Back from the Dead - Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Somewhere in the Eight Continent

A big gathering from each of the top ten organization from the World Assassination Organization, where only the three higher ups from each organization and the Eleven Superior Elders from the World Assassination Organization is present in the dim light spacious room .

Their agenda for today is about the Empress vacant position and who will succeed her .

Every Higher Elders was busy talking to whom who is the best candidate to this position . The three Higher Elders from the Blood Dragon Palace was feeling regret, self blame and loss, if they didn't give her that Class Z mission she would still be their Empress and their position for being the number one organization won't be shaken .

While they are feeling gloomy, the three Higher Elders from the Red Phoenix Organization ranking fourth among the organization was feeling confident that the candidate will be chosen from them because they have the second best female assassin next to the Empress and when it comes to that they will have the chance to rank high and get more connections .

In the World Assassination Organization the biggest authority comes from the Emperor, Second is the Superior Elders and the Third one is the Empress even if it is rank third the Empress role is still a bigger power in the organization .

"Superior Elder Jao, do you think it's right for us to call for this meeting without the Emperor?" A Superior Elder ask worriedly .

"Superior Elder Ronan, we really need to have an empress now . When Empress Ayane died, the power and authority was in shambles . You know that mostly of the powerful organization is on her side" Superior Elder Jao answer . If they didn't have any new Empress soon the other powerful organization aside from their Organization would really attacked them .

Losing the Empress was their biggest problem and it give them a big headache . They really want to punish to the Blood Dragon Palace heavily from giving that Class Z mission but they didn't because her death is already a great loss for them .

"Superior Elder Jao is right, The Emperor is still away so we should solve these matter quickly"

"Superior Elder Saldon, all of us know how truly the Emperor got angry when the Empress died, he precisely said that Empress Ayane will be the only one Empress and no one shall be elected!"

"We just have to tell them that this Empress candidate is just for show . It's just a fill in, it will be always Empress Ayane that is the true Empress for us" Superior Elder Jao said in a gloomy tone . There was none other better than the previous Empress .

She was an outstanding one, and handle their matters very well and the genius among the previous Empress of the Organization they all felt remorseful when news arrive that she died .

"There's no use crying over spilled milk . Were already here let's just start the meeting now" Superior Elder Jao said an announce the agenda of the meeting .

"So today, we are here to elect a new Empress . We will be presiding this meeting over from the Emperor . So may we hear some suggestions regarding to each of you who is your best candidate?" Superior Elder Jao said and gaze his look across the room . There are more than thirty people in this room .

"We, from the Red Phoenix nominate Seline Trovina known as Black Serene" The Higher Elder from the Red Phoenix suggested and everyone gasps . Seline was the second best among the female class and ranked as fifth for the mixed gender and if they mention their own candidates they will only pale in comparison .

"Hmm, I see Seline is one of the best agents we have . Do still any of you have to suggest?"

"Higher Elder Baron, do you have any suggestions?" Superior Elder Jao ask when he saw him raised his hand . He was from the Waffler Azure Organization and he stood up with a grin on his face .

"I'm not here to suggest to anyone, I wanted to clarify something from the Higher Elders from the Blood Dragon Palace" Higher Elder Baron said and hide away his evil intentions and every elders from the room look at the Three higher Elders confusedly .

"Higher Elder Baron, our agenda for today is about the candidate . If you have any clarification from the other organization do it later" Superior Elder Saldon said while frowning .

"Superior Elder Saldon, this matter is connected to Empress Ayane" Higher Elder Baron said and everyone started to whisper around .

"Everyone! Quiet! . . . . So Higher Elder Baron, speak" Superior Elder Jao said and pay attention to what the elder said . If it is matters concerning the Empress of course they would listen

"Then I shall speak, I wanted to ask the Higher Elders from the Blood Palace Dragon and tell us the truth if the Empress is really dead!" Higher Elder Baron exclaimed

Upon hearing his statement, everyone's facial expression turned ugly! What the hell is this question? Is he dumb or not? She was already dead! All of them even attended the funeral and offer their prayers!

"What silly questions is that? Are you out of your mind?" Higher Elder Gaudon angrily said . He was the remorseful one when he knew she died . He had raised her since they took them and he was the one who trained her leading her to a higher position . How could this bastard elder ask this silly question to them!

"What nonsense are you spouting? Why would we lie to you about the Empress being dead and what benefit could we get from lying to the entire organization!" Higher Elder Martin angrily said and almost slam the table .

Hearing what just the elder said the other people from the room nodded . They would really eat a sack of dirt if the Empress rise from the dead!

"Hmph! Then who is this person?" Higher Elder Baron said and took the brown envelope he was safely holding and took what's in it and throw it down the table .

The pictures scattered around the round table and the Elders immediately stand to take a look on what he just throw and all of them gasps in shock and their mouth fell open .

It was none other than a picture of their Empress! Her straight long platinum blonde was now wavy and her Hazel eyes are now a pair of blue eyes but no matter what changes they saw it was exactly what the Empress look!

