Back from the Dead - Chapter 34

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:33:03 PM

Chapter 34

It was another day for Callista, after sending and having lunch with her hubby in the company she headed straight to Horizon studio which is Aria's studio .

At the backseat of the car, she was busy texting to Aria when she notice a black car that keeps on following them .

She would just neglect it because there are also a lot of car on the road just behind them but she notice since she arrive from the company that car also followed them until now .

But she didn't mind it and just let it follow them . She can sense that it means no harm to them and just continue conversing to Aria through the phone and finally she reached the studio .

"Mr . Tullan, you can just head back to the mansion . I'll be with Sister Aria for this day" Callista said to the driver and she got out of the car .

She saw a 18-storey building and the design was not really an ordinary one . She wasn't an architect but she can tell it was really awesome and cool and the internal layout would be awesome too .

Upon entering the building, there were a lot of people inside the building because there was an audition that the Horizon organize .

She immediately garnered a lot of attention . She was wearing a green colored wide leg pants with a white strap blouse and wearing a one inch block heels and a pair of green tassel earrings and her beauty shine even better because of her platinum blonde hair .

"She's so beautiful!"

"Who is she?"

"Is she here for the audition too?"

"What entertainment she came from? I never seen her before!"

"Looking at her, do you think we had a chance to compete?"

Seeing her appearance, many had a look of appreciation and praise her but there were others that had a look of envious and jealousy and criticize her .

"Tss . She only had her looks!"

"Yeah! Skills are the important thing in this circle!"

"Maybe she is just a newbie and doesn't still know her place! Hmph!"

"I really people who only had their looks to sell!"

Callista heard all of them but she just didn't mind cause she had nothing to do with them and she was busy finding the person she wanted to see and this is her first time here and she still doesn't know on where on earth is she .

She was about to call her when she finally saw the one she's been looking for! And she wasn't the only one who is looking for her .

The other models that keep on blabbering stop their mouths and immediately change their aura to be elegant and with poise to be noticed by the Fashion and Art Director which is Aria Kaye Cordiviera .

She wasn't just a part of the Cordiviera Empire, at the age eighteen during her college she already receive a recognition as the top designer and a genius in the Fashion Line .

At the age of twenty she establish the Horizon Studio making it to the top and recognize brand . It's been only four years that she establish it and yet it grows more rapidly placing it to a more competitive area and she's also the leading winner for the Fashion Line Awards three times in a row and this time it will be her fourth time entering .

She immediately made her way to her and everyone their knew where she was heading and they can't help but frown at her showy attitude .

"Look at her! She just enter the studio and she was already rushing to her!"

"Her skin is so thick! How shameless!"

"What a newbie!"

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Some people can't help but scorn her attitude and the other's just keep quiet while Callista walk to her and called her name .

"Sis Aria!" Callista shouted and everyone heard what she just said .

While everyone was feeling confuse to why would she call her that , Aria look to the one who shouted and her immediate serious face turn into a lovely smile .

"Callista! Your finally here!" Aria said and they hug each other like they haven't seen each other for a long time and the ones who just saw them can't help but drop their jaws .

While they are still feeling shocked to what had happen, Aria took her and left the the messy area and bring her to her office at the top floor .

"Sis! I really like your studio! So what made you bring me here?" Callista asked while looking at the office . Her office was in pastel colors and it pleases her eye very well and there were a lot of different designs hanging on the wide cork board .

"Do you remember the sketch pad you gave me? I took the designs in it for the upcoming Fashion Line Awards and your here to be a judge to choose the model . " Aria said and Callista didn't know what to say .

"I feel so overwhelmed right now, Thank you sis! I didn't knew you would really use it . I'm glad that you like it!" Callista exclaimed even if its not her 'real' work she felt happy that it was finally to be shown to others .

This is what the previous owner wants, to let her designs be portrayed and worn . I'm glad that I get to fulfill one of her wishes .

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"Of course! Your very talented and I was really amaze to see such designs, so I chose it for the entry" Aria exclaimed and can't help but praise her . She knew a lot of beautiful designs but her designs were just superb .

"Ohh, and here the pictures of them and they are already made!" Aria said and took an black album and Callista just open it to look what are they and she can't help but be amaze to the craftsmanship of those different dresses .

Just looking at the pictures, she can tell that the materials it was made was really expensive and a lot of handiwork was needed .

"Ohh! They are so beautiful"

"I know! it's because of you that we had that beautiful pieces!"

Hearing Aria that keep on praising her she can't help but twitch . It would be bad if she let her draw some designs for her . She know how to draw but to draw some different designs for clothes is such a drag and a headache .

"Let's go to the audition room now . It is on the fifth floor and will start fifteen minutes from now . I can't wait to introduce you to them" Aria said and pulled her out of her office and made their way to the elevator .

When they reach the audition room, in the hallway area there were a lot of people still signing up and lining up . The moment they saw Aria they can't help but feel nervous yet be mesmerized and they saw Callista and a flash of envy and jealousy was in their hearts .

They shouldn't be feeling competitive with her because she is one of the judged of the this audition and if they knew that I wonder how would they sew their mouths for speaking such nonsense earlier .