Back from the Dead - Chapter 30

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:33:30 PM

Chapter 30

Meanwhile at Prima Pearl Hotel .

Princess Amirrah already arrive at the hotel without any mishaps . There were six bodyguards following her . Three at the front the other three at the back .

She was escorted by an assistant to where the business deal will happen and they arrived at the biggest room in the hotel .

Upon entering, she saw a young man wearing a royal tunic white suit with a golden dragon embedded on it and it match his rose gold hair and his pair of jet black eyes making him a rare beauty .

Such a beautiful man!

When she saw the person she immediately recognize who it was .

It was none other than the Second Prince from the Kingdom of Allion, Prince Lishvan Vou Mahrati .

When the young man saw who enter the room he stand up and greeted .

"It is a pleasure to meet Princess Amirrah of the Kingdom of Philon" The man greeted and smile that it didn't even reach his eyes nor show a disrespect .

"It is my pleasure too, Prince Lishvan" Princess Amirrah greeted back and made her way to her own seat .

Refreshments were serve to the both sides and neither of them talked to each other and just keep on distracting themselves .

Princess Amirrah was busy reviewing her proposal and from time to time glance at the door to wait for Callista .

An hour already passed by and Prince Lishvan is showing a sign of boredness and tired of waiting because the business meeting should have start an hour ago but he had to be patient .

Princess Amirrah was showing discomfort and it's making her anxious . They should have arrive a little just after her but till now they are still aren't here and its making her heart more worried thinking that something might have happen .

In a while, the door open and Albert enter the door and Princess Amirrah can't help but furrow her eyebrows .

She can notice little things and she can see that Albert is looking slightly haggard . She look at the back but she didn't see the person she wanted to see .

"I'm very sorry your highnesses for the delay, something came up and Mr . Cordiviera can't attend this . It will be me standing up for him" Assistant Albert explained and bow to the both of them .

"It's okay, we understand" Prince Lishvan vaguely said .

Princess Amirrah wanted to ask question but during this time it will be a bad thing if they knew her and just quietly worry .

"How about we start the deal now?" Princess Amirrah said and position herself for the presentation .

"We may start now" Assistant Albert said and seated in his position to listen to the business offer of the two Royals and then the both of them started to discuss their proposal .

Albert was just quietly sitting . He may be looked quietly at attending to these two persons but his mind is still wandering off due to what happen and his still feeling at loss today . He and his boss already discuss the outcome of this because they already skim to the paper proposal they had send to them . After that the two royals stop discussing and waiting for Albert's answer to who will be the one chosen among the two of them .

Albert took a deep breath and started talking .

"Both of your business proposal are good and it really did catch the eye of my boss and no matter the outcome, I hope both of your highness will be glad" Albert said and the two of them accepted . Business is business so they will accept it but it's best if they get to accept one of them

"Will be glad to have this collaboration to the both of you . Will be signing two contracts today from the two kingdoms" Albert said and the two of them gasps as well as the Prince's companion .

"You mean by signing that, we will also have a collaboration at the Kingdom of Philon?" Prince Lishvan ask . He can't imagine to have a collaboration with the other party . Their Kingdom may be harmonize but it was only in the surface but in the dark they hate each other to the very core of their hearts .

"Yes . Both of you will really benefits from this and from now on you will be under the Cordiviera's Group of companies" Albert said and handed the two contracts to the two Royals .

The Royals just looked at each other and just sign the papers . This is what they want to have a collaboration with the King of Empire but they didn't expect to have a collaboration to each other . When the other kingdom found out about this who knows what circumstances will arise .

For Albert, he should be joyously enjoying this collaboration but due to what happened he didn't have the energy to do so . After the signing of contract the Prince already left while Princess Amirrah stayed for a while .

"Assistant Albert, where is Sis Callista? I thought she would be here? Did something bad happen to her?" Princess Amirrah anxiously ask while clasping her hands .

"We were ambush on the way here and don't worry the Young Lady is fine and is already home" Albert just coldly said and he still needed to investigate this matter on why did they still targeted their Young Lady when nothing happened to the Princess

"What? I need to go home now! I need to see her!" Princess Amirrah exclaimed and the bodyguards just follow her to back to the mansion .

. . . . .

Ashton was just intently looking at Callista who is being examined by Dr . Muyin who just came back from England .

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"Could you tell me what happen?" Dr . Muyin ask after examining here condition .

"I was at Slovenia a week ago and I just find out that she killed the one who ambush them and I called you back afraid that she will have a trauma and she told me the truth about it then also this time it happen" Ashton explain what happen to the Doctor and look at her wife lying to the bed .

"I see . Her case is very difficult . Did she have a case suffering from amnesia?"

"No, she hasn't" Ashton said because she still remember everything about herself .

"Did she have a case of any trauma from her childhood to trigger this killing intent?"

"I don't know about that"

"What about split personality case?"

"I don't know also" Ashton just sigh deeply . He didn't knew any other thing about her he just only knew things through investigating some matter about her .

"I see . It looks like she consciously know what happens after her killing intent is trigger . This only trigger if she is being threaten or her love ones are being targeted or threatened . This is what we call the Lucifer effect" Doctor Muyin said and Ashton's expression turn black .

Hearing his explanation it make some sense she did kill when they are threaten from the ambush and it also happen today when they were ambush .

"Ashton, we need to examine her more . If this go on I'm afraid that if her killing intent is trigger there is a possibility that she can't go back to her usual self and end up killing the persons around her" Doctor Muyin said and he can't help but worried .

He didn't knew that this kid will get married and could have such a beautiful and talented woman . He knew this person Callista cause he have met her before during the Doctor's Banquet in Europe and he didn't knew that he would met her in a situation like this .

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"I understand . Please keep this matter to my parents I don't want them to know any of this" Ashton coldly said in his blank expression .

"Don't worry, I will and look more further in her condition . I still need to talk to you some matters about your wife" Doctor Muyin said and left with Ashton to go discuss it in his study .

After they left, the sleeping Callista open her eyes and stared blankly at the mint green ceiling .

"When did I became a crazy person and to be diagnose with a disease!"

"What trauma? I'm fucking fine!"

"Do I look like I have split personalities?!"

"What the hell is Lucifer effect? Do I look like I came from hell!?"

Callista can't help but curse in the bed and trash around . She was only pretending to sleep and pretend to faint earlier and she just listen to this doctor that spouting some nonsense .

If her hubby wasn't her she already have pounce on him and torture him for spouting some nonsense! Is he even a doctor? How dare he say those words to me! I'm perfectly a healthy person!

But when she think of it again of course they will arrive to that conclusion for what she did just a week ago and this day .

She just took a deep breathe for what just happen . I bet her hubby is worried to death for me for acting like this . I'm really sorry hubby I didn't mean it to be like this .

When I started and done with my investigation I really promise to tell the truth to you .