Even the Three Elders from the Blood Dragon Palace was shocked to death! If their Empress is alive of course they will be the ones who will be more happier!

"How could this be?!" The Superior Elders exclaimed and look at each other

"It can't be the Empress right?"

"But look at the photos, it is really our Empress! Their was only a slight change from her physical appearance"

"Look! There is a date on the photo!"

"Maybe it's just edited! You know pictures can be Photoshop nowadays"

Every Elders had their own guesses . Some believe that it was her and some were not .

"Everyone! Enough!" Superior Elder Jao exclaimed and slammed the table causing everyone to shut their mouths off and sit back .

"Higher Elder Baron, where did you get this?" Superior Elder Jao seriously said while looking intently at him . Elder Baron gulped twice and answer .

"My subordinate was the one who found out about it and I took some secret investigation about these matter . I needed to confirm it first before telling all of you"

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"Also, no one would even dare to imitate the Empress! I wonder who has the guts to do it!" He explained and look at the three Higher Elders from the Blood Dragon Palace

"And also, during the time there was also another person at her side and he was from the Seven Star Organization!" He stated and everyone gasps again and look at the three elders from the Seven Star organization .

Upon hearing their organization name bring up at this moment they can't help but turned their expression dark .

"What? Are you mad! What do we have to gain her Empress attention?" Higher Elder Don exclaimed . They didn't even talk closely to the Empress and neither be close to her own organization .

"Then who is this?" Higher Elder Baron said and throw again some picture of a middle age man . Seeing the pictures the three elders can't help but turned darker again .

"So, it looks like all of you really knew him! He even said that he didn't know the empress!" Higher Elder Baron said and smirked . He can't wait for all of them to fall down together

"Of course we knew him! He is the protector of the Late Queen's daughter from the Kingdom of Philon and he left before he got even to know who was the next Empress!" Higher Elder Alden exclaimed angrily .

Even the Elders inside the room are getting confuse . The topic was only about the Empress and now how did come to the Late Queen from another Kingdom?

How was it connected? And how did even Elder Baron get this information? Everyone was utterly confuse, they didn't even know what's going on anymore .

Suddenly, Elder Don realized something .

"Elder Baron! You were the one who was tasked to assassinate the Princess? Do you know what would happen if you violate the agreement?" Elder Don angrily said and again everyone was confused . How did it come to the agreement now?

Upon hearing Elder Don's statement, they remember how they Protected The Kingdom of Philon due to the Late Queen it's because Elder Don was the father of the Late Queen Bella .

There was an agreement to all of the organization that if they receive an assassination request to kill the Queen's family it will be neglected and whoever would fail to to do this will have a heavy punishment . It happen one time when the Empress almost killed her and thanks to that the assassination was called back .

Elder Baron's expression turned black, he forgot that agreement and was focus on the mission and he also focus his attention to the empress being alive .

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"So it's true! You almost killed my granddaughter!" Elder Don shouted and wanted to kill the bastard but he was stop by the two other elders .

"Shut up! This is not the time for this! Seven Star Organization i will punish Elder Baron! Are you satisfy now!" Superior Elder Jao angrily shouted . His head hurts to what's going on and Elder Don could only grit his teeth and look murderously at Elder Baron .

"Blood Dragon Palace, how will you explain the matter about the Empress?" Superior Elder Jao asked looking at them .

"Superior Elder Jao, The Empress is already dead! How could we lie! No matter how we wish that she is alive she is already dead! We even found her corpse and done the autopsy!" Higher Elder Gaudon said .

"Then, to satisfy everyone's concern how about we open up her grave!" Elder Martin exclaimed

"What? How could you disturb her rest? She is already dead and now you want to open her grave?"

"To confirm it, we have to show them that she is already dead! Then perform an investigation to who that person was Elder Baron keep on saying that she is the Empress! We have no choice but to go to the Empress Grave Hall!" Elder Martin suggested . He can't think of any reason and this is the only solution he have come up .

"Then we should do that! or else this matter will not end!" Superior Elder Saldon agreed to what he just said .

"Then it is settled, we will investigate further and postponed the selection of the new Empress . " Superior Elder Jao said and everyone nodded except for the three Higher Elders from the Red Phoenix Organization who is frowning .

They didn't expect this sort of problem to rise and can't help but curse at Higher Elder Baron for this and immediately an evil intention rose to their minds .

The three Higher Elders from the Blood Dragon Palace can't help but feel gloomy and don't know what would they feel .

The two Higher Elders from the Waffler's Azure Organization was boiling with anger! Due to Elder Baron's carelessness they have to suffer a heavy punishment!

The Superior Elders adjourned the meeting and immediately the other organization take their routes and wanted to made some of their own investigation .

The World Assassination Organization was in chaos after what happen to the meeting . Everyone has their own opinions and guesses . Yet, Callista slash as the Previous Empress was in her room enjoying the company of her hubby who pampers her so much .

Not minding that a great storm or calamity will befall on her so called living life to the fullest .