Back from the Dead - Chapter 23

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:34:03 PM

Chapter 23

Princess Amirrah was feeling very happy . She finish all the food Callista cook for her and just rub her full belly . She was feeling very good not thinking about what happened earlier .

"I've been wanting to eat the food you cook . I once requested to let you have a visit to the palace but sadly they didn't comply to my request . " Princess Amirrah said and Callista didn't knew that she is really famous so much for having privacy and keeping a low profile .

"Well, thank you I'm glad that you like it" Callista could just thank her and drank some water .

"What would you do now? Will you call for the palace to help?" Callista asked and look at her and a flash of anger glint shown from the Princess eyes when Callista ask about her situation .

"It's no use . There are a lot of hidden spies and traitors in the palace . I would only sending myself to them if I request for help and my father would only worry about me" Princess Amirrah said . She knew it very well that they want her dead .

Her brother is sick and if she dies, the heir to the throne would be pass to one of her cousins and their half sibling that eyeing the throne . When the both of them from the direct line of Royal blood will be gone it will be the end of their Kingdom and she won't let them have their ways .

"Among the Royal families, who do you think is targeting you that badly?" Callista asked, as cliche at it may sound everyone of her family is targeting the throne and it will always be a bloodbath just getting the throne .

Princess Amirrah paused for a while before she could answer her .

"My father has two other brothers, The second brother had a son name Bradley and most likely he likes the throne so much that he wanted to fight for the titled of Crown Prince with my brother and the Third brother had two sons one was name Damian and his most likely focus in doing business and his rarely seen at the palace and the other one is Daniel and like to stay in the palace and learns with me"

"My father, aside from my mother the Queen had another wife and birthed to a son name Igor Craig and his the same age as me and he likes to have fun around and ruining his reputation so badly and I'm only two years younger from my brother" Princess Amirrah said and after summarizing what she said she held her chin and something popped in her mind .

"Cousin Damian is always not around so he is crossed out from the list and Cousin Daniel is always with me learning and he is basically close to me and he said he doesn't want the throne and never mind about my half brother Igor the only one could be is Cousin Bradley! He is the one!" Princess Amirrah exclaimed when she arrive at that conclusion . His Cousin always wanted the throne and like to mess up with my brother always!

Callista didn't react to what she said . She may have pointed it all but her conclusion is rather fishy . This little Princess may know about the circumstances in the palace but she never knew the network of information flowing inside and she's still far from grasping it .

"You should not arrive at that conclusion first . He may have an eye for the throne but there are still some sly fox hiding behind the scenes" Callista said and also think about her matters .

"If not him, then who could it be?" Princess Amirrah asked . She may not be close to her half brother and her cousins but she didn't want to cause a bloodbath in the palace after all they are still a family .

"I'll help you investigate that matter you can trust me on that, I bet they really don't want you to attend your business here" Callista said and she needed to know what is her situation so she could help her . Well it's not really like her to meddle and help someone with others business .

She was the type of a person to do it by herself and eliminate her enemies in an instant .

"It's an important business deal, I need to persuade and let him sign the contract with us . Mr . Cordiviera will be a lot of help to us when his on our side" The Princess said and when Callista heard his name her eyebrows creased up .

"Mr . Cordiviera? What kind of deal is it?" She asked . She is rather curious knowing her hubby has a lot of different business . She was curious how this girl could persuade her hubby and of course her hubby is part of the business so she need to be careful also .

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"Our country is very rich in crude oil and I found out that he wants to open an Oil business in our country it will be great if the source comes from us cause we own a very large portion of land of it and also our mining land is also very rich in jade which is our stone symbol and also some rare stones that are Spinel, Morganite and Alexandrite . Her mother owns a big jewelry business and also one of the biggest source of jewelries and if he signs with us he can have also a his great source" The Princess said proudly of their riches .

Well it was quite true that their country is rich with many different stones that are rare to find in the other continents and also Callista knew that this Princess offer is really enticing how could her hubby say no to this? Well, maybe to some point he may think of it first .

Callista knew that aside from the Royal Palace of owning an Oil mine there was one who is on par with them their neighboring Kingdom . Actually there are three kingdoms from the Silavanah Country, the rich one was Amirrah's Palace the Kingdom of Philan, and the Kingdom that is on par with the Oil mine was the prosperous Kingdom of Allion and the other was were this army is a God of War the Kingdom of Silan .

Being also an Empress in the organization give her more information about the important places in the continents . It looks like this business deal of the little Princess is quite hard to sign and she realized something from the what the Princess had said .

"What do you mean by on your side?" Callista asked .

"If Mr . Cordiviera sign the deal with us, no one would even dare to provoke or steal the throne from us . Knowing his power no one would be on his bad side . If they make a move with us, it will harm his business and of course we wouldn't let anybody steal him away from us . We sacrifice a lot from this to get this business deal to him and this is our only chance if we let it slip away it will be hard to suppress our enemies" The Princess said . She will do anything to have this deal sign . Not only her Father and brother wait for her but also she is entrusted also the welfare of their people . This is not only for the throne but for everyone in their Kingdom .

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Callista understand her and she can see the determination of this Little Princess . She was only eighteen and she also had a big responsibility thrown at her . For a girl like her she would be still treated like what other Princesses enjoy but here she was facing the fate of her people from her hands .

She should be face with an intense pressure now, knowing that someone is after her life but she was still calm and not giving up on what she had to do . Even if there were signs from her of being afraid she didn't chose to back down but go forward . What a rare sight for Callista to seen this .

"You should probably rest now" Callista suggested when she saw her feeling sleepy .

"Will you leave?" The Princess ask her

"Don't worry, I won't leave . Your in my care now so I'll be responsible with you" Callista said and she called again the reception area to request some necessities such as clothes and other stuffs .

She may be a person who's hands are already stained but she knew what she had to do and know her responsibilities . When it comes to her missions, the most likely she killed are the ones that are already tainted with blood and the only exception that time was to kill this little Princess .

She didn't want to do it but it came from the Higher Ups of the World Organization and not even her Empress title could stop it . She didn't want to kill an innocent one and she felt relieve knowing her mission was aborted . Maybe it was because to the fact the she had intended to kill her previously that she end up helping her .