Back from the Dead - Chapter 33

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:33:09 PM

Chapter 33

Ashton was patiently waiting at Dr . Muyin's office . It was already 5' o clock in the afternoon and the test started six hours ago .

He can't help but feel worry to how she was doing and why is it taking so long to finish? Did they really give her a lot of different to test?

Until he heard the door open and it was Dr . Muyin in a white lab coat with a record book in his hand .

"Dr . Muyin, how was the test?" Ashton asked anxiously .

"We still need to analyze this test and we give her the new test for the Lucifer effect . After a week, I will give you the copy of the result" Dr . Muyin said and once again the door open .

It was Callista in an all white dress and she's not looking that good and this time it wasn't an act she wasn't really in a good condition right now .

She cursed many times in her head and how to kill the one who invented those stupid test she just took earlier .

If Dr . Muyin knew what she was thinking right now, he would have already confine her in this center . Upon seeing her hubby and Dr . Muyin talking to each other .

She glared coldly at the doctor and Dr . Muyin felt some chill in his spines and then she look at her hubby with a teary expression . She was like a child who ran into his arms and complain how she was torture in the test .

"Hubby! Don't let me take that test again! They are so bad! They even torture you!" Callista cried to him while she was in his arms looking a little aggrieved and he knew what she mean .

Dr . Muyin personally asked him that time if he could use his 'face' to the test he will be doing . Hearing her wife, he can't help but feel guilty .

"Don't worry, we won't be going back here" Ashton said and patted the girl's head trying to console her and Callista look at him with her teary eyes .

"Really?" Callista said and turned a hateful glare at the Doctor beside her hubby and Ashton just nodded at her .

"I'm so tired, hubby let's go home" Callista tiredly said and cling to her hubby .

"You should get change first then will go home . " Ashton said while trying to hold his wife steady when he felt she was about to drop in her knees .

"I'll go get her clothes" Dr . Muyin said and put down the record book his holding to look at the changing area .

"Hubby, let's just go now . I don't care about the clothes now . I just want to sleep" Callista frowned and still cling to her hubby like a little koala . If she stay her a little longer she wouldn't know what she would do with this doctor in front of her .

"Dr . Muyin, Thank you for today . I will wait for the result a week later . Will be heading back now, Cally is not feeling well right now" Ashton said and Dr . Muyin could only stop looking in the room .

"It looks like the test took out a toll on her . Let her rest then, I will send the results after" Dr . Muyin said and could just lead them out of the building while Ashton carried her back to his car and shoulder her bag .

Dr . Muyin open the car door for him and Ashton put her in the passenger and buckle her seat belt . He look at her soundly asleep . He thank again Dr . Muyin before leaving the building .

While driving back to the mansion Ashton heard his phone ringing and it was none other Aria calling .


"Brother, are you with Callista? She's not answering her phone . I've been calling her for almost a day" Aria exclaimed over the phone when she heard that cold voice again .

"She's with me right now and she's sleeping . What do you want?"

"Ohh, then tell her to visit my studio tomorrow . I need her to be a judge, the designs she gave me was truly the best!" Aria proudly said and Ashton remember her wife giving a sketchbook to her during their visit .

"I will . I'll just tell her" Ashton said and ended the call . He looked once again at his side where his wife is sleeping heavily .

Once again his phone beep and his face immediately turn serious when he receive a black mail .

. . . . . . .

Callista woke up very late and she found herself lying in her bed and look at the small clock beside her bed and it was already midnight .

She was feeling hungry and decided to find her hubby and enter the door that was connected to his room .

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"Hubby?" Callista called and still rub her eyes and she's still feeling a bit sleepy then she saw an empty room . Her hubby is not here thinking maybe he is still in his study or somewhere so she just made her way out and head to the kitchen .

She was busy pouring the milk in her glass when she can feel someone is looking at her and she look at the dim kitchen . The only light it has was from the refrigerator . So she rolled her eyes around to look but there wasn't any one .

"Maybe it's just my imagination" Callista just mumble, these past few days many things have happen and its making her head ache and apart from that it really drains her energy!

She was facing the window kitchen and was about to drink her milk when saw four people and each pair of them carrying a black zip bag and her brows creased looking at them who sneakily walk out in this night . From their build up she can tell that those are men .

"Who are they? Are they a thief?" Callista casually said but that can't be because when she checked the security system of this house it is really tight so it's very likely that someone had let them in!

"How dare them enter this house!" Callista said and put down her glass but she accidentally put it at the edge of the table causing it to fall and break down into pieces .

"Shit!" She curse but she just left and was about to head at the door to look who are those guys when the light from the kitchen open . She block her eyes due to sudden flick of light .


She heard someone call her name and looking back she saw her hubby standing near the switch of the lights .


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"What are you doing? I heard a crash just now, I thought you were sleeping" Ashton calmly said and walk to her then he saw the shards of glass in the floor and the spilled milk .

"I woke up because I'm hungry and I was about to get some cleaning materials" Callista just answer when she didn't saw anymore those strange four people and suddenly she smell the scent of blood coming from him .

The scent of blood accompany her through her childhood days of training and killing so even if it is only faint she can still detect it .

Then, an immediate conclusion came to her mind .

"Where were you? I was in your room but I didn't find you there" Callista just ask looking at him in the eye and she saw the hesitant in his eyes and it immediately fade but it never escape her senses .

"I was in my study room just looking at some papers . Don't touch the shards anymore, I'll clean it up and i'll cook something for you" Ashton said and reach out to her hand to lead her to sit down and wait for him .

Callista just follow him with a questioning look . Even if she knew what happen, she didn't ask any further and wait for her hubby . If he didn't want to tell me about it then I would not bother about it anymore .

"Aria just called me, she wants you to go to her studio tomorrow . " Ashton said while cooking .

"Ohh, she did? What did Sis Aria call me for?"

"I don't know, she just told me about the designs you had in your sketch book and to be a judge for something"

"Ohh! Maybe she used it to her upcoming fashion event! I'll go there tomorrow!" Callista happily exclaimed and just wait for her hubby patiently and didn't mind what she just saw earlier .