Back from the Dead - Chapter 39

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:32:22 PM

Chapter 39

Callista found herself shrouded in darkness walking aimlessly and she didn't know what's happening around her .

Not until she saw a young girl running and she was crying . Looking at the kid, it looks like her when she was young but she knew who this was . She was the younger version of the real Callista .

Callista follow the young girl who was running away crying and a man popped out of nowhere chasing the little girl . Callista tried to look who the man was but his image was blurry .

She can feel the fear that the girl was feeling and Callista didn't knew why she was running and in instant the girl crashed to a car resulting for Callista to wake up from that nightmare .

"Hey, what's wrong? Did you have a bad dream?" It was a pair of grey eyes that Callista saw and she can see that frowning face yet so handsome, hearing his voice it calmed her intense heart due to that dream .

"No, I'm okay" Callista replied to him and she can see the sun lit up so brightly . It was a very fresh morning and it looks like it's not going to rain later .

Callista felt his hands around her belly and he pulled her closer to him and Callista turned around to face him .

"Let's go now, it's time to have breakfast!" Callista said and she was about to get up when she was pulled back and landed into his firm chest and he hug her even more .

"I got my breakfast now" Ashton lazily said and wraps his arms around her not letting go and Callista's face turned red hearing it . Being with this guy will make her lose some sense and his moves are very simple yet shady! It will be dangerous staying in the same room .

"Hey! You still have some work to do and we still need to go at the Marriage Registration Office" Callista blurted and tried to wiggle out in his arms but he was unwilling to let go .

"Just for a moment, I'm not planning to go to work" Ashton lazily replied and started to play with her hair and put his head around her neck and he can smell that strawberry scent from her and he like it .

"You're tickling me! Well, it's not like your company will fall if you didn't go . How about after we register, let's go on a date!" Callista exclaimed and look at her hubby that was sniffing her like a dog . Well to be sniffed by him is a great pleasure .

"Hmm, alright . It will be our first date" Ashton said and in a few while they got up and made their way out .

The moment they got out, it was for the first time that the servants saw them together walking out together, unlike the previous time it's either one of them who woke up first .

"Ohh! My dearest Midnight and Moonlight! I miss you guys very much!" Callista let go from Ashton's arms and made her way to the two cats that was lying in the sofa and when Ashton saw her expression he can't help but frown and look at the two cats with squinted eyes .

Midnight just looks at him blankly and when Callista saw Midnight looking at Ashton she called out to him .

"Hubby! Come here! Hold Midnight! It looks like he misses you too!" Callista exclaimed and give Midnight to him while she was playing with Moonlight .

The moment Midnight was resting in his arms, both of them look at each other like they were sworn enemies snatch from the one they like and while they are busy throwing each other with daggers in their eyes . They didn't realize that it was Moonlight who was enjoying Callista's attention and stealing their spotlight from her .

. . . . . .

A while later, after spending some time with the cats, both of them were done eating their breakfast and ready to go to register their marriage again as for what Callista requested and now they are on their way to the Marriage's Registration Office .

"Where do you want to go after this?" Ashton asks her while driving down the road .

"Hmm… I don't know…uhh wait! It's Carla birthday next week! So how about helping me first to find a gift for her then we could go somewhere else!" Callista suggested and of course Ashton just nods to her request and after that they finally reach the Marriage's Registration Office .

At the registration area, a middle age woman saw a familiar man enter with a girl and was heading to her direction she can't help but raised an eyebrow upon seeing who it was .

"What can I help to the both of you?" The middle age woman asks when the both of them go near her window area .

"Ohh, we're here to register for a marriage license!" Callista exclaimed happily and hook her hand to Ashton's arms .

"Miss, are you sure you want to marry him? Why don't you investigate him first if he had another wife or not" The middle age woman said and look at Ashton with squinted eyes .

"Uhh? What do you mean? My hubby only had me in his life!" Callista exclaimed and look at the middle age woman curiously and to her hubby .

"Miss, he was here a few weeks ago and he applied for a marriage license and because that girl was not with her I bet he used a lot of money in this and you can't apply a marriage with him when his already married to another! . " The middle age woman exclaimed . She didn't want the future of this girl to be ruined by this man .

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She can see that the girl is so innocent and she knew she will have a brighter future, if this girl married this type of man her future will be ruin! Yet, she didn't saw any reactions from the man and just stay their unmoving while Callista suddenly laugh

"Miss, this is not funny . If you want to know that I'm not lying to you I can give you a proof!" The middle age woman said and tried to search but Callista stop her .

"It's okay, you don't have to . We're here to register our marriage again . The one he applied before was invalid . So now that I'm here presently we can do it normally . Oh by the way I'm Callista Rashmore, his wife" Callista widely smile to the woman and the woman find her name to be familiar and did some research

Until, she found that the man registered as her wife was a woman name Callista Rashmore!

"uhh, I'm very sorry about this . I didn't know that it was you" The middle age woman stands up and can't help but ask forgiveness to the both of them .

"It's okay, it's not your fault . So can we register now?" Callista said and the woman got back to her chair to arrange their registration .

"Yes! Yes! Right away! I'll immediately validate your marriage license!" The woman said and she sweated profusely when she saw the last name of the man .

She just hope that nothing bad will come to her but good news is that Ashton is in a good mood and just let her be and if not who knows what will happen to this woman . It was a good thing that the marriage certificate was not yet sent or else it will be hard to change it again .

After passing all the required documents and signing finally it was done and they have to wait for two weeks to receive their marriage certificate .

"Hubby! Finally I'm your official wife now!" Callista exclaimed and look at her hubby with her eyes filled with happiness and Ashton can't help but smile looking at her joyful expression .

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"and also I'm officially yours" Ashton simply said and Callista felt her heart pounding heavily when she heard those sweet words to him .

"Let's celebrate this on our date!" Callista exclaimed and they finally got out of the office building . While Callista remain at the entrance, while Ashton get the car .

Callista was busy searching on her phone to buy what kind of present she will give to Carla while waiting for hubby when suddenly someone bumped to her and because she was not in focus she almost hit the ground and luckily that someone who bumps to her caught her hand .

"I'm very sorry Miss, Are you okay?"

Callista turned her head and she was about to curse but she saw a middle age man who has a sturdy body and giving her a very stern look and she felt fear receiving his gaze like he was a hawk who just catches his prey .

"It's alright, I'm fine no harm done" Callista just replied weakly and the middle age man let her go yet his eyes still lock on to her and scrutinizing her entire being

"Uhm, Sir is there something wrong?" Callista asked and tried to maintain her composure . She can sense that this man was no good and dangerous and she immediately screams in her head for her hubby to go back now .

"Sorry about that, you just look like someone I know . Well, I gotta take my leave now" The man just said and left .

Finally, Callista breathe a sigh of relief when she saw him walking further away . She can sense a familiarity in that man and she didn't know what it was or if she knew him .

She realize that this body acts only to what had the real Callista encountered and went through and she could only manipulate this body and it looks like there is a lot of things she needs to investigate .