Back from the Dead - Chapter 18

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:34:19 PM

Chapter 18

Ashton was doing his usual morning routine when he notice something . He looked at the watch on the wall and it was already seven o'clock in the morning .

During this hour, his wife should be awake by now and it's either cooking his breakfast, picking up some of her favorite tulips or taking care of the two cats .

"Where is Cally? Is she out?" He immediately asked the maid . Maybe she's still out exercising .

"No young master . We haven't seen the young lady . Maybe she is still asleep"

It's not like her to be asleep by now . He knew her as a morning person and something was off . So he stand out from his seat and go to her room .

He already knock three times but still there has no answer from her .

"Cally? Are you awake now?" He asked . He didn't immediately rush to her room . Even though they are living together he still respected her own privacy and wait for the right time to be with her . Like sleeping in the same room .

When he hasn't got his answer he immediately enter her room to look for her . He knew she was not used to lock her room so there was no need for a spare key .

When he enter her room . This was his second time from here, the first was when he show this room to her and he saw her in the bed coiling and move closely to her .

"Cally?" He called but when he got closer to her he saw her beads of sweat on her forehead and her pale complexion .

"Cally! Is there something wrong?" He asked in panic and when he touch her face it was cold as ice .

"I-It . . . hurts . . . " she mumbled .

"Where does it hurt? Come on, I'll take you the hospital now!" He said in fear that she's suffering in pain and don't know what he will do . So he lift the blanket from her and was about to carry her when she stop him .

"No . . . . don't take . . . me . . . there" she said in a weak voice and coiled in the bed like a snail and hug her abdomen .

Ashton would bring her no matter what when he saw some bloodstains in the bed sheet and he freak out more .

"No! Your bleeding! How can I not worry? I'm taking you now!" He already shouted in anger .

What if her condition got worse? What if there is something wrong with her that needed medical attention? There are lot of what if's in his head thinking he would lose her . He was ready to call his family doctor when Callista stop him .

Callista wanted to laugh at his reaction but he has no energy to do so . It was only her monthly period and she didn't experience this type of menstrual cramp!

When she still had her original body she didn't have this level of pain . It was only bearable but now . Fuck this! Curse this! Why do girls have to suffer like this?

It really fucking hurts! Damn this! I didn't knew this body has a menstrual cramp that it almost want to kill me!

"It's just . . . my monthly . . . period . . . call a . . . maid"

"W-what? A-are you sure? The hospital is better! Why a maid!"He exclaimed and can't stop worrying about her .

"If you want me to be better call a maid now . " she said and he has no choice but to call a maid for her .

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When the maid name Lissa was called she was so afraid because the young master's was so frightening that she tremble following him and the other maids could only pray for her .

They didn't know what happened that their young master is so agitated and so frightening that it scared the hell out of them .

When they enter the room Callista is still coiling in pain from her lower abdomen and the maid understand what the situation was and immediately rush to her side .

"Lissa? Thank god . . . your here . . . " she mumbled . She knew everyone who works here and Lissa was one of those that greatly picks what kind of situation it was .

"Yes young lady, I understand" Lissa said and immediately rolled the blanket away from her and she look to the young master with his expression turning very grim .

"Young master, don't worry it's just her menstrual cycle and it's only normal to get cramps . Please help me to carry her to the bathroom first" Lissa said and tried to assure his young master .

Ashton's face expression suddenly turn to normal slightly and understand that 'menstruation cycle' a little bit . So he walked next to her and carry her to the bathroom and Lissa just follow them .

After that he left the bathroom and wait for her . He walk back and forth inside her room .

He didn't knew much about girl's menstruation cycle so he didn't know what could he help with and just wait anxiously at her room .

Lissa walked out of the room and change the bedsheet with a new one and pick up some clothes for the young lady . She saw how anxious their young master and told him some tips and he immediately left the room while Lissa the maid go back to the bathroom .

A while later Callista with the maid Lissa got out of the bathroom and Callista is almost on the verge of crawling to the floor due to the pain she's feeling and cursing non stop inside her head . She scan her room and he didn't see him .

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"Young master said he had something to do" .

"Okay . Get me some milk first" she said and laid on the bed .

She felt like all of her energy is drain and just weakly move . Maybe her hubby just head to work now . It's a good thing that he wasn't here or else he will freak out more .

A while later, the door opened and she thought it was Lissa but it was none other than her hubby carrying a tray of food .

"Hubby? What are you doing here? I thought you went to work already" she said and looked at him with a complicated face . His still wearing his usual black suit pants and his white long sleeves and his necktie is a bit loose .

"I'm taking a day off . I'll be taking care of you" He said casually and put the tray of food down and look at her . She has still a slight pale complexion and he remembers that she hasn't eaten something so he made her food that the maid said to him .

"I'm really fine, you don't have a to make a big deal out of it" she said and she felt her eyes teary knowing he done this for her .

"How can I not worry? I can't stand looking at you in pain even if this is what you called a period and knowing that you get to experience it every month! At least this is the least thing I can do to help you" He said . He wanted to take care of her, he wanted her out from harm and he couldn't do anything about this girl's period . Maybe soon he will asked the medical technology to find cure for this 'disease'

"Aww, my hubby is so sweet that I really wanted to cry!" Callista said feeling emotional .

"Eat these . I made this for you and did a little research about this . This will be good for your body" He said and handle her the milk first before giving her some Kale and Broccoli mixed vegetables .

"Here, I have a brought a heating pad, it will help you soothe your muscles and and minimize the pain" he said and rolled the blanket down and pulled her shirt up and put the heating pad in her lower abdomen .

"Wow! This is so good!" Callista said and hug the heating pad . It really minimize the pain . After drinking the milk she eat the food he prepared and suddenly she is craving for something .

"Hubby! I want some fries, burger, chocolates and pizza!" she exclaimed to him . For her this is the best food to eat during this period . Hearing what she said, Ashton's face frown and he looked unhappy .

"No, it's not good for your body . Those are processed foods and have high fats" he said sternly and peel an orange for her but she rejected it and she felt so angry .

"No! I don't want that orange! I want those foods!" She angrily said and stop eating .

Suddenly, Ashton remembers what the maid said earlier .

"Girls on their period is emotionally unstable, so it is likely to have some mood swings . If she get angry, then sad or happy it's just normal because they are on their period so the thing they needed is to be understand"

He felt a headache coming and he massage his forehead on his wife sudden behavior . So this is mood swing . Earlier she was feeling happy on the verge of crying tears and now she is just so angry . It feels like he is having a child trying to please her .

He could only sigh . It was better fighting an argument with his business enemies cause he had a chance of winning but to his wife he felt all his knowledge and understandings is being crushingly defeated he couldn't win at all!

"I can give you this but not those other unhealthy foods you mentioned" he said and pulled a dark chocolate in his pocket and give it to her .

Suddenly her anger was lifted from seeing the chocolate in his hands and immediately her eyes sparkle like it was she was given a sparkling diamond .

"My hubby love me too much!" She said cheerily and took it and open it and bite it cheerily . This sudden change of her behavior, he felt slightly relaxed . That chocolate is very high in cacao so it's also good for her .

During her period days, Ashton's work got his work cut out for him .