Back from the Dead - Chapter 43

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:32:04 PM

Chapter 43

After the host announces the mechanics of the game, they were given a 15-minute time to talk with their partner and the preparation for the game is already done . The crowd moves back to give the couples a wide space .

The other couples started to talk what would they do and their strategies, they started to talk about what they want and reminded each of other what should they do .

On the other side, Callista stood in front of Ashton and holding both of his hands like her life depended on the outcome of this game .

"What are you worrying for?" Ashton can't help but ask his wife that was feeling agitated and keep looking at him .

"Hubby, I trust you . " Callista said while looking straight in his eyes and Ashton sensed what she was worrying for . He can't help but move closer to her and hold her face .

"Are you worried about that third station?" Ashton asks and Callista could only nod at him .

"We may not know each other for a long time but trust me, I always have my eyes on you" Ashton said and smile to her and Callista's tense heart ease a little . She wanted to win this game with her hubby and the one thing she hates the most is losing .

"In the first station, don't touch other males aside from me" Ashton briefly said and looks at those men who are crowded in the first station area of the game . Callista giggle when she saw that deadly look his giving to those guy's

"If I don't do that, how would I know where are you?" Callista tease him and Ashton can't help but frown .

"Then were withdrawing . I don't like you touching other men" Ashton said and was ready to pull her away and withdraw from the game when Callista stop him and laugh .

"Were not withdrawing okay, don't worry about that, I have a way of finding you . Trust your dear wife, I will always come back to you and hubby we should win this! I'm very curious what the prize for this event is!" Callista exclaimed and Ashton felt happy hearing those words from her and still give those men's a deadly glare .

The fifteen minutes was up and a facilitator girl goes to Callista to put her up in position and same as well to Ashton .

Callista and the others line up together and they wore a red blindfold and the men on the other side is already in position sitting on a chair and each of their partner look at them praying they would find them immediately .

"Welcome to the first station participants, the only thing you need to do is find your partner there are no time limits and the first six pairs to find their partner can proceed to the second station, now that everybody is ready, the game STARTS NOW!"

The host shouted and a loud ding was heard and the people started to cheer and the participants started to walk straightly with their hands waving on the air .

At their front was twenty five chairs and there were males seated on it along with their partner . There were already three people that started to touch and feel the other male to find if it is their partner .

The males that saw their girlfriends touching others in that way can't help but frown and look at those males that enjoying their girlfriends touch .

"Hey! That girl is still not moving, what's going on with her?" A young girl on the sideline saw Callista who is just standing with her cross arms and when the other people on the girls side saw this they can't help but critique her .

"That girl is a newlywed, I bet she's not that confident to find her husband!"

"She's a married woman, she can't just touch any other man right?"

"This is a game, it will test how loyal and faithful you are to your partner and test the stronghold of your relationship!"

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"Whatever but, look at those other girls, they already started to find their partners, she will be left behind and eliminated if she continues to stay that way"

Ashton just calmly seated on the chair and his eyes are only fixed to where she was and not minding what other people say . He was only focus on her figure that stood their dazzling and very calm .

Not until someone blocked his view, it was girl with a blindfold and she was part of the game and Ashton can't help but frown and when he saw the girl's hand trying to reach into his face he immediately lean backward avoiding her touch .

But when the girl didn't reach it, she lean a little bit more . She knew that someone is in front of her and she wanted to confirm if this is his partner or what and her partner that was not far away from her, his face turn darker .

The girl reaches to Ashton once again and he could only avoid her . The only one who could touch him was his wife alone! So Ashton, silently move back his chair and keep on avoiding the girl's touch and when the people saw this they can't help but laugh at the situation .

"Can't she see that it's not her partner?"

"Well duh, she's blindfolded that's why she can't see!"

"Well, the guy is that girl's husband the one who is just standing"

"Aww, how cute! Her husband doesn't want anyone touching him aside from her"

The people from the crowd can't help but feel love and tried to cheer for the newlywed couple . They could only wish that Callista would make her move or else someone well steal her husband!

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Ashton's face turn darker and can't help but reveal a murderous glare at the girl and if only this is not a game, Ashton could immediately chop off those hands! But sadly, the girl didn't see this . Ashton could only look at the one beside him .

The other guy that beside Ashton look at him when Ashton poke him and when he turn his head toward Ashton, he can feel that bloodshot eyes from him and he can't help but gulp down his own saliva and can feel that bone chilling in his spine .

He immediately nods his head to Ashton when he receives that look from him that he wants to change position with him . There were no rules indicating if they could change or not . As long as they are not opening their mouths it was safe and immediately Ashton transfer to the other side and the one that the girl was touching now was the guy that changes position with him .

"Look! She's finally moving!" Someone shouted from the crowd they look at Callista who finally made a step and walk straightly at the guy's who are seated .

They look and follow her with their eyes when she finally move . She wasn't like any other girls that was waving their hands through the air and walking with no direction .

Callista was just walking calmly with a smile plaster on her face and she stop five steps away from the males seating .

When the guys saw her, they can't help but put a sinister smile on this face thinking they would be lucky to be touch by a beauty like this so they position themselves very well to prepare for this sudden feast .

Ashton face just now look like he just came from hell and he was prepare to massacre this bunch of fools who look at his wife like a hungry wolf ready to devour her .

"Hey, do you think she would be able to find him?" Someone said when they saw Callista moved to the left and the crowd follow her once again .

There were twenty five guys seating and Ashton is from the thirteenth seat from the left . The crowd can't help but be nervous looking at her if she would be able to find him instantly and they can't help but cheer on her .

Callista's starting point was from the twentieth male from the left and then she started to move and count her steps .

Callista stop from her tracks and the crowd couldn't help but exclaimed

"Aww, she's almost already there!"

Callista was facing the guy who Ashton change seat with . The crowd thinks that if he didn't change his seat with that guy Callista would immediately find him .

Suddenly, Callista move again a step to the left and the crowd holds on their breaths .

"Hubby! I know I would find you!" Callista exclaimed and Ashton could only catch his wife who immediately jumps at her .

The crowd cheers when they saw Callista in Ashton's embrace .

"Wow! She finally found him in an instant!"

"Yeah! She didn't need to touch someone to recognize him!"

"So awesome! What a match made in heaven couple!"

"Is she a dog or something? That was so fast for her!"

The crowd couldn't help but praise them it was then that the host announces the first couple to find her partner . It was then that Callista remove her blindfold and look at her hubby with a big smile on her face .

"I told you, I will always come back to you" Callista said and wrap her arms around his neck and can't help but give him a kiss on his lips in front of the crowd .