Back from the Dead - Chapter 45

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:31:39 PM

Chapter 45

The final three pairs went to the last station of the game and it was the fourth couple to be the first one to answer . The remaining couples just seated on the chair provided to them and wait for their turn .

"Finally! We're on the last and final station! Even though for some people who have known each other and live for too long, they tend to forget the little things that their partners like or know what happen to their relationships"

"Let's see, how much do you know about your partner? For the couple in this stage, the question will be projected on the screen and we just mention earlier that the girl will be answering first but now both of you will write your answer at the same and you will be given a 30 second time to answer each question and if you have the same answer, you got a point! "

"One right answer is equal to one point . There will be twelve questions in total and whoever answers the most will be the winner of this game and if by chance there is a tie, there will be some random questions . So let the game begin!"

The game started and the questions were flashed on the projector screen and the couple started to answer .

Callista was just seating near her hubby but she was nervous inside . Ashton could feel her restlessness so he decided to hold her hand indicating that she should not worry .

The questions were just simple like, what is her favorite color? Her favorite food, his favorite shoe brand, where is you first date or something like that . But even if is simple, some couples tend to forget this little things .

The first couple had a score of 11 points while the other couple has a score of 10 points and finally it was already Ashton and Callista's turn so they head to the stage and sit down facing each other while there is a wooden board that separates them and the height of it was only just below their chin .

The moment they seated a lot of people started to cheer for them .

"Ohh, it looks like our last couple for today is quietly famous to the crowd . Well, they are the first one to dominate the first station and in the second one, they obliterate two couples! I wonder if they can dominate this round as well?"

"The 4th couple scored 11 points and with that they must have a perfect score of 12! So I must say that good luck to the both of you" The host announces and before the game starts, Callista just look at her hubby and didn't say anything while Ashton just smile at her then the first question was posted .

"What is her favorite pet?"

When Callista saw this question she just smile and write the word Cat in big letters and she knew that her hubby would know about this fact .

When the 30 seconds was up both of them raise their answers and the crowd cheer and the host started to speak up .

"For the first question, they got it! Your husband is really sweet, he even write the names of your favorite pet!" The host exclaimed

On Ashton's paper it was clearly written 'Cats, she has two, namely Midnight and Moonlight"

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The crowd could feel the love between Callista and Ashton . Callista could only hold her chest because of her thumping heart . Well, of course Ashton would know this because he was always fighting for her attention when these two cats would come to her .

The first question is just only the beginning and the rest of the remaining questions started to show on the screen .

"What is her favorite flower?" Ashton knows that Callista love tulips because she always love picking it up in the morning, thus he got it right again .

"What is her favorite color?" For this question, Callista paused for a while before writing her answer she was about to right green but it's not literally her favorite color . She wears that color very often but not her favorite she also love some other colors and it must be in pastel . So she writes 'pastel colors' .

She just look at her hubby and ponder, he would get it right? He always saw me wearing pastel colors so it's not that hard to guess right? When the 30 seconds was up they raised their answers and Callista heaved a sigh of relief when she saw his answer .

"She has no specific favorite color but she likes it in pastel color"

The crowd cheers for them again, even though it just the third question they are a lot of things brewing in the minds of the crowd . Callista wanted to cry, even if they are still on the process of knowing each other and living for a month he notices these little things about her .

Ashton just look at the girl lovingly and smile at her telling her, 'We won't lose in this' . Callista just nodded at him and the next one was projected .

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"Who initiated the first kiss?" The moment Callista saw this question she blushes and when the crowd saw this, they laugh and find it cute her shyness .

Ashton was already finished writing and Callista has 20 seconds left to write . She pondered for a moment thinking who lead the first kiss . Is it me or him?

Callista roughly think for a while and she just right "me" . Looking back, she was the only who loves to kiss her hubby so it must be her, right? Time was up and they both raise they paper .

"Ohh, I thought that he was the one who initiated the first kiss! It was our little wife here!" The host smile and giggle . She really find this couple very cute and pleasing to the eyes as well as the crowd . They were unlike the previous couples who had join the game .

Callista's face turns red and can't help but look down and Ashton just secretly smiles when he saw his wife shy attitude . The next question is up and Callista's brows arched up .

"What is the usual color of his outfit?" It was about her hubby and Callista always saw him wearing white and black .

She didn't know which color because he wears it both always . Even if his in work, in the house, or even sleeping he was always wearing black and white . So she just writes the two colors .

And again they got it right! For Ashton, he knows that his wife has a good observation skill so he didn't hesitate to write both the colors .

"They already have a score of five points and there is more to go!" The host said and the next questions are quite confusing and hard .

"Where is the place she had grown up?"

After Callista saw the question she looks at her hubby and she found him staring back at her . He knows that I was an orphan, but she didn't know if he knows where it is exactly . She just mentions that earlier to him that she would bring him there to her hometown .

But when she saw that confident look from him, she started to write her answer . Well, she knows that her hubby already investigated her so it's not that really hard to answer this question .

And they were right again . Callista grow up in Haulou Province where the orphanage she called home was located .

The next questions were just, about the job of their fathers and other stuffs about the both of them and almost at the end of the game they score 11 points .

"Wow! They already score 11 points and that was the score to beat the 8th couple! If they got it right the last question they would take home the grand price that we prepared! And for the last question, I hope our couple could answer this!" The host said and Callista started rubbing her hands .

The last question was projected in the screen and the moment Callista saw the question . She started to frown and her eyes squinted and look at her hubby . Well the question made her uncomfortable .

The question was "Who is his first love?"