Back from the Dead - Chapter 36

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:32:44 PM

Chapter 36

The moment the audition started, out of 116 models that auditioned there were only fourteen people remained and ninety nine of them was eliminated and three persons were already chosen and among the chosen was one of the top models Farrah Brusch and the two models that Celestine and Zerra choose .

They can't even complain because that was the result and Callista the Chairman was quiet all along and just keep on paying attention to these models .

The other models wanted to complain and ask but the moment they saw Callista they immediately shut up and the only ones who are noisy during the judging was Aldric and Celestine saying this sentences

"Her walk is so ugly? Is she even a model?"

"Uhh! I'm feeling stressed looking at them!"

"Too much make up! Is she a clown?"

"Her implants are showing!"

"Where did this bunch of stupid models come?"

"Her matching of clothes irritates my eyes!"

Callista can't help but twitch to their words at least she was not harsher than them, she was only righting zero in her judging paper it means that they didn't even reach the criteria for her .

She turned her head and looks at Aria

"Sis, why do you have to struggle organizing this audition you could just only choose among the top models in this continent and I can say they can't turn down that invitation from you" Callista can't help but ask her, instead of just stressing themselves over this it was better to just choose .

"They also want that but I don't like it . I don't like looking at the same model every time and I'm doing this to discover models with great potential and to bring out the best in our designs not a model that rises through the fame of others and using us" Aria answered and Callista knew what she mean and just behind Aria's background It was already enough to bring others to fame if they are connected to one of the Cordiviera's Family .

Her hubby's family is really not so ordinary .

"Elder Sis Beatrice is also a much known model, why isn't she here?"

"She was the previous one who wore the final piece so she can't walk the runway anymore this time with our designs" Aria said and Callista just nodded to her and look back at the models to judge them .

Callista felt weird during judging them, it was like she knew what was happening to them and she knew what errors they are making . It felt like it just came naturally to her .

Finally, fourteen people were already chosen and only one spot remains and this spot to take is not an ordinary one because the one who will be wearing the final piece of the Horizon is to be worn by this last model to be chosen .

In the runway, only three girls are left standing and one of them was Christine Pendle who is standing confidently and accompanied by two models one was a rising model and another one was rookie .

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"Finally, we are here on the final stage and one of you will be the one wearing the final piece, before we proceed each of you will wear the copy of it and walk in the runway" Aria said and immediately there were stylist that grab each model to perked them up .

"Who do you think will get this spot?" A model that was eliminated earlier haven't left and remained to see the end of the audition and some also stay and leave .

"Of course it would be Christine! She's a top model do you think those two could beat her?"

"But that other model Sheila, she's also a rising model . She's been gaining a lot of supports lately"

"Then do you think that rookie could outdo them? She's been modeling for only a year! She's not even on par with Christine's pinky nail!"

There were a lot of discussions on the other side of the room on who's going to be the chosen as the final model . The two top models were already chosen and of course for them Christine would also be chosen .

"So who is your bet?" Aldric can't help but ask her co-judges

"Hmm, Christine has big potential but looking at the two other models I can tell they are on par with her and I can tell they work hard for this" Celestine said while holding her chin .

"I'll wait for them to walk and present us what they got" Jaime said while playing with his pen . While Zerra kept quiet and observe more .

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"Callista, so who's your bet?" Aria can't help but asked her . She was just quiet the whole time and when she looks at her paper she felt confused when she saw a lot zeros in her sheet and a slightly high numbers for the models that are already chosen

Then she recognizes that they were a lot of words written in also and from what she can see those are her comments to each model and she was astonished to what she is reading .

"I already have mine, let's see if she can exceed my expectation" Callista answer and look at the name of the model in her paper .

Twenty minutes later, the three models are ready to walk wearing the final piece copy . Even if it's not like the original one, upon seeing the design they can't help but mesmerize .

The final piece was in golden color, and below the hem of the dress was a beautiful brocade pattern that was spiraling in the dress and it was a venus cut type and the design of the top part was truly astonishing too and they even worn a goddess cape .

Each of them portrayed a different image in that piece of dress, many was mesmerized to Christine and Shiela's way of showing it while the others neglected the rookie .

Finally, it's time to find out the results and three of them standi in the stage and Christine is already feeling tired from all of this and can't help but exclaimed in her mind that if they just going to choose her there's no need for this pretend to let her be the final model .

And it was already time to vote and Aldric was the first to tell who is his picked .

"I choose Christine for this" Aldric said and Chrisitine can't help but smile well of course she expected this .

"I also choose Christine" Celestine said

"I choose Shiela for this" Jaime said and Christine can't help but feel enmity towards the girl beside and Sheila felt happy when someone wants her to be the model for this .

"Same with Jaime, I choose Shiela" Zerra said and with that vote, there were two for each except for the rookie and the only left to vote are Aria and Callista

"I'm neutral in this voting, the decision will be left to the Chairman" Aria said and with that everyone can't help but hold their breaths .

Christine got two votes and Shiela also if one of them could get the vote of the Chairman she will be the final one to ascend .

Sheila was feeling great when she keep quietly earlier to not mentioning any some useless words to her and also Christine is confident with her skills . While the rookie is just calmly standing in the stage .

And everyone look at Callista to what her decision would be . Everyone was feeling nervous because this is the first time they saw her and they didn't knew what kind of attitude she had .

After assessing the three models, Callista close her eyes to remember something and finally open her eyes and from this look anyone can tell that she had finally chosen a model . After a long wait she finally said something

"I choose this model . . . Phoebe"

The one that Callista chosen wasn't among those two models but the model name Phoebe who was a rookie in the eyes of others .