An assistant suddenly led them to a room and serve them some refreshments and she just talked to him while waiting and it finally arrive what she was waiting and it made her eyes sparkle .

"Hubby! They are finally here! "She said in an excited tone while pushing and pulling and him and a total of nine people stand in front of them holding each one a different cat .

"You can choose now" He said and immediately the girl stand up and look at the cats in front of her . He felt extremely happy knowing she enjoy and feel happy too .

"Miss, what breed is this cat?" She said and looked at the light colored body with grayish purple markings on its tail, ears, and face . She likes cats but she didn't knew much of its breed .

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"It's a Lilac point Siamese Ma'am, they arrive here a few days ago and they are one of the best and rare to find and it's actually a purebred and your the first one look at it! It even had a great personality and it is easily for you to get along with it" The Assistant politely answer but Callista didn't feel it was the one for her .

She just move to another one cat and the assistant would just explain what type of bred they are . They were the Ashera, Sphynx, Bengal, Persian and more but nothing have caught here attention but she saw the last one and it was a black cat

"Aww! It looks very cute!" She said and started to touch and caress it's face looking grumpy and it also look expressionless and it remind her of someone!

"Hubby! Look! It look just like you when your feeling grumpy!" She said and it made him frown . How could he be compared to a cat .

"They just arrive this morning Ma'am and that is a Scottish fold and they usually have a quiet personality" The assistant explained .

"I love this one! Do you have a colored white one of this cat?" She asked and look at the cat in front of her .

"Yes Ma'am we do have one it arrives here along with the black one" The assistant said immediately and signal one to get the White Scottish fold cat and in a few moments it arrives Callista feel deep in love with it .

The moment she took it from the assistant, she love it more because they have the same blue eye color .

"Hubby! I really like the both of them! Could we take them both?" she said while caressing the cat in her embrace .

Ashton just deeply sigh . He didn't knew that very soon he would be fighting to get an attention from her with a cat and would be even jealous with a cat .

"Okay, just take them both" He said . She liked it so of course he would comply to her request .

"I'm very please that the Madam like it . " Suddenly a middle age man came and greeted them .

"Ohh yes! I do really like them! But uhh, who are you?"

"I'm Redger Winston, the owner of Grand Blues . It is my pleasure to give this Golden Card to you" The man said and present a golden card with the symbol of a black paw in the center of it .

"Uhh, what's the use of this card?" she asked and held the card and look at distinctively .

"It provides all care the pet you need and also their is also a big discount when you purchase a new pet from here and you will be recognized as a VIP of the shop . It will be our honor if the Madam will take it" He said

"Ohh, thank you for this gratitude" She said and put the card on the bag .

"Do you want me to put them in a cage or you will carry it back home?" Redger asked .

"No! We will carry them back home!" she said and she can't wait to bring home the perfect pair of cats .

. . . . . . .

Inside the car, Ashton is holding the Black Scottish fold cat like it was his biggest enemy and the white one was in Callista's embrace . He looked at her and he can see her enjoying much with the cat she held . He just look at the cat in his embrace who is just staring at him and he just frown .

"Hubby! Hubby! Aren't they the cutest! We have brought a perfect pair!"

"The black one will be name Midnight and the White one will be Moonlight!"

Callista was so happy in naming both of the cats and the two cats spring up thinking that they like their new name and Midnight get off from Ashton and brush its head to Callista's hands .

Ashton felt so rejected right now, he can't believe that his wife is putting too much attention on this two cats . He felt so betrayed! He could just look at them with a murderous glare and hide it immediately when Midnight look at him .

'This cat, why did it just look like him'