Back from the Dead - Chapter 35

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:32:54 PM

Chapter 35

Everyone felt pissed off when they saw Callista enter the door with Aria and they can't help but argue in front of the registrar .

"Hey! This is so unfair we've been here lining up for hours yet she just enter like it's backyard?"

"Yes! So unfair!"

"You're right! This is truly unfair!"

"How could she just easily get in?"

When someone started to complain, others also followed . The people that are in-charge on the registration area felt a headache coming just hearing these girls complain in front of them .

Not even they knew who the girl that is clinging on to their boss but they can't afford to tolearate their acts if the boss is giving special treatment to the girl .

They can't afford to mistreat her .

"Quiet! Your here to audition and not mind others business! If you feel it's unfair then walk out of here!" The one in-charge shouted and everybody shut their mouths off . No one wanted to leave and then the signing continues .

. . . . . .

It's almost time for the audition to begin, the audition room was very spacious and upon entering almost more than a hundred people came to audition .

There were already some top international models that came for this audition and they can tell it is one of the most competitive auditions they had organized . Even Christine Pendle the top of the model of the year was here and also Ciara Joy Dunstin and Farrah Brusch .

Everyone was already in the room and they are just waiting for the Director to enter even the judges are already seated and finally the one they've been waiting for finally came and someone is with the Director .

Everyone was stunned at the girl beside her, her beauty was so out of ordinary and for a person to have a platinum blonde hair is very rare and only people from the Viennan Country had this type of hair .

There were only five judges in this audition and the other four was already seated and the fifth one should be Director Aria and they think that girl with her is also here for the audition .

On other side of the studio, a girl wearing a Horizon Royal blue dress was seating cross-legged while her assistant is standing beside her and it was none other than Christine Pendle .

"Do you know that girl?" Christine asks while her eyes are squinted looking at the girl beside the Director who is talking to the other judges .

"No miss, it's my first time seeing her . I already tracked down the list of models that will be auditioning but I didn't know a model like her" her assistant answer back and Christine can't help but feel enmity to her .

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She can't let this girl stole her spotlight from her, the moment she saw the designs of the dress the models are going to wear for the Fashion Line Awards she knew she would be the one who is chosen among them and could wear the final piece .

She was truly confident with her abilities and she can tell she's the best among these girls but she can't let her guard down with other two top models beside her .

Even the two top models ask their assistant if who is that girl and yet they could answer no to their question but they didn't feel any enmity towards her unlike Christine because they knew that they had the skills to compete in the Fashion industry .

For the other models who had seen can't help but stood their quietly and gritted their teeth for the hatred they felt for her and the remaining models who are outside finally settled inside .

On Callista's side she can sense the unfriendly aura that they are sending to her but she didn't mind them and just follow Aria toward the Board of Judges .

"Director Aria! It's a privilege to be here again" a man said in checkered suit and wearing a beret hat approach us while the other three people that talking to him stand up too .

"Aldric, I'm glad that you made it here . Thank you for coming here to this audition" Aria politely said .

"It's my pleasure and oh, who this beautiful girl? Is she a model too?" Aldric asked while sizing up the girl beside Aria and other three people look at her too and they can't help but be mesmerized in her beauty .

"Ohh, she's not a model . She is my friend Callista and she will be the Chairman for these judging" Aria said and the four person was shocked with her answer . It was always Aria that ends up being the Chairman but to put the final decision to another person is a bit reckless .

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"Trust me, I wouldn't do this if I don't have the confidence" Aria answered when she saw the change in their expression and started to introduce her to them .

"This is Aldric Damoun, he is the Director of the Adeline Fashion Line one of our collaborators and he is from Paris"

"This is Celestine Sierra, one of my classmate during my college day and she my friend also she owns the Agatha Shoe Line and previously one of the Top International Models .

"This Jaime Houle, The Fashion Industry Creative Director and he is also a renowned photographer"

"And this is Zerra Nalu, she is Our head designer and a Top model during her previous years . "

The persons that Aria introduces to her were some big shots all over the world; Callista knew this because of the fusing of the previous owner memory to her . Thanks to that she gets a hold of it .

"It's a pleasure to meet all of you and work with you for today, I'm Callista Rashmor" Callista politely introduce herself and shake hands with them .

"Wait, your Callista Rashmor? The Queen of Food Gourmet?" Zerra can't help but ask her, she was a middle age woman but her beauty can't hide her elegance and aura of being a top model in her young days .

"Yes, I am . " Callista answer her and the other three persons in front of her can't help but be shocked .

"Oh my! Oh my! I only heard rumors that your beautiful but I never knew your this beautiful! Why don't you be the final model of the final piece!" Aldric can't help but exclaimed .

"Haha! Thank you for your praise Mr . Aldric but I don't have any talent in modeling"

"Aww, I bet there will be a lot of agencies prying to get you to be a model" Celestine said .

"But you're a chef right? It's not like I don't want you as a judge but we don't know if you have the ability to judge this audition" Zerra said and the three other judges also realize this .

She was Callista Rashmor and the Queen of Gourmet Food . It was true that she's a chef but they don't know if she have the ability to judge this and it is an important one . They are afraid of her decision after this because she is the Chairman of judging the models and apart from that they are three top models in here .

Aria was expecting this so she whispers them something and when they hear it they can't help but be shock again . No matter how they look at her they still can't believe it .

"Well, I guessed it's settled then so shall we start the audition?" Aria said and the four of them could only nod and another chair was brought for Callista and she was seated at the center next to Aria .

When the models heard who she was and being the Chairman of Judging they can't help but feel nervous . They had said a lot of bad things to her and also ridicule her .

Who the hell said she was a model! She is a judge in this audition and to think from the hundreds of them here only fifteen people will be chosen and to they are sure that the top three models here will be chosen .

They could only pray that they didn't get to her nerves earlier to be eliminated in this audition but sadly Callista is not that merciful